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  1. May we all endeavour to aspire to your level of perfection.
  2. And the world needs less crime and more love. Good luck with all three.
  3. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Armor on the Puerto Rico is pretty darned good

    Evertime I see that name this song pops in my head.
  4. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Armor on the Puerto Rico is pretty darned good

    A blast from the past! Good or bad, noone can get a Rich Port at the moment. Available in Christmas crates?
  5. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    What can WG do to make the sub experience better?

    It seems the issue is: How can WG introduce a new revenue angle while not agitating the established game too much. Gotta keep the flow of new players coming in. It's all about the $$ more than functionality. St Barth isnt cheap.
  6. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Played my first sub game

    Yeah, but WG doesnt give a care about playability - with respect to revenue. You have a game full of expierenced talented 'superannuated' players. These players, for the most part, have all the content they want. So, new players have a hard time breaking into this atmosphere. So, it seems WG tosses them a bone by giving them an easy, butt-simple, ship class to jump in and compete right away - the CV. It seems the same idea is in play with the SS. Keep the new blood coming in and buying content is what it appears to be.
  7. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Played my first sub game

    Not all of the community.
  8. Sorry. Its comforting to think players have a say, but they dont. The money WG spent on salaries to develop the code and marketing campaign for subs wasnt to test viability: It was an investment. Subs were coming no matter what we said or feel about them - unfortunately.
  9. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Please. Fix CVs in PvE so they come to the center

    If it makes players so upset that they stop playing CO-OP and switch to playing Random, then its probably working as intended.
  10. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    sub and scenarios, Wargaming vs Bioware

    Do yourself a favor and don't practice law on the internet. You cant be libel for something that's legal. But good job on intimidating the janitor into doing your bidding. A+
  11. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    unintended Sub Effects

    easier to just turn off and log back in in a few days for a co-op operation or two, then off again. On my end.
  12. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    unintended Sub Effects

    IMO, the fun ended with 0.8.
  13. Or maybe sell ships outright instead of locking them behind some currency not all ppl can access?