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  1. Jarod997

    Treasure Hunt

    Update: I did get my $10 yesterday. All is well. Carry on.
  2. Jarod997

    Treasure Hunt

    Ok, I got the survey email, I filled in the survey and I have a valid PayPal account linked in my profile, and all before 20 December 2022, but no cash yet. I mean it's only $10 USD, but still.
  3. And again with my third 2,000 Coal - zero clan bonus.
  4. Anyone else notice this?
  5. In those two cases I had to manually zero out the Treasure Hunt bonus (column G) to make the Coal total (column H) balance. The first screenshot I just took, confirms my total is accurate.
  6. Happened again today. Treasure Hunt reward, 2,000 Coal and no Clan Bonus.
  7. I got the 2,000 Coal reward from the Treasure Hunt, but I didn't get my 10% clan bonus on it. Is this reward considered "outside" of World of Warships?
  8. Jarod997

    World of Warships Anniversary

    Any update on this??
  9. Jarod997

    World of Warships Anniversary

    The 3,000 Coal reward didn't get our clan 10% bonus applied to it.
  10. Right, it just *looked* like it said "-1".
  11. Edit: There is no bug. The rating went from 84 to 85 when applying the commander skill. BUT you can't see the vertical bar of + sign -- it looks like a minus sign. Disregard. =8o)
  12. Ok, I'll start with the only good point I can think of: they blended in the three art pieces much better this time into the rest of the background. What the heck is this complex about? In the end, you've got what looks like 5 telescopes with missing sliding doors, a weather radar, a covered stockpile, and two liquid holding tanks with second stories built on top (a-la wedding cake - which you'd never do). So this complex has a lot of a-typical liquid storage, covered aggregate storage, a hangar with a short main door, "control tower" with a cargo door that opens onto the balcony, 3 more vehicle accessible (equipment) storage buildings, oodles of power, and an admin building with a wonky helipad. A number of the graphic elements don't line up from stage to stage. The entry gate on the road is rotated from stage 1 to stage 2, along with the building at it's "tip" The jeep just past the entry gate is off-roading in stage 2, but is sober in stage 1 The second tier and the dome of the "radar building" shift on it's foundations from stages 1 to 2 to 3, and the "ring" rotates from stages 2 to 3 The upper right building in the "quad" rotates between all three stages The two small brown buildings in the lower right "drop" into the ground from stages 1 to 2 The yellow building, mid-way up on the right rotates on its foundation from stages 1 to 2 This last point is a direct quam against creative license, but in stage 3, you don't need the hydro pole by the helipad anymore. I mean, you removed one to put the helipad in, and there's "more power" coming in from the metal hydro towers on the left... Ok, bonus round for quams against creative license: who designs a helipad on a pedestal like that? Every helipad I've ever seen has been on the same grade (level) with the pavement/ground around it. Bonus, bonus round: if your dirt roads are nice and straight, why wobble them up when you pave them? (Stages 2 to 3) And for the ultimate bonus round: you M.C.Escher'd the material loading conveyor on the stockpile dome. I mean... if you look at each image separately they... um... almost look ok.
  13. Stop the presses, someone must have read my post! From the 0.11.8 update notes:
  14. Jarod997

    Sound Rework in Update 0.11.7

    As annoying as it is (and I find it quite annoying) if I turn down the interface sounds part of the game disappears. It just feels wrong to me - even if I turn it down. BTW, +1 for your comment. :)