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  1. Tachnechdorus


    I guess I won't be playing tier 9 and 10 ships as long as this is going on. Anyways starting to play WOWS less and less then eventually will cut it loose like I did to WOT and WOP.
  2. That's the only British cruiser I hate its a terrible ship to operate...…………..
  3. Tachnechdorus

    New russian radar

    Radars killing the fun playing this game...………………….
  4. Tachnechdorus

    Is Micro-Balancing Necessary?

    Way too many adjustments going on. You buy a ship and next week they nerf it , not worth buying ships . I speak for myself now I sure cut-down playing this game. Maybe down the road I can break away from this game ? Maybe hard to do at the moment with my investment so far in this game. Hey I cut off WOWP and WOT where I have over 250 tanks so it can be done...………..
  5. All these changes WG preforms feels like every month there's a change is making me have second thoughts about purchasing new ships and thinking when will they change the stats on this new ship I just brought? You may want to think twice about buying them because it might not be the same ship a year later …………………..
  6. Tachnechdorus

    To all NA WoWs community...stay safe in this dire time.

    All this sounds and feels like those horror movies we all watched . T.Y. and all try to stay well.
  7. Tachnechdorus

    Time out for players who rage quit in Ranked

    No Interest in playing rank ……………….
  8. Tachnechdorus

    Aircraft Carrier Tech Tree Switch?

    Good answer hehehehehehehe
  9. Tachnechdorus

    So someone in battle told me.........

    Submarines worked fine in the game called Steel Oceans . If only their graphics were more like WG I've would of remained there. Now I hear steel Ocean is closing up shop.
  10. Tachnechdorus

    Peoples are not playing anymore?

    I've slowed down since the new Panzer Corp 2 came out hehehehehehe
  11. Tachnechdorus

    Stat shamed? Shaming? Hide your stats

    Potato power
  12. Tachnechdorus

    The Bay area California ordered to shelter in place.

    And China is trying to put the blame on all this on America heheheheheheehehehe
  13. Just wait until the Subs show up ……………….
  14. Tachnechdorus

    I guess I didn't lose...?

    The only one that came out ahead was WG...……………..
  15. Tachnechdorus

    Any word on new Research Boats?

    SUBs ?