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  1. Stay away from high tier ships and wait for them to take each other or weaken themselves then you strike
  2. LastRemnant

    mid tier CV tips and strategy

    Okay still though very predictable Rather have a predictable opponent than a crazy unpredictable one
  3. LastRemnant

    I think people forgot about this ability

    Says the person that's hiding their stats so exactly how many battles does he need to have Also the videos on youtube showing how OP RTS CV was said otherwise Really because could have sworn that I have seen a lot of people in forums wanting to remove the class altogether from the game Graf Zeppelin is an example of this even its weird AP bombs it was great now it's shadow
  4. LastRemnant

    mid tier CV tips and strategy

    Actually, bots are easy to play against because they predictable and move predictable manners Humans don't of course they make mistakes but in my opinion, bots are easy to handle
  5. LastRemnant

    My version of a CV/AA rework.

    Sounds like an interesting idea however you will see anything that buffs CV would make CV haters whining even more Evasive maneuvers sounds very interesting as well
  6. LastRemnant

    The WOW New player experience

    It's not the CVs fault He is a new player what do expect the game to coddle new players No seriously you make it sound like CV players have some kind of personal vendetta against new players or something Maybe he should have had grandkid play in the training room play coop until he gets familiar with controls instead throwing in randoms all the sudden
  7. LastRemnant

    They still exist

    He probably uses dark magic to get that he a witch
  8. LastRemnant

    December 7th

    Log in just to like this image Seriously if the liberal snowflakes were around during WW2 days they would say Hitler did nothing wrong he was just peacefully visiting Europe and the Soviet union I swear a lot of people in the US are a waste of space Hey the U.S did a lot in the Pacific how dare you Not mention the lend-lease program if we are going to go that far back what about the Battle of Trafalgar as well this is a naval game
  9. LastRemnant

    CV: the broken meta; how to fix it?

    I play a lot of RTS games including command & conquer would have found a way around it Their is always a way or weakness to exploit somewhere I hate the fact I didn't play CV in the old RTS CV days would have been a truly terrifying sight to behold
  10. LastRemnant

    CV: the broken meta; how to fix it?

    As for you Are you serious RTS CVs where stupidly broken and in the right hands crisscrossing attacks which made it impossible to avoid the fact you can literally attack for a minute constantly wave after wave of torp and db bombers The fact a tier 10 CV can be wipe out tier 10 BB easily minutes Look at this video and tell me CV taking out full HP Hindenberg in a wave was fair Cvs only wish they could take out ships will full hp in wave So please tell more on how CVs on how balance RTS CVs are because you obviously have not idea what you talking about No CV can take a whole ship out in a wave unless with a detonation I would have more luck finding a hundred dollar bill on the ground than getting a detonation with a CV
  11. LastRemnant

    CV: the broken meta; how to fix it?

    Oh great another let's nerf CVs even further I keeping a tally on how many times CVs have been nerfed since I start it playing and it's at least 20 times now Some CVs have been nerfed so much they are practically useless extremely hard play to point then why even bother with them The Saipan and Graf zeppelin is an example of this these are premium ships I wouldn't take these ships even if they free why to even bother Yet you still have CV snowflakes whining make the bad CVs go away Wargaming are ones that going to get the short end of stick eventually just like WOT people will stop playing class not bother anymore after they add those wheeled Frenchy tanks and destroyed arty into oblivion I quit WOT I know right if CVs are so OP why does he suck much Maybe because he is cherry-picking showing the best matches on CVs by really good players Not showing all the other matches when you lose no matter how good you are on the CV Seriously people over-exaggerated what CVs can do they s make a stupid move get rekt by CV for doing something stupid but of course it's not their fault It's the CVs fault catching them doing something stupid
  12. LastRemnant

    CVs are Fun and Exciting

    This is false advertisement how dare you I was expecting someone saying something nice about CVs Instead Just saw the demise of another CV
  13. LastRemnant

    The salvage of Pearl Harbor

    December 7 isn't here yet just saying I have seen many documentaries about WW2 and the Pacific theater But this should be an interesting watch
  14. LastRemnant

    Dev response to multiple CV's on each team?

    I don't know about other CV players but one CV per team is good enough This is coming from a person that plays CVs