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  1. bat1159man

    Birthday Gifts

    I am assuming everything is good as when I hit the button "Start Receiving Gifts", I am taken to the Account Management page even though I have the subscriptions enabled, email linked and birthday entered.... and no, it is not October 1st.....
  2. bat1159man

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Hey fellow Captains... I enjoy WoWS and frequent the forums but am not a heavy poster. I really enjoy reading content up until now. This whole CC / Missouri issue is very depressing, So, I am not going to rehash what was so eloquently stated by @Chobittsu, @Femennenly or WG's business model as accurately described by @TheMightyJingles What I find truly disheartening in today's world is the blatant double standard for addressing issues - @LittleWhiteMouse is verbally abused and demeaned in an open, public discussion on Discord while another CC regularly uses discriminatory language without consequence. In the corporate environment in which I work, neither is acceptable - The first is always done from a position of a person abusing power and that person needs to be promptly admonished with corrective actions taken to change the person's behavior or separation should follow. The second should be stamped out immediately and the responsible person removed from the CC program. This type of person is a cancer directly reflecting upon WGs brand. No corporation wants to have their name associated with discriminatory behavior of an associate on an ongoing basis as it brings extremely bad PR and negative press. Usually followed by a loss of investors My heart goes out to all the contributors who made the difficult decision to leave as WG left you, you did not leave WG. To @LittleWhiteMouse, thank you. You kept me returning to the forums to see what new jewels would be shared concerning new premium ships. First and FOREMOST, take care of yourself and live your life free of the burden of WG
  3. bat1159man

    Fair Winds and Following seas.

    Fair winds and following seas @Hapa_Fodder - enjoy your life, you only have one to live and should focus on you....
  4. Having been to Iwo Jima island, my uncle was KIA there 1 March, 1945 - we cannot forget the USS Texas as she supported my uncle's division - The Spearhead - 5th MARDiv - from landing through inland battles. USS Texas left Iwo Jima on 7 March for Ulithi Island to prepare for Okinawa. Great pictures though and much appreciated. You should add the firing assignments for the BBs involved in supporting Iwo Jima. It is fascinating to see the zones assigned.
  5. bat1159man

    Farewell URL Guy

    @TheURLGuy - wish you the best in your future endeavors. While I may not post much, I am always here reading the information and you have been very good to / for the community. I am sure you will do well wherever the winds take you
  6. bat1159man

    Yoshino or Georgia

    If your play style is more passive and you do not feel comfortable pushing into the fray, go Yoshino. It is a fire starting machine with 20k torps which can be used as area denial. It can be citadeled from almost all angles by BB guns so you need to keep using the WASD keys. If you love brawling, using secondaries and pushing in to destroy enemies - go Georgia. With its speed boost and set up with secondary specialization, you can really hurt other ships with your first salvo and follow up secondairies. If you are able, get both and try each play style. Both are fun and have success and failures based upon how the battles work out.
  7. bat1159man

    What is the worse grind - PR or Benham?

    I was able to grind out the Benham as I play every day anyway and now really enjoy the ship. The PR grind is not too bad through the first two Directives, the third gets very much more difficult and time consuming while when I looked at the 5th, I had to say wth? Even as a player who enjoys grinding out snowflakes and missions, this was too incredible to believe. Now I have to make the decision to drop dubs on the boosts and can I still make it. In summary, the PR grind is much more difficult by a magnitude not by an additive. Without boosts, not possible in my thoughts.....
  8. bat1159man

    Tier 10 Santa Crate rewards... oh dear

    I am not disappointed in the rewards but in the manner of how WoWS has lessened the rewards from the previous year. To me, it would have been better for them to start a little lower and build year over year instead of starting higher and diminishing them. The method they chose appears to say to the player base that you are not as important to us as you were last year. While I do not believe that to be the case, appearances can determine impressions.......
  9. bat1159man

    Full Pumpkin Event Statistics

    As a Pumpkin - had a great time and played as many battles as I could over the weekend - over 70. There were a quite a few battles where there were 2 or three Pumpkins per team at the beginning. Towards the end, I was alone in many battles - it was getting late.... Well done to Fem and the WG staff for setting up a very nice event. Congrats to all those who sunk a Pumpkin - fly your flag proudly!
  10. bat1159man

    Halloween filth isn’t fair

    I did see this a number of times but since our div had not seen them, figured that was what they were doing. I play the Angler and we waited until I had reloaded then went for the portal. I was able to blind torp and get a lot of hits. Even with BB 90% reduction, dot damage and then our BBs punished them when their shields went down. Wasn't easy but they did not get any of our Filth.....
  11. bat1159man

    PSA: Genova Doubloon Compensation Started

    Thanks @Femennenly and WG!!!! Got my doubloons and purchased two premium Italian Cruiser container - got the Tier 5 AND 6 missions - guess I should have bought a lotto ticket.....
  12. @Femennenly - you may have a very good tie in for next year's sub entry - the U505 is at the Chicago Science and Industry Museum with a fantastic indoor exhibit - https://www.msichicago.org/explore/whats-here/exhibits/u-505-submarine/
  13. bat1159man

    2 Carrier Battles

    The low tier CVs got a buff recently........ it is called the Viribs Unitis with an AA rating of SEVEN.... LOL easy picking for any CV commander
  14. bat1159man

    Thunderer in a Nutshell

    Fantastic review and love the graphics- great fun to read = HUGE thumbs up
  15. bat1159man

    Quick Cut: Tier VII Italian Cruiser Zara

    I am looking forward to the Italian line - they are great looking ships