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    I'm going to be doing my 12 days of Eurobeat again this year.(YAY):cap_happy:


    starting with this one

    please check daily for the next week and a half for new threads with music.:cap_look: you can also find them easy by typing in bladed & eurobeat for search tags, if you still can't find them try typing in x-mas as well!


    Also due to some complaints I'll be listing both the song name and the artist name so if youtube blocks the video, everyone can go try and find the song again! and yes, I went back and added both the song name and the artist names to all of last years songs too! so if you didn't get the names of the songs, now you can!:cap_like:


    Lastly, it be nice if you could tell friends bout the event and maybe leave a comment or even a meme in the thread. I'd love to have a gold star on one of my threads and be "trendy" as the young folk say.


    other than that I hope you all enjoy the event and have a fun and & safe holiday season. and for those who celebrate it, Have a very Merry Christmas! :Smile_Default: