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  1. Return!

    could've been.but lets be honest, Lert can be a bit of a stinker sometimes!
  2. welp, whoever found it first is probably singing this...
  3. How Do I Know?

    this^ WG makes sure you know when you complete missions/objectives and receive rewards. check your recent rewards(should be a box on the left side of the screen)
  4. nah to small to be a Nagato class. I think Lerts right, its a trio of Kongo class BBs.
  5. Return!

    sucks to be you, you missed out on a ton of fun!!!! Lert even did a poll dancing contest!
  6. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    When I was 5. sea gull dive bombed and dropped a bomb(pooped) on my cousins head while we were at the beach!
  7. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Very true. though Eagles reflect more on the american spirit. think about it they're big and attack the crap out of everything through airpower!
  8. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    I saw this live in highschool. my highschool won tickets and we all got to go to it. its truely a classic!
  9. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Elena's cuter in my opinion. I'm Probably going sharks because my Patch is already a shark. Though I'll discuss with my clanmates and friends first, the more on the same team the better I say.
  10. I appologise.......

    Americans are a tough bunch (epeically if they're from the southern states)! we always say some good one liners too! My great uncle who was in the 101st airborne upon being interviewed on how it felt to be surrounded while in Bastogne, He said "we're airborne, we're ment to be surrounded!" Hell, my Granddad once he reached Bastogne in 4th armored div. insulted the airborne asking "hey airborne, I'll trade you some doughnuts for some hot coffee!" just so he could find his little brother and make sure he was still alive! and then my grandpa(god love'm) when asked if he was scared when his ship Gambier bay was sunk, he replied "Hell no! I knew how to swim!" and then of course the king of 1 liners(although he's not family) Regan
  11. How my Orion build is doing thus far

    UK BBs have a steeper learning curve I think, maybe that's the reason?
  12. I'm a JOAT, anything I play usually is fun. Unless its British BBs....for some reason I can't make those ships work....