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    Gone two months now lower FPS

    Thanks for all the replies! I am running it in 4k so I guess I'll reduce the resolution and see how that goes. My PC is a iBuypower trace 941 Intel Core i7 (8th Gen) 8700K / 3.7 GHz geforce 1080 16GB of Ram I was thinking of upgrading my PC but don't know anything to be honest. I'll pry get a 3080 when they hit they market, I can easily get more ram. Is my CPU a bottle neck if I upgrade the ram and GPU?
  2. MustangGT02

    Gone two months now lower FPS

    Man that's a sad truth then. I now have to make the game look worse to run the same as I did. The crazy thing is WOT runs great on my PC set up and looks better graphics wise.
  3. Hello, I took about a two month break from wows and decided to fire it back up the other day. I noticed that I have what seems to be low FPS or juttering in port and in a match I can see my FPS go well below 60 down to the 40s in some cases. I had every setting maxed out because it worked great in the past so I started adjusting things down and notice now that the FPS drops drastically when near looking at it near a island. Any suggestions? I ran the check and repair and it's the same. GPU is a Geforce 1080 I'm using a 82in tv as a monitor so the drops are very noticeable. Thank you!
  4. MustangGT02

    Moskva going prem. question

    Just searched and found some good info thanks, first time using this forum.
  5. Hello! I just researched and bought the Moskva and I know it is going to become a coal ship. My question is what will happen to the ship after the update? Do I get to keep it and not have to purchase with coal? Also if i buy the historical camo with doubloons will there be a refund for the 5k? Thank you for the help!