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  1. bat1159man

    Results screen randomly skipped

    I have noticed this as well but only over the past week or so but it has gotten worse for me. While I did not play yesterday, it happened every third or fourth battle on Sunday. You can go to the lower tab and still pull the battle results up to review.
  2. bat1159man

    Happy New Year 2019

    I would like to say Happy New Year to all the captains out there - I hope you have smooth sailing and many victories in the new year...... as long as it is not against my teams -
  3. bat1159man

    Magic has no place in this game

    LOL, so the ships that were only conceived on a cocktail napkin (paper ships) do not belong either? They are purely magic as no one knows what they would be like in actual battles...... Just let the people who enjoy the ARMS Race play it and have fun. Play your battle modes and have fun.... everyone wins
  4. One thing I have learned after playing this game since the beginning is to have patience. The agonizing over how much FXP to grind, which ship to purchase with it.... we all knew the ships that were leaving and if really wanted to, could have made a huge effort to get them. At that point, we could have saved up for the next. My big request would be to up the exchange rate of convertible XP a once a year to say 50 XP to one doubloon.... they would make a good sum in people purchasing doubloons for converting the XP - I know I would as I am sitting on 30,000,000 and 35 to 1 is not that big of a difference for me.
  5. bat1159man

    Premium Ship Review #115: Bourgogne

    Another great review +1 - thanks @LittleWhiteMouse - now to decide between the Stalingrad or the Frenchy....
  6. bat1159man

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    @LittleWhiteMouse - agree with you completely. +1 on your review. I had been looking forward to this ship coming into the game. The two nerfs that are too much are - Her reload time was 24s and not 28s. (yowsa) - hope they see the issues and at least bring the reload back to 26 seconds Her turret rotation speed was a gorgeous 6.0º/s instead of 4.0º/s (yummy) - this should be brought back to 6/s or at the very least 5/s She might just become a "GOOD BOTE" again but I will still pick her up for free but probably will not purchase her outright. Sad WarGaming is losing money in this manner.....
  7. bat1159man

    Should I get the Cossack?

    Get her, yes as she is definitely worth it. While I play and like the Lightning more, I will play both of them as they are a lot of fun.
  8. bat1159man

    Cruiser tone coming after CV update?

    I do not remember her being tested in early Alpha but maybe someone else can chime in on that.... I do know that it would be good to see her in game and that is why I have her in my signature line. IIRC, they wanted to have the CV rework complete prior to going back to the Tone and Ise as their number of fighters put up could be potentially used as a roaming fighter squadron - I am looking forward to seeing how they bring her in - depending upon how she enters, I would imagine either tier 7 or 8.
  9. bat1159man

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    I am doubtful of any account having "better odds", some people are just basically luckier than others. I have a friend who will roll the dice in a bar he visits for the first time and win.... me, I could be doing the dice rolls for a year and never win, you just never know. Do not color your view point on one year's experience as these tend to balance out over time..... except for me getting Super Conditioners, they are more mythical than unicorns in my game.... :D
  10. bat1159man

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    Not a CC - bought 20 medium boxes and got TWO ships - not bad for the investment but they were the Krasny Krym and the Monaghan so.... they were two of the ships I had not bought yet so it does work. The two ships were $39 in the shop so basically I made my money back after two crates - I am pleased with my purchase as I did not expect much and therefore pleasantly surprised. It is just very random as had a clan mate spend a LOT of money last year with very little to show for it. So rest assured OP, you are not alone in the RNG theater of life. Funny thing though both ships were a hard pass based upon what @LittleWhiteMouse provided in her reviews AND then I get them .... that's Krasny Karma Kreme for you LOL
  11. bat1159man

    Best looking ship in the game?

    Lest we forget - the clean classic lines of the Ark Beta - no AA mounts cluttering her clean look.... ....
  12. bat1159man

    Best looking ship in the game?

    Blashashio is a looker as well.....
  13. bat1159man

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome aboard and congratulations on the new position!
  14. bat1159man

    USS Alaska - Is She Right for You?

    USS Alaska is a beautiful ship and even though may be a challenge, going to add her to my port. Hopefully, she will be free XP or coal and not another steel ship......
  15. bat1159man

    Best looking ship in the game?

    BlaTirp - that camo is soooo nice looking - the Asashio is not too bad in her black underalls either