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  1. Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    GE - as an American, I approve of this great song with a real good video
  2. Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    If you are going with GE, you need to include -
  3. Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    And finally since this is a French Ship - Chic - Le Freak - Live from Holland for @Lert
  4. Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    Cannot leave out Donna Summer -
  5. Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    One more and this is DISCO....
  6. Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    Another good one - thanks Lert!
  7. Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    How about pre-disco????
  8. Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    How about this one - not disco but fun
  9. Bought the Roma but stayed away form the higher priced for two reasons - cost and IMO only, dumb looking special camo included. The base camo for Roma is good looking to me and I enjoy running her so far. She is a fun ship even with out the "beer can" effect.
  10. Elegant Warships

    Pretty good - +1
  11. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    LWM +1 as normal... LOL - great review as always - really liking the new layout and information flow. Keep up the great work!
  12. Musashi ain't worth it

    Well Lert, I am with you on this ship. Any of these ships whether premium, free xp or event have detractors which is to be expected but they do tend to get a little over excited if you do not agree that "XX" ship is garbage and not worth the cost.... I just go on about my business, purchase or obtain which ever ship I please as it is my money or time and how I chose to spend either is up to me. I do have to admit that a lot of these posts are very entertaining if somewhat fluffy to read.
  13. Good video Zoup - +1 I will pick up the Musashi when it becomes available and look forward to playing her. I think by bringing her in as free XP ship, it is a good way for her to fit into the game and gives people th choice to grind out the Yamato or save the free XP, pick up the Musashi and use her as a captain trainer to build up even your Yamamoto. In addition, I do not see the forum group being 90% USN fanboys. There have been a lot of suggestions for premium ships or standard lines to be brought into the game which were not USN - such as Dutch from Lert, German from dseehafer or the Italian lines from Pastore or Pheonix. A lot of people are looking forward to the French line and the Brit CVs and DDs in the future. The 90% does not fly in my book. Finally, people always have a choice to buy or not buy and premiums or free xp ships or even what lines to grind. From where we started in Beta to now, I think that WG has done a pretty good job expanding the options.