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  1. Probably an urban legend. In any case, it is "La disquette" so you are at least wrong on both the gender and the spelling of the word.
  2. Why have the F keys been changed? And why are they not the same as in the other two WG titles. I like the radial menu but I don't understand why keys were re-assigned.
  3. I am already giving up in the 2K doubloons from the clash event so I will pick up a couple special upgrades instead. I am not sure which ones are the most useful though. I have US ships of all classes up to tier 10 (except for the Essex CV still at tier 9) so these upgrades would go on higher tier ships. Do you have recommendations on which special upgrades are the most useful? Thanks!
  4. lol. 3D thinking is something hard.
  5. I agree that it is a poorly conceived event. The original Kamikaze R event with the pearls was much better thought out and more fun. This event reminds me of the Japanese attack a few months back in WoWP to celebrate the release of a new line of Japanese fighters. It was a success in WoWP but anything out of the ordinary is a relative success on WoWP since it usually does not get much love. That being said, the WoWS team is doing a good job overall creating these events. This one is too grindy for me so I'll just pick up a couple upgrades for 175 coins and be happy with that.
  6. Thanks for the info DriedJello and RedSeaBear. I had no idea it was there.
  7. Where do you see your Karma points?
  8. I run Papa Papa (300% free XP) and the new years camo (200% free XP) on my tier 10s. That nets around 1000 free XP per game with premium. So it takes a while but I will get there. There is also a rumor that the 25xp per doubloon will go to 35xp per doubloon sometime this month, so it will be a good time to convert to free XP if you have doubloons laying around.
  9. I had the same problem. Follow these steps: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/117883-062-bug-reporting/page__p__2852799#entry2852799 It worked for me.
  10. The crane must have gotten stuck and the crate was hanging mid-air. I can still open it though...
  11. Yeah, I'd take one for doubloons too. I find it very useful in WoT. Any moders? I don't know how easy it is port a mod from WoT to WoWS, Probably as hard as doing the mod from scratch.
  12. Is there a free XP locker mod for WoWS? There is one for WoT which prevents you from spending free XP by mistake. I am hoarding my free XP for the Missouri so it would be great if there was something like that for WoWS. I already spent 30K free XP to retrain a commander by mistake. At least it was not 300K...
  13. Look at her little heart! I love her too. Happy V. day everyone.
  14. They said the Missouri would be available with 750K free XP forever. So you will eventually get it if you are patient enough. I only need another 500K
  15. It is a funny looking plane. We call her Miss Piggy Nose...