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  1. Lol.. son... see that badge next to my name? What do you suppose that means? I can confirm you have... uhh... about 25% of the experience I do in-game, unless you did start a second account. Trust me... there's nothing you can teach me I haven't already been doing since 2015. :) And this sentence right here is why you fail; "Promoting everyone huddle in a AA ball is the most daft reduction of strategic play possible. ". Ya know... real navies in real-life maintain real formations for really good reasons. Yet you think you should be able to basically disregard all need to utilize teamwork so you can run off and die to CV's however you like? SOLO YOLO and surviving is your right?
  2. Conspiracy theory? Ha.. I've done it. I know it exists. The WR is closer to 60% actually. Sometimes higher depending on the ship. You see... the concept that you're failing to grasp is that you can't help your team if you're dead. There are times when you let the opposite team have the cap and you surrender influence. Mostly because you're outnumbered and your flank will be steam-rolled. . Half the ships in game have hydro and it's not a DD's job to run out and screen for torps. You're dying to CV's because you cant resist the urge to run to a capture point... like a moth to flame. Then you post on the forums that CV's are broken, when the issue is probably how you play...
  3. ElectroVeeDub

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    MIDWAY BUFFS! Muahahahahahahahaaa!!!
  4. Don't gimme that "unicum" bull... I can start new accounts and cheese my way into purple too, Bro. I know all the tricks. I DD just fine with CV's in game and rarely have issues. Ya know why? Because I assume every cap has radar and aircraft in it. Which every cap does. So I play accordingly... and I live.
  5. Hey... just because people are "special" and struggle with stuff most others do not... doesn't mean the game is broken. It just means they're special. We have special schools for special kids for just that reason. :) If you need pointers on how to step your game up, lemme know. I'm always willing to help.
  6. I've been gone for... I dunno... weeks. Months maybe. When I left you were busy rattling on about CV's with numerous hate threads posted per week... I come back, and nothing's changed. You do realize that WG is actually buffing the Midway? Probably because CV's don't exactly perform too well regarding damage? Like, seriously Bro... give it up or uninstall. The rest of us have no issues coping with CV's.
  7. SHHHH!! Nobody tell him the Midway just got buffed!!! He'll have a coronary... PT, Balance Changes. In version 0.8.11 the following balance changes will be made: Japanese aircraft carrier Hosho, Tier IV: - Changed torpedo aiming parameters. Previously, Hosho torpedo bombers maintained narrow aiming cones whilst performing manoeuvres, making accurate aiming much easier. Now the possible angle of torpedo drop is increased during manoeuvres. This change will reduce the efficiency of the Hosho as well as restore the Japanese flavor of the Hosho's torpedo bombers. American aircraft carrier Midway, Tier X: - Torpedoes changed: -- Maximum damage increased from 4,233 to 5,067; -- Flooding chance increased from 33% to 42%. After recent changes, Midway was slightly weaker compared to other ships. The increased damage will increase the efficiency of torpedo bombers , and Midway itself will become more competitive. American cruiser Salem, Tier X: - Action time of the "Surveillance Radar" consumable increased from 25 to 40 s. This change will increase the efficiency of Salem in combat and help her to better deal with destroyers and control key positions on the map. German battleships: - Ellipse of main caliber gun shells dispersion is adjusted to the settings of the American and British battleships. This change will increase the accuracy of all German battleships and make the playing experience more comfortable. Change to upgrades: - "Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1" can now be mounted on any ship starting from Tier VI, equipped with "Hydroacoustic Search" consumable. Now this modification can be mounted on German battleships. British cruiser Hawkins, Tier V: - Detectability range by air increased from 6.36 to 6.44 km. In some cases, Hawkins' detectability range by air was less than its AA defense action zone, so it was increased. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary and subject to change.
  8. ElectroVeeDub

    The truth about CVs now.

    Beautifully written. And so very true. CV's are somewhat lackluster in their damage output and can be easily circumvented by teamwork. It's usually people who refuse to even familiarize themselves with CV play that typically are the most vocal opponents to them. The problem is that nobody uses teamwork and just sorta wants WG to buff their ships in such a manner they can solo the entire red team... +1
  9. Yes. IFHE is pretty much mandatory for the Jutland and Daring. You can use AP... but obviously your damage inflicted will be circumstantial at best.
  10. Exactly. It was a 0.8.5 myth. Summer 2019. I recall seeing a CC summit video in the past.... or maybe it was a dev-blog video? It was in July or August 2019... anyways... Sub_Octavian stated in that dev-blog something along the lines of " We do consider suggestions from the player-base, but many are biased in nature and not in the best interests of game-balance." . Now don't quote me exactly on that, but that was the general idea of his comment. People suggest ridiculous things on these forums out of pure bias, and WG is perfectly aware of it. And they should be. Many of the ideas in these forums, and even this thread, quite frankly are not in the best interests of balance. People simply want their favorite ship to wreck all, yet never receive damage. I remember a day in 2015 when CV's were anti-capital platforms that could hit BB's, yet struggled with the speed of DD's and cruisers somewhat. In 2019 it's the polar opposite. And to restore WoWs, BB's need to be easier to strike, cruisers must be AA platforms, and DD's must be very challenging to punish for CV's. Right now DD's are the only thing CV's can hit at T10 without getting de-planed. The class based balance of WoWs is horribly out of skew currently. The "rock, paper, scissors" philosophy has had it's lines blurred... These players just want "God-Mode" and more often then not, they're talking out their posteriors with absolutely no concept of how a game is developed or how to balance it.
  11. ElectroVeeDub

    Adjust CV Emblem Average Damage

    I got a better idea. Adjust average CV damage so they could possibly get to 130,000. That emblem kinda suggest the whole class under-performs at T8-T10.
  12. Listen... the definition of a broken game is when you have one class that's entirely immune to another... cruiser players are rapidly starting to sound like NooBB's.
  13. Roughly translated as: "Island humping is suddenly dangerous and gets me punished for bad behaviors. My DM gets hit by 4 planes while camping a 300ft tall island, then it melts the other 8 planes after getting citadel-led. Game must be broken. It's not because I was playing poorly. I'm supposed to never lose even 1hp to a CV ever."
  14. ElectroVeeDub

    Yo WG how about making clan war's t9 and10

    Hey... at least it's fun and you won't lose 10,000,000 credits in one clan season. :) I'm sure there's tons of players who have good captains and who'd love to break out their seal-clubbing ships for a bit of friendly clan rivalry. Not everybody enjoys the endless T10 seasons over, and over, and over, and over...
  15. ElectroVeeDub

    Yo WG how about making clan war's t9 and10

    T10 is lame. Same boats. Same gimmicks. Same meta. It's been done to death. People are bored of it, and the requirement for 8 players is simply too high. Why can't we spice it up a bit? What's wrong with clan battles at T3? Or T6? Who says skill and competitive gaming must be limited to T10? Who the heck likes losing credits every clan season and doing the same crap over and over? I'd like to see some T2 clan battles just for the worry free fun and lulz. Any tier can be a clan-battles tier.