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  1. Tachnechdorus

    So Who's Running This Show Now?

    Left six months ago..............so turn out the lights the party is OVER !!!!
  2. Tachnechdorus

    Gaming Experience in Warships Lately

    I quit after converting 25 of my 19 point captains into 21 point captains I guess that was about six months ago since I left , most of my tiers (5) ships and above all had 19 point captains , so I was Pissed when the 21 point captains came into the game, Now all ( 403 ) ships are collecting dust in port ever since. Moved on to a New Game called Rise of Kingdoms with different clans competing against each other but the game is more expensive to play then world of warships and I'm meeting players from all over the world in my clan and very competitive and addictive playing Rise of Kingdom ever since I left WOWs Lol ...............Ciao............
  3. Tachnechdorus

    What Are You Doing WG?

    Game is slowly dying I left when I changed 25 of my 19 point captains into 25 point captains I left my 403 ships in port with more then half of them holding 19 point captains an board. It did not matter to me. that was the last draw for me. Now I have to only break the habit of still checking into the forum from time to time......
  4. Tachnechdorus

    Issues with Wargaming and this WoWs

    its already too late to save this mess of a game. I left after converting 25 of my 19 point captains into 21 point captains that's when I've decided to leave and walk away leaving my 403 ships behind to collect dust what a big waste of my money. Now I just have to break the habit of checking into this forum Lol.....................
  5. Tachnechdorus

    Stop. Blaming. Wargaming/Lesta.

    I stopped playing all together six months ago when they went from 19 point commanders to 21 point commanders and all 403 of my ships been collecting dust ever since....................
  6. Tachnechdorus

    Tier X thoughts and more. VERY CRITICAL POST

    I left this game about six months ago after converting 25 of my 19 point captains into 21 point captains with 403 ships in port and with most of the premium ships included . Now I just have to break the habit of checking into this forum from time to time Lol....................
  7. WG made some drummer then a pile of rocks business decisions [edited] ...................
  8. Tachnechdorus

    Subs now, what next?

    What's next ??? why none other then early jets will return to this game again. [edited]....................
  9. Tachnechdorus


    [edited] They lost me i think about six months ago when they changed the 19 point captains into 21 point captains. At the time I converted 25 19 point captains into 21 point captains seeing how expensive that was doing that , I decided to allow all my 403 ships to start collecting dust and walked away from this game. Now once in awhile I check into the forum a habit I have to break ................................
  10. I was so satisfied with this game that I left it along with my 403 ships collecting dust when they changed the commanders from 19 pointers to 21 point captains. Now I only check in once in a while on this forum out of habit which I still have to break Lol..........................
  11. Tachnechdorus

    Bismarck Wreck Footage

    Thanks for showing this. Well. over 2000 sailors died with this ship and the British picked up only about a 100 survivors and the rest to drown there, That's is more survivors then the HMS Hood had out of 1500 men on the HMS Hood only (3) survived that ship which was sunk by the Bismarck.
  12. Tachnechdorus

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    You can't believe anything WG say's when talking about change's here and there. Everything boils down to making a profit . In short money talks and B.S. walks Lol..................
  13. Tachnechdorus

    That sinking feeling you get

    The quality of players tanked due to a mass exit since when this company forced you to convert all your 19 point captains into 22 pointers and cost money if you wanted to convert them all. My reason for leaving this game six months ago with 401 ships in port !!!
  14. Tachnechdorus

    Gratitude From WOW Where is it?

    Don't feel bad . After up grading 22 of my 19 point captains to a 22 point captains it was way too expensive to convert them is when I decided to leave this game with 401 ships in port and most of them with 19 point captains on board just did not matter anymore. Now the only habit I have to break is checking into this forum every now and then
  15. Tachnechdorus

    facelift do WOW

    I quit playing this game right after converting 22 of my captains from 19 point captains to 21 point captains was way too expensive to convert. So I then made the decision to leave this game and allow my 401 ships to collect dust. Now the only habit to break is still checking into this forum from time to time.