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  1. Mino we have ingame is different from minotaur/swiftsure class of reality. Mino in reality was a glorified crown colony upgrade with 3x3 6in guns with a rof of 8 rounds a minute. Vastly underpowered compared to other T10 ships.
  2. Ive asked them this before and the answer I always get is "no plans currently". I'm in the same boat, when I work dinner shifts I dont get home till 11 to midnight. Sucks but I guess WG just doesn't care enough.
  3. Cant be an Aigle, theres 4 stacks on her, and that ship seems too... idk, small? Could be a Chacal or a Bourrasque. Not my area of expertise though.
  4. Come get EREKT with us

    Still recruiting for EREKT, even though this account isnt in it.
  5. Congrats to all players!

    I played eve from 2005 till middle of last year. Every now n then there were still things you learned new 12 years in. I believe it when someone says its the most difficult online game to master.
  6. 1 point youre wrong about, Russia absolutely had battleships during ww2. Google Gangut class of dreadnoughts.
  7. Come get EREKT with us

    I havent been on in your tz for too long, but ill catch you one day. Thanks for the bump.
  8. Come get EREKT with us

    Where am I? What page is this?
  9. What are unicum players?

    You'd be surprised how many times I have divd with a guy that has less than 500 matches, and he soaks in every thing you tell him so well it translates within a week to him outperforming himself by a large margin. Then there are the guys you say the same thing 5 times to within the same match and it just never clicks. There are a lot of factors though to be honest.
  10. Come get EREKT with us

    Well that happens when we keep bumping each other.