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  1. Man that's some lame bait.... So you you shoot an Erie with a Moskva and get "Detonated" . Perhaps photoshop for your next attempt
  2. Zigfreid501

    Interesting post on Pearl Harbor Attack

    Amgen, just curious, what is your definition of consciousness and how is it attained? It is simply the right amount of the right chemicals and splash in some electricity and stir? Why would lumps of chemicals care about anything.... oh wait... Also OP, sorry for the hijack -
  3. Zigfreid501

    Colbert Haters?

    While I am not a karma blaster, I have an alternative to jealousy as to why someone might be - It may be that people despise the fact the the user of a Colbert or Ohio or whatever is next is being "downvoted" in the only way people can. The purchase and use of these ships is supporting a WG idea that many in the community feel is not at all thought out and then rewards people with something significant to use that idea. It is akin to saying "Everyone who crosses this lake of fire 4 times in a wooden boat gets a free unique boat". It creates the idea that there is no longer a level playing field between all users. I like the idea of rare skill rewards and rewards for grindy time spent. Although I don't have many, the knowledge of rewards out there adds goals if a person chooses to attain them. The question for many is - How long will this game last when the people who can't gain those rewards think they provide an unfair advantage? When only the elites are left the game is done. That said, karma means nothing .
  4. Zigfreid501

    How's The Ohio? Well, Here's my 2 Cents

    Thanks for the post! Although I will likely never consider a line reset I appreciate the info from people who have.
  5. Zigfreid501

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    I like the sounds mostly but agree some mixing changes should happen. That said .. when I fire BBs main guns .. man those sound effects just make you think --- FEAR ME!!!!!
  6. Zigfreid501

    Top tier camos

    I'm a player. I want those. The question is, am I more likely to continue to play the ships I already have or will I regrind or buy XP several times for 1 boat which may be nerfed to oblivion at any time? Decisions decisions.
  7. Zigfreid501

    Top tier camos

    Apparently I missed something. Care to link save the sarcasm?
  8. Zigfreid501

    Top tier camos

    WG please make some new purchasable camos for T10 tech tree boats. Old ones are getting old. Thoughts?
  9. Zigfreid501

    PSA: Bonus Code

    Thank you . That worked for me.
  10. Zigfreid501


    Agree with every point.
  11. Zigfreid501

    Should WG listen to this type of player.

    I was just in a game this weekend where you were running a bot. A VERY BAD one at that but clearly a bot. I assume it was COOP for testing purposes..... it needs work.
  12. Zigfreid501

    Legendary mods for ironium...LOL

    The great part of the legendary mods is all of the things you get along the way - repair party II x 50, damage control party II x 50 etc... The grind on each is not without rewards. Plus, stack captain or free XP and even more reason to grind it. The modules themselves seem meh generally anyway.
  13. Sharny is a good buy at 9800. I'd buy it again!
  14. Zigfreid501

    Panic News 30: Audacious!

    I enjoyed the "scroll" as well.
  15. I bought mine for reasons. It's not OP, it's not fail. It plays very well in skilled hands and meh in others. I'd say it is well balanced and a nice one to have, especially if you got it free. Thanks WG!