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  1. I want Pee wee Herman as a British commander !
  2. I guess everyone has their own taste me I like that camo ......
  3. There was NO need to belittle his Grammar I guess you feel superior to him ! ! !
  4. hehehehehehehe my boy Jacks at 19 points and I built up ( 8 ) 13 point captains for all those British Battleships with enough free experience to get all of them at once including the Nelson hehehehehe
  5. Playing with Potatoes is a fact of life here you take the good with the bad . I see the errors right at the beginning with the movements of ships and i already know 90% of the time if it's going to be a win or a loss . Hell I'm a potato 12,300 Battles and a 48% win rate I've seen just too many tier 9 and 10 players that should just go back to tier 4 and 5's that's how poorly they played tonight , But most of us play this game for enjoyment and the excitement of sinking the other human players doing the research training your captains buying premium time , flags , camo and ships all because we enjoy playing this game and don't forget we need people and more of them so this game can grow and increase the population so the game stays around for a few more years...
  6. .Slots ! ! ! Can't live with them or without them Huh ? ? ?
  7. I just need one more blueprint heheheheheh
  8. You best put a support ticket in for help joey.........
  9. The salt is large with this one
  10. The way it's set-up now I have Zero interest in getting that commander .........
  11. Sub - Sandwiches are good like a Phili cheese steak sandwich
  12. I'd like to see Churchill as a 15 point vice-admiral
  13. Oh stop already with the Smoke thing ! ! !
  14. The Server Farted cause of problems
  15. The Server laid a smelly fart again .........