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  1. Crappy Idea throw it in the trash can
  2. Different Randoms Modes

    That's a wonderful idea to Incorporate into this game
  3. Its your computer , my old one gave me the same problems you're now having until I brought; a nice new table top
  4. I would dismiss the 10 point captain since I don't need him
  5. Your Bucket list?

    I would like to hit a big lotto jack pot say 300 million will do
  6. Be proud that they called you a cheat
  7. NO interest in those space stuff things
  8. Space Port

    Not interested in that at all
  9. 47 battles in WOWs and talking smack ???? Go back to tanks. I have not been there in months and have 32,000 battles there I think ? and 250 tanks collecting dust and don't miss it .....
  10. Sales Idea for Wargaming

    That's a great idea
  11. It would be so much better if they had the captain and the rest of the crew slots to enhance this game a bit more realistic
  12. Clan flags on ships

    Its about time WG use their resources on the clan flag issue instead of that SILLY Space Ship Game which I have ZERO interest on ! !
  13. When your whole team sucks eggs

    When teams are just so bad I just hit the ( exit ) button and move on not even gonna waste my time to farm points