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  1. Tachnechdorus

    What does the 'Plays Poorly' report actually do?

    Not a Dam thing
  2. Tachnechdorus

    "play to get the SC"

    Playing the game for enjoyment not for these so called super containers .
  3. Tachnechdorus

    v8.8 Sounds are Very, Very Bad

    The sound SUCKs ! ! !
  4. Tachnechdorus

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    The new up-graded sound why it SUCKs ! ! !
  5. Tachnechdorus

    Update effects

    The new up-graded sound SUCKs !
  6. The latest sound upgrade SUCKs
  7. Tachnechdorus

    Cost of Ohio!

    I don't need the Ohio I have enough ships !
  8. Tachnechdorus

    Clan wars map, it's way past time.

    I agree with you 100%
  9. Tachnechdorus

    CV Dive Bombers Are Weak and Lame

    The tier four Japanese carrier torpedo's bombers would be the only CV I would play until they nerf it , then she becomes a port Queen like the rest of my Carriers are. Collecting internet dust.
  10. Tachnechdorus

    Enough with the torpedo planes already

  11. Tachnechdorus

    Sept 11, 2001...We Will NEVER Forget!

    I watched them both go down , thank god it was not two hours later otherwise it would have been 20,000 dead instead of the poor 3,000 souls . I was there the next night at the sight you can't really describe it Seeing red Hot steel burning in the night over that entire Block radius . When I saw it glowing like that , I said to myself no one could survive that...……………………..I new people who lost daughters and wife's Very Sad...……………………...
  12. Tachnechdorus

    French DDs - What for?

    All my carriers are prema port queens
  13. Tachnechdorus

    Reporting players to clan leaders is stupid

    Had enough with these drama queens at clans trying to discipline their own and some of these complaints aren't even truthful . The best thing to do is avoid being in a clan and just enjoy yourselves.
  14. Tachnechdorus

    Japanese Commander without unique trait

    Discrimination I tell you
  15. Tachnechdorus

    Is it a myth about weekend players?

    It's the truth about Potato weekend wanna be warriors .