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  1. Silvin

    Musashi, get it before its gone?

    I bought mine because of historical reasons but I am very happy with the ship. I play her more than my Yammy and usually enjoy the games. My Missou makes more credits but that ship has sailed.
  2. This will show you how much steel and coal you can rake in: https://steel.in.fkn.space/
  3. Silvin

    Black now or Stalingrad later?

    Thank you everyone for your input, I will get the Black. And how could I pass a DD 666 anyway :-) Happy holidays to all.
  4. With the steel from the holiday events I will be able to buy the Black. I am looking forward to a T9 premium DD because the Missouri, Musashi and Kron are great but it will be nice to play a DD. And I liked the Fletcher a lot. The only thing that is holding me back is that getting the Black will really set me back on the Stalingrad. What are your thoughts, especially if you have the Black and/or Stalingrad? Thanks and happy holidays!
  5. Silvin

    PSA: New Code

    It was a valid for me as well. +1 OP
  6. Silvin

    Newly New Bonus Code

    I got a twitch container. That is probably the reward.
  7. Not a bug per se, but I like the red line for my aiming. Nice addition! Could we have an option to have the same red line on the mini map? Your aiming direction is the hardest thing to see on the minimap. Thanks!
  8. Silvin

    How to get the 48 Guineas

    The deal of 10 guineas for $0.99 is still in the premium shop. I went for it since I don't expect there will be a cheaper way to get the remaining 2 guineas. And this way it can also give me some slack if I cannot complete all the missions because of travel and such.
  9. Silvin


    While some of the negative comments towards WoT are true, I think they are exaggerated. The game is not that bad. But yes, WoWS is by far the best of the trilogy - and I have played a lot of each game.
  10. Silvin

    The New WGC Launcher

    The lack of an HTTP download option in the WGC is a significant problem, as others have pointed out. AFAIK, it is not available in the current version of the WGC, unless it is hidden in some obscure config file. P2P does not work for everyone.
  11. Silvin

    Got my second tier 10!!!

    Congratulations! Since you already have the Roon, you may want to get the Hindenburg. She is a very strong and versatile ship.
  12. Silvin

    The New WGC Launcher

    My main problem with the launcher is that it *requires* peer-to-peer downloads, it does not have the option to use HTTP for downloads. It means that for some environments where p2p connections are restricted (some college campuses for example) users will no longer be able to update their games. Please add the option to keep HTTP downloads as part of the transition to the WGC.
  13. My P2P traffic is now blocked and since the WGC uses libtorrent I cannot update the games. Is there a way to update the games without using P2P traffic? Thanks!