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  1. Zigfreid501


    Agree with every point.
  2. Zigfreid501

    Should WG listen to this type of player.

    I was just in a game this weekend where you were running a bot. A VERY BAD one at that but clearly a bot. I assume it was COOP for testing purposes..... it needs work.
  3. Zigfreid501

    Legendary mods for ironium...LOL

    The great part of the legendary mods is all of the things you get along the way - repair party II x 50, damage control party II x 50 etc... The grind on each is not without rewards. Plus, stack captain or free XP and even more reason to grind it. The modules themselves seem meh generally anyway.
  4. Sharny is a good buy at 9800. I'd buy it again!
  5. Zigfreid501

    Panic News 30: Audacious!

    I enjoyed the "scroll" as well.
  6. I bought mine for reasons. It's not OP, it's not fail. It plays very well in skilled hands and meh in others. I'd say it is well balanced and a nice one to have, especially if you got it free. Thanks WG!
  7. Zigfreid501

    Let's talk about Dallas

    The Dallas was a great surprise to me. It's a smaller Cleveland but it's no mini version. Captain skills that benefit one will benefit the other, it's an excellent precursor. Dallas = Balanced and a Gudbote .
  8. Zigfreid501


    GOOD DAY SIR! I said Good Day!
  9. Zigfreid501

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    LWM is DEAD ON here. While making games and game components can have tricky and difficult to predict timing events, it's all done to make money for the makers, they are a business after all. I'm good with it and support that. What's not cool is - I have no idea if there is something coming up how it will be released and no idea what to save for it, be it coal, cash, FXP, blood, another first born or whatever. The whole thing smells of lack of planning, carelessness, or customer indifference and none bode well for this game or the make the consumer feel confident while playing. Why invest time or money in something that is unpredictable?...... why play or pay at all?
  10. Zigfreid501

    Why do you want subs in the game.

    No subs. This is not the game for it. But a WG sub game could be fun.
  11. Zigfreid501

    GK Legendary Mod

    The 406s gives reaction benefits to a quick changing pushing drive. 406s all the way!
  12. Zigfreid501

    Le Terrible: Short Review

    Thank you for this review Helmut. It seems this boat is a mediocre in all but one thing - it excels at acceleration. But from what the reports have been, even a hard landing seagull could damage the engines or rudder so ...... hmm.
  13. Zigfreid501

    WV 41

    Thank ya
  14. Zigfreid501

    WV 41

    Wolcott can you link me or tell me where you got your information and diagrams from? Just interested from a modelers perspective. Thank you