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  1. We need premium T9 cruiser

    Yeah, just what this game needs. More OP premiums.
  2. Radared through mountains

    It's a trash mechanic for a trash game, and it's going to be like this forever because the BaBBies love it, and since they're the majority Wargaming panders to them in order to sell premiums and gold.
  3. HMCS Haida steaming towards an unsuspecting thread (2018)
  4. This is now an HMCS Haida thread.
  5. I also quite enjoy knowing somebody has to stare at it when I kill them.
  6. I've grown quite fond of my badge personally.
  7. Badges Are Frustrating

    Please note that I said 'they' not 'you'. You're the one who brought up 'upset customers'.
  8. Badges Are Frustrating

    I like the badges. Not really what I want Wargaming to work on, but since i've given up my dream of a game balanced around good gameplay instead of milking cash out of people the fact that players have to see the angriest seal in the world holding a torpedo when I kill them will do.
  9. Congrats, you did well in an OP, overpriced premium, in a cancerous BB dominant meta that Wargaming has tailor made for the unwashed masses in order to keep sales up.
  10. Yubari Headed to the Tree for Gold

    Mostly I just stare angrily at my Yubari and wonder why it isn't a Gremy. Then I remember it's because during CBT it wasn't a dumpster fire.
  11. Git gud Stop coddling the newbeans and maybe they'll learn to do something besides fail their way to tier 10.