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  1. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Scenarios/ Operations

    Cant have new scenarios because that would mean lots of players would be in to scenario MM checking out the new stuff instead of in the already-thin-AF Random MM..
  2. I'd love to hear an in depth analysis on how a guy with practically no viewers gets to be a CC.
  3. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Are we ever going to get more FXP ships??

    Different people running the show now. With different people comes a different philosophy. I miss the old crew: They knew what they were doing.
  4. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Godzilla vs. Kong Voiceover scam?

    Exactly. There is no reason WeeGee cant 'rollback' the account.
  5. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Super Battleships

    Sure, why not. Norway has enough Fjords for the 'mighty' kriegsmarine to hide in.
  6. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Double CV games in a DD (REPLAY).

    I hope you realize you're doing nothing but feeding the trolls. 'Where is the replay' is one of thier most popular lures.
  7. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Paolo Emilio or Vampire II For My First Bureau Ship?

    I have both, and I agree with this guy
  8. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Does Friesland's captain become Dutch too?

    I'd assess the probability of that occuring between 0% to 0.000000000001%.
  9. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Does Friesland's captain become Dutch too?

    What if WG took your current roster of pan-euro captains and mirrored a Dutch set (obviously, with different names)? Example: if you have a 18pt, 15pt, &10pt Euro captains, you'd recieve an 18pt, 15pt, 10pt set of Dutch captains
  10. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Nerfable Premiums

    Downgrades are not 'upgrades'. And if WG wants to downgrade something, fine, but offer a refund so the customer can opt-out if he/she wishes.
  11. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Thanks for the New IJN Commanders!

    The IJN still doesnt have a T6 premium cruiser
  12. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    Now you know the true purpose of the first its-not-really-a-nerf nerf: Establish precedent.
  13. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Nerfable Premiums

    You are reading far more into those words than what I wrote. I wasnt making any prediction. I can see a case for either side.
  14. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Nerfable Premiums

    It's a gray area. Because changing a product after a purchase can be seen as shady business practice WG is a very big company, I'm sure some euro lawyer would be ready to try to get some cash out of WG. IMO, That disclaimer isnt going to hold up. WG can dodge the issue by offering refunds if people dont like the changes, but we all know what WG thinks about refunds. Things like this is why actuaries get paid big salaries.
  15. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Never, never was I going to reset any lines, ever!!

    I think you mean to say that its converting FXP into RPs.