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  1. Hey @Om_nom_11 Is that a good Result? Yes. Regarding PR in Co-op - most Everyone has ridiculously high Numbers in Co-op. This is not any particular achievement. For your stats in randoms, don't read into it too much. You're still in what's called "Protected Matchmaking" this means you will not be matched against more experienced players, and in many cases matches will be filled out with bots. Because bots are incredibly bad, it is not unusual to see these kinds of exceptional results if you're even an average skill player in a protected match. Are you off to a good start? yes. Have you proven yourself to be some legendary god at this game? Not yet, give it some time and see what happens with your averages after you start moving higher in the tiers and out of protected matchmaking.
  2. While its certainly interesting, and worth being featured for the high damage number, I don't think it should count as a world record. Getting a lucky one-in-a-million bug/server issue on patch day shouldn't put you over the people who had to fight hard against opponents trying their best to fight back.
  3. I think its fair to say everyone has bad days when it comes to matchmaking. I've only played one random today. The top 3 players on my team accounted for 10/12 kills. The top 3 players on the enemy team gathered 7 kills. Sometimes the matchmaker stacks potatoes on your team, sometimes the matchmaker stacks 2 divisions of really good players on your team. If you find yourself getting too much of the former, log off and call it a night, no point in causing yourself frustration over things you have little control of. Regarding the API, individual battles are not tracked. the only way to track individual battle stats would be to do an API pull after every battle and calculate the difference between the cumulative stats, given the limits on application requests per second, that level of stat tracking is difficult to implement on anything more than a personal level.
  4. There is, to my knowledge, no current application that allows a player to give another player access to their stats without the player wishing to give access having their account set to public. Knowing what I know about the back end of the API, it *might* be possible to set up some arrangement in a third party app by requiring both Users authenticate through the WG OpenID login and then Player 1 can give Player 2 permission to view their stats. A better solution would be for wargaming to create some form of Public API Key that users could use to grant other users access to their private stats through the API (thus avoiding the possibility of doctored images) Neither of those is readily available at this time however, so the current system of 'Please set your stats to public so we can independently verify' is the best solution for most clans to verify the stats of an applicant. If you can't accept those terms, no clan is obligated to accept you. As far as "Good players will get focused" I do not find this to be the case. If one player decides to doggedly focus on me to the exclusion of all else, good, I can draw him out of position and make him an easy target for my team. The best target to shoot is the target you can shoot without over-exposing yourself, even if that means letting the purple player get away for now.
  5. Westo454

    Possible to ram Twice... and survive.?.?.?.

    The behaviour is consistent, when a ram occurs at low relative speed, rather than both ships dealing a large chunk of damage to each other, they each deal smaller amounts and scrape together until the contact breaks or one ship dies. This even occurs if both ships are moving at medium to high speed, but in the same direction. You can see this demonstrated from both sides in Yuro's Funtage #10.
  6. Westo454

    Possible to ram Twice... and survive.?.?.?.

    your speed isn't the only thing that matters. The important thing is the relative velocity of the ships involved. In the clip, he is backing up, which reduces the relative velocity significantly, likely enough to the point that it becomes considered a 'low speed ram' by the game engine and thus doesn't use the giant block of damage method, instead more slowly taking health away from both ships until one dies or the contact ends.
  7. Westo454

    Alright Squids, test time!

    The ? pennants are Substitution Flags in USN Flag Signal Code. They tell the reader to use the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th flag in that particular hoist. See this: https://www.navy.mil/navydata/communications/flags/flags.html
  8. Westo454

    Alright Squids, test time!

    It reads: AB2UJ1KE3GH6IV5FL8DM7PO2RNAST0CX9WQ8ZYB [MESSAGE REPEATS] Not sure if its specifically random garbage or an intentional message.
  9. Westo454

    19+ capts.

    It would break the balance of these unique captains though. They are designed and balanced around the capabilities of the ships they could potentially be assigned to. Kuznetsov's free DCP and Heal if you drop too low on health is already stupid on a Kremlin, imagine now that every single ship you face has that ability. Or imagine playing DD and facing up against a Moskva or Des Moines who's radar lasts 10% longer because they have Samsonetti on an American/Soviet Ship. Suddenly you can't balance a new unique captain around just the nation they are being made for, but also every ship in the game, because inevitably someone will have the 3.4 million captain xp laying around to 19 point the captain and nation unlock them day 1. Maybe it makes your game experience better, but it just adds one more thing that gives a massive edge to experienced long term players over newer players without the same level of resources and spare experience. If you're looking for a way to dump Elite Captain XP, I'd strongly recommend you consider something less balance breaking.
  10. Westo454

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Sorry to see you go Pigeon. Best of luck.
  11. Westo454

    Draws. Didn't think they were possible.

    They aren't common, but they do happen
  12. Westo454


    Lazo has a base detection range of 13.24km. With Concealment expert that becomes 11.96km. Lazo does not have access to the concealment systems mod. If there are no line of sight interruptions, such as smoke or an island, you will detect the Lazo at a range of 11.96km at a minimum. If there is an island interrupting your line of sight, you will not detect the Lazo until it is no longer behind the island, or another ship on your team gets a clear line of sight, or if an aircraft on your team gets within spotting range with a clear line of sight. or you enter 'assured detection range' of 2km or 3km with TAM. If there is a smoke screen between you, all the same rules apply, but if they fire then it will expand detection to a smoke firing penalty and check to see if any ships detect him. Additionally, as CylonRed stated, Line of Sight is calculated by checking for obstructions between the center of your ship and the center of the enemy ship, which is weird and odd and not right, but that's how the game works.
  13. The Matchmaker is simply doing what it can with what it has. If you happen to click battle and at that time the matchmaker has 4 tier VI, 2 tier VII, 8 tier VIII, 4 tier IX, and 12 tier X, its going to look at that and say 'I can make a game with 6 tier X per side, 2 Tier IX per side, and 4 Tier VIII per side.' This is a side effect of several things: Prioritizing Quick Matchmaking - The theory being the faster you get into a game the more willing you'll be to play additional games. The Tier System - With a cap at Tier X, the matchmaker can't look for matches above tier X, so it always has to look for Tier IX and VIII ships to fill the match. Game Economy - Premium Camo's at Tier X make those ships profitable, and as such those who like playing at that tier never have to play any other tier if they don't want to. That being said, with 0.7.11 they patched the matchmaker in an effort to make Tier 8 better, and at least from where I sit I've seen more games with Tier 8 top tier or tier 9 top tier lately, so it has at least been somewhat effective.
  14. Midway has 19mm plating for everything that isn't citadel or deck. Its got an 87mm Armored Flight Deck, 193mm Main belt around the waterline amidships. Don't aim high on it, otherwise you'll end up hitting the armored flight deck as much as not, you want to aim for the hull, where the hangers would be, or in a bow-on situation, aim for the lower section of the nose. Without seeing a replay its hard to be sure, but my guess is you were aiming to high above the waterline, and when the shells came down they hit the armored flight deck and bounced/shattered rather than hitting the thin plating and penetrating.
  15. Westo454

    Are Battleships all about luck?

    While RNG does randomize some elements, in many cases it really is down to skill. For example, Battleship caliber AP will never do any more than minimal damage against Superstructure. You need to aim for the Citadel, and you need to understand the armor protecting that citadel to understand where to aim. Lets take the Kongo for example. The Kongo's armor scheme is rather interesting, it features a partial 'turtleback' citadel armor scheme. This means that at the forward and after sections beneath the turrets, the armor is sloped such that a shell that penetrates the outer belt in those sections is more likely to fail to penetrate the citadel, exploding in the casemates section of the ship. However, the central section, beneath the smokestacks, is a flat armored section, without the turtleback scheme that protects the sections beneath the turrets, so if you're in a close range brawl with a Kongo, you want to aim to hit the Waterline beneath the smoke stacks. This gives your shell the best chance to penetrate through the citadel protection and score maximum damage.