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  1. Graf 9.4 km secondaries are a big pain in the neck - 150mm at that.
  2. Here's a clear example - my Shokaku was continually putting damage into the battleship and all he had to do was sit in the AB cap. Bla bla ya I missed, I might have been able to do it, whatever. This is a clear example of how balanced this isn't. My constructive feedback (from another thread): cut the cap rate by somewhere between 2 and 3 times. This would have made the game a bit more interesting for the both of us. 20200101_151729_PJSA108-Shokaku_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  3. Jarod997

    Ranked Sprint 10 1v1 Review

    I'll post what I do like. I enjoy the 1v1 when I can play against a variety of ships. I mean if I know I'll be playing the same battleship a few times, I will try a few different strategies to see if I can get something to work but there comes a point where there's just no point. I enjoy trying to figure out what the strong and weak point of the ship is I'm playing against and try to counter it. Sometimes it works, sometimes I learn (or I hope I do anyway). ;) The other nice thing is the XP - win or lose. I've fully upgraded all my T8 boats.
  4. Jarod997

    Ranked Sprint 10 1v1 Review

    Well the Graf and the Enterprise are a special case. The Shokaku and Lexington are enjoying about 51%. If you want to look at it stat wise, then the top ships are all premiums. Just buy the right ship and you shouldn't have a problem - assuming a decent player at the helm. Edit: To contrast: Graf Zep secondary build: 9.4 km 150 (8x2) and 105 (6x2) guns. Shokaku: 127 guns (6x2 & 2x2) at 4.5 km (base) -- so that's much longer range and almost twice as many guns. I don't have access to the hull plating numbers, but I seem to recall trying to hit the Graf at <10 km and not doing much damage to it. (Thanks to the lower cit I suppose.)
  5. Jarod997

    Ranked Sprint 10 1v1 Review

    I'd say as a CV player it's not impossible for me to get to rank one, but I really don't like playing 10x more battles than the Bizmark meta ships just to do it. Wargaming, if you want constructive criticism, drop the cap rate in half (somewhere between 2 and 3 times lower) and maybe we'd have a better 1v1 game. Otherwise it's just a Battleship sit in the AB cap area and wait for the win event. For those of us who don't have a T8 BB *and don't want to purchase one*, this Ranked Sprint is not fair.
  6. Ya, there's little stopping a Tirpitz or any other decent BB in this. I can't get enough damage in with a CV before it either hunts me down and/or caps. Destroyers are much a lost cause because of the same -- not enough time to hide and torp before being capped out and/or secondaried. Cruisers are just not enough to do anything. Then the Tirpitz also has torps. Why don't we just call this the "Play BB and win" event.
  7. Jarod997

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    Does that change the value of their hard work?
  8. Jarod997

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    If you guys had any clue how many hours those artists put in to making one of these camos I'm sure you'd see things differently, right @FemennenIy?
  9. Jarod997

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    Are those supposed to be "Halloween 2019 Containers" instead of "Halloween 2018 Containers" on the update page?
  10. So my problem is I either wait for the email, then have to install the TST client at the last minute then miss my chance to participate; or install the TST client early and hope to heck an email comes in (which so far it hasn't). I know I'm not a CC, but I was an Alpha (and Beta) tester - I was looking forward to contributing. Maybe WG is just afraid of my bug reports. :)
  11. If I put "White Lake" as my location nobody in Canada, let alone the US will have a clue where I live. If I say Ottawa then Canadians are on the ball and half of the Americans have an idea where I'm at. ;)
  12. Again, my practical average download speed for Warships patches is about 600 kb (max) - regardless of what my line is rated for (10 mb), and what I can get max (5.5 mb at the distance from the CO I'm at on my DSL line). But again, aside from my personal situation which I'm sure isn't unique, there is a smarter way to handle patch downloads than what is being done right now through the WGC.
  13. Actually I'm 30-45 minutes west of Ottawa, in the country, where my closest neighbours are the deer and turkeys that wander through my back yard. I can do a speed test and get 6 mb on average, but I'm sure Bell prioritizes those packets to make themselves look good.
  14. Dear Wargaming I appreciate that you want to have separate installations ensure code is separate between Live, Public Test, and "special" TST, (and whatever else). My problem is I dislike (to put it politely) to have to download 45 gb worth of data ever time I want to either download a new instance, or update one of the "special" instances. I have country DSL where I get at max 5.5 mb down - my average download speed for a game update is 600 kb. It took me 3 nights of solid downloading to finish installing the TST instance. Could you look and implementing some sort of smart tech where you can see what files the user already has and use those for a new instance (either a fresh install, or an update) instead of downloading new copies? It should be easy enough to build an XML or CSV data file of existing file names, paths, and versions, then compare that to what the user needs for a new instance (or to update an instance), copy the existing files, then download the new data. The most frustrating thing for me though, is I can see a fiber termination 2 telephone poles down the street from me. :(
  15. 3 teams - zero matches, 14+ minutes wait time in-queue at a time (exiting and re-queuing)