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  1. Thank you, I knew I was missing something obvious. That helps a lot!
  2. This may sound like a noob question but I have not found the answer... How can I manually select a target for my main battery? Say I am tracking a Bismark and a Minotaur pops up in front of it, showing full broadside. Of course I want to hit the Minotaur, but my aim keeps tracking the Bismark. Even if I shoot at where the Mino is, the shells seem to try to hit the Bismark and I miss both ships. I wiggle my mouse towards the Mino and eventually the target switches but that takes too long. I'd like to double click on a target to select it, or press a key when the mouse is over it. Right-click works for the secondary armament but I don't know how to do it for the main guns. Thanks!
  3. Ishizushi bundle

    The Ishizushi bundle looks like a really good deal. However, I already have the Ishizushi. Do I get the doubloons equivalent for the ship or do I get the silver equivalent? Thanks!
  4. Is there any crosshair that is the best of both worlds: dynamic and with the spiderweb?
  5. I am using the static crosshair type 7 because I like the spiderweb for shots on ships that are angled. However, I can't figure out the measurements on the crosshairs. I thought it was the lead shot for a target moving at 30 knots but it seems way off. Do you know what the measurements are for? Is there a crosshair that gives the lead indication for targets moving at 30 knots perpendicular to you and still have the spiderweb lines (i.e., slanted lines for ships that are angled)? Thanks!
  6. I did that by linking my Amazon Prime account. Twitch says that the loot has been added to my Twitch account but I don't see anything showing up in WoWS. I'll wait longer and update if it does show up. Edit: you have to logout and log back in after connecting your Twitch account to your WoWS account for the loot to show up.
  7. Thanks for all your work Niko. It was great having you, good luck on the next adventure. I assume that this has to do with the California office closing and that there is nothing bad in that departure.
  8. Thank you everyone for the insightful replies. I learnt a lot. WoWS truly has a great community.
  9. When my ships sink and flip over they all have a flat bottom. Did any warships have a keel of some sort? Or were they all flat bottomed like a barge?
  10. Thank you for fixing the problem quickly and even adding some compensation. The WoWS team is leagues ahead of the WoT and WoWP teams! You handle your product so well. Congratulations!
  11. Best Missouri Build?

    I have a pretty similar build. Modules: MAM1 DCSM1 AAGM2 SGM2 CSM1 APRM2 Captain: PT EM SI CE AR AFT V Unless you do a yolo charge in a Missouri you'll do well, have fun and get lots of credits, free XP and captain XP. I play mine everyday!
  12. I had about the same number of duplicates vs. collected when I finished it. I did not do the math but I would have expected to get way more duplicates.
  13. I had been saving 130 containers to open once I finished the campaign and unlocked the collection. But WG was smarter than me: the old containers do not have any Yamamoto collection items... So I'll have to be patient.
  14. Yes, another challenge! Or I may just play with the vehicles I have and try to become a better player.
  15. You can use a joystick, however the controls are quite odd and a lot of players play with a mouse and kb. I tried to use my js and gave up, I just use the mouse and kb.