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  1. "The largest in terms of tonnage of ships in the combined orders of battle, if not necessarily in terms of tonnage of the ships engaged; it is also the largest in terms of the tonnage of ships sunk, and in terms of the size of the area within which the component battles took place." Taken from that very same page.
  2. Going to play devils advocate here. No. If I say something meant to insult someone, I'm going to say whatever I want. I honestly don't care about your feelings. You are a nameless person on the internet that has no value to me. "Oh your such a horrible person, if you knew someone in RL who was autistic/had cancer/was disabled you wouldn't say that" Yes I still would. Your opinion of me is irrelevant to me, just as mine of you should be to yourself.
  3. I know your pain. I don't believe Ive ever gotten a ship out of super containers, and out of a 20 pack of santa crates, it was nearly entirely flags.
  4. Ever since the last update I am getting random freezes while either in port actively or tabbed out but still in port. Nothing bad happens while actually in a match. When it happens while tabbed out the screen will suddenly go black, then go back to normal, but wows cant be brought back up and has to be closed via task manager. No error message pops up in either case. I have updated drivers, done a full reinstall, nothing seems to help. Not sure what to do here.