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  1. ObnoxiousPotato

    Is anyone else happy?

    The list of grievances below is probably no surprise to you and WG, but I thought I'd pass it on just in case. Didn't include "cash grabs" (pay or grind) though, although it is a commonly expressed issue to me (I understand a business needs to make $$$). The "issues" below have been expressed by others to me and appear to represent the views of a majority people I know who play the game (or rather those I know who still play, play much less frequently, or haven't played in months). CVs In many situations, they are far too influential on deciding the outcome of the battle. spotting mechanics should be changed (team members just see aerial spots on mini-map perhaps?) AA only partially counters for relatively few ships. 2-3 CVs per team should not be allowed. +/- 2 MM Gets old fast, especially when the higher tier ships on your team have a huge skill deficit compared to the ships of the other team. Some say changing the MM to +/- 1 tier just can't be done due to not having enough players online. My counter is: How many more people would stick with the game longer if it was changed? i.e., increase enjoyment level, people will stick with the game longer (population numbers will increase). Non-Skill-based MM Blow-outs aren't all that enjoyable. Coupled with #2 above, it makes the game much less enjoyable. Submarines Very few people are looking forward to seeing them in Random battles (too many bad memories of the cluster created immediately after the CV-rework). Homing torpedoes? Seriously? (IMO: BAF). Personally, I think WG is trying to shoe-horn three different games into one.
  2. ObnoxiousPotato

    Error Contacting Server

    3002 error here (Unable to connect to the update service).
  3. ObnoxiousPotato

    Is anyone else happy?

    Based on what people have communicated to me over the last year and up to and including yesterday, I'd have to say there a whole lot of folks that do not like what WoWs is morphing into (nor are they happy with the "ethically challenged" tactics used to grab people's cash). So I think there is quite a bit of unhappiness out there with respect to the game.
  4. ObnoxiousPotato

    How many posts will it take

    Has WG's reasoning with respect to having CVs in the game been captured somewhere? If so, could you provide a link? If not, I'd really like to see a more detailed explanation for the "need" of having such an influential element in the game which has the following issues: Very difficult or impossible to counter (depending on the ship and up/down tiering). If your team's CV is either AFK or is "severely skill challenged" (i.e., has no idea what they are doing, and probably never will because they "don't care"), then your team will be at an extreme disadvantage unless the rest of the opposing team is comprised of "potatoes". Thanks in advance!
  5. Except when it comes to the Kremlin... 1/2 reduction of AA mount HP??? Is that some kind of sick, twisted joke WG? Makes no sense at all.
  6. ObnoxiousPotato

    CV vs DD balance

    It is an issue and WG apparently refuses to address it. Due to the 'CV' issue(s) combined with the Puerto Rico debacle and the eminent introduction of Submarines into Random battles, I've decided to drastically cut back expenditures on this game until WG makes a few course directions. Too many people have stopped playing regularly due to the aforementioned issues.
  7. ObnoxiousPotato

    Interesting news from Reddit on Puerto Rico Boosters.

    Thank you Fem! I think that is the correct call for WG to make in order to address how the dockyard was portrayed in PTS and then significantly changed when rolled out live (with respect to the insane grind that may not have been apparent to those purchasing 1, 2, or 3 boosters). Hopefully that helps to smooth things over with the community.
  8. Then you are just passively supporting that behavior. I think you should reconsider.
  9. ObnoxiousPotato

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    People are upset and they see you and others as easy targets to vent their frustrations upon. Don't stoop to their level. Just report them by opening a support ticket (having the replay file for evidence is recommended). I would say no (it is not a legitimate way to act). The TK'er is probably an "outlier", but I wouldn't be surprised if it continues to happen from time to time (i.e., you'll always have a few bad apples ruining things).
  10. ObnoxiousPotato

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    I wrote "help keep...". I certainly won't be buying Christmas Crates this year or renewing premium time on my alternate accounts (I use them to help farm oil). Hint: I'm not at all pleased with those people within WG that had a hand in the "bait and switch" fiasco. So there will be repercussions. WG will need to change how they do things if they want a greater level of financial support from me.
  11. ObnoxiousPotato

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    [edited]? [edited]? If you say so. I sense the possibility of hateful envy coming out a bit. LET THAT HATE FLOW! Who knows, it just might make you stronger! (it doesn't though, it just makes your mind smaller and more closed off) Those that bad mouth the people that help keep the game going really need to reconsider how short sighted that is. i.e., Let's trash talk and drive away those people that spend money on the game. Sounds like a real sound, long term strategy for keeping the game economically viable. You have no idea what the decision making process was for me and others that in effect "purchased the PR". For me, I already had the doubloons on hand (the money was already spent), and I wanted to check it out for myself and form my own opinion about it. I was unaware of the "bait and switch" controversy or that the dispersion wasn't all that great. Would I still have purchased it if I had known? That is a tough question.
  12. ObnoxiousPotato


    Has someone at WG contracted some strange disease from a far away land? Joking of course... But has anyone else been getting an excessive number of Zulu Hotel signals in the Christmas Crates awarded for knocking off a snowflake from a Tier X ship? Haven't kept track of them all, but I'd estimate 60% or greater. Thanks WG, I think I have enough of those... ;) Maybe next year we can have a little more variety? (OR perhaps STEEL instead???)
  13. ObnoxiousPotato

    how did this get so horrible?

    WOW... couldn't have said better myself! (and nice job earlier -- forgot which ship you were in, but were at the top of the board)
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Hood, first paragraph. I suspect it was the combination of Hood's eight 15" guns, speed, and armor. Although some battleships may have had better armor, the Hood was probably 5-8 knots faster which means the Hood could control the engagement better (at least in theory).