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  1. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Thats it! I AM DONE!

    I just play certain ships for their qualities -- I cant say I have a favorite line.
  2. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Thats it! I AM DONE!

    Its the line I 'park' to hold my RP's that I never play. x4 ATM.
  3. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Kraken Denied!

    Denied again, but with a win: I am starting to see a pattern....
  4. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Tierlist: T6 ships for 11.8 Operations

    Yeap, my mileage will vary considerably.
  5. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Kraken Denied!

    One hit on the Heinrich that the Z-39 finished off, and two DW torp hits on the wounded Colorado with only 10k left.. Somehow he limped alive long enough for the CV to finish him off...
  6. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Kraken Denied!

    Kraken achieved, but lost the game :(
  7. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Kraken Denied!

    Kraken Denied.mp4
  8. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Operations Changes in 11.8...

    I assume the Weimar grievances have gotten too loud. More like all the videos of ppl showing themselves getting super scores & FXP -- and how to do it.
  9. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Future Content

    Vietnam submarines.
  10. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Eco bonus (credits) unbalance?

    I heard Firepower crates (whatever those are), and Santa crates -- at a 1.5% probability.
  11. Farm_Fresh_Eggs

    Operations Changes in 11.8...

    I suspect with the new 'random' system, they can fiddle with the map probabilities. AFAIK, WG hasnt published any statement that the odds were all the same to draw any specific map. Also, if there is a CV in the queue, it likely means your getting a CV-playable map.