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  1. Premium Ship Review - USS Arkansas

    have to agree. sh'e's become a victim of power creep! maybe WG will finally give her that 1930s overhaul people requested back in beta? or better yet swap her with Wyoming and make Wyoming be a premium with that weird 1940's training ship layout with all the 5 inch guns!
  2. Premium Ship Review -- IJN Tachibana

    nice review, but it may need an update
  3. RIP Bert Reynolds

    Today we lost another great man. One who hands down sported the mustash better than anyone else! from what I've heard he died of heart problems. he was 81. RIP Bert you will be missed.
  4. Lost city of Atlantis found?

    I think I heard somewhere they found another set of burrial grounds over in Egypt. There could be a ton of other things still under all that sand. only time will tell!
  5. Lost city of Atlantis found?

    comment removed for being to sexy*
  6. Lost city of Atlantis found?

    thanks! maybe until I change it I should open with "what's cooking captains?" oh wait, forgot U changed it to the aviation one! OK new quirky quote! "just thought I'd drop on in!"
  7. Lost city of Atlantis found?

    during the Roman era Spain had a few large cities from both Carthage and a few other early Spainard kingdoms. The biggest was Carthonova or "new carthage" that had around 40 thousand people?(hope I spelled that right. My guess is that its part of one of those empires.
  8. Lost city of Atlantis found?

  9. Lost city of Atlantis found?

    ah..... BTW, I think your island theory is wrong. we didn't have the tech back then to make long ocean voyages yet with ships.(unless you consider the polonesians) So this latest theory seems a bit more plausable. even in parts of Persia there were cities who could manupulate water into early canals and water ways. and reading what Plato wrote, I don't think he ever said it was an island? my guess is it was somewhat like Carthage, who was rumored to have a massive amount of advanced port facilities? here's a full documentary Not saying its fact, but it's my theory on Atlantis that they were simular to Carthage.
  10. Lost city of Atlantis found?

    over the years we seem to find new things( and old) in the weirdest places.
  11. Lost city of Atlantis found?

    dinking, you know messing around having fun? it's also a basket ball term that can describe a "drop shot" in 1 word
  12. Idea for planes?

    speaking of planes, WG if you see this thread DO NOT add the RNG upgrade thing to WOWS, its horrible in WOWP!
  13. Lost city of Atlantis found?

    Hey captains! So I was dinking around on youtube watching top ten videos and I found this pop into my suggestions. I thought it was pretty cool and thought I'd share it with you guys. what do you think, have we finally found it or is it just another bust? anyways, until next time I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  14. Stefán Karl Stefánsson - He was number one...

    yeah it came back for a 3rd time, think it was announced in march? Life's cruel like this sometimes. Least he's in a better palce now and doesn't have to suffer.