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  1. In most states in the US it would take 7 to 8 hours at minimum wage to buy a Tirpitz. Appears you have a better minimum wage than we do ...
  2. Did you get 2000 base XP yet ??? Look under Combat missions / Challenges
  3. You get a container with 2000 base xp Randoms etc ... included
  4. That’s what I thought when I got her in a Santa Crate and thought I had wasted $3, because IMO the NY is the worst USN BB. However, she plays nothing like the NY. She's totally immune to airplanes except the OP T7 CV premiums, and she has the highest average damage and WR for T5 BB’s. However, if you dislike slow USN BB’s then she's not for you. She's become my “warm-up” ship when I play WoWS with a 71% WR and 75k damage in 58 games. If I have a bad game in her, its usually a bad day for me to play the game .
  5. Interesting. Never seen that in Ranked. So did you lose a star or save a star ?
  6. Got it on Random T8 Waited 20 seconds and loaded into into a match
  7. Press CTRL . Then you will see the mouse icon to click on the gears. Good Luck!
  8. My last Super was for 250 worthless (to me) Flooding/Detonation flags ... However long ago that was I do not even think about them anymore when I collect containers.
  9. Very accurate unbiased statement. Agree completely.
  10. Might be a mod conflict. It works fine for me ....
  11. LOL! Thanks. I needed a good laugh
  12. Everything works for me..... including zoom mod. ( I do not use flags)
  13. Yes. 5.12 came out this morning. Expect some broken mods.
  14. Its called Navigator, and its already in Aslains modpack at the end of all the mods.
  15. You have any other predictions you would like to share with us? Maybe Lotto Numbers New Patch 5.10.1 Downtime Starts: 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET Downtime Ends: 04:30 PT/ 07:30 ET Notes: Fixed incorrect main caliber characteristics display on Erie: 127mm -> 152mm Fixed incorrect display of airplane on Tirpitz deck Fixed short-term performance drops in battle Fixed additional mission requirements which did not display, including the name of the ship needed to complete the mission