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  1. Jarod997

    The ESC key in port

    Bump - still an issue for me. :P
  2. Jarod997

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    Port UI is very laggy sometimes. This started with 8.0 and has persisted. It's unbearable. I've stopped playing other games because of poor UI design/bugs. Please fix. My diagnostics seem to be fine. WoWS_report.wgc Edit: by very laggy sometimes, I mean that from time to time the whole UI goes unresponsive to mouse input and the graphics (animations) freeze.
  3. Jarod997

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    It's after you drop them and as you're flying away you can't see where the torps are going. I still have trouble estimating my lead because I can't tell how far in front or behind I missed, and what part of the boat I only got 1 hit. Like did I miss one fish forward and hit the bow, or miss one off the back and hit his middle?
  4. Jarod997

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Before 8.0 CV's were either in the top of the standings or the bottom, few ended up in the middle. In the pre-8.0 world, you could fly torpedo planes, and drop five at a time (with one squadron) and see where they are going (and went). If you missed, you could plan better on the next run. Now with the post-8.0 setup at tier six, you shoot two (slow) torpedo's at a time (if you don't get shot down), and you CAN'T see where they go, unless those are the last two planes in the flight AND they get blown up right after you launch the fish. There is no figuring out how to drop them better. Now people can't see how they're dropping, they get frustrated that they can't hit anything with torpedoes and either stop playing CV's or become "rocket jockeys" (as I've heard the term recently). A few players will stick with it and try to learn the new system. BUT I find myself in the same boat (no pun intended, maybe) - I'm finding it *extremely* difficult to learn how to drop my fish better because I can't see where they're going after I drop them, at least not for quite some time after I drop them. I am quite frustrated that I can't figure out how to launch them better without some blind luck (ok, that pun was quite intended). I want to play CV's better, but this system doesn't let me learn do that easily. I'm guessing that's the biggest reason why people are quitting playing CV's (and posting that they're deleting the game, bla bla bla, then load another game and rage chat both teams), because they can't hit anything with torpedoes, because they can't figure out how, AND their planes keep getting shot down. Those two problems are compounding each other on the players.
  5. Jarod997

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    After a few battles in both the IJN and US tier 6 carriers, I feel I just can't get out enough DPM to be comparable to anything else. If I was getting chased down by a destroyer, I may as well pack it in.
  6. I still think there is some efficiencies they could implement. I'm sure the majority of the underlying engine is still the same, graphics are largely similar, audio is largely similar. There should be a way to use those similarities for at least minimizing the total download size.
  7. Does anyone have original or larger than 46 pixels wide? I did have a 72 x 84 pixel Tier "IX" flag graphic, but now that we bumped up to 10 the biggest I can find in-game is not quite half size. (Just to be clear, I'm looking for a Tier 10 "X" flag at least 72 x 84 pixels.) Here's the flag I grabbed from the game and removed the background. I'm using this graphic on our website and would like to upgrade now. :)
  8. I play on the NA server, download the NA client and play the game - 37 GB filled. I elect to help out on the Public Test server, I have to download another client - 36 GB filled. But I play carriers and want to see what that is going to be like before they come out, yup, another 36 GB (give or take, I deleted it after I thought they were done-done after Round 2). Now I have a tenth of my hard drive filled with ONE game. (This is after I deleted all the update files too.) Please, find a way to run the different instances of your one game with different datasets and help save on valuable hard-drive real-estate. Also, not all of us live in the city where we can get real download speeds. Downloading a full server-client for me takes a day or more (especially if your servers are busy).
  9. I would really like to have the Escape key (Esc) perform a "back" (or "descent tree node") function in the Port UI until you're back at the "root" port display. Or for that matter, *any* key perform that action - and if I want to re-map it to my Escape key, add that function to the Key Binds section. For example, I'm looking at my American Cruisers collection (Profile tab) and I press Esc, I get taken back to the Port display (tab). If I'm looking at our Naval Base, I press Esc, and I'm taken back to my Port. I see in other menus that "Esc" is associated with a "Back To Port" link (eg News window) - just continue to make that consistent.
  10. Jarod997

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    Couldn't would be a better word. And no, I accept that if we didn't play the battles we don't get the steel. Also, now that you phrase the potential purpose of the cross-server matchmaking, I see how the rewards could justify WG trying to get those people to play on the "off" hours.
  11. Jarod997

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    Well, we tried to cross-match, but either our members were at their day jobs (during the other 3 cross-server prime times), or there were technical difficulties during the weekend. I accept that we (I) didn't get the 5 cross-server matches in and hence don't get the rewards, but I will complain that I don't think that the prime time matching was fair for NA players. As for the graph, yes, what colours would you like? :)
  12. Jarod997

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    We, on the NA server decided to play NA teams during the week because that's when we were available - most of us work during the day, which is when the Prime Time was for the other three regions. We decided to play EU and RU on Sat and Sun, then we couldn't because of the glitches. So yes, we played 5+ battles, but could never get a cross-server match. This may have been a good concept idea coming from "the other side of the planet" where the other three server regions are right next to each other, and granted that the NA prime time was longer, I really don't see how it was practical for NA to match up against anyone else. I'd be interested in seeing the statistics on how many battles each server played against the others. Here's a graph:
  13. Jarod997

    CV Rework Feedback

    Update: I've got the TST server in my Game Instance list now. Downloading over night. ... Man, I feel like I'm on my old 2400 Baud modem downloading Duke Nukem 3D all over again.
  14. Jarod997

    CV Rework Feedback

    Received "Second Stage" email - check. Made sure that I had clicked on the "Participate" button on the news page - check. Exited and relaunched the Wargaming Launcher app - check. Still no TST server. Guess I'll wait and try again later this evening.
  15. Jarod997

    CV Rework Feedback

    Just to clarify, and before I download 60 gig on a half-baked DSL connection -- we're downloading the PT server? I don't have a TST server available anymore.