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  1. I saw quite often both of them yesterday. In the ocean floor to be exact
  2. Good eyes on that. I'm too busy zig-zag ing left and right while im in my cruisers. Anyway,a cranes wouldn't do much in this bloody boat game
  3. Gizuke

    Leaving WoWs

    Another satisfied WG customers.
  4. Gizuke

    Deteriorated graphic after new patch 0.7.10

    Thank you guys for your responses. Switching my graphic API from direct 9 to 11 and it worked
  5. Guys,any idea on what causing my graphic become blurred and boxxy? here is the screenshot before new patch ( after patch 0.7.10 Any ideas/opinions would be appreciated.Cheers
  6. Just got my 4th super containers in a month. 3 of them was from TYL and 1 from anniversary. 1st from TYL 2nd from anniversary 3rd one was flags,not bother to take ss of it Well,how about you guys? Have you got treated well by RNG this month?
  7. Gizuke


  8. 1000 Dubloons from anniversary. plus 14d premium acc. from TYL one or two days earlier. Happy anniversary and thank you WG
  9. Gizuke

    I might be done with USN DD...

    You haven't been tried the Sims,aren't you?
  10. Gizuke

    KGV to Monarch, what's with the AP?

    Yes,it has terrible AP performance only against armored ships.simply because... I had a bitter sweet experiences with mine also.