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  1. Lensar

    Possible Solution to Radar

    It never ceases to amaze me just how few people understand that the concealment system is the secret sauce that made Warships a successful game. If everyone could always see every enemy ship in the game, no matter what, how much fun would the game really be? Would there even be a point to clan battles if you always knew where everyone else was all the time? Balance ships in whatever way they need to be balanced, but radar messes with the fundamental secret sauce recipe that made the game as successful as it is.
  2. Lensar

    Possible Solution to Radar

    It's a bad mechanic that makes the game worse for everyone. DDs don't spot, they don't cap, teams don't work together. Cruisers park behind islands and sit there til they are killed or the match ends. Anyone that plays the game can see how badly this broken mechanic negatively impacts the game. No, people are welcome to comment. But anyone that cites their experience as evidence that a mechanic is fine or broken, is certainly going to be subject to having their assertions challenged. Look, I'm not sure if you're just trolling or you're actually incapable of understanding the difference. If I say, "The DM is OP and needs to be nerfed. I can kill 5 ships per match without issue." That would be something someone could and should challenge. If instead, I say, "CVs negatively impact the game because the winning team very often decided simply by which side has the better CV player," it'd be ridiculous to challenge my assessment because I don't have any high tier CV experience. Does that make sense? Or am I just wasting my time trying to explain this to you, because you're driving by an ideological agenda with no actual interest in discussion?
  3. Lensar

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I never claimed radar is OP, although clearly the side with more radar does tend to win more often. Now if I was saying, "Cruisers are OP. They kill DDs and BBs with impunity and never take damage, in my experience," then it'd be fair to challenge my assessment. But I'm not making any claims about cruisers, other than I love the Zao and hate the DM. I play the YY with radar and feel it's stupid. Radaring other DDs who otherwise escaped a tough situation due to their skill just makes me want to take a shower. Radar is a horrible terrible mechanic that never should have been introduced into the game. If DDs need to be nerfed (stats dont suggest it, but maybe to keep everyone from playing them) I'm fine with any number of necessary nerfs. Radar is a ridiculously broken mechanic and nothing is going to change that. Other than Clan Battles, I don't play DDs anymore, because they aren't fun. Not compared to the fun I have playing the Zao. Yes, you're playing a Leningrad at T7. Without any experience at T10 it's unsurprising that you don't think radar is an issue. At T10, a single BB shell will take 25% of your health, and a DD can go from full health to dead by a single BB salvo. CA DPM is also through the roof. It's a very different game than T7 due to the nature of the power curve of CAs/BBs vs DDs. I played a Kag during this past season of ranked. Radar is still a silly and annoying mechanic, but it wasn't that big of a deal. For T10 ranked, it was definitely a big deal. Why would I? It's stupid and unfun. What skill am I displaying by pressing a button and revealing an enemy ship so it can be blasted by everyone on my team? If Krakens paid my mortgage, maybe I would, but I play the game to be challenged and to improve. Hard to stay silent when someone with no DD experience above T7 stats "Radar is fine" or when someone else claims, "radar is needed otherwise DDs would 1v1 every ship in the game." The rampant spread of misinformation along with the knee-jerk reaction by WG's inexperienced design team is what brought us the broken radar mechanic to begin with.
  4. Lensar

    Ranked battles: when and how?

    Tier 6 or GTFO
  5. Lensar

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Actually, I decided to check. I swear, it's like I am nostrodumbarse or something with my powers of predictions. Solo matches last 21 days: Inexperience isn't an issue, it's ignorance.
  6. Lensar

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I don't think you play DDs. At least not T10 ones. Because, again, what you're describing sounds like the type of thing someone "imagines" DDs to play like, not how they actually play. When a single BB shell (not salvo, shell) can take 25% of your HP, no one gets excited about dodging fire from 7 ships in a DD. No one.
  7. This. ^ With the module, you cannot fire your torps unless you're sailing in a straight line, which makes the module pretty much useless.
  8. Lensar

    Possible Solution to Radar

    What game are you talking about because it isn't Warships, Mister "I have no idea what DDs are really like, but in my head they are super ninja assassins that kill anything and everything with impunity, so I'm gonna pretend that's true."
  9. Lensar

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Am I the only one that finds it amusing that BigBlue resurrected this thread? smh
  10. Lensar

    I miss playing DDs

    I'll grab a screenshot next time I see one. Seeing 6 radar ships isn't super rare.
  11. Lensar

    Ships seem very slow lately?

    Yes, this happened when they changed the good luck message to "Fair winds and following seas." Following seas actually make it seem like you're moving more slowly. So in effect, it was a nerf.
  12. Sharks need radar otherwise eagles will just fly away.
  13. Lensar

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

    Right. They wait til they are spotted and pop it. There's no hoping involved. When in comms, they wait til a teammate says they are spotted, then pop it. Boggles my mind that people still defend such a broken and ridiculous mechanic.
  14. Lensar

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

    You're right. They wait until they are spotted, then pop radar. My bad.
  15. All those R-word threads are gone, daddy gone.