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  1. JackG79

    Nikolay Kuznetsov or Murmansk?

    Go with the Captain. The ship is only a few bucks in the premium shop and you can buy it anytime. it's not like a rare or anything. Def. less than 20 bucks. The Captain however is a special captain that gets Personalization: Signal Flares, Colored shell tracers, and a broad pennant. As well as two talents: Will to Victory, and Concealed Reserves. You can find the info on these in game. But i'll say this, they are nice perks. I have the Murmansk, and the Captain. I'd sell the ship, LONG before i'd delete the captain!
  2. Yeah... i heard Jingles saying that... i his last few videos. That people have ALL this free XP, credits, Gold, and what not, and nothing to spend it on. That has never been my issue. If that is the case then they need to think about putting some constraints on their attempt to make money on EVERY LITTLE THING in the game. They have SOLD EVERYTHING for a dollar. And now they want to pass the buck on to US for their [edited] and pillage of their own game. During events... they give away Tech Tree ships in containers Eliminating half or more of the grind. So that they can SELL containers... and Make $$$$ Right now, there is a "New Orleans WITH BOOSTER" in the premium shop for Sale. $$$$$ They have SOLD the GRIND.... They have literally sold EVERYTHIGN RIGHT DOWN TO THE GRIND....... and NOW they want it BACK!!!!! $$$$$$$$$ They have straight SOLD OUT the game.... and now they want to Double, Triple, and Quadruple down on the value of the ship lines.... SO THAT THEY CAN SELL THAT TOO!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$ ENough, will NEVER be ENOUGH at this rate. If we allow this to happen, and keep playing, all we are doing is selling out OURSELVES !!!!
  3. Well said. This Gent knows!!! That Specialist patch was like a sledge hammer to the head of the prom queen. For Warplanes. And that isn't even as Grindy as this will be. Can you imagine what this will do to Warships?
  4. JackG79

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Its like most everything they put out. The only people it benefits, are the ones that need it the least. This will only benefit the people who already run over the rest of the community and have 60+ win rates. Just like all the steel and other ships they put out. You win thse by winning clan wars, and ranked and what not. The best guys win and get the best ships. This will just power creep anyone but the best players right out of the game.
  5. They did almost this VERY thing in Warplanes about a year ago. Everyone had worked so hard to get their tier 10 planes and worked up a few lines since the new Warplanes 2.0 had come out. Then they came out with this FOOLISH new thing where they took everyones consumables, specialized equipment, and ammo off t heir planes and put them back to "Base Line" Now what you had to do was start each line plane each plane for 100 games to get it to "Specialist" And instead of having a few engines, airframes and what not you could use to upgrade your plane, you had to do these incriments on each module Then when you got so far you could "Calibrate" the stuff.... it was the most ABSURD thing. People left the game in DROVES!!!! Now when you get on World of Warplanes..... There is 2-4 players per match and 12-14 bots. The game is almost all bots. IS THAT WHEN WE WANT FOR WARSHIPS??? A Bunch of Non-stop BOT wars going on in the servers... with 1-4 players per/match actually sticking around.. and the rest BOTS? EVERY TIME Warplanes announces a game update you can pop into their forums, and see SEVERAL posts by former players... "Just came back to see if they relinquished the "Specialist" mode and put the game back to normal" Literally EVERY patch you can find these threads. People enjoy these games.... They WANT to play them, but what they don't want to do, is basically start over again. Nor do they want to be power crept by someone who has a stockpile of currency. This is just turning into pay to win. Wargaming......... LOOK AT THE NUMBERS....... After Warplanes 2.0 came out, Warpalnes awas HIGH on the HOG!! Highest in game numbers of players than EVER!! Then the specialist update came out. And those numbers were back down below 2.0 numbers. And they continue to plummet...... Isn't that the exact opposite of what we want for warships? We don't want the players to leave, and the numbers to drop. That's not profitable, And lets be honest.... thats what this is all about. That's what any business is all about. The only people this is going to benefit, are the people who already have the highest win rates and run over everyone else already. I don't see why they need a boost..... I think this will be the demise of a very large portion of the player base.
  6. JackG79

    So how long before...

    The Devs can have their own <NTC> Clan. <NotTooCreative>
  7. JackG79

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    You are 100% correct, but you'lll see all the usual brown nosers in here doing their best to get you to believe that you were GIFTED a better version of the original announcement as though that was some favor to the community.
  8. Ya know... The amount of times I play this game in a day. And Everytime I sail out i run with flags maxed out. I can't even imagine how many flags i spent on thew eekend of the event, and I didn't even win one of the camo's..... So let me guess.... a bunch of people who already had the Mass got wargaming to donate a stack of gold or credits tot hem!?!?! I'll bet 50% minimum who got the ship already had it. I am disabled and can hardly walk and spend WAY more time on here than I really should. And yet... i didn't even place?!?! Then who won!?!?!?! A bunch of recluse hermits that took the time not to sleep all weekend!?!?!? Because I can't imagine that with me being crippled, that there is a huge number of people who play more than I do. .... ????
  9. JackG79

    The downvote button is gone

    Fixed that for ya!!! I think that tells the broader story!!!
  10. If I had to guess....... i'd say that this falls under that issue that was discussed yesterday about AA. How AA and Secondary guns start the game UNLOADED and only begin loading when an airplane is within striking range. Had his AA started out loaded... he would have decimated the airplanes.
  11. JackG79

    Dunkirk Collectible Cards?

    They occasionally call them that. I've seen them called "Collectible Cards" in the premium shop before as well. And they are indeed just the old Dunkirk Collection. Good for anyone who didn't have it complete.... as you do get a cool flag (That I fly on my "Duquerque" ship. )for completing the set.
  12. If I get a new pic or my badge or background for it... there is a little icon over my flying raccon, or bamboo eating bear or bomb chewing crocodile...... Or if I get a new part of whatever the latest collection is.... I get an icon over the little Key thing. Util i go in, and physically put my ouse over it, confirming that I seen it. Why not take this same due dilligance in putting these icons over ships whos parameters have changed.... for anyone who owns the ship, so that they can go in and look and see the change and confirm that they have seen it. I for one would be grateful for not being left in the dark.
  13. JackG79

    USS IOWA - Captain/Module/ builds.

    Thanks Kami, 1204, Sheep! Awesome ideas here. The Iowa is by far the most expensive ship I've worked with. So right now I am just putting together credits, and will plan to take her out this evening or tomorrow. Thank you guys for all your input. these Battleship Series builds are awesome! I should put these all together and post them in one post some day for new or less apt players like myself. Thanks again everyone!
  14. JackG79

    USS IOWA - Captain/Module/ builds.

    Im hoping to set sail tomorrow. After I put in a few games. I'll hit ya up! Thanks again!
  15. JackG79

    USS IOWA - Captain/Module/ builds.

    I haven't even had her out into a game yet. I put a capt. in her, and started doing research on the best builds.When it's time to lay down the "C" Hull and get her speed trails under way I will def. let u know!