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  1. RevolutionBlues

    Remove post

  2. RevolutionBlues

    Turning Pink because of one torpedo is stupid WG.

    Torping friendlies is stupid General_Storm
  3. RevolutionBlues

    I think CVs are ruining the game

    To plagiarize a famously short-tempered Eve Online player: CV's are literally the aids that is rotting the game from the inside out
  4. Here is what it boils down to: I don't care if Wargaming decides to nerf premiums provided they offer cash refunds, or at least store credit as opposed to doubloons so I can purchase whatever I want, instead of whatever leftovers they decide I can have. But Wargaming is much too cheap for that.
  5. RevolutionBlues

    If you could get rid of ONE map which one?

    The Atlantic Every single match both teams end up cowering behind the rocks on the northern end of the map. On the flip side I would like to see a version of Solomons for high tier matches
  6. RevolutionBlues

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Gotta love all the people defending Wargamings introduction of bait and switch sales tactics. That being said: Since there's nothing I can do about it I wish they'd hurry up, the doubloons would be nice.
  7. RevolutionBlues

    RIP DD playerbase?

    I have stumbled into some bizarre alternate universe where ranked is significantly more enjoyable and relaxing then regular matches. I have no intention of playing standard battles until Wargaming has done something about this dumpster fire of a patch. Which probably means i'll be out once the season is over.
  8. RevolutionBlues

    No nice way to say this

    You bought a mac knowing the platform isn't especially well supported. Normally I love to jump on the Wargaming hate train, but this one is kinda on you.
  9. RevolutionBlues

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMS Exeter 0.8.0

    Yes, screw the tech tree ships. Bring on the OP premiums.
  10. RevolutionBlues

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Considering the CV never runs out of [edited]planes and can just spam wave after wave (While at the same time keeping you perma-spotted so you can also be focused by every enemy ship within range) I think you severely underestimate the size of the problem.
  11. RevolutionBlues

    ST Eviltane CV 0.8.1 BALANCING suggestions.

    I think you'd have a game population of about 100 players. CV's have at no point in this game's history been anything even slightly resembling balanced. Clearly they either cannot be balanced because the concept does not fit with the rest of the gameplay, or Wargaming is simply incapable of balancing them. Either way the best course of action would be to remove them from the live servers at least until further balancing and testing makes them significantly less cancerous then they are now.
  12. RevolutionBlues

    ST Eviltane CV 0.8.1 BALANCING suggestions.

    CV 0.8.1 balancing suggestions: REMOVE CARRIER
  13. RevolutionBlues

    Subs coming in November!!!!

    They built something like 703 Type VII U-boats, and 194 Type IX's. Hell even if you narrow it down to just U-boat aces that scored over 100,000 tons of shipping that leaves 33 people to choose from if you exclude Willenbrock. My point here is that there are plenty of boats out there to write stories about without having to resort to cannibalizing one of the greatest movies/miniseries of all time.
  14. RevolutionBlues

    Subs coming in November!!!!

    ..Why the hell would anybody think Das Boot needed a remake?
  15. RevolutionBlues

    i love new cv`s, dd gameplay is fine as well

    Yes, I shall just have to adjust to being perma-spotted by CV's, and of course during the rare moments when the CV isn't spotting and/or shelling me with rockets I can look forward to dodging the never ending radar spam from ships sitting behind islands in perfect safety. If I wanted to be gangbanged i'd sign up to do porn.