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  1. Amgen

    Three man divisions and MM

    100% yes. 3 random bad players on a team hurts a team a bit. 3 bad players divved up hurts even worse, because sure they're bad, but now they're communicating bad ideas to each other and giving affirmation to illogical strats.
  2. Amgen

    Aim Hackers or Code Cheats

    Then why even post?
  3. As a 12+ year Eve online troll, I tend to be rather , well, blunt in my quips, but I find them funny, and at the end of the day that's all that matters to me.
  4. Amgen

    Help, I suck at the Baltimore..

    Find a good island that you know will give you shots to the side of where reds usually push. Use your AP shells frequently, they are the same super heavy AP that des memes uses, same penetration and angles. Aim for the superstructures with your AP, you can usually land 3-5k salvos easily on most of anything, T10 bbs included. Angle slightly to take shells at extreme angles on your side. Use your [edited]to angle for a quick escape if you dont have faith in the side you are on.
  5. Still not as bad as early beta mm.
  6. Amgen

    Clan Battles times...what is the deal?

    We had the same issue every past cw season. We told them again and again. They simply do not care, or something would have been changed.
  7. Just remember this the next time they ask anyone to test anything. Tell them no and that you dont feel like getting your time wasted.
  8. Amgen

    Can War Kick

    We got in to 3 battles, then had this bug. Tried several times with everyone restarting clients, happened 4 times, aaaaand we gave up.
  9. Sometimes some of us (me) do rage in chat a little as we see, from our pov, our team doing the most insane silly things. More often than not, however, we use that camera we get to help with the little things, and to help answer any questions to team mates who could be on the other side of the map things about the situation that we were in. Things like "He only has xxx hp left" or "I was able to knock out the gearings torps though". Things that are useful information that, with your great system, we would never get to convey. I think someone else made the example of looking at a ships guns and being able to tell whoever where they are currently pointing. Making some blanket system that stops dead players from talking in a game that allready has issues with team play in random matches is stupid, and would only contribute to worsening what little teamplay we have.
  10. Nicholas wasn't built either. It was based on a design from 1919. Phoenix is in the same boat.