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  1. Soon, there will be Haida

    After requesting and waiting so long they should give it a 12 point captain
  2. I haven't played in the past week
  3. 103 Years Ago, USS Arizona Was Launched

    She was also built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York
  4. General Belgrano

    Back in 1971 my Destroyer was Moored right behind the General Belgrano (USS Phoenix) when we stopped off in Argentina . I remember getting off my ship and having to walk pass her on that long pier to head to town thinking to myself those are some big guns on that ship. Little did I know that's years later 750 men would drown when a British sub would sink her during the Falkland war and the united states helped in the sinking by giving the British her position...……..
  5. Hi Grand_Viceroy_Zho Been seeing you on the forum often . I'm also older then dirt I'm a Navy vet (four years) of active duty during the cold war years. I joined because the Army tried to Draft me. I visited half the world with the Destroyer I was on. Seen Scotland. England . Norway. Denmark, Germany where I visited family from my moms side also the Berlin wall. Steamed through the English channel saw the white cliffs of dover on my right which is England and to my left the port side of my ship is France both country's only twenty miles apart on our way to South-Hampton England . We steamed into the Mediterranean and on my left port side was Spain and on my right was Africa also only twenty miles apart. We stopped off at Gadiz Spain and then Barcelona Spain which is a beautiful city by the way. A group of us on liberty call went to the Bull-Fights there and watched Seven bulls get killed quite an experience. Oh and by the way Barcelona was the city that Christopher Columbus returned to when he discovered the new world. Then we steamed over to Naples Italy for a few days . Our group of Sailors took a bus to visit the city of Rome with a tour guide , Visited the colosseum , the Vatican and other famous sites . this all happen to me as a young man in 1970 during the cold war. In 1971 we were lucky enough to visit Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Guantanamo bay navel base, San Juan Puerto Rico and some of the virgin Islands like Saint Thomas and Haiti and Montego Bay Jamaica. then we stopped off at Cartagena Colombia went through the Panama Canal and stooped off at Panama city headed south in the Pacific Ocean to Lima Peru then further south to Valparaiso Chile after that we headed further south into the Straight's of Magallanes which took three day to head back into the Atlantic Ocean up to Buenos Aires Argentina . Note In June it's winter time for them in Chile . Next stop Sao Paulo Brazil and Rio De Janeiro where the flamingo beach was absolutely beautiful went water skiing for the first and only time in my life and did not fall, I did pretty good to my surprise . Then we stopped off at Caracas Venezuela for three days. That country has the strongest beer I've ever had it was called Polar Beer I believe it had 12% Alcohol after drinking about six of them in the bar I couldn't walk straight once you hit the heat outside the bar. We refueled our Destroyer and headed back to our Naval Base in Newport Rode Island. Years Back I use to play the Koei version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Koei Genghis Khan II plus the old Civilization five games where I would choose Genghis Khan as my empire. Great game. I was born in Germany 50 km from Munich four years after WW2.there wasn't much left. I was four years old when my parents flew to America and in my eyes the BEST country in the world and proud to be an American . I've seen a lot of foreign country's in my life-time and I remember as a young man visiting them and saying to myself thank god I live in America. I don't feel that our young people realize how much freedom they have and what a great nation it truly is . Anyway I think I said too much and it's nice meeting you.....I remember saluting the ensign and then the officer on watch requesting permission to come on board for the first time after boot camp on my Destroyer in Boston and my ship was in Dry dock at the time with the historical ship and still in commission behind us in the water the (USS Constitution) that was some experience for a kid who turned 19 years while in Great leaks Illinois Navel boot camp …..
  6. What are you grinding out?

    I have all the tiers also and the CV's only up to tier (8) since it's broken
  7. When your team hasn't a clue

    Even in Random high tier battles there's much more blow-outs and many more potatoes
  8. WOWS

    He needs Prozac pill I think ???
  9. I'm not that interested in getting stuff . I'm just getting the easy stars over and over again to get Bull Halsey
  10. As Iron Mike Tyson once said in the Boxing ring he hit me very hard
  11. Welcome Comrade Moskva

    Note they are Singing in German
  12. Just Graduated From High School!

    I remember that when I graduated from High school four months later the Army sent me a Draft notice date. I guess they wanted to send me to Nam . Did not like the Idea of being drafted , so I went and joined the Navy for the next four years . I believe to this day that joining saved my life and had my 19th Birthday in booth Camp

    He's right