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  1. must've been a ARP corosive torpedo!
  2. if you suck at USN BB's that your fault, not the ships'! its always the captain, never the ship!
  3. Kay, Thanks for the answers guys!
  4. Hey guys! quick question So I've doing the UK BB mission thing and I was wondering. if I don't manage to complete mission set 2, can I not partake in the 3rd mission set that will be introduced next week? Reason I am Asking is because I'm having trouble getting past the 5th part of the mission set. if anyone can answer this, that would be great. until next time...... I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  5. Given that its OP enough already........
  6. Those will probably be used for scenarios when WG gets around to making more of them....
  7. that can increase the shell VOL as well while they're at it!
  8. how can something look so weird, yet cool at the same time?
  9. I'd bet on this, WG can be generous but not to generous! Also, when I got the bayern from last X-mas's Graf-spee event( I already had all the other ships in port & got credits instead) it was stock. so it should in theory be the same deal.
  10. combo breaker!!!!!!!!
  11. Man I need a shower after watching this video. soooo dirty!!!!
  12. they can't be South Dakotas, the ships of that class were Pacific only units the rear ship looks more along the lines of USS Massachusetts, the 1 in the middle could be a redesigned Colorado class
  13. well as long as you don't end up like THIS!!! (click video) I think we'll all be OK!
  14. agreed to an extent. but lower tiers aren't supposed to have the best equipment anyways their job is to teach you the basics of the class of unit your wanting to progress in.. also, didn't you say you were taking a break?
  15. stupid question, but why didn't WG allow us to have tier 2 BBs in the first place? pretty much every navy had pre-dreadnoughts to some extent!