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  1. Citadel_Me_Harder_Daddi

    One Salvo and I'm Dead

    Can't get that yummy carrot if you don't take CA's out for a walk in ranked C:
  2. Citadel_Me_Harder_Daddi

    One Salvo and I'm Dead

  3. Citadel_Me_Harder_Daddi

    [BUG] Missing "Devastating strike" despite requirements being met.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that. In both videos both of these salvos did over 50% damage combined. But only one gave the dev strike. So I'm clear. I'm not attempting to question your knowledge. I'm just having a hard time understanding it. The both of the ships in the recordings got sunk from the torpedo impacts. Not flooding or fire. In regards to the Gearing. You are welcome to watch it. There's no music on this one but I overedited it a little bit as a meme. The clip of the Gearing are at 1:05 https://streamable.com/e9v2g4
  4. Citadel_Me_Harder_Daddi

    [BUG] Missing "Devastating strike" despite requirements being met.

    I mean flat on it's face that makes sense but this video shows the opposite. A JB getting hit my both of my torp salvos and getting the Devs strike Against sorry for the music. I kick it in 5th when playing alone https://streamable.com/ez2npf I also have a vid of a Gearing getting detonated in one salvo from my Thunderer. No devs strike. So it does seem like it is a bug my man
  5. Citadel_Me_Harder_Daddi

    [BUG] Missing "Devastating strike" despite requirements being met.

    So it is well known then. At least that's something
  6. Issue: Upon deleting a fellow skipper in his Iowa on 44.880 health with 5 torpedoes no devastating strike were rewarded even though well above 50% of the Iowa were damaged and sunk during the strike. I have been getting other rewards just fine. Expected Result: Shiny bling bling reward should show. How to Replicate: I don't have the faintest idea. Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info: Short clip of the event with music (Might be a little bit loud. Fair warning) Screenshot and entire battle attached below 20210224_131659_PBSD109-Jutland_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  7. Citadel_Me_Harder_Daddi

    Where are the Submarines?

    They haven't reached the surface yet :p
  8. Citadel_Me_Harder_Daddi

    Server down?

    Able to log in however the ping is makes me wish I wouldn't be able too :) https://streamable.com/1v70s Reached 4.5k XD
  9. 13 opened and nothing but free XP, some premium and camo. Utterly disappointing..
  10. Citadel_Me_Harder_Daddi

    Daring armament Stuck?

    I may have come across a bug that seems to be exclusive to the Daring. This has happened 3 times for me so far over the span of 60 so battles. When I click on my map to show my team the nearest RDF then my turrets and torpedo launcher just get stuck and has no future plans to get unstuck. The only way to fix it that I know of so far, is to forcefully shut down the game with my task manager. Reload the game and what do you know. What I can say for certain it isn't Control + X. I already tried to turn that on and off while this was happening. Has anyone else been having this problem and if so can you explain to me if there's a certain keybind that I might not know if or if this is, most likely, a bug that needs to be reported?