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  1. USS Johnston

    much apreiciated. He lived a good life afterwards. 7 kids, 10 grand kids and 3 great grand kids. He could also make anyone laugh. the funniest thing about the battle though is when we asked if he was scared when his ship sank. he smiled and said "Oh Hell No, I knew how to swim!" grandma wasn't very amused about that comment though.
  2. USS Johnston

    Hey bobby, we actually had a thread about the Taffy 3 force about a month ago and WG said they are considering making a campaign for the taskforce in the near future due the large amount of interest(and American Pride) of this fleet. They are also considering the Samuel B Roberts or the Gambier bay for a for a reward ship for this campaign IF they find the time to make them. both would be tier 5-6 ships. It would be simular to the Yamato campaign Personally, I'd like Gambier bay to be the pick, because my Grandpa (RIP) was assigned on that ship and actually fought in the battle of Samar! Also if you watched today's Mingles with Jingles, we'll soon be having a bull Halsy campaign probably in the summer!
  3. R. Lee Ermey

    Very sad..... maybe we'll be lucky and he'll turn into a ghost like in the movie?
  4. Richelieu a good choice for T8 ranked?

    its a good ship, but I'll still be using my Alabama. That extra torpedo protection is hard to beat and her AA is second to none for her tier so you have CVs covered too. That and I don't have the rei yet....
  5. Who wants lower-tier Clan Battles?

    I agree with this more than Op's suggestion. still wish we had some sorta map like WOT does. it be fun to travel the globe and such.
  6. Oh Space Camo, How i want thee so...

    agreed, there's no reason to buy these with the current price. They give you the same bonuses but cost you 3k doubloons more. its a complete ripoff!
  7. Wargaming is Invading Austin!

    should've moved to Houston! you would've been only 20-30 mins away from the USS Texas. plus they have better hotels to host events at! GL WG!
  8. Fletcher build help

    I'd say invest in Fletcher's torpedoes, the guns aren't that effective past 6km, that blasted lunar arch that gave it is rediculous!
  9. Vulgarities

    actually you can get a 3 day ban for submitting to many "non-important reports" they charge you with spam. or at least that's what they do in WOT, IDK how the WOWS staff treat this sorta thing here, but it's probably the same thing.
  10. Vulgarities

    agreed, people aren't going to change for others! and trying to force it is just going to make the problem esculate even more!
  11. Vulgarities

    I;'m going to pass some knowledge unto you which my grandfather gave to me at the age of 6! erherm......"man up cupcake; the world isn't unicorns and rainbows"! seriously, cursing more common that it used to be, so ing deal with it or find a game like club penguin where you get banned for just saying the word "poo"!
  12. Steven Seagal GOne so instead lets....

    Usually the pain is to much for them to share it. at a local WW2 veterans day event you could see the pain on their faces as they discussed what went down during certain events. My Grand-dad ( not the one mentioned before) said War is like being striped naked, marched 300 steps into hell, being spun around 10 times and then having to fight and find your way out again! He told me he saw men die everyday while in Europe, some of them he knew others he didn't. but he didn't have time to cry or feel sorry for them or himself. he had 4 other men in his tank that needed him to keep them alive and lead them.(he was a M-18 hellcat commander) He lost his best friend in Africa, and would later lose his little brother 3 days after the BOTB. Yet he still soldiered on. He had one goal. get him and his fellow tankers home in one piece. and for the most part, he did. Men like our grandfathers aren't around anymore. They were good honest men who'd give you the shirt off their back. I won't go into details on how many of today's youth are failures. (its very political and most of it is very obvious) but I know this for sure. If you were to ask today's youth to storm the Normandy beaches they'd make excuses and would kick and scream the whole way. I'm glade I had the chance to meet my grandfathers, they taught me so much and I miss them so much every day. (especially their jokes!) my only hope is that I can do the same and be a good, strong, roll model for my children and their children when the time comes!
  13. Steven Seagal GOne so instead lets....

    as long as it doesn't become a shouting fest they will usually let us discuss things. but once it becomes a heated discussion. they break out the riot gear!
  14. Steven Seagal GOne so instead lets....

    Wish you hadn't brought up the "white male" garbage. seriously, real diversity goes beyond skin color and Gender! Shame on you! Anyways, I agree he should get some attention, but I'd rather have WG give us a campaign like Yamamtos and give us all the captains and ships from taffy 3 as a collection and have it so that at least Johnston and or Samual B Roberts be made into reward ships. It would bring a lot more honor to the men who fought and died in that epic battle. we'd also get a chance to learn about them, and WG would have the excuse to have more loot boxes in the gift shop for people who don't want to wait for their 3 daily crates. it be a win win for everyone! another reason I'd rather have it as a collection is because my Grandpa (one mentioned before) actually was on the USS Gambier bay in the battle! and it be amazing to see a fleet which he served in featured as a collection. Not only that but, the other men who played minor roles (cooks, deck hands, mechanics, ect.) would also be honored.
  15. USN Carriers Loadouts

    you poor thing. grin & bear it. shes the only CV at that tier with a single fighter squad. and every CV player knows this and will abuse it!