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  1. Tachnechdorus

    What is the main reason for CO-OP?

    36,000 just in Co-op ? All I can say is DAM ! ! ! ! !
  2. Tachnechdorus

    Ocean Map - Rodeo Roundup

    WG needs to put ocean map in normal rotation along with the rest of all those Island maps ships hide behind for a change of pace ! ! !
  3. Tachnechdorus

    Have a WILD suggestion

    I've known this since she 1st came out while everyone was saying the ships is weak. I wished you kept her a secret instead of spilling the beans to the world !
  4. Tachnechdorus

    Russian Bias

    Simple answer to this is it's made in Russia.
  5. Tachnechdorus

    Uh..excuse me?

    I see noting wrong with that ? Do you ?
  6. Tachnechdorus

    How could WOW discourage camping?

    Lets see ? An incentive not to camp ? I got it , make very few Islands to hide behind maybe you think ? ? ?
  7. Tachnechdorus

    steel to coal

    NEVER !
  8. Tachnechdorus

    Don't forget about the Italian cruisers

    Sorry you dislike them . I for one enjoy the Italian cruisers and their guns .
  9. Tachnechdorus


    Wong answer , one year if not longer.
  10. Tachnechdorus


    Then you will need to catch up to them ?
  11. Tachnechdorus


    I say subs are a good year away for random play.
  12. Tachnechdorus

    Collector's Club

    And here I am thinking that 330 ships in port is a lot ? And that is after getting rid of all my ARP and Dragon ships !
  13. Tachnechdorus

    Quick Cut: Tier VII German Cruiser Yorck

    why you got to spill the beans for?
  14. Tachnechdorus

    My investment in this game is complete

    I had words with you years ago . But I've always respected your Opinion's, And what you said in todays statement been also been on my mined. I have the P.R. cruiser and those four new British heavy cruisers for a total of 330 ships . But I'm also having second thoughts about the amount of time and money being spent on this game the problem I have is that I have 5 years worth of premium time. I have slowed down playing this game partly due to the quality of players compared to how it was when I started playing this game in Beta.