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  1. So I'm thinking of maybe posting a torpedobeats/ship music of the week thread every Friday.


    basically it be a song "usually Eurobeat music" that seemed to please the great RNGesus and allow me (the outragously lucky and handsome BladedDAPheonix) to be able to survive yet another battle with style and utter coolness. who knows maybe people who play my music will get some coolness points themselves and dodge torpedoes?...or maybe not.......:fish_haloween:



    You'all think I should do this? worse case senario I see is everyone mocking my choice of music and calling me a baby man with no sense of style.....wouldn't be the first time somethings blown up in my face(not going to mention band camp):fish_boom:


    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      If you're afraid of being "mocked," list/post some older tracks (don't see anyone making fun of pre-2005 electronic music anymore).