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  1. LastRemnant

    Supership first game nightmare match

    Welp this is the risk you pick when press battle in COOP
  2. LastRemnant

    Sekiryu, Super Hakuryu, Review and Showcase

    Meh Last time I check British super CV is far better Unless they have nerfed it but let's be honest tactical squadrons have atrocious cool-down times So your claim this CV is better is sus
  3. LastRemnant

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    Your suggestion is as probable as me getting wargaming to make a no-DD mode
  4. LastRemnant

    wows spying on us

    How adorable for you to think wargaming isn't spying on you
  5. LastRemnant


    Sure cool story bro
  6. As usual, I will let memes tell you what I think But we will see @ArIskandir with time who is right
  7. LastRemnant

    A Disagreement on Rockets

    No offense dude but wasting two to three minutes for 2k damage is a f joke At that pace I will be able to take out DD in thirty minutes
  8. LastRemnant

    You cant defend this.

    Do bother rationalizing he is an Uber CV hater
  9. So I haven't been in the forums or played the game for a while and nothing has changed Wargaming still listing to my feels players It going to be hilarious when wargaming finally releases subs no one plays them wargaming will sit around wondering why Years of work done for nothing
  10. LastRemnant

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    It can with multiple runs but that is not what he said though now didn't he
  11. LastRemnant

    I Cant Play Random Anymore

    Last time I played randoms truly was when RTS CVs were a thing If wasn't for coop I probably wouldn't even play this game Gave up on WOT some time ago and don't care to ever go back I could play the other game but it is the same s different company so why bother
  12. LastRemnant

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    He doesn't have to claim it's 60k he made a claim without any proof that a Hak did a certain amount of damage CV haters have been doing this for a while this dude basically made a claim without any proof or replay expects people to believe him when everyone knows that Haks aren't capable of such a thing Even if he had a replay that doesn't change the fact Hak isn't capable of doing what he is saying The only way a CV can do so much damage would be detonation since that's not it he is exaggerating what he saw If you are going to come to the forums to make claims you better have proof of said claims
  13. LastRemnant

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    No, I use windows
  14. LastRemnant

    It tastes better with Salt :D

    Nice torps
  15. LastRemnant

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    His own claims contradicted what he is saying If Hak was doing 60k damage per torp drop his team would be the one getting steamrolled instead they are the ones doing steamrolling Dude literally comes with no replay no proof and makes wild claims about CVs being OP typical CV hater Yes I am still around I just haven't played much because reasons