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  1. We wouldnt be upset if wargaming would turn around and actually reinvest that money into the games. Wonder when we'll ever get a properly working and not buggy port ui, or a mail system for clans, or maybe another operation for the first time in like 2 years. The modeling work they do does not cost as much as you think it does.
  2. And yet the people with more cash than brains will go "But muh sweet deal, you should just get a job".
  3. Sight stabilization, aircraft armor, air supremacy, last gasp, improved engine boost, and improved engines are all specifically tailored to aircraft carriers. Thn there are a few like Survivability expert that work well for both. Why do you want even more for what is just 1 class out of 4?
  4. We usually take all the messages we get and post them on our discord to laugh at.
  5. Uh, North Carolina wasn't on the 2019 anchors away tour.
  6. Nice attempt at deflection by saying "oh well I KNOW how they play and I can tell you its not impressive". Like we are supposed to take your word over raw numbers. Ok.
  7. This entire thread at this point.
  8. Amgen

    Where are all the Purps in t10 MM?

    Purples dont play tier 10, only tier 4 and below. Obviously.