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  1. Videos on this topic that everyone shoukd watch before blindly accepting any premium nerf.
  2. JackG79

    Who knew Frank Sinatra could help??

    Old blue eyes... One of the best ever!!
  3. im going to be so pissed if they change the GC.... I dont have any special abilities in it or anything, but i don't need to get any worse at this game, for something I paid my hard earned cash for either. i'll be expecting a FULL REFUND in UNITED STATES DOLLARS!!!!! (not gold, I have plenty of gold now). BUT USD!!!!
  4. I think that THE ORIGINAL plan was to make CV's easier to use. To create a method of game play, that anyone could do, and be fairly okay at. Kinda like Anyone can be a decent arty match in wot's. The problem is that the whole thing got WAY over thought. It snowballed into changing AA, changing CV play, and trying to implement way to may items at once. At the end of the day, I think that they confused WAY more people than they helped
  5. LOL Very well said Diddle!
  6. Its def. not being used how they planned or they woudln't be getting ready to remove it. They aren't just removing it because a couple people complained... they realzied that they implemented something that was not conducive to balanced game play.
  7. Really anything so strong that people literally FLOCK to it... needs to be fixed. ASAP. Because while he may be having fun, the rest of the game and it's players are suffering. I know you cant win'em all. But you gotta atleast have the chance to win a few.
  8. SO this "HOT" Fix is supposed to be coming, and it's supposed to remove the "F" Spam cheat where the airplanes get cloaked in the forcefield of life and wisked back to the CV where a new set is waiting to be launched... Every since the "FIX" has been announced everyone able to click a mouse and push an "F" key is out there F Spamming with Rockets to get as much free credits as possible until they fix it. It's nothing short of of a cheat ... and a HORRIBLE mechanic AT BEST. Someone on a test server really responded to this in a positive way and said " The F key mechanic should be GREAT for balance" I don't believe that for a second!!!! Just played two "Kii" games one game I had 17,500 Airplane damage and only 2 kills. The other game was 8400 airplane damage and 0 kills. All the while getting focused down with airplanes wave after wave after wave of rockets while the DD"s roll in and everyone start criss crossing Torps. A "Hot Fix" just isn't enough for this BROKEN Mechanic. This CHEAT.... And when someone says something about it in game... The genius response is "They are taking it away soon, gotta use it as much as we can" ..... Well... .isn't that convenient. ...................... a week long fix is too much for this. Wargaming you need to go into the settings are remove/turn off this mechanic IMMEDIATLEY or be prepared to suffer the consequences. (Which no doubt will come in the form of lost player base.!!! ) With all the talk around the holidays about Tanks being on it's last leg.... And them absolutely putting the DEATH BLOW to Warplanes when they implemented that update where now you had to upgrade all your planes again came out. Calibration and all kinds of nonsense. A bunch of us who came over to planes at 2.0 woke up one day to having to grind out all our planes again,... So they shot warplanes in the heart. WOT"s is on it's last leg and sadly now this happens warships. I hope that they get this fxed before too much damage is done. Unfortunatly i won't be able to play anymore until the "F" cheat is removed. (yes, I know, nbd... ) Good luck with the fix. I hope it hits tomorrow! because i really want to play!
  9. JackG79

    Thanks, WG

    Ya know, i got this ship in a Santa Container a month ago. Everyone told me is was nothing special, but free is free.... (kinda). I ran a 10 pt captain that came with it and i have great games in it. When I have a bunch of losses in a row. ill just pull it up and have a blast!! Always a fun ship to play for me! With getting the Kronshtadt and moving up the Soviet line some lately, I am really enjoying the USSR and Pan-Asian ships the most lateley. They offer a fast paced high speed, flat- trajectory game play that you don't get elsewhere.
  10. JackG79


    AND THERE SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!
  11. JackG79


    Yeah it know, I just feel bad for all the folks who want one who can't get it. I know how it feels with the MIghty MO. I was never able to get one. and i feel bad for them.
  12. JackG79


    So I guess now is a good time for me to go purchase my "Kronstadt" Such delinquency... participating in the flooding of tier 9. Good thing this is getting straightening out!! (especially after the outcry of the community..... they just want their tier 9 back. It's like "Wack-a-mole" for Shima.
  13. That's true... but... There is a lot of Musashi's and Kronstadt's flooding tier 9..... LOOK OUT!!!
  14. I bought 90% mega boxes. 5 packs 20 packs more 5 packs more 20 packs.
  15. I spent about 750 bucks and didn't get the Mighty MO... (the only one I really wanted). Last year I spent about 400 bucks on World of Tanks boxes because I wanted a Type 59. (Didn't get one). (I started playing this game when Jingles put out his "Mighty Mo" Youtube video. So I had about 3 weeks to get it... and for a new player, it was just too much. So no Mighty Mo. So for a player with 40K Wot's games, who's been around since Beta.... And keep gets disappointed. LoL And someone who has spent money hand over fist trying to get the MO.... It really sucks to have neither. I could have bought a lot of other games with that cash, but Ive stayed "Loyal" to wargaming. Im not salty, as it was a choice I made. I just wish that there was some contest I could enter to get the MO. Or something else I could do. If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears. Take care guys. Happy hunting.