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  1. BladedPheonix

    Why do I need to re-train all my Capt on my french DD's

    it was a premium ship before, but now it isn't. that's probably why
  2. BladedPheonix

    What Happened to Free Premium Consumables?

    I think they changed it after everyone threatened to burn down the office with the first reset changes purposed?
  3. BladedPheonix

    Hi there!

    had to drop starwars after "recent" events Still have gundam though, which is way better tbh. more battles, good charaters and great story/plots BTW if you haven't you got to see the UC era gundam series and OVAs! gundam is the father of all "real robot" shows/anime. gundam official on youtube has most of the series for free if your short on cash. (try adn watch "the origin" first if you can find it!) here's 2 on the house! 0080 War in the pocket (subs are in French/ BR? ,no idea what language that is, but don't worry your'e not missing anything, just watch the carnage!) Gundam Thunderbolt (full movie and hands down 1 of the best series released since the 90s) hope you enjoyed and welcome to the crew!
  4. BladedPheonix

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    The game is 3+ years old. most people who played when it launched already have at least 5 tier 10s. ( I myself have 9 and I know others who every line researched) as for advanced captains. They're already doing this! don't believe me? look at my profile, I have 225 ships from tier 1-10 and play a number of lower tier ships and keep them in order for ranked battles and scenarios. WG makes tons of new content for newer players and Wg has a ton of ways to help people climb the tech tree very fast. oh and they have plenty of events already. maybe try checking main website or the new icon int he top left corner of your game from time to time, you can learn a lot!
  5. BladedPheonix

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I'm still on the fence. may test it with my USN BB line(cause its the easiest branch to grind in game), but other than that I really don't want to go through the pain of grinding everything again.
  6. BladedPheonix

    Update 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    Found another bug. the HSF Graf Spee's "HSF school flag" is missing from the flag poll. note: not the reward flag, the ship flag, located just behind the spotter/fighter plane.
  7. BladedPheonix

    Ship Drops from Supercontainers

    It was something my teacher said in middle school when that huge astroid whiffed past Earth. Everyone was young and scared, so i guess he figured a good joke would help the situation?
  8. BladedPheonix

    I don't get this game

    for the halloween event yes, not for random battles. least not yet...... they're still in "deep testing"
  9. BladedPheonix

    I don't get this game

    nonsense, you can always come back to a line. and getting to tier 5 only takes 3-4 days anyways for casual play. heck if you join a clan and get the 60 mimimum oil, the bonuses can help you get ships in less than 3 days! check the i-chase video I posted.
  10. BladedPheonix

    I don't get this game

    cruisers are divided into 2 classes light "CL" and heavy "CA" Light cruisers usually have a maximum gun caliber of 6 inches where as heavy cruisers have 8-9 inch guns. Also emerald isn't a freindly ship for new players, UK cruisers all have the worst armor values in the game might I suggest the american, IJN or Russians instead?
  11. BladedPheonix

    I don't get this game

  12. BladedPheonix

    Ship Drops from Supercontainers

    only got it twice got the kraspy cream and I forget the other ships name. TBh you have a better chance of throwing your underwear through a brick wall than getting a ship through SC's they're just so rare.
  13. BladedPheonix

    I don't get this game

    DD= destroyer CL= light cruiser CA=heavy cruiser BC/CB= battle cruiser BB=battleship Cv= Carrier SS=submarine AK=transport PT=patrol boat
  14. BladedPheonix

    I don't get this game

    trust me stay away from carriers. they're not worth it at the moment. you also will get yelled at/bullied by tons of angry people after matches reguardless of how you perform.
  15. BladedPheonix

    I don't get this game

    10 things 1: don't be so aggressive, being passive has its benifits 2: stick with other ships for protection 3: check your mini map often 4: look at your ships stats and find their strength and then use them 5: use Youtube/twich/ forum for visual learning aids and asking questions 6: don't be afraid to ask questions and ask as many as you can 7: use wiki for additional information about the ship's strengths and what equipment is best to mount Wiki Link -> https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships 8: make sure your in game hub circles are all on!(ctrl and the gear above the minimap to activate them) these ciricles save lives! 9: if your'e having a bad streak take a break, game isn't going anywhere 10: Have fun! its a game remember! I had the same issues when starting out. you can't go Rambo in this game, you'll get squished every-time! you'll get better over time, just be patient and have fun!