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  1. Come get EREKT with us

    Where am I? What page is this?
  2. What are unicum players?

    You'd be surprised how many times I have divd with a guy that has less than 500 matches, and he soaks in every thing you tell him so well it translates within a week to him outperforming himself by a large margin. Then there are the guys you say the same thing 5 times to within the same match and it just never clicks. There are a lot of factors though to be honest.
  3. Come get EREKT with us

    Well that happens when we keep bumping each other.
  4. Missouri Gone

    It.... Its been gone a bit now. Where have you been?
  5. atlanta costs to much

    Gled, if you get a chance ask bitterman what goes through his mind every time he sees me on the opposing team in my Atlanta. Then you'll know why its so worth the price.
  6. Come get EREKT with us

    Bumps are indeed very cool.