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  1. It's rare though for CVs to do this
  2. LastRemnant


    How do we know you are the not imposter you might be @Soshi_Sone evil twin Patton approves of this message
  3. LastRemnant

    Fujin hunts a DD

    There have been players in the forums claiming subs are so fast they can't be caught by DDs Among other such wild claims which is untrue
  4. LastRemnant

    Fujin hunts a DD

    Careful @Soshi_Sone you are proving subs are not OP sub haters will get salty
  5. LastRemnant

    Hi I dont know what to do

    @Stun_Crazy What peeps are trying to tell you is buying cash ships wont make you any better than you already are If you like ships want play them do remember their are better players than you will likely lose so it would be better if you keep playing tech tree ships figure what you like best first then buy something. Don't be in a rush their will be other sales
  6. LastRemnant

    Windows 11

    Do remember when windows 10 came out it was buggy at first
  7. Don't punch your screen it's a good thing
  8. LastRemnant

    Kaga B vs graft zeppelin B

    Kaga for the win
  9. LastRemnant

    I really don't think submarines are that overpowered.

    Sorry I guess most people hate on subs or CVs want both out of the game my bad
  10. LastRemnant

    Kongo could use a visual facelift

    Looks fine to me
  11. LastRemnant

    I really don't think submarines are that overpowered.

    Sub haters reading this Yeah because a game with only DDs Cruisers and BBs will be so much fun
  12. Yeah sounds like a lot in my opinion all this happen in three minutes sounds very sus
  13. Most CV players don't bother spotting for the team because most of the time the team is clueless At least that's my experience anyways