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  1. ElectroVeeDub

    DD driver ... best use of smoke?

    Smoke is more of a personal defense mechanism. Destroyers are quite vulnerable to getting deleted in 10 seconds or less. Especially in a radar heavy arena. Many CA/BB mains will bark orders at you to lay out smoke screens for them upon command. That's a nice idea and all, helping your team. The problem is that you only get 2 to 6 smoke charges depending on what DD you have. The cool down time can be lengthy, and frivolously wasting smoke to aid others can be detrimental to you if you get caught in the wrong place, wrong time. Keep your smoke for when you need it to save your skin, and when it's "mutually beneficial' for your team. Don't just smoke up others simply because they demand it. The team that wins is usually the team with the best DD's that are alive for the end game. If you use smoke at the wrong time and get yourself killed because it's on cool-down... it could cost you the game. Other destroyers like the Haida, or the RN DD lines have smoke systems that are totally unsuitable for aiding others anyways...
  2. ElectroVeeDub

    Penalized for Game Freezing

    I had a bad wi-fi adapter driver just a few weeks ago. I would randomly lose connection. Sometimes upwards 3 times in one match. I was penalized several times... ProTip: never use the generic drivers included with Windows 10.
  3. ElectroVeeDub

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    I think the most fun aspect of WoWs is the tear harvesting...
  4. ElectroVeeDub

    I got coal! Salem, Musashi, Jean Bart, or Wait?

    I recommend the Black....
  5. ElectroVeeDub

    Question for 60% of all DD users

    Simple... for a quick escape... If im 5.2kms off of a Nicholas while in a Fujin, All I have to do is travel 200m and I'm no longer spotted. If I open fire I will have to run for 20 seconds versus 5 seconds. Smart DD's will hold their fire until they are able to stealth up. Of course this wont work if you cannot out-run the ship spotting you, or if there is gaydar. That's when it's time for smoke. But if the smoke is on cool-down, it's time to wiggle, run and gun, and hope your teammates will assist. Which they usually don't...
  6. ElectroVeeDub

    First look at a shipload of premiums (Flamu video)

    Im personally excited to see how those DD's work out. The Leone looks interesting in particular as a gunboat...
  7. ElectroVeeDub

    1941 West Virginia in the shop now

    Moar torp magnets?! Rejoice!!
  8. ElectroVeeDub

    You could have asked!!!

    So that a player doesn't accidentally accumulate 2 terabytes of old replays inadvertently? Makes sense to me...
  9. ElectroVeeDub

    Spotting: Its a thing...reward it.

    Spotting is rewarded. With a nifty ribbon and a hail of shells flying over your head killing whatever it is you spotted...
  10. ElectroVeeDub

    Should WG Buff the RN DD line?

    Yeah, I dunno. Something is wrong with the Jutland for sure. It literally gets outgunned by everything. Including IJN DD's. The caliber is too small, and penetration is too low. Everything shatters even on other DD's. The fires and torps alone cant be relied upon. They're DD's for camping.
  11. ElectroVeeDub

    Tier X ships what's the point?

    They're just generic ships given out temporarily by WG so that nobody is excluded from participating in clan-battles due to not having a T10 ship. Although many will argue that if you do not have a T10 ship in the first place, then perhaps you shouldn't be participating in clan battles at all. Because they're not super hard to get. And possessing one does not indicate skill...
  12. ElectroVeeDub

    Should WG Buff the RN DD line?

    Here's a video where Notser calls the RN DD's at T9-T10.... "Defensive DD's"... I can hear the team-mates screaming now because all the RN DD's refuse to cap in clan-battles lol. They're "Defensive only!" :) Apparently island humping is recommended. Like you're a Des Moines...
  13. ElectroVeeDub

    Should WG Buff the RN DD line?

    Simple. IFHE is required at T9 and T10. That 8% fire chance amounts to very little when you're forced to use IFHE just to get some reliable damage from the guns.
  14. ElectroVeeDub

    Should WG Buff the RN DD line?

    Although I did enjoy the Jervis and Lightning, the remainder of the RN DD line has been rather underwhelming. Especially the smoke and the 113mm guns at T9-T10. Smoke is a DD's only means of defense. Torpedoes rarely hit. The guns do very little damage. Low fire chance. Terrible top-speed with no boost. Piss-poor hydro range. An over-proliferation of radar. An absurd amount of new gunboat DD's introduced into the game. All these factors seem to really make the RN DD's feel like something is wrong. I'm at the T9 Jutland, and I'm less than impressed with it's survivability. What's your opinions?
  15. ElectroVeeDub

    It not that freakin hard

    Lol... DD's are usually the first ships dead in the game... Thinks they're over powered! But yeah, the OP is right. Many teams refuse to support caps that are anywhere near an island. Is there a cap with no islands? You can be guaranteed most ships are headed there.