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  1. Hey Chobby!


    so I watched noble's latest "gajinka" video and I had an idea!


    I got a drawing challenge for you!:fish_aqua:


    do you think you would consider trying to draw/make a krispy cream box filled with assorted flavored GIJINKA doughnut girls?  please note you don't have to do it, I just figured you might have some fun coming up with ideas for cute outfits and such.:fish_cute_2: you'd also get to show off your skill/work!

    anyways, hope you have an awesome day!:cap_like:


    fun fact: did you know there's a doughnut called Bismark? its named after the man not the ship though. its a hallowed out doughnut with angel cream or jelly filling. YUM!:cap_popcorn:

    1. Chobittsu


      Where I am those doughnuts are called "Boston Creme" or "Bavarian Style"
      And I would, but I have several things on the go, I could pass the suggestion along though

    2. BladedPheonix


      sounds good!:fish_aqua:


      If & when it gets finished, could you let me know? I'd love to see it!


      BTW may I make a request/suggestion for a doughnut? there's a type called "iced curler" or "frosted frill". I'd loved to see one with frost white hair with curls and ice blue eyes. she could have a dress with little frills maybe? :fish_cute_2: I used to get them all the time when I was little because one of my great aunts actually knew how to make home-made doughnuts. sadly shes passed on and the receipe went with her.:Smile_amazed: which is such a shame because everyone loved them.


  2. BladedPheonix

    Lert invites LWM over for Dinner

  3. BladedPheonix

    Prepare to cringe! Top 10 list FAIL!

  4. BladedPheonix

    Prepare to cringe! Top 10 list FAIL!

    fun fact: the zumwalt actually had engine failure on her first patrol. had to be draged bag to port by 3 tugs because she lost all eletrical power! ship class was also canceled after only 2 or 3 were built (out of an order 15) because everyone relaised we don't need these!
  5. BladedPheonix

    Prepare to cringe! Top 10 list FAIL!

    I actually say the British version just to of my friend whose a science teacher. after a while doing this however, I can't do the other one without feeling....ankward.....
  6. BladedPheonix

    Prepare to cringe! Top 10 list FAIL!

    nah the narator was probably from the East cost. they always seem to be adding extra letters or rearranging things to the vocab. its idea not" idear" people! like I said, best of luck if you make it through the full video!
  7. BladedPheonix

    Prepare to cringe! Top 10 list FAIL!

    looks like a weaponised waffle iron if you ask me. given the shape.
  8. BladedPheonix

    Prepare to cringe! Top 10 list FAIL!

    Howdy sailors! so I was dinking around on Youtube looking for more eurobeat songs to dodge torpedoes with when I came across this beauty of a top 10 list! +100 likes if you manage to get through the whole video without cringing or screaming at the screen! GOOD LUCK! did you cringe? are your lungs hurting from screaming? did you punch a hole through your screen? leave a comment below on your thoughts for this "top 10" Personally I'd make'm walk the plank! until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  9. BladedPheonix

    USS Wasp CV-7 Found

  10. BladedPheonix

    Arizona or WV?

    I have both. AZ is a bit more accurate with its guns. slightly better AA than VA but not by much. however WV hits harder and can pen at odd angles given the right match MM
  11. BladedPheonix

    why DD is so op in wows making Battleship useless

    Glade you learned something. I hate misinformation the most in this world. That and liars..... USN have stated they don't intend on bring back the Iowas again. They're too old and would cost the amount of 5 new modern DDs (around 70-100 million) to repair and modernize again. If the USN did make a new BB it would probably be more along the lines of a Modernized late cold war heavy cruiser, making it flexible and cost efficient. USN have some of the best sensor equipment in the world. couple that fact with some of the best intercept weapons (CWIS, mk 15 3-inch guns and new anti-missile laser weapons) in the world and the chances are a modernized BB in a fleet would be just fine. plus given that the BB would most likley have an escort of at least 3-5 DD (this is assuming they continue the cold war fleet formula) the BB should be able to dodge/detect/intercept anything thrown at it thanks to the additional eyes.
  12. BladedPheonix

    why DD is so op in wows making Battleship useless

    not really. if Germany had no heavy surface ships the Uk, France and the USA could've just steamed into German ports and ended the war very quickly. back then heavy units (although expensive) were valuable to an extent. heck Germany even used Genisinau's guns for arty implacements after they began attempting to relpaced them with 15 inch guns actually German's artificial oil reserves in 44/45 (yes this is actually a thing, it was mostly ethenol though) were actually improving though by this point of the war is was to late because msot of the vehicals that could use them (ships, planes, trucks, and tanks) were either captured, or destroyed!
  13. BladedPheonix

    why DD is so op in wows making Battleship useless

    thank you! Also the term you would use in this case would be "fleet-in-being" I agree to a certain extent. if you actually look at Plan Z, (which was intended to be completed by 1945/46) which would've given German a pretty good fleet comilation, though u-boats were surpirsingly not in the plan originally. luckilly for us an angry little man with a funny mustash declared war in 1939 before the fleet was even 30% completed!
  14. BladedPheonix

    why DD is so op in wows making Battleship useless

    no I ment tirpitz. she was stationed in Norway to counter invasions and disrupt convoy movement to Russia. 2nd Tirpitz was knocked out by level bombers not cv units. 3rd Roma was sunk but a guided bomb! again by a level bomber 4th Fuso and her sister Yamashiro were destroyed by torpedo and BB gunfire in the battle of Somar. NOT planes 5th kongo was sunk by level bombers in 45 not CVs, her sister Kirishima sunk in 43 was sunk by USN BBs Washington and South Dakota. 6th USN stated that plans for potential "Pacific only" BBs are being considered in the near future due to budget cuts and due to the fact that projectiles "shells" cost 1/8 the amount of rockets/missiles do. 7th the RU navy still has 2 operatational battle cruisers, both which carry enough firepower to change any modern fleet! and finally if you actually look at the size of most modern ships. today's DDs are the size of WW2 cruisers. the zumwalt launched in 2016 is the same length as the Arizona. mic drop*
  15. BladedPheonix

    why DD is so op in wows making Battleship useless

    not really. it really depends on the design and or purpose they are used for. take tirpitz for example. sure she never fired a shot at the allies in WW2 but she cost the allies so many extra ships and resources to prevent her from attacking arctic convoys. Also the USN didn't retire the Iowa class until 2013! also, nothing says behave like 9x 16" guns!