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  1. Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    Fantastic review as always @LittleWhiteMouse. That gif is really nice and worth reading though to see! Keep up the good work One question for you - is Steering Gears Modification 2 a potential option in the fourth slot? I am looking at that to assist getting into your large turn quicker and maybe altering course quicker in avoiding incoming fire. A slightly more nimble ship?
  2. Premium Advice

    You have good ships on your list. All things being equal, I would rank them in this manner for fun play and ease of use - Dunkerque Perth Molotov Sims Leningrad I believe that BBs are the easiest of the classes to move into and play immediately. I do have all of them and they are all fun for different reasons. It really comes down to what you decide to focus on and what nation you want to grind and need a trainer. My list would change considerably based upon your focus. But whatever you choose, I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great time with your new premium.
  3. @LittleWhiteMouse great review as always- thanks for all your hard work! I really enjoy playing the D'Aosta so maybe the Abruzzi will be OK. She is a ship I want in my collection as she is a very good looking boat.
  4. Mouse's Throne of Skulls

    LOL - I was there with you Pigeon and the battle was ugly for us....
  5. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    hey irony - ran the check tool again and it found that the game files needed to be repaired. The repair ran and the after battle reports are now shosing - thanks.
  6. I ran the Check Tool and it fixed an issue with the game - now the battle results are showing up.
  7. Just ran a battle in my Prinz Eugen - so nice to have the heal. It was a tier 10 battle and towards the end, fought a Moskva one on one. Fortunately, I won the duel by putting three torps into her. Not a great battle but without the heal, I would have been dead to the Moskva as I took 59k in damage. The PE is now viable in high tier battles! YEA - well done WG and thanks.
  8. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Unfortunately, I missed this thread so I am posting the issue I experienced in the game today. Played two battles, 1 win and 1 loss, and stayed until the end of each, did not leave early to go back to port. The after battle results did not show up and only the win showed up in the Battles Tab - WoWS_report.wgc
  9. I have run two battles after the update to 0.7.4 with one win and one loss. My game did not crash nor did I leave battle and return to port early. The problem is that after battle report was not showing up and only one battle shows in my Battles Tab in port. When I click on the battle - no after action report shows. I have attached two print screens of the issue -
  10. Pics of USS Helena (CL-50).

    Great pics Doom - thanks for sharing.
  11. Ranked Trio P2W

    Gotcha and thanks - went into the shop and saw the 10 point commanders listed. Wonder what you will really get - should be the 10 point as that is what is in the shop.
  12. Ranked Trio P2W

    Yeah, says 6 point captains as of when I read it - not saying that it wasn't changed but all I know is what I read - Ranked Trio $98.70 27% Off BUY NOW Includes: VIII HSF Harekaze VIII Prinz Eugen VIII Alabama 3x Port Slots Commander Akeno Misaki (6 Skill Points) German Commander (6 Skill Points) US Commander (6 Skill Points) Harekaze Ranked Mission Unlock Prinz Eugen Ranked Mission Unlock Alabama Ranked Mission Unlock
  13. Apology

    My condolences and prayers go out to you. Do not worry about conduct in a silly game - life is just so much more important and venting is an outlet as well. Step away, take care of your needs and come back saltier (:D) than ever....
  14. Asashio sure to be the new Nicolai

    I will play a wait and see game with this new ship before agreeing that it is OP or a game breaker. With that said, I am looking forward to playing her, might even be a blast to throw her into coop once n a while.....
  15. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    Well written Doomlock - sad at his passing and wish his family nothing but the best. My hope that the good memories will soften the despair of his passing even for a little while. My thoughts and prayers go out to them Semper Fideles!