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  1. Anyone who stood between my team and a win. :)
  2. Well, not how I see it, but that's okay. Thing is, if this is their design, there's nothing wrong with it. Especially since they allow players to turn it off via mods. The thing to remember about mods is the community can only modify the things the devs want them to modify. Sure, they like to leave things there for players to "discover" but it's really just to help get the modding community going. If they didn't want that removed, they wouldn't have it set up to be moddable. There are two types of feedback analysis, qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative is something like reading these forums or, more traditionally, doing focus group testing. Quantitative would be things like the user surveys you refer to. On a related note, WG is looking to hire a Principle Marketing Strategist for World of Warships: http://wargaming.com/en/careers/vacancy_729886/
  3. Curious why you consider it a taunt? To me, it's just an indication of who sunk your ship, like we've always had. Only now it displays the player's patch, which is also displayed through out the community, including the forums.
  4. Question for Shima captains

    If you drop smoke for your teammates, it's your responsibility to spot torps for them. One of the reasons I almost always work vigilance into my build.
  5. Question for Shima captains

    1 Point Skills Priority Target is a must have. (anyone that says differently, doesn't really get it) Preventative Maintenance is fine to take, if the rest of your build leaves you with 1 extra point. Other 1 point skills are worthless, imo. 2 Point Skills Last Stand is a must have. Expert marksmen is okay, if you have 2 extra points left over. Adrenalin Rush is also decent, if you find yourself sailing around at a pixel of health a lot. Rest aren't worth the points. 3 Point skills (Where all the hard decisions are made) Almost a 3 way tie here with Vigilance, Torpedo Armarment, and Survivability Expert Vigilance - Shima turns slow, especially at speed. Unexpected torps at the right angle will end your day. Torpedo Armarment reduces the Shima reload time to under 2 minutes. (-10%) Survivability Expert is almost a must have. Without it, eating a single torp will end you. Basic Fire Training (-10% gun reload time) is a close fourth to the above. 4 Point skills Concealment Expert is a must have. RPF isn't really worth the points except in specific situations like ranked. Advanced Firing Training isn't really worth the points. What I take when farming damage in random matches (not counting "must have's"): Expert Marksman Adrenalin Rush Torpedo Armament Survivability Expert Focus here is on reducing torp and gun reload time. For Ranked: Survivability Expert Vigilance Radio Positional Finder Expert Marksman (only because I have 2 points left over) Focus here is on staying alive to spot and cap.
  6. Or ever better, sail to C cap all alone, then start spamming "I need support" just before you enter the cap.
  7. Fake news. Mouse doesn't get angry.
  8. Well, the good news is they're hiring: http://wargaming.com/en/careers/vacancy_723572/
  9. It's not so much that as it is acknowledging someone got the better of you. I suspect it's worse the "more skilled" a player thinks he/she is. When I kill one of those so-called "elite" stat padding players, (me being only above average at best) the salt, anger, and excuses flow like mad.
  10. Yeah, it's fairly remarkable.
  11. Shamed by a Stat Padder

    Stats don't kill players. Players kill players.
  12. This. ^^ You can make a conscious decision to launch some risky torps because it's very necessary for the win. But if you do, you need to accept responsibility for what happens, not resort to victim blaming like the OP.
  13. You mean, you flagrantly fired your torps into a teammate and were given a three game pink?