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  1. There has been many updates which refer to Secondary Mounts and their associate firing angles either in general or for specific ships. The problem is, this data isn't available anywhere for players to see. I'd love to be able to see the firing angles (even if it's some static overhead view) of the secondaries for my ships. (Start with the battleships then include the other classes.) As a bonus, tell us the firing angles (even if they're just printed numbers on the overhead static graphic). For example, the Commonwealth BB Yukon (just humour me here) has eight secondaries in four locations around the superstructure in super-firing positions (the turret behind can shoot over the turret in front). By LOOKING at the model, the ship should be capable of firing 4 secondary turrets at any target in 360 degrees around the ship. For example, the four front turrets should be able to fire forward, the four on the side should be able to shoot to the side, and there is some reasonable degree of overlap swinging between those two sectors. BUT in-game they will NEVER fire forward. It looks like they can. Why don't they? Is this a game bug, or is this designed that way? The game doesn't tell us. Additionally, Secondary Dispersion is a mechanic that is present in the game, but never displayed to the player. It really should be added to the stats on the secondary armament "on-hover" pop-up window - especially considering there are optional mechanics in the game that modify those values (eg Commander Skills).
  2. Jarod997

    Report and complimented.

    Do you have a choice? :P I personally like the idea the OP stated: I'd like to know how many times I get a "Friendly in chat" or "Poor player" marks. In the event were some people could "rage" at people who they think gave them a negative report, I would still value knowing if someone gave me a "Good Player" vs "Friendly in Chat" +1.
  3. Ya, while I agree the buttons have become more "plain", I do appreciate the general "simplifying" and unifying of the port UI interactive elements. Practically speaking, if the buttons (and other elements) were too "bright" or otherwise "louder", it would detract from the rest of port UI elements. I never noticed the hull upgrade animations before - why have I not noticed those!? You're right - I really would have enjoyed seeing that. Back to my OP - if the Port UI graphics can be that nice, why can they not correctly blend a "tiny" element in the Naval Base to the existing background, where it isn't even animated!?
  4. To date, I've been very happy with the quality of work the art department has been putting out - I've even made posts about it. But the Special Projects Complex in the Naval Base falls short of my expectations. The art itself is OK, and the building blends into the water ok (which is easy enough to do), but the buildings do not blend into the background, well, or at all. The buildings look like they've just been dropped onto a background. Sorry art guys, I know you can do better. All the other Naval Base buildings have not given me any reason to doubt your abilities.
  5. Yes, I figured this out a while ago. The change I don't believe was communicated (well) was that bonuses are now (in the new system) not consumed until you play a battle, as compared to before (in the old system) where they were consumed when you mounted them on your boat. NOW, there's no need for a "Global Demount" button. NOW, you can flag up ALL your ships in port with whatever you have (eg you can't mount a flag you don't have in your inventory).
  6. Ah ha! That's what I was missing. In the old system, as soon as you mounted it, the flag was removed from inventory. Now it's only removed after you finish a battle. WOOT! Much better.
  7. Ok, so I skimmed through the posts, didn't see one related. Signals are now always perma-applied. There's no way to temporarily apply them. I could have 100 flags each tied up one at a time in all my boats (for example), and have none "available" to put on the next boat I want to play. Did I miss some sort of new "global demount all" button in the news updates, or otherwise "temporary/permanent" toggle?
  8. Jarod997

    Update 0.11.5: U.S. Independence Day

    They actually said 180° - which would mean the north side starts on the south and the south side starts on the north with the same cap arrangement. This does nothing to "balance" the claimed map win rates. And, while we're laying everything out, the map is 100% water, rotate it however you want, it's still 100% water. Maybe they're referring to where the sun comes up. Maybe they're referring to where the cap circles and starting locations are actually laid out - although that's specifically not what they said. In any case, bringing up that this map has a statistically significant win rate imbalance without accurately stating what's going or how they plan on fixing it seems like an April 1st type post. I'm not impressed.
  9. Jarod997

    Update 0.11.5: U.S. Independence Day

    Yup, so now the teams starting on the "other" side will have a 51.8% win rate... Did someone fail geometry in grade school? Ooo, wait, maybe they flipped the map upside down...
  10. Customer Service has replied: So, I guess watch the website for the patch notes on the next few releases.
  11. Ticket answered: So, keep an eye out for details on the website in the next patch I guess.
  12. Ticket answered. Status: On Hold - They're reviewing the details.
  13. Jarod997

    Superships in the Tech Tree

    I had 5 SS and a sub per team in a match last night.
  14. So @Volron and I just played the op.. We cleared the first three ships at 17:45 - (2 min 15 sec). We're postulating that you've got 2.5 minutes to kill them or Cap doesn't appear. Then, at the end, I hit cap with one torpedo on the back half, AND he flipped around (did a 180). Award achieved. He may flip around if you hit him on the front half - I'm not sure. I do know that he didn't flip when I hit him with the DWTs before - he just got damaged.