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  1. Let's talk Asashio

    In it's current build I don't see this ship being especially impressive. But it's nice to see the BaBBies already brigading against something they see as a potential threat to the cancerous BB dominant meta they whined their way into.
  2. [Insert Clickbait Title Here]

    I feel like Blyskawica suffered quite badly from the DD stealth-fire holocaust. She's not unplayable but a lot of the fun is gone now that you're perma-spotted and focused by the entire enemy team. At tier VII my Sims sees much more action these days since it has long duration smoke and shell arcs that allow you to lob rounds over islands when you don't have to spot.
  3. I would like to buy the Scharnhorst!?!?!

    Sorry, you're SOL. Thank Wargaming and it's attempt to create an artificial sense of rarity with digital products.
  4. You BaBBies will cry about anything, won't you?
  5. Is Yubari worth it?

    I've had the ship since CBT, so I have a fairly decent idea of how to play her. But she highlights the glaring problem with a lot of cruisers which is that you can wiggle all you want, but eventually a battleship is going to land a hit, and odds are it's really going to hurt.
  6. Is Yubari worth it?

    I was having a great game until one single HE shell from a BB grazed the side of my ship. Then RNG decided that I wasn't allowed to have good games in Yubari and *poof*
  7. Is Yubari worth it?

    You have given the greatest gift of all. The gift of detonations.
  8. If You Could Re-Tier a Premium Ship....

    I don't own Molotov, but Shinonome can feel downright painful in a T8 match with radar and better DD's floating around.
  9. If You Could Re-Tier a Premium Ship....

    I can get behind most of these. But i've never personally felt Dunkerque was especially underpowered at T6. With the exception of maybe De Grasse I can't think of any other T6 ships which fare much better when up-tiered.
  10. Dear Wargaming

    You can certainly perform well personally when playing bottom tier, and I frequently do. But it's nearly impossible to carry even as top tier, let alone bottom tier when most of your team is dead within the first five/ten minutes and you're staring at 500k worth of enemy HP. I guess my original post was a bit rant-ish. But my problem is really that there is very little competition in this supposedly competitive PvP oriented game. It mostly boils down to who the MM decides to stick you with at the start of the match.
  11. Dear Wargaming

    Please fIx your cancerous MM, I'm tired of playing bottom tier Every. Single. Game. Alternately I would settle for a competitive MM so the people who failed their way to T10 can derp around with each other. I don't mind losing if it's a fight, but most of these teams fail-cascade in the first five minutes. At that point it's just a waste of time and credits.
  12. Nothing, Wargaming doesn't care.
  13. I've long since given up on the idea of Wargaming releasing balanced premiums.
  14. Maybe you're just trash?