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  1. Wow already talking smack and with only 90 battles under his belt ?
  2. Can I trade my Graf Spee for a HSF Graf Spee?

    hehehehehe I enjoy playing both of my Graf Spees hehehehehe The only difference of both my ships is one has a 17 point captain and the other a 15 point one and since they are both Premium ships I sometimes use my 19 pointer to help train my other captains hehehehehehe
  3. Anyone an old Chicago fan?

    A old Brooklyn Dodger fan
  4. Submarine Questions

    Your a new player with 89 battles and already a Fkn trouble maker
  5. Bring back "Ocean" Map.

    Yes bring back Ocean Map there's noting like a good old fashion surface battle with no place to hide except run baby with tight quick turns to avoid incoming shells and torpedo's
  6. Map Repetition

    Bring back into more frequent play OCEAN MAP ! ! ! !
  7. Do as I do and STILL refuse to play any carriers until that mess is taken care of once and for all ! ! !
  8. Battleship without the Heal

  9. I listened...I got the Iowa

    I bye-passed the Iowa since I brought the Missouri and for some reason I just can't do well playing her so I keep it mothballed.............
  10. Huang He We must not BUY IT-BOYCOTT

    Opinions are like A-Holes everyone has one and I brought the ship ! ! !
  11. Huang He We must not BUY IT-BOYCOTT

    Strange the Kransy is a fun ship to play I enjoy playing her ! ! !
  12. Pan Asian South Korea flag / ROK

    England burnt Hamburg Germany with a 1000 bomber raid to the ground killing over 100,000 of my race to the ground !!! And then there was Dresden two months before Germany surrendered England's Air Marshal decided to burn and kill over 50,000 civilians and the city was of no Importance at all
  13. Pan Asian South Korea flag / ROK

    That would be nice . Then I can change the German flag to what it should be red black and white ! ! !