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  1. When I had 36 battles I didn't even know what commanders skills was at the time ........
  2. Will Cost Mucho pesos
  3. Don't be hating the Potato's they're have feelings too
  4. Stop trying to be a so called teacher !
  5. I took the easy way out and brought it when it first came out with that fancy camo , and I really enjoy playing her and returning some of that same HE flames back to those British Battleships and watching them burn to death hehehehehehe
  6. That is one of the reasons why I quite playing Aircraft Carriers over a year ago and stopped the research at tier eight .......
  7. I had a 14 point captain waiting for the Italian Battleship hehehehehehehehe
  8. It's long over due to have a German prem dd
  9. In heated battles tunnel vision happens
  10. Fantastic review thank you SOoooooo Muchhhhhhhh .........
  11. thank you for the information sir
  12. That's a good question .....
  13. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out heheheheheh ! ! !
  14. Nope , I'm keeping my perth ! ! !