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  1. welp, I know which line I'm no longer investing time, money and effort into..... there's no point in going through all that work to get an infeiror tier 10 CV
  2. The RN cruisers still pack more than a fight. if you can't adapt to the new changes that's your problem not the game's. Also Rn smoke spam is still a huge pain in the for newer players who don't know how to track shots in smoke!
  3. Incoming nuke alert...Hawaiian Islands

    shouldn't be to hard, if we were to take inspiration from mobile suit gundam's colony designs. but still the amount of steel need would be insane. its that classic you "need X to gain X" issue. Also given how much trash we got orbiting, it'll be difficult to get things out of the atmosphere at this time. Nasa had plans for a lunar colony/base in the late 60s but that changed after JFK was killed. If we were to renew this plan we could have a base with some type of solar batteries and it could be a staging area projects father from earth's sphere.
  4. Incoming nuke alert...Hawaiian Islands

    given earth's resources would could have enough for 1 victory class star destroyer. though I think someone on youtube said we could make about 10 tartan class patrol cruisers. either way if we want the big ships it would require a bigger planet because we don't have the steel required for those huge projects.
  5. Incoming nuke alert...Hawaiian Islands

    hate to break it to you Thrawn but the UN made that type of weapon iligale. + the us gov. stated they didn't think investing in a huge space station that could be killed by a single fighter was a good investment in money or resources..... now a star destroyer....that's something that could be more plausable and money efficient!'
  6. Incoming nuke alert...Hawaiian Islands

    well, my friends and family do say i'm a bit of an optimist plus I do a LOT of military history studying. and if there's 1 thing men love more than war its money. and right now china's focusing on trying to become the new eastern super power to rival the american dollar. I don't really see them willingly starting a war unless they have to defend an asset. so as long as we don't mess with those islands in the South china sea. or in turn china doesn't start harassing countries with those islands, we should be OK for the time being....
  7. Incoming nuke alert...Hawaiian Islands

    also, while on realitive topic.... shouldn't Hawaii have anti-missile defenses already in place given its a major military base for the USN? why are we so afraid of a missile strike, the US forces usually take steps to avoid stupid mistakes from happening again? surely we aren't going to have ANOTHER Pearl harbor incident..... we had 2 already, cant have a hat-trick
  8. Incoming nuke alert...Hawaiian Islands

    no think about it. the only reason we haven't kicked K.J. U's butt is because china's guarding him. he also knows that if he launches anything he then loses that protection because china stated it and also the last thing china wants or could have is a war with the USA and 30+ other p%%%%ed off countries. the worst thing he can do right now is threaten and bully south Korea and other nations in his known strike range to get aid. and thne he puts his little red button away. until these countries realise that hes full of air ( and something else mind you) they will continue to be threatened and blackmailed. "the weakest dog always barks the loudest" my grandpa used to say. and Kim does more than his fair share of barking.....
  9. Incoming nuke alert...Hawaiian Islands

    i heard yesterday that a month ago or so 1 of his own missiles blew up in one of his cities killing 132 and injurying around a thousand during another "test". poor people
  10. Incoming nuke alert...Hawaiian Islands

    agreed, as long as MAD is in effect no ones going to make a move.
  11. So um....... yeah I went to research my Des Moines and my Baltimore has my Lexington's research upgrades instead. So I guess I can't get my Des Moines? Any idea when WG is going to fix this? I kinda would like to have my ship ASAP.....I worked hard to get the EXP for it and would love to spend the work of my labor. until next time, I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  12. hey kit i found a new possible member!


    his names




    he's really nice and wanted to join. sadly I'm not a recruiter anymore so I can't let him join right away.


    anyways mind poping him an invite when you can please?



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    2. BladedPheonix


      k thanks.:Smile_honoring:


      also I heard you got sick, I hope you get better soon my friend!:Smile_amazed: 


      try not to push yourself and drink plenty of fruit juice OK!:Smile_Default:

    3. BladedPheonix


      oh, almost forgot, we might want to upgrade the barracks (increase clan size) I think we only have 3 slots left? but I'll leave that choice for you.:fish_aqua:

    4. Kitsunelegend


      Yeah, we are planning to upgrade it...just need the oil first... >.>

  13. 12 days of Eurobeat Christmas Gift!

    I might do this again next year. I have an alternate list I had just in case Youtube blocked all the songs on this years list. thankfully none were blocked so i have a full list of songs!
  14. Merry Christmas mouse!


    btw today's "bonus" Eurobeat video is up, don't miss out!:cap_like:

  15. 12 days of Eurobeat Christmas Gift!

    My top 3 gifts i received were as fallows 1: Mo-Pac passenger cars 2: a giant, blue, stuffed narwhale 3: a board game called "Catan" heard its really fun and can't wait to play it with friends and family!