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  1. I did not see them just after the update but now they are here.
  2. So today I played my U-190 and my torpedoes stopped short of the targets and did not follow the targets. It turns out that I had been playing DDs before that and instinctively pressed 3 to select torps, like I do on a DD. Key 3 selects the regular torpedoes but most subs use homing torpedoes. I think it would have been much smarter of WG to put the regular torps on the 2 slot and homing ones on the 3 slot so that it more closely mimics DDs and CAs. Thoughts? I don't think there is way to reorder the ammo, like we can for consumables (maybe there is something in ModStation, I have not looked).
  3. Silvin

    Well, this player lived up to his name

    How does a Kitakaze get 41 plane kills? The red CV must have been totally incompetent.
  4. Silvin

    Dockyard Certificate exchange

    I just finished the PR a second time as well and I am going for doubloons. I can get steel and research points within the game but I cannot get doubloons.
  5. They really should cap it at a reasonable number. Who needs 200+ FPS?
  6. Silvin

    Subs Cavitating

    I think this is a great idea. It adds a bit more complexity and options to subs once players are used to them. +1
  7. Silvin

    Game loads VERY slow unless...

    I also find the game to load very slowly - much slower than other games. I think it is getting worse if you have many ships. I guess the game loads all the assets at startup and many ships means a longer load time. I wish the would just load a subset of ships (maybe the ones you mark as favorite) and load the rest on demand in-game.
  8. With the proliferation of cruisers it may be helpful to players, especially newer players, if WG were to have subcategories of cruisers, like Light Cruisers, Armored Cruisers, Heavy Cruisers, Battlecruisers. I know that the distinction is is rather arbitrary, but it will help some players figure out how they should engage a Cleveland versus a Baltimore.
  9. Communication is appreciated, you are doing much better than the other 2 WG titles.
  10. Silvin

    Upcoming Changes to the Tech Tree

    Makes sense, thank you for the reply Bear_82.
  11. Silvin

    Upcoming Changes to the Tech Tree

    I was wondering that. From reading the article it looks like there is no reason to keep the GK and the Khab, instead they should be sold before the patch since they will be added back as premium ships. Am I missing something?
  12. This is across all three WG titles, not just ships.
  13. I bought a T8 premium in each game to get the credits rolling and spent about $100 for different in game items. So about $250 over 10 years. Overall it is very cheap, once you have the right vehicles you can get tons of free stuff. WoWP has been especially generous in gold and free XP obtained for just playing.