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  1. ElectroVeeDub

    Ark Royal - I don't get some of these decisions.

    I could torp destroyers with the Fairey Swordfish on the Hermes rather reliably... I'm hard pressed to think of any other CV with aircraft that matched the Swordfish's maneuverability. I don't care the planes are slow. That's a good thing especially around ships with weak short range AA. I don't have the Ark Royal quite yet, but I'm hoping you can actually turn on a dime and get off 3 attack runs like Hermes... Speed isn't everything in my opinion :)
  2. ElectroVeeDub

    Thanks for the Sound Fixes in 8.8.1

    Ummm... ok... forgive me, it's hard to describe, but I will try. I'm not a professional on the topic, but I will give my impressions as a Beta veteran player of WoWs. I always thought the squadrons and AA batteries sounded a little off, even before ... 1) The WW2 era aircraft sound almost like WW1 era bi-planes. 2) The engines sound similar to a plane at idle or taxi speed. Not necessarily full throttle. Throttle speeds should fluctuate according to elevation, load, speed etc, etc. More-so than they even do right now. 3) It sounds similar to there being only one plane in a squadron. Not 6, 9 or 12 aircraft simultaneously. A squadron should be very audible from kms away to surface ships, and one plane should sound different to 12. 4) This is a matter of opinion, but the sound of the engine boost ( I imagine it's designed to mimic a turbo or supercharger, whistling noise) is a little irritating considering a player can press the "W" key many times in even 10 seconds. 5) There should be a more prominent "Doppler Effect" to the planes where the pitch and frequency changes according to the distance and speed from the listener. This can be a very CPU intensive feature, and it would probably require the ability to toggle it on/off for low end PC's. But it would work that shiny new audio engine just as the dev's imagined no doubt. :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doppler_effect 6) The dive bomber sound effects have improved from to . but are still a little off. It's hard to describe how. Although they sound pretty good, the sound effects can abruptly start or stop during the full dive animation. 7) The AA can only be heard as a "whizzing" noise. IE AA rounds are "whizzing" by. There is little to no other audio from the actual AA batteries on ships while flying over/near surface ships. All i hear is rounds whizzing by and flak bursts as the AA is very quiet mostly. This sort of causes a loss of immersion. AA sounded... not much better, the AA batteries didn't sound very terrifying in my opinion. In they're almost silent? It creates almost a false sense of safety to the CV player. It sounds like you're under very little AA fire. AA batteries should be deafening and terrifying sounding to a CV player. 8) Different models of aircraft from different nations should have a somewhat unique sound, but I realize there may be technical limitations. A Supermarine Seafire sounds different than a Zero for example. 9) I'd recommend putting dive sirens on the Graf Zepplin's dive bombers, just for authenticity. I don't own a GZ, but I never recall hearing their famous sirens that were on the Stuka's. 10) I'll try and update this list the more I play CV's... stay tuned for some positive feedback :) Overall is one of the best updates WoWs has seen. I'm glad that WG is future-proofing the game with better lighting and audio technologies. There's just a few kinks to iron out along the way. :)
  3. ElectroVeeDub

    My frustration with tier 8 carriers

    Very true... But the T8 and T10 CV's still aren't averaging what the minimum requirements are to obtain the CV emblems. I have some idea's how to fix that... but a CV hater will roll into this thread, read how to fix it, have a brain aneurysm and drop dead at his PC. I don't want blood on my hands... :)
  4. ElectroVeeDub

    Thanks for the Sound Fixes in 8.8.1

    I thought the ships sounded not too bad at all. Of course gunfire is deafening. As it should be... It's the squadrons that sound.... wayyyy off... it's almost a step backwards from . I'm sure the ladies and gents at WG are hard at work with another fix. It's a new engine, many tweaks are inbound no doubt. :)
  5. ElectroVeeDub

    Black sky

    That means nothing. Even brand new PC's have horribly outdated drivers in them right out of the box, whether you custom built it or bought it at a store. That's because they sat on a store shelf for a year straight... sometimes more. And Windows 10 is not able to update every driver you could possibly find on a PC. Every time you try and diagnose any sort of issue, you must exclude the possibility that your PC is malfunctioning first. Then submit a bug report. Probably 90% of problems with games are at the user end with poorly maintained PC's. Whenever you post on forums trying to fix an issue, you need to post all of your system specs so other forum users can help you diagnose. I'd start with that....
  6. ElectroVeeDub

    Very disappointed in the Sound

    Oh, we'll probably be seeing a wealth of audio tweaks and improvements very soon. took mere days to get released from Maybe it's just a matter of opinion, but ship's audio sounds a bit better than a squadrons.
  7. ElectroVeeDub

    Black sky

    Ummm... yeah, I think it's time to start troubleshooting your PC... It might be a glitch client side, but always eliminate the possibility your PC is acting up first...
  8. ElectroVeeDub

    Ark Royal - I don't get some of these decisions.

    The Ark Royal is similar to the Kaga in premise. You get lots of low tier planes with very good regeneration rates. You'll lose lots of planes, but almost never get de-planed. If it's anything like the Hermes, it's all about the torp bombers. The level bombers wreck DD's and light cruisers. Sometimes BB superstructure, but the rockets are weak.
  9. ElectroVeeDub

    India Commonwealth ?

    India did participate in WW1 and WW2, more-so with ground troops and a little naval actions. They were nothing like Canada which pretty much ran the North Atlantic with the RN, and Australia which was fending off Japanese attacks. They did have engagements with German commerce raiders IIRC in the Indian ocean. India was a conquered country centuries ago, with a rich history of civilizations. It's a very old country. It was only in the commonwealth because the British conquered it. Canada and Australia were uninhabited save for some very scarce and scattered native tribes, so there was never any separatist notions... except for America. So there's always been a separatist or anti-British sentiment in India whereas Canada was fiercely loyal, and Australia/NZ was... cooperative and friendly. India maintained it's connections with the UK and the Commonwealth because it was beneficial to their economy etc. To state they're a Commonwealth member is true, but they're more resistant... Canada, Australia, and New Zealand maintained the Commonwealth because they once were British, and they are British descendants. I can't speak for other nations, but I know that Canada WAS Britain legally speaking and didn't even completely separate until 1980.
  10. ElectroVeeDub

    Is the Russian DD line worth pursuing?

    The Soviet and French DD lines are not for beginners. They both have the best speed, ballistics, and longest range guns of any DD. They can be very deadly against other DD's. The problem is their detection. Most fail DD players try to go stealth with these DD's. It doesn't work. I don't, I go AFT, BFT fit and try to kite targets and BBQ them from max range. I don't worry about detection, and it's worked for me quite well. The Khabarovsk was the very first T10 ship I ever earned back in 2015. The Kiev was once King of T7 DD's. It was nerfed then bumped up to T8 like the Cleveland. At T8 it works... but it's not nearly as strong as it once was at T7. I will say they're incredibly fun DD's if you love speed and run n' gun gameplay. You're somewhat immune to radar if you do it properly. And a good Soviet or French DD can solo an entire flank of ships and hold them at bay if kept at range.
  11. ElectroVeeDub

    (British) CVs worth grinding?

    I enjoyed the UK CV line. I have Audacious. I have nothing too bad to say about the line. The torps are good, bombers are only for lightly armored targets, and the rockets are anemic until T10. But it's a very fun line. I'm definitely picking up Ark Royal. :)
  12. ElectroVeeDub

    Kleber the Batchat?

    CV's like French DD's too. They're Le Fantasque to farm...
  13. Sure... if you wanna farm DD's the Enterprise has no equal... But if ya wanna farm NooBBs... Kaga is King. :) I just like the larger reserves, 4 torp spreads, higher speed of Kaga. The rockets are ok, and you can get some good hits with the bombers.... But the torp bombers? Get ready to be lipped off by very upset BB mains. It stops stubborn Soviet steel like nothing else... :)
  14. Don't worry about the Enterprise. It has good rockets... but Kaga is the superior premium T8 CV. The Enterprise is kinda bland in my opinion....