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  1. Git gud Stop coddling the newbeans and maybe they'll learn to do something besides fail their way to tier 10.
  2. Show me on the doll where the HE touched you.
  3. The average WoWs battleship main likely has trouble eating a bowl of cereal without spooning most of it into their ear. You can't expect much from people in a game that has been made as simple as possible in order to pander to the lowest common denominator.
  4. I just want to know why I didn't get stronk Russian DD to test for the weekend
  5. I get almost as frustrated when the enemy team collapses in five minutes as I do when my own does. Games aren't any fun when there is either no challenge, or no chance to win. Which is 95% of what you can expect from any Wargaming title.
  6. My favorite defeatist was a guy on one of my teams yesterday in a Lion (Our only tier IX BB) who as soon as he loaded in started screaming bloody murder about how we had cost him the win, wasted his last 10 flags, etc, etc. He then shot a Myoko that was slow to load in and let himself burn to death. We then proceeded to win the match.
  7. Compared to the destroyers/cruisers in this game subs would generally be considered average/below average in terms of their torpedo firepower. Also even the XXI could only manage about 17 knots submerged (And would be extremely easy to detect at that speed), meaning that you couldn't catch a stock Wyoming assuming your u-boot could even make it into torpedo range before the match ended. Add to that the low HP pool, aircraft, radar, etc, and you have a recipe for a class of boat that has absolutely no place in this game, and that is coming from somebody who loves sub sims.
  8. One tier is manageable, two tiers is just being thrown into a match as an XP pinata.
  9. Some new ships I guess? There have been some pretty good UI additions since CBT Some graphics have been improved Honestly otherwise I haven't been especially thrilled with most of the 'balance' changes made.
  10. Hang on lemme check your stats: Yep, BaBBy trash. People like you are the reason we have this cancerous battleship dominant meta.
  11. Citadeling an Atago to death in my Blyskawica.
  12. How about we stop coddling players altogether and force them to learn, so maybe they'll do something besides fail their way to T10?
  13. Two man look at clouds One see balance game Other see impossible dream Is same cloud
  14. This statement is false.