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  1. German sub commander

    Old WW2 sub war film ( Destination Tokyo ) they sneaked into Tokyo Harbor seeking weather information and etc. for the coming Doolittle Raid for the carrier Hornet. Staring Sub commander Gary Grant a Good WW2 sub war film .
  2. Wichita is Here

    Certain people enjoy (pain) playing premium tier eight cruisers and getting beaten up by the tier nines and tier ten big boys on the block.
  3. Expensive Weekend

    will one Billion in credits and 250 ships in port no need for credits at this time.

    Sounds like someone was way out in the sticks ?
  5. Game hardware - monitor

    I don't regret buying my 39 inch curved Dell monitor on sale through amazon for 800 bucks
  6. Welcome back to WOWS?

    Kotter and his sweat hogs
  7. Lemming Trains Lose Games

    Yesterday I've had ( Potato lemming train ) all head one way calling me a Camper since I remained behind to try and slow down the enemy coming down to our base from the opposite end of the map and two or three of the enemies stopped our entire Potato lemming train dead in their tracks a sad site to see...………..Lost badly and quickly ……..
  8. Thermaltake

    Just a fancy fish tank
  9. Unsportsmen like conduct

    May I suggested that you find another game if you can't deal with these silly rules .
  10. I had no problem with my card yesterday ?
  11. when will anniversay end???

    Wrong I have the last words in my house ………………..yes dear
  12. T-61 Engine damage?

    Been running last stand on all my DD's for a very long time u don't leave home with-out it.
  13. why do US cruisers underperform

    Qualities of player maybe ???