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  1. you have WAY too much time on your hands man!
  2. ^^ This!
  3. sweet !942 body version!
  4. To be honest we have enough Cruiser in the USN to have 3 lines. The only ship however I really want though is Alaska!
  5. ah OK, thanks for the info!
  6. OK stupid question incoming! so if we were to get duplicates would we get credits in exchange instead? I haven't got any items yet, just wondering for future reference.
  7. because its WG! they never get things right! also, this whole debacal could end fast if they'd just reduced the fire chance by 5%
  8. bad players always have to blame someone else. it can never be "Their" fault.
  9. you need to watch flamu's latest rant on the ship, Zoup. the Fire chance for this ship needs a nerf, nothing else needs to be touched, just the fire chance! That's all people want nerfed on it! Also, given its data the ship more ales makes the Montana completely useless! why get a Montana when you can get another ship that has more ales the same AA rating but has super heal and not have to worry about armor angles by just pressing the 2 key and getting 2-3 fires every hit? the ship's just a big red easy button!
  10. I've seen a few videos from this series, ( chibi series that is) its pretty fun!
  11. 3 things 1: use HE 2: use island cover 3: plan ahead