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  1. BladedPheonix

    Will WG nerf OP premium ships ?

    You think BBs are the only ones that get away with this? watch this!
  2. sadly no. but who knows maybe WG will make bat-fish a real premium in the near future?
  3. optimistic as always, arn't we renegade.....
  4. Howdy sailors and HAPPY NEW YEAR! So quick question for WG here. When are we getting our USS Batfish patch again? you said last patch but they haven't shown up yet. anyways until next time. I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  5. BladedPheonix

    Armada: Indomitable

    Give me a Doolittle raid Lexington and I'll consider buying another premium carrier. and before anyone asks. YES the Mitchells could carry torpedoes and later rockets along with their bombs!
  6. BladedPheonix

    PR question

    oh you know it. after this I'm taking a loooooooong break from wows..... also, it doesn't go under 15k dubs? THAT's some ing bull move by WG then.
  7. BladedPheonix

    At long last, I have her in my port.

    Congrats! She was my first one too. sadly shes become less relevant with power creep but who knows maybe WG will buff her in a few patches?
  8. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 3 full collection!

    If That's the best, then this one must be the worst...... seriously, whenever I play this one my ship either detonates or the match is a loss! Yet Ironically if I use it while playing CVs I have amazing games......strange......
  9. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 3 full collection!

    no worries my friend! Whenever I have a streak of bad luck, lots of good luck follows! But I thank you for your concern and sympathy!
  10. BladedPheonix

    The music thread

    I'll post 2 Gundam songs. Gundam hands down has some of the best moive/ gaming OST/BGM ever created and only Pokemon seems to rival them IMO. If anyone wants to listen to my choices for a "what if" World of mobile suits ost would be like, check this link out! my comment is #34 and has the whole list including 3 alternate tracks
  11. BladedPheonix

    Which song is stuck in your head today?

    Been playing CVs all day , so its actually fitting.....
  12. BladedPheonix

    Aloha from the new Community Manager!

    Hey Happa GG yesterday on the live stream. we spanked fem good didn't we!
  13. BladedPheonix

    Ship spawned backwards

    doh! he beat me to it!
  14. BladedPheonix

    T5 Gneisenau?

    That's a helleva nerf!
  15. BladedPheonix

    8 Mega Santa Crates Surprise!

    not bad! I got the Ark royal in one of my super Santa boxes. edit: wait isn't that cat profile pic the same as the meme?