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  1. panzerlancer

    Uh..excuse me?

    So for the Lunar New Year celebrations, WG is offering the following Chinese ships. "In Update 0.9.0, cruisers VII Southern Dragon and VII Eastern Dragon have become Premium ships and received all associated in-game economic bonuses." All well and good. Nice to see Chinese players getting some love. Then I looked at the description of both ships. The description includes, "In World of Warships, she is a typical representative of Japanese cruisers—a well-armed and durable ship carrying powerful artillery and long-range torpedoes." Great! Well-armed, durable, powerful....wait. WHAT? "..typical representative of JAPANESE cruisers.."? So, WG is selling Japanese cruisers to celebrate a Chinese holiday? Really?!? *double facepalm*
  2. panzerlancer


    I personally can't wait for the subs. However, there is one aspect I recommend WG should include only during Halloween events...or perhaps on April Fools Day. I humbly offer the following documented historical event: https://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2019/07/that-time-a-wwii-german-u-boat-sank-as-a-result-of-flushing-a-toilet/ Come on! It could be a great, rare citadel hit result!
  3. panzerlancer

    Submarines are Coming

    The problem would be switching back and forth between the aircraft and the sub. How would a player coordinate torp attacks from the aircraft and the sub? If the sub doesn't get an attack while its planes are launched, then the player is just running a very crippled (as in an abnormally small, easily-shot down flight) aircraft carrier. And how do the planes land to respawn? The I-400 had to crane its planes back onboard, a much slower process than the aircraft landing on a carrier's flight deck, and it took 30 minutes to prep all three aircraft for flight. Assuming they were to be recovered upon return, that is. It took 15 minutes to prep the aircraft without attaching their pontoons. Upon return, the pontoon-less aircraft would have to ditch, destroying the sub's capability as a carrier. Throw all this away for playability and it's not the I-400. Though the I-400 is admittedly a fun idea, it's an implementation nightmare.Too much dev work for too little reward for the player. Give the devs time to hammer out regular sub/ASW warfare before expecting weird permutations. It would be cool to see the I-400 as a premium, assuming it could actually be made uniquely useful somehow in combat.
  4. panzerlancer

    Submarines are Coming

    Fun fact: the tier X US sub is named after the USS Balao (SS-285) which starred as the "pink submarine" in the 1959 comedy film "Operation Petticoat", co-starring with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. An old but fun movie, I'd highly recommend it just for the interior shots of the sub. Personally, I'm looking forward to play-testing all the subs. But then I also like playing CVs and DDs so... ¯\_(o_0)_/¯
  5. panzerlancer

    [Modification] [Tutorial] How to rename your ships!

    I've just got to rename my Fletcher to LeroyJenkins.
  6. panzerlancer

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    It is. My Fletcher and Gearing are both suffering indigestion from so much BB nomnomnom. I do so love my U.S. DDs.
  7. panzerlancer

    What Separates A Good CV Captain From A Bad One?

    It works better at T8 when you have more planes in a flight. The best way to learn how to attack different ships is to use Training Rooms to set up specific ships as targets and practice, practice, practice. I was terrible when I first started with CVs but can now hit my target with rockets/torps/bombs about 90% of the time. It took me quite some time to work my way through all the cruisers and BBs at T6 but it was time well spent because it helped me learn which ships had deadly AA and which did not.
  8. panzerlancer

    What Separates A Good CV Captain From A Bad One?

    A pre-drop is where a CV player attacks open water as soon after launching as possible, forcing some of his squadron's planes to return to the carrier. This jump-starts the preparation of the next squadron of that type and helps preserve some of the aircraft type for use later in the game. Yes, you get less attacks at the beginning of a battle but that's a good thing because it forces you to not take chances when enemy ships are at their full strength and have the greatest chance of shooting down your entire squadron.
  9. ROFLMAO! No kidding. Me, I don't play French ships and I don't play BBs. If I could transfer the upgrades to someone else who would use them effectively (even against me), I would. But I can't. So...thanks for the free credits, WG.
  10. panzerlancer

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Released Feb 27, 2019. Price: $80US. Or if you want a 10-point captain, port slot, and 13 other items bundled with it...$150US. Um...no thank you. I was born in Alaska and love WW2 battle cruisers but paying that kind of money for rented pixels is nonsense. I guess I'll just have be satisfied with sinking it.
  11. panzerlancer

    Russia Disconnecting From Internet? Wargaming Impact?

    Awesome. Thanks for the fast replies!
  12. panzerlancer

    Your thoughts on the kidd please

    I love the Kidd but it does have its limitations that must be kept in mind. It's basically a dedicated gunboat with torps as a secondary weapon. Good for cap contesting because of its heal and smoke, especially if you turn it into a fire boat. However, the Fletcher is better, in my opinion because of the Fletcher's torpedo launcher count versus that of the Kidd. Any trick you can pull in the Kidd, you can pull in the Fletcher. That said, the Kidd is a good trainer for US captains and lots of fun when you co-op. And it justifies speaking like a pirate in chat. Arrr!
  13. I'm starting to see news stories that the Russian government may be preparing to temporarily disconnect the entire country from the Internet in either late March or early April as a test of its cyber security capabilities. Is there any truth to this? And IF this is true, given that Wargaming is a Russian company and we all use the Internet to connect to its games, what impact, if any, could this disconnection have on everyone's access to Wargaming's games? The story I saw is carried by ZDNet at https://www.zdnet.com/article/russia-to-disconnect-from-the-internet-as-part-of-a-planned-test/ Another link is https://www.futurism.com/russia-internet-security-test
  14. panzerlancer

    British CVs WIP

    Wait for Halloween 2019...
  15. panzerlancer

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    One concern I have as a CV player is the AA (i.e. flak bursts) seems to be able to shoot through supposedly solid objects like mountains while all other weaponry (ship guns, aircraft attacks, etc) cannot. All ships can use terrain as cover from incoming fire. Why can't aircraft? If aircraft are burning (have a DOT) from being hit while out in the open, fine and dandy but should flak itself be able to hit anything that is completely on the other side of terrain?