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  1. Darkjedi_white

    World of Warships Anniversary

    there is a 'survey' question in each of these articles you need to answer: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/wows-anniversary-marathon-on-youtube-2022/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/7th-anniversary-celebration-activities-are-ongoing/
  2. Darkjedi_white

    WoWs 7th anniversary

    Scroll up a couple post
  3. Darkjedi_white

    WoWs 7th anniversary

  4. Darkjedi_white

    WoWs 7th anniversary

    There are 2 map elements that i cannot click on to gain the mission in order to try and unlock those map elements.
  5. I keep thinking i missed grabbing a mission from the map. I have entered all the video codes that I know of, but i can't seem to get one of the tiles to reveal. Any idea what I am missing?
  6. I am actually loving the reworked operations, but that HE spam is way to much and unforgiving. It really needs to be toned down a bit with all the ships that are being thrown at you. Or at least cut the number of attacking ships down some.
  7. Darkjedi_white

    Dunkerque get nerfed?

    Is it just me or did they Nerf the Dunkerque's speed? I could have sworn it was 32kts. and now It's barely 29.5kts.
  8. Darkjedi_white

    Subs VS CVs

    Thank you all for the answers.
  9. Darkjedi_white

    Subs VS CVs

    So was wondering why when i try homing ping on a CV it doesn't want to work? I get a red circle at the ping when it hits the CVs hull
  10. Darkjedi_white

    Community Tokens

    Ok. I was just wondering, when do the community tokens show up on your live account. I participated in the phase one of the latest testing and did at least 3 of the missions that earned me tokens. Ty
  11. Darkjedi_white

    Ranger CV torpedo bomber question

    Ah. Ok ty that clears the confusion up. BAh guess ill stick to Rockets and Dive bombers. I do better with those anyway.
  12. Ok, I am wondering something on the Ranger. With my torpedo bombers, when I go in for an attack only 2 torpedoes are dropped. Is it suppose to be only 2 or am I doing something wrong cause I see other CV torp bombers dropping like 4 or 5 at a time? Thank you
  13. Darkjedi_white

    Manual fire secondary

    Ok dumb question. How do you fire 2ndry guns when u have the manual control for secondary armaments picked?