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  1. Its a wide 3rd person view -- If torps are that close it really doesnt matter. If it was a $5 camo, then the port limitation wouldnt be much of an issue.. Whining? Simple differences of opinion. If you're inferring some aggravation in my comments, it was directed at WeeGee for their ball-dropping on the issue.
  2. You're trying too hard. If you buy the Godzilla camo, There is no reason why your client cant see the Godzilla on your ship, but the other players see a regular camo. For $70+ for one camo, players should see the d-mn monster they pay for in the game.
  3. Fine - Religion it is!
  4. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Disabling Damage To Allies - 0.10.5

    I like the way you think
  5. The game definitely doesnt need more airplanes, but its WeeGees show to screw up as they wish.
  6. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Who thought this up

    Save your outrage till the magical TX Soviet CV hits the game.
  7. If you logged in everyday for 4 weeks in a row, today was the earliest anyone could earn the super container. I am amazed at the number of ppl who, apparently, dont have anything better to do than play ships. I got 1000 db.
  8. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    I'm Dreaming This Cant Be Real

    05-23-2021.mp4 I got one just this morning by random chance
  9. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    What's 100k coal worth?

    That's what the auctions are going to determine.
  10. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    PSA. WG apparently ...ed up the BXP for Newport News

    For what its worth, heres a game from this morning. Seems better, but I cant say if its close to before.
  11. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    PSA. WG apparently ...ed up the BXP for Newport News

    From earlier this year. I didnt save any info on how many stars this game was, but its very close to the results your mentioned.
  12. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    "Just dodge" - a new level of cancer Dutch Tier X

    The ship is in testing.. FFS TESTING... WG very well might be testing the concept and have no effort into balancing the effects.. Come on ppl.. this is why WG has to lockdown things with NDA's becuase the proles get all excited over nothing. Maybe the same thing needs to happen in the forums - no discussion allowed of 'in testing' mechanics because people cant control themselves and start belly-aching at the first opportunity. Take a breath, relax, and wait for the final form to be released.
  13. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    I stood-up a few miles of T-line poles near Velva for a wind farm. I now have a disdain for the smell of cooked Canola seed. Seeing the nuke installations and missle convoys was neat. Hit a deer one morning at about 65mph.
  14. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Mission obsession

  15. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    PSA. WG apparently ...ed up the BXP for Newport News

    Dont take this as defending WG, as I am almost positive there are a few gamers at WG using thier position to 'give themselves an edge in the competitive side of WoW on thier shadow accounts. Is it possible a/some/all ships earnings was nerfed and not the scenario itself? I'm not in the scenario mood this week so I dont have the mo to test the idea for myself... yet. Just tossing it out there.