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  1. Westo454


    Lazo has a base detection range of 13.24km. With Concealment expert that becomes 11.96km. Lazo does not have access to the concealment systems mod. If there are no line of sight interruptions, such as smoke or an island, you will detect the Lazo at a range of 11.96km at a minimum. If there is an island interrupting your line of sight, you will not detect the Lazo until it is no longer behind the island, or another ship on your team gets a clear line of sight, or if an aircraft on your team gets within spotting range with a clear line of sight. or you enter 'assured detection range' of 2km or 3km with TAM. If there is a smoke screen between you, all the same rules apply, but if they fire then it will expand detection to a smoke firing penalty and check to see if any ships detect him. Additionally, as CylonRed stated, Line of Sight is calculated by checking for obstructions between the center of your ship and the center of the enemy ship, which is weird and odd and not right, but that's how the game works.
  2. The Matchmaker is simply doing what it can with what it has. If you happen to click battle and at that time the matchmaker has 4 tier VI, 2 tier VII, 8 tier VIII, 4 tier IX, and 12 tier X, its going to look at that and say 'I can make a game with 6 tier X per side, 2 Tier IX per side, and 4 Tier VIII per side.' This is a side effect of several things: Prioritizing Quick Matchmaking - The theory being the faster you get into a game the more willing you'll be to play additional games. The Tier System - With a cap at Tier X, the matchmaker can't look for matches above tier X, so it always has to look for Tier IX and VIII ships to fill the match. Game Economy - Premium Camo's at Tier X make those ships profitable, and as such those who like playing at that tier never have to play any other tier if they don't want to. That being said, with 0.7.11 they patched the matchmaker in an effort to make Tier 8 better, and at least from where I sit I've seen more games with Tier 8 top tier or tier 9 top tier lately, so it has at least been somewhat effective.
  3. Midway has 19mm plating for everything that isn't citadel or deck. Its got an 87mm Armored Flight Deck, 193mm Main belt around the waterline amidships. Don't aim high on it, otherwise you'll end up hitting the armored flight deck as much as not, you want to aim for the hull, where the hangers would be, or in a bow-on situation, aim for the lower section of the nose. Without seeing a replay its hard to be sure, but my guess is you were aiming to high above the waterline, and when the shells came down they hit the armored flight deck and bounced/shattered rather than hitting the thin plating and penetrating.
  4. Westo454

    Are Battleships all about luck?

    While RNG does randomize some elements, in many cases it really is down to skill. For example, Battleship caliber AP will never do any more than minimal damage against Superstructure. You need to aim for the Citadel, and you need to understand the armor protecting that citadel to understand where to aim. Lets take the Kongo for example. The Kongo's armor scheme is rather interesting, it features a partial 'turtleback' citadel armor scheme. This means that at the forward and after sections beneath the turrets, the armor is sloped such that a shell that penetrates the outer belt in those sections is more likely to fail to penetrate the citadel, exploding in the casemates section of the ship. However, the central section, beneath the smokestacks, is a flat armored section, without the turtleback scheme that protects the sections beneath the turrets, so if you're in a close range brawl with a Kongo, you want to aim to hit the Waterline beneath the smoke stacks. This gives your shell the best chance to penetrate through the citadel protection and score maximum damage.
  5. Westo454

    Hindenburg nerf

    You do realize that this was like 6 months ago right?
  6. USS Laffey (DD-724) - Allen M. Sumner Class, Only surviving example of this class, and the last of the class to be decommissioned. Presently located in Charleston, SC next to USS Yorktown. Very similar to the Gearing class in all respects, Gearings were slightly longer to improve endurance. She's historically notable for her Anti-Aircraft action against a large kamikaze attack off of Okinawa which she survived and remained an effective fighting unit throughout, though she had to be towed for repairs due to damage to the steering gears. Given that's what makes her famous, It would make sense to give it an AA gimmick.
  7. 'Can wargaming nerf premium ships?' and 'Should wargaming nerf premium ships?' are two entirely different questions. The first question is not one that I've seen anyone with more than a few brain cells argue - of course wargaming can nerf them, they've had that ability since day one, and the legal protections in place to prevent lawsuits. The second question is one of design philosophy. Wargaming up till now has made use of a 'Restrict it and let player attrition take OP ships out of the ecosystem' Additionally, for their lootboxes this gives them some toys to give out that will be enticing since they won't otherwise be available. It also means that you can be confident when you buy a premium that the ship will have the stats advertised in any release reviews. If Wargaming elects to rebalance premiums in any way they see fit, nerfs buffs, re-tiering, etc. They will have to be able to show a track record of being able to keep the ships consistently balanced, while retaining their interesting quirks or abilities, rather than see-sawing between OP and UP. Wargaming, at least for me, has yet to do that. I've seen too many cases of wargaming nerfing ships into the ground or buffing them to the point of being OP. And as someone else mentioned, This particular ship was just advertised as being a rare ship that's restricted from sale because of its power at its current tier. Some people may have spent a lot of money trying to get their hands on this ship. Announcing something like this so soon after marketing it in that manner feels underhanded. It might have been easier to sell if they were rebalancing an overperforming ship that wasn't on the restricted list and not advertised as a rare ship, or if they chose to experiment with the idea of retiering by moving an underperforming ship down a tier and explaining that they were looking at the effects that retiering had between the original and lower tier version, and that they might make some adjustments if needed to keep the ship balanced, or can the project and return it to its original tier, experimenting with something that isn't likely to set off a powder keg. Wargaming could make everything in the game have stats similar to tier 1 if they wanted to, but they won't because that wouldn't been a fun game for most of us.
  8. I usually take the position of 'Cautiously optimistic' with any changes that wargaming intend to make, However I'm going to have to come out hard against this. The fact that Wargaming is now deciding to take premium ships that I've paid for and have been told time and time again 'We don't Nerf Premium Ships unless that nerf is part of a Systemwide Change' and then nerf them, I simply cannot have any faith that wargaming will not do that with the next ship I purchase, and reviews will be made unreliable by the fact that wargaming can now freely mess with the thing's I've paid for after release. I've spent a lot of money on this game, This makes me very hesitant to spend any money on this game.
  9. Westo454

    Best option for fourth slot on Moskva

    Slot 4 is a slot that offers several good options for Moskva, and ultimately what you choose is up to your personal preference. Damage Control Mod 2: Reduces Fire Extinguishing time and Flooding Control time by 15% each. This improves the ship's overall survivability as it means that fires extinguish faster, so the fire deals less damage overall. On a cruiser like Moskva, a fire would normally burn for 30 seconds and deal 9% of your base HP as fire damage. With DC Mod 2, it burns for 26 Seconds and deals just 7.7% of your Base HP as damage. This makes fire less of a threat to the ship and allows you to hold you damage control for more serious threats such as stacked fires or flooding. Propulsion Mod 2: Reduces the amount of time taken to reach full power when accelerating by 50%. This mod improves how quickly your ship is able to accelerate. This is particularly useful if you find yourself frequently needing to stop and start or make speed adjustments. Steering Gears Mod 2: Reduces rudder shift time by 20%. This mod improves how quickly you are able to move the rudder from one position to another, and therefore increases the amount of fine control you are able to exercise over your ships heading. Notably it does not affect your ship's turning radius. This is particularly useful if you are playing at range where making small course adjustments can enable you to dodge incoming fire, and is also very useful when trying to avoid torpedoes, as it allows you to quickly put the ship into a hard turn. Which one is best really depends on how you like to play and what you want to get out of the ship.
  10. Westo454

    Why playing a cruiser sucks right now:

    This is, in my experience, extremely unusual. Battleships rarely exceed 5 per team as iirc the Matchmaking is set up such that it will avoid putting too many of one type of ship in one match because that just isn't fun, but when there is enough of a single ship type in queue, it will throw more than 5 per team in order to give people a game. Even then, throwing one screenshot up and declaring that playing an entire class sucks is just not productive. I love cruisers. I've played more games in cruisers than anything else. I love burning battleships to the ground, nuking destroyers with HE, and surprising enemy cruisers who thing 'its a cruiser, I can broadside it' with AP. I've been grinding the German cruisers and absolutely love them. You had a rough game. Maybe you got nuked early on and became frustrated. Take a moment, do something else and blow off the steam. When you launch into battle, always do a threat assessment on the enemy team. Make a plan of how you intend to fight the battle, and always be prepared to adjust as the battle progresses. Never be afraid to make a tactical retreat if needed.
  11. Westo454

    0.8.0 open beta grace period?

    After reading and re-reading everything in the devlogs about 0.8.0 I haven't seen an official statement that WG is going to release 0.8.0 for the purpose of mass testing the rework. The closest thing is a short statement on the original devbulletin saying 'These features are still actively being tested and refined' which is the same thing as the Work in Progress watermarks they ask the CCs to put on their videos so people don't get angry when it comes out different then when they first saw it early in development. 0.8.0 is in open Beta as of right now. You can go on the Public Test Server and play with it, Aircraft Carrier and surface ship alike. You can respec captains to your hearts content, and replace as many modules as you care to. In fact, Wargaming recently announced they are pushing back 0.8.0 in order to make further improvements, run a third round of testing, and hopefully iron out as many kinks and balance issues as possible. Yes, 0.8.0 will seriously shake up the meta. So did the removal of stealth fire, so did smoke firing changes, so did the introduction of radar. So did the removal of 5 point captain skills. The Meta changes all the time. Deal with it.
  12. Westo454

    0.8.0 open beta grace period?

    This is what the Public Test Server is for.
  13. Westo454

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    A couple days ago I was 1 or 2 wins off a flat 51% winrate. I've been playing fairly well recently and over my last 100 games I've been winning 60% and playing at a fairly good level. Then I had a couple of bad teams in a row, got whomped on a couple of games, and now I'm trying to regain some of that ground. It happens. Play your best, play ships you're comfortable with and if you find yourself too frustrated, take a break and have another try later. As it stands WoWs has pretty long queue times as it stands. Adding matching brackets for skill based matchmaking would only make that worse. Could it happen? maybe. Does the matchmaker need some changes? Probably.
  14. Westo454

    Sorry for being trash

    In a recent Belfast match I got yelled at by a Bismark captain for 1. Smoke Camping 2. Not shooting at enemies enough exactly when he wanted me to. I had suffered a momentary internet drop due to an issue with my adapter, fixed it in record time, and rejoined as quickly as I could, then promptly put in chat 'sorry, got disconnected' I then proceeded to have a 100k game and top of the team. Still got yelled at for being an idiot smoke camper who 'is only coming out at the end to play hero when really you did nothing' according to our friend in the Bismark. Some people just do not understand how to play the game, or that there is any other play style other than theirs or the particular strengths and weaknesses of the various ships. That's fine by me, if you don't want to learn, you can just mess around, but you make yourself sound really stupid when you're yelling at a Smoke Cruiser with tinplate for armor for smoke camping.
  15. Westo454

    so radar?

    Sonar is less of a problem because one of its main jobs is the detection of torpedoes, it is also much shorter range and therefore easier to escape. The main thing to do is not to sit in smoke when there is a radar ship around. They love hitting you when you think you're safe. Keep moving, stay maneuverable, keep spotting, and don't give your position away till you are certain you can do some serious damage. I do think radar needs to be reworked somewhat, it is definitely not helping DDs that already struggle to deal damage, but as long as we have as much smoke as we do in the game there needs to be something to counter it, but it does need a drawback. Perhaps using radar should increase your detection range, as many ships at that time were equipped with radio direction finding equipment which could locate the source of radiation. or perhaps radar detection should 'pulse' on and off as radars in real life had to rotate around in order to get a picture of everything. Or perhaps ships could be given the ability to deploy decoys that when radared or sonared show up as if it were your ship, but aren't actually there and get destroyed if they are hit.