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  1. SunTzu71

    PTS 0.10.7

    I just got rank 1 in the PT and now I can't finish the combat mission. They dont give you a option of battle modes for it so it's not wise to do good until you have finised it.
  2. SunTzu71

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    They will penalize a accident. I do shoot people on purpose. Not because they are AFK. craphappens. They wont penalize the BB that hides at the spawn line or the DD hiding and not spotting for the team. Sounds about right to me
  3. SunTzu71


    Anyone know why they removed the ship win rate. They have made it very hard to recruit. Gotta be about the stupidest thing the've done. Do I have to get a calculator out and go through each ship now to see what class of ship there better at?
  4. SunTzu71

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Atago

    For those wanting an example of what the Atago is capable of producing credit/EXP-wise: Note that this is a loss: