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  1. Thanks - believe I may have read that but spaced on it. With that plane, she should be mission capable for quite a long time.
  2. Beautiful ship! Glad to see the Brits getting back onto the CV game in a big way! What planes will she be carrying - the upgraded Harriers?
  3. We will Ferret out these puns in Earnest and Fawn over them like a Gypsy would a Violet!
  4. Well, at least you two are fighting a Gallant battle and have not resorted to Brazen name calling or Ardent yelling but you been very Daring in your conversation
  5. +1 LWM, well done! I just wish Yuro was still doing his videos. He would have a great time with these ships. His best for me is still the Missouri. Watch it for a laugh or two -
  6. Congrats on the Alabama! Looks like you and here were made for each other. I purchased it since it came back to the shop - missed the first time as was paying for son's surgery..... have not played it much yet but looking forward to seeing how she performs.
  7. +1 - excellent review as always LWM. Thank you for the detailed information and I am looking forward to sailing the Nelson even more now.
  8. No, this is a response to a particular post - it is about this game only.
  9. Great battle - congrats. Even though it was a defeat, you did everything possible to bring a victory, well done!
  10. WOW - amazing battle - I got her from a $3 Santa Crate but have not played her too much yet. Got to get her out and build a captain to get the IFHE.
  11. Well, I cannot stand the grind on the Russian DDs. Not my play style so I appreciate those who will persevere through and get the rewards. As for stats, I imagine like me, you will have those very good games intermixed with the real bad games and the statas suffer for them.
  12. Being one of the potatoes, it is nice to know how poorly we are looked upon by the great in this game. Guess I need to take my ball and go home. Also nice to know that we are not wanted. Funny though, hard to see how this game will survive without us.
  13. For one thing - 12 FPS - yuck Seems to be a number of ships looking for the warp portal to the Ocean Map - they believe they are in the wrong battle
  14. Congrats and enjoy your new ship - hope you havea lot of success with her.
  15. I was able to complete the mission over two battles so not sure what is happening with your situation. Did you try to shut down the game and restart to see if any count show up?