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  1. BladedPheonix

    Premium Shop: Cruiser Mainz

    Not really really into light cruisers, Going to wait til that alternate Scharnhorst BB comes out. Odin wasn't it?
  2. Howdy sailors! so, yeah .... Just had an epic game in my Kamikaze and I wanted to send the video to Jingles, but I don''t know the first thing about the wows replay system or how to even send videos to other people. if someone could explain where I can find the replay and how I can send it to someone I'd appreciate it. preferable step by step instructions or a tutorial video. (yes I'm that pathetic when it comes to these things) Who knows maybe I'll get featured and you can all laugh at my mistakes? anyways, stay safe and until next time I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  3. BladedPheonix

    I will quit!

    and who said your'e entitled to a victory? also your threat is meaningless, WG has tons of whales to farm money off of. 1 leaving the pod isn't going to hurt their bottom line!
  4. BladedPheonix

    Tanky Cruisers

    same here, when I did my RB run for des moin, I had the displeasure of finding out the new turret turning for Pensacola. get some WD 40 for those things WG!!!!
  5. BladedPheonix

    did u earn free puerto rico/how do u like it?

    No but seriously, the thing is just a bigger Alaska with and added gun. everything else about it is worse than the Tier 9. I honestly regret wasting all my time getting it. There's also the fact that jealous players will team kill you!
  6. BladedPheonix

    did u earn free puerto rico/how do u like it?

    3 words Alaska is better!
  7. BladedPheonix

    Do you enjoy your Premium Ships or Tech Tree ships?

    Have you tried the IJN gunboat line yet? they're literal salt farming factories with those fast firing guns!They're also good at farming AA kills too! Whenever I've having a bad day, I jump into one of those 3 (4 if you count the Harekaze) and my mood instantly improves.
  8. BladedPheonix

    Do you enjoy your Premium Ships or Tech Tree ships?

    So I have 260 ships and yes, I do prefer playing tech tree ships over premiums but only because unlike WOT the grind/income for WOWS doesn't force you to you knees and crush your soul to grind credits/EXP/FEXP There's also the fact that with a few exceptions, almost every ship is fun to play! Honestly for premiums the only 7 I play are Kimikaze- for torpedo missions, flood missions Salem- gun hits/tanking missions, fire missions Alaska- tanking/kill x amount of ships, EXP missions Massachusettes- get X amount of secondaries hits HSF Harekaze get X amount of main gun/torpedo hits, base cap missions Kii- earn X amount of credits (I bought the gold camo version with extra income and it can earn just as much as an Missouri) Enterprise- spotting missions/ assistance damage, fire/flood missions and these are only for specific missions/goals! The rest just sit in port unless there's a specific mission I need competed can't be done by the 7 listed above.
  9. BladedPheonix

    This is what happens when you get stuck

    nice to see this kinda thing. media tends to only show the worst in people these days.
  10. oh no I got the big gun sector covered, the county mentioned or rather "eluded", will have 3 modern fast BBs with 16 inch guns and a pair of battle cruisers with 12 inch guns for shore bombardment. they'll also have 3 aircraft carriers around the size of the Kitty hawk class for air operations. and a submarine force that almost rivals the USN in numbers with 57 units. no missile subs though, too expensive but they along with Japan co-developed a successor to the I-400s which play a number of important rolls during the war. I think I have most of the designs down/finalized. But when I saw this, I kinda freaked out, hence the title. The hardest part is giving the ships names. I'm currently stuck on the DD& Frigates Corvettes. I was thinking of naming them after gemstones? got almost everything else named. subs were the easiest, named them all after fish! As for your suggestion, I appreciate the thought!
  11. @GhostSwordsman sorry made an edit to my reply, I added a video for a visual example for you.
  12. Modern guns have far better bulistics I can't remember who said it (my have been Nicholas Moran aka "The cheiftain") who said typical NATO policy after 1967 when it comes to guns, is shell volocity and Rate of fire and ammo capacity, instead gun caliber/size. a good example is the universal 120/122mm main guns on all Nato member tanks. another example but during WW2, would be the Alaska class. their 9 x 12 inch guns had the same penetration power(maybe even a bit more) of the older 14 inch guns used on New York and Nevada classes! could be wrong but I think the largest gun on modern ships is 3 inch? and the most common main caliber is 57mm or 76mm due to them being able to double as AA?
  13. BladedPheonix

    USN North Carolina

    Thanks for sharing. I hope to visit her someday.
  14. BladedPheonix

    Time out for players who rage quit in Ranked

    I agree something needs to be done. don't know what though.....
  15. not to sound arrogant or biased, but I honestly don't think any standing army could ever beat the US when we can field such good equipment and have such well trained soldiers. Then again I've read that our boys (both in HQ and on the ground) are having issues adjusting to 4th generation warfare.