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  1. Got a question: Which navy used rocket armed aircraft on CV's? I know the US Army Air Corps used rocket equiped Mustangs, Lightnings and Thunderbolts to attack trains, armor, and other ground targets, but none of the afore mentioned target types were as armored as ships were. the 1/2 inch top armor on a Sherman or Panzer is nothing compaired to like say the almost 3 feet of armor on a late war battleship turret. how is a rocket that is ment to do damage to up to 1 inch of armor, do much of, if anything, to multiple inches, if not multiple feet of armor thickness? Ok after looking some thing up, I found 4 types of rockets used mainly by US forces and somewhat by British forces, the 3.5 inch FFAR, the 5 inch FFAR, the GP HVAR, and the AP HVAR, and of all these you had to be within 1000-1500m to hit anything with them, and only the very late war AP HVAR had a penatration abliity of over 1 inch, it had a 2-3 inch penatration depending on angle of impact. There was mention of use agianst Submarines, and mention of a sinking, but, I think they were talking about unarmored merchant vessels. Once agian, I ask, how is something with so low a penatration, and so low a explosive warhead, supposed to do anything to an armored warship?
  2. Did not realise you could "redo" missions, to skip harder missions, now will hopefully be able to get my Scharnhorst camo. Oh, about the High Caliber, I have been playing since the game was released, and most of the time play DD's. I have some High Caliber medals, but mostly in DD's, not a big BB driver(only have 1 High Caliber in a BB's), its very hard to get. Thanks Guys.
  3. Both of the High Caliber missions(NYR 4/2, and BNC 4/4), are basicly undoable. As High Caliber medals are so hard to come by, and for those of us who have laid out the money to buy both the Scharnhorst and Duke of York, can you give us something, to skip these, as I really want the cammos, don't mind doing the rest of the missions for the reward ships, but Cannot get High Caliber in Tier 6 BB's or better.
  4. IJN DD Farewell Tour

    After playing a few games in the new IJN DD's, I don't know if I want to continue playing them. They did NOT need any nerfs, in fact they needed a small buff, i.e. -10 sec turrent traverse time, and a 3-5 kts speed increase. I have to agree with one of the previous posters saying you have turned this line into targets, not playable ships. If anything needed a nerf, it was RADAR, down from 11k to like 6K range. Who knows, maybe i'll find a different company to spend my money with.