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  1. Olem

    BB Skill "Furious"

    I think it depends entirely on that ability to just heal up 50% of your health with a single heal to work, doubt any other ships can really use it without just asking to die.. Weird skill for sure.
  2. Olem

    BB Skill "Furious"

    It appears to stack, yes. The skill seems made ideally for British type BB's with the Super heal.. Don't take Fire Prevention or BoS.. Remove fire related equipment.. stack those fires and just heal it all up. I'm not exactly saying its good, not tested it much.. But its an interesting idea..
  3. Olem

    Godzilla vs. Kong Voiceover scam?

    Yes.. but there is totally apparently a difference between incoherent mumbling sounds from cap.. and roars from Godzilla.. clearly impractical.. yup...
  4. I know right now i'm just hoping that they revise the cruiser skills.. I don't want to lose my secondary build on Siegfried...
  5. Olem

    Are cyclones good for the game?

    Haha, yeah, I play a lot of secondary BB's and brawlers as well, gotta agree, a cyclone warning is basically the game telling me, 'you're going to have a great round'.
  6. Olem


    The stuttering and frame rate dips since the patch have been terrible, especially on cvs, a real pain to keep aiming properly. But Even on cruisers zipping around, get lots of FPS spikes. Had to quit playing at one point got frustrated with it.
  7. Can confirm, you do get full access to the Research Bureau by getting that 21st point for the anchorage. I Only have 3 T10 ships, just got my 21st point, gave me 600 RB points, unlocked it, and another 10k for doing so, plus ability to reset lines.
  8. I guess the trade off is supposed to be that we now fire all the secondary guns on both sides? which generally we only have one target in range anyway... Because German Secondaries needed to hit even less than they do already... At least we can in some situations fire at a second target.. but the one we select still only gets 35% bonus instead of 60%.
  9. Olem

    Fix the damn replay bug

    My friend and I both have the same issue, tried sharing a replay from this months ranked sprint and neither of us could get past the loading screen. Odd thing was we can see a single line around the bottom and right hand side of the screen with movement, and heard everything happening, so the game was going on.. but with the loading screen stuck overtop..
  10. Olem

    This is why I almost always play CV

    Is there some other button that does the normally? Never knew about it and for me Y does nothing, just a consumable slot. Looking through the controls and not seeing anything that activates it. I know the planes can do it, if that is what you meant, but would be certainly nice as a normal feature, without the range bonus :P
  11. Its the resolution causing it, same issue for me.. 2560x1440 and this shows up like that.. go to 1920x1080 and its fine. So a bug.
  12. Olem

    Update 0.9.7 - Bug Reports

    After today's update, using a resolution of 2560x1440 will result in the menu for the armory now overlapping all of the items in the store, making it incredibly difficult to navigate as for example the featured button barely works when over something.. and is covering the filter entirely.. However when switching down to 1920x1080 resolution its back to the side as normal again. (Though.. not a great solution for me with a larger monitor as it makes everything blurry..) I tried this both with mods installed, and then removing everything, no change.
  13. Olem

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    It actually does work for Co-OP and scenarios, last months did as well, so seems to all be easy to get.
  14. Olem

    Unlock Second flag on Haida

    Thank you all for the great help, makes far more sense now! Guess I shall go pick up one of those containers! So far its been a really good, stealthy little ship :D
  15. Olem

    Unlock Second flag on Haida

    Ah, hmm yeah might be that, and no, don't have any of them done yet, probably they got one and didn't know :P