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  1. Zigfreid501

    Forced to buy a ship I own?

    A big to you sir as I LOL'd to your response
  2. Zigfreid501

    The History Guy has done it again!

    Thanks OP for sharing. I have a new respect for that little choo choo and will try to treat her better.
  3. Zigfreid501

    Pommern - No I will not

    Generally I believe "completionists" have BOTH the time and money to warrant that title., not to mention desire. Don't get the ship if you don't want it. There are several ways to complete the missions and even then, what are you missing out on if you don't. It's a game... have fun.... let it go.
  4. Zigfreid501

    Playing Pensacola

    To use a American football reference, playing it mobile North/South and less East/ West makes all the difference.
  5. Zigfreid501

    Pommern secondaries

    Everything about a Pommern suggests it is built to push in.... Armor layout, secondaries, torps,. Main gun accuracy at range is meh ... but push in and the fun begins...add Lutgen's for sprinkles. The main gun dispersion module adds a fair value so it's up to your play style.
  6. Zigfreid501

    Pommern Final Review

    I like mine. It's not a sniper ..... cause it's a BB... play it right cause they made it right.
  7. Zigfreid501

    Pommern vs Siegfried? Which one to get?

    ... because RB is lame no matter what they put there to entice us.
  8. Zigfreid501

    Missions designed only for the Elite players!

    There certainly are very skilled players in this game, and I am not one,. However I often find myself muttering while I'm playing T9 and 10 games and seeing the poorest choices play out again and again ..."Everyone can FAIL their way to T10" Elite has nothing to do with it.
  9. Zigfreid501

    Russian Cruiser Event...Wow, just wow.

    Well done, comrade....
  10. Zigfreid501

    Gneisenau or Scharnhorst

    Q: Gneisenau or Schanhorst A: Yes That is all
  11. Info only from my personal experience - I bought 2 gold boosters before the start and did most of the daily up to today, I completed directive 3 and did not want further grind so bought the 3rd and now PR will be reached without doing another thing. Grinding directive 4 is doable but felt my time was more valuable. Your time mileage may vary. I spent $96 on boosters and some grind on 2 premiums 2 premium T8 camos, some things along the way and am not displeased with my spend for receipt. I believe a fair amount of people would have found this event much more palatable if it was advertised as I used it. No matter how they backtrack or explain now, PR being "Mathematically free" is about to cost WG more than they would like.
  12. In a CV heavy time frame Kidd all day. Otherwise Cossack. LoYang is good but has been power crept.
  13. Thank you Sub Octavian for making this events parameters much much more clear and recognizing some failures in the process. I am fairly dubious of long grinds, especially with holiday time frames as RL happens a lot, and like to have the knowledge up front to even bother with some events. Also, while not touching on the directive completion details at all, as an often tier 10 player I am not entirely displeased with the very tough nature of at least some of the requirements. In those matches lately, there have been bushels of tators which can be frustrating, glad to see you aren't just handing these out with minimal effort. Incoming SEETHING HATE switch =======> ENGAGE <==========
  14. Man that's some lame bait.... So you you shoot an Erie with a Moskva and get "Detonated" . Perhaps photoshop for your next attempt
  15. Zigfreid501

    Interesting post on Pearl Harbor Attack

    Amgen, just curious, what is your definition of consciousness and how is it attained? It is simply the right amount of the right chemicals and splash in some electricity and stir? Why would lumps of chemicals care about anything.... oh wait... Also OP, sorry for the hijack -