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  1. ElectroVeeDub

    Sub free

    What's the issue with subs? They're actually kinda weak and probably need a buff. They're surprisingly easy to implode and usually die before even the DD's do. Broaden your horizons. Play a DD or CV... and suddenly subs are a non-issue.
  2. ElectroVeeDub

    I am done

    I'll bet he's a BB main...
  3. WoWs is an arcade game designed to be played in 20 minutes or less, and the game design reflects as much. There's nothing "realistic" about WoWs other than the ship models. That's by design because it's a video game... It's not a simulator. It's a first/third-person shooter not much different then Halo or Battlefield 5 in premise. There's some submarine simulators and naval RTS's on Steam. Consider trying those out instead if you don't care for the arcade action of WoWs? This obviously is not the game for you.
  4. There's this old, antiquated player-base in WoWs that wants to play a "naval warfare game" without the "naval warfare" part... Let's be honest, shall we? There's a portion of the player base that remembers 2015 when there was only 2 nations in game. An entire match consisted of steamy battleship on battleship action with a few destroyers to annoy them, and some cruisers for free XP and kills. You almost never saw CV's. WoWs was a BB simulator in those days and probably 75% of the que was BB's at any given point in time. WoWs had a BB overpopulation problem. They want those days back. Where all they had to do was point, click, delete, and worry about their angling. Hence why they whine incessantly. They hated, smoke, torpedoes, HE shells, DD's, spotting ranges, fires, flooding, and virtually everything other than a battleship. They wanted "World of Battleships" and still do to this day. Some used to advocate not only to remove subs and CV's from the game... but destroyers as well. They sure liked the cruisers though. They liked the CL's. Easy kills... If you don't like naval warfare and all it entails... then why are you playing a naval warfare video-game then complaining about CV's and subs?
  5. Gee... them pesky CV players don't so bad after all... That's ok. The BB population needed some thinning out anyways.
  6. Tier 2 and 3 is awesome. I don't care what y'all haters say.
  7. ElectroVeeDub

    Z-35 Dry Dock ? but link is broken?

    That link was down for me as well.
  8. ElectroVeeDub

    sound effects

    It's more common when playing CV's. You'll hear neat "Easter egg" type effects when flying over some islands. Not all.... It's a nice touch. I like it.
  9. Years ago when I first heard about subs, I hated the idea. Now, they're kind of a non-issue. CV's and DD's just wreck these things. I hit a sub with the Loewenhardt's bombers and he probably lost 50% health. They don't seem to affect the match (in ranked anyways) very much... Might have to buff them actually
  10. ElectroVeeDub

    New Brawl Is Stupid

    I tried out a CV (Lowenhardt, Ark Royal) for maybe 10 rounds and had mixed results. I'm yet to run into another CV on the opposing team. Its usually a DD, CL/CA, BB composition on their team. While my team is usually down a DD. On Two Brothers Epicenter, its an advantage to have a CV that can keep bombing the middle and make sure you don't get flanked. The speed is nice. You could seriously hurt a BB before it even gets to a cap. On other maps, sometimes having a CV is a detriment because they cannot really capture well. The Lowenhardt can be used in a secondary build and is fast, it can outgun a DD with secondaries, yet is a few citadels for a BB. Other CV's would be chewed up if they tried to capture some things. Sometimes this complicates the game. I also find that the enemy DD usually goes "full-stupid", thinks he can YOLO the CV and mindlessly tries and torps it, then dies to secondaries. Brawl is a fun game-type. I like the different strategies involved.
  11. I've been grinding that "Epochs of the Navy" campaign. So I've been playing the Dreadnought, and Konig Albert, and other low to mid-tiered ships. And it occurred to me... why isn't there a T4 premium CV? There's premiums for nearly every tier, of every class in WoWs, except for a T4 CV. I think low-tier gameplay is equally as fun as any other tier. I like it, and have always advocated to have low-tier premiums added. Not only are they good for new players, they are also at a price point that people like, and it'll help encourage people to play all tiers. Would you be interested in a T4 premium CV for sale? Would you play it? What CV would you like to see as a premium at T4? Got any good suggestions? There's the old "odd tier CV's" that were removed from the game. One could be adapted to T4 easily... right? The in-game models are still around no doubt. Should WG revive the old-school "strike Bogue" and resell it as an updated T4 premium? I personally would have no problems paying maybe $15 to $20 approximately for an interesting low-tier CV.
  12. ElectroVeeDub

    Wait a minute {Rocket and Spotting]

    The point to the delay is purely political and nothing more. DD's were whining. So Wargaming coddled them. Destroyers were perfectly survivable before 10.5 and attacks were ridiculously easy to mitigate. Mostly by not taking predictable paths ( Which DD's never do. You can always find them in the same place, same time in the first few minutes of a match, making a dash to the cap). They died due to poor decisions, map positioning, low IQ, and being 100% predictable. Not because CV's are overpowered. You know what? When I didn't go directly to the cap in my DD? I lived the entire game. Go figure!
  13. T8 is probably the worst tier in game. You'll frequently get up-tiered. It's normal. I'm blown away that anybody plays CV's at T10 to be honest. They're the most broken lol :)
  14. Every T10 DD that I have in game save the RB and steel boats say otherwise. If you cannot hit a LeTerrible with a Udaloi... the problem is at your end mate. This isn't aabout DD balistics. If that Le Terrible gets into range, you can kill it with USN DD's. The point it... hitting a DD going 54knots is easier than hitting a DD with a 2.3km detect with certain CV's. Seriously.
  15. Yes. I have. There is literally nothing I haven't done in this game. Use a RU DD and hitting that Le Terrible is easy. It is point/click/delete compared to an Indomitable VS Asashio fight. Artillery fire is insurmountably simpler, and easier. Bar-none. No comparison. Ever try hitting a DD you cant see with planes that go 230 knots and turn like a freight train? Takes 5 minutes, if you can kill him. God forbid you run out of fighters to keep him spotted. You literally have to let the DD get within secondary range to reliably do damage with some CV's. They just evade everything. If you can see them. On to this one: yes. Silly question. Do you want to be able to find and spot destroyers without the team supporting you? Yes? Same crap, different pile. Before... people would scream like Liberals if they couldn't hit a DD. I remember it vividly on these forums. BB's mains would have literal conniption fits over it. We'd explain "It's a class based game. DD's counter BB's." They hated that answer. So WG started pandering to BB's so they could hit a DD CV's are the DD's counter. And now, ya'll are advocating to remove that counter. Now the DD's are feasting upon you. And there's nothing to stop them. I play CV and BB's are flipping out every match furiously pinging the map demanding the CV spots and kills the DD. And the CV cant! Whaddya want me to do? Kill it? Can't hit it. Cant keep it spotted for long. The AA is atrociously powerful and melts fighters; they only last 60 seconds anyways. Half the time the DD has more AA than cruisers do! No need to invite me. I've played tons of BB. The artillery is more accurate. It takes one shell to land in the right place and do massive amounts of damage. I've literally deleted 100% health cruisers with one volley, one minute into a match. CV's you have to hammer over and over getting mere chip damage if you can hit them at all, you rarely get more than one attack at T8/T10 Nope. Sorry. They really messed up these CV's. If they're going to give DD's AA that makes a cruiser look like a joke? Then they can give back the ability to aim to the CV.