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  1. LegioCI

    Time to buff Tirpitz B?

    Tirpitz is actually a very good ship, however being the fact that she was the very first Tier 8 Premium and the first German ship in the game, you had a lot of people buying her as their first high-tier premium ship, which lead to what I call "Tiger Syndrome" from my days on World of Tanks- basically a decent and well balanced tank that due to its infamy attracts a lot of first-time players who just don't have the experience and skill to know the relative advantages of the vehicle, and thus play it wrong and get wrecked. Tirpitz is generally let down by newer BB players who receive her because they try to player her like they play a Kongou- and to be fair there are some surface similarities; both are fast battleships with ABXY twin turrets and both have excellent 20km+ firing ranges for their tiers. The problem is that newer players look at that 21km main gun firing range and automatically assume that they need to be at or near that max range firing with her 38cm rifles. What they don't realize, and what can make the ship frustrating is that the Tirpitz and Bismarck are horrible at long range; they are absolutely close/mid-range brawlers meant to slug it out at 10-12km and nearly everything about the Tirpitz screams "Sail me closer I want to hit them with my secondaries!" First off, her armor has what is known as a "turtleback"- meaning that her internal citadel armor is sloped; nearly every German battleship and cruiser has this internal armor scheme and what it means is that these ships are nearly impossible to reliably citadel at short-range; even if an incoming shell penetrates the belt it will bounce off the turtleback resulting in a regular penetration instead of a citadel. While the turtleback gives, it also takes away- at longer ranges shells begin to hit the ship at a steeper angle, meaning the normally sloped internal armor is now much flatter, which means its actually easier to citadel the Tirpitz at longer ranges. Second is her armament- the 38cm rifles fire very light shells at high velocity; this gives the shells a very fast, flat trajectory at short range; you won't need to lead as much and your opponent will have less time to angle into the attack. The downside is that light shells don't hold their energy over time; while they're railguns at close range, once you get past about 15km you'll notice the dropoff in penetration more and more, not only that but they shells get more and more inaccurate at long ranges compared to, say, the North Carolina's 16" Super-Heavy Shells which are relatively low-velocity but hold their trajectory and hit like a goddamned freight train all the way out to their max range. Third is secondary weapons- Oh boy, this is where the Tirpitz shines- first you get the same high-tier secondary suite that the Bismarck has, which means that if you have a 15pt+ commander spec'd into secondaries and anything comes within ~12km there is an absolutely fireworks show of 4.5" and 6" high explosive hellfire constantly harassing anything unfortunate enough to get close; the Germans are far and away the most effective secondary gun platforms in the game, they have a lot of them, they have excellent base range, and like their cruiser counterparts, their 10.5cm and 15cm secondaries get improved HE penetration meaning your shells are far more likely to do damage instead of shattering. But perhaps most devestating are the Tirpitz's torpedoes, aka how you end anything dumb enough to try brawling you. These are an incredibly potent weapon, as it means that you have the means and ability to deliver a massive alpha strike on ships at close range, and the closer you are when you drop your fish into the water, the less the opponent can do to prevent taking 40k+ damage. TL:DR Tirpitz is actually one of the better premium ships at her tier, however new players tend to play her wrong and get bad results because of it.
  2. So, its been brought up that WG thinks that USN BBs are underperforming from Tier III-IX and are looking at buffs. While the smart money is on some sort of gunnery buff- dispersion, sigma, penetration, etc.- what if WG did something completely different? ...Like buff secondaries? We've already seen a successful test-case for this style of play with the Massachusetts, a warmly received departure from the typical USN BB mold- it traded its ability to rain down super-heavy shells at 20km+ for a strong secondary suite. While the ship requires something of a specialized 15pt+ Captain to get the most out of, almost everyone has agreed that its aggressive, short-range playstyle is quite fun and effective. So why not export some level of that enjoyment to the rest of the USN line and let the 5"/38s off the chain? You could start at Tier VI- simply model the final hull upgrade for the New Mexico after the the refit received by USS Idaho which replaced the 25mm mounts with ten enclosed single-mount 5"/38 Duel-Purpose turrets turrets, however the secondaries would hit their stride at Tier VII, by giving the Colorado a final hull that includes the duel-mount 5"/38s. After this, its just a matter of buffing the North Carolina and Iowa's 5"/38 secondary batteries to be similar to the Massachusetts; base of 7.5km firing range, with good accuracy and RoF but each shell individually has poor damage, penetration and fire chance. Overall, the USN Secondaries would be accurate defensive weapons, shredding DDs who are dumb enough to charge into a US BB, do minor damage and start fires on cruisers, and mainly do nothing to battleships outside of starting the occasional fire. Investing in IFHE would give the secondaries additional punch against other battleships at the cost of losing either Concealment Expert or Manual Secondaries. Compared to German battleships, the Americans would have better "long-range" accuracy and rate of fire with their secondaries, but fewer guns and worse damage and penetration. Additionally German turtleback armor makes German BBs far safer in short-range brawls than USN battleships. German 15cm HE penetration means that they are more easily able to damage other battleships with secondary fire without having to invest in IFHE. German damage and penetration makes their secondaries more of a threat to other battleships, while USN accuracy and RoF makes them a larger threat to Destroyers. A stronger secondary suite would make it safer and more lucrative for US Battlewagons to play aggressively and, due to the placement of secondaries also gives them a reason to do something other than go bow-in at Tier 8+. Its also an out-of-the-box idea for a buff that is more interesting and exciting than better sigma or shell penetration, while also giving USN BBs a unique play-style that asks them to get close enough to get use from their secondaries, but not too close as they are still vulnerable in close-range brawl. Oh, and you guys get your duel 5"/38-armed Colorado-class, too.
  3. A Tier IX Richelou, huh? Okay, try to imagine yourself in a game on Neighbors, you see this "Tier IX Richelou" as you come around an island. It moves like a Richelou- bow-in, using Speed-Boost to maintain distance get flanking fire- And you turn broadside because you think his guns won't have the DPM to do any real damage while you get your rear turrets unshadowed. But no, not Jean Bart. You turn broadside and he just aims right for you, and that's when the attack comes- three salvos in less time than it takes for you to reload once because Jean Bart is a Gimmick Premium. He's got plenty of buttons to push and they're all off cooldown. The first button he pushes is this- Reload Booster- he doesn't bother with HE like a Lion or Conqueror. No, no... He hits you with rapid-fire 15" AP into your broadside; right here above the belt, or maybe he goes here to hit the citadel below your turrets. The point is, you've only gotten a single salvo off before you head back to port. ...So try to show a little respect.
  4. LegioCI

    USS Massachusettes

    Clan battles tend to be longer-ranged positional affairs based on firing and maneuvering at mid-to-long range, at least for battleships. The Massachusetts gives up the 20km+ range and relatively decent accuracy that most other USN BBs have and gets buffed secondaries and a fast-recharge heal; effectively she gives up the traits that would make her most useful in CW and gets traits that make her better in Random battles instead.