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  1. I agree with OP and would like to see them as an option to the Italian Cruiser and future BB line - would it be possible to make it an option such as in the camo color scheme like the IJN or USN ships can use? Personally, I like them with the perma camo but do not with certain others.
  2. Would like to sign up for this - former Corgi and Pirate
  3. bat1159man

    Tier 6 Trouble - 15th - 22nd

    No kills but a win and nice damage in the P.E. Friedrich.....
  4. bat1159man

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    Great review as always +1
  5. bat1159man

    My best game yet.

    WOW - very nice game. Personally, never been close to the 300k battle and am still waiting for that magical experience.... then I wake up and reality hits me.... LOL Well done and glad to see you stayed with the game
  6. I would hope the Tone comes into the game before the WeeVee 44/45. The Tone would be a very interesting game play style depending upon how the scouts / fighters would be set up which based upon how they place the fighter consumable on the new CV play, should be a natural extension.... That being said, I did pick up the WeeVee 41 and really enjoy playing her -
  7. bat1159man

    Game Chat, CV Hate, it’s Futile.

    I would tend to agree with you at tiers 4 and 6. My undefined thoughts centered around tiers 8 and 10. The selling and crate give-aways of the tier 8 CVs increased that skill gap exponentially. You are now seeing CVs with 35 - 42% win rates, 27 - 32k average damage up against the CV mains with 60%+ win rates and 100k damage per battle PLUS the knowledge on how to use the strengths much better. As not being a CV player, I am impressed on how the CV mains find and exploit strengths and unintended bugs to become very good in the new mets.
  8. bat1159man

    Game Chat, CV Hate, it’s Futile.

    I do not play CVs but play against a lot of them. My thoughts - there is still a huge skill gap between CV players - WGs attempt to get more people to play them has not helped the issue CVs are still very strong in the right hands - I shot down 67 planes in a battle with my Stalingrad - I was eventually killed by the CV. The battle was a win but the CV driver almost made a comeback for his team - we wpn on points as time elapsed it may take longer to reconstitute squadrons after losing planes but there is no limit to how many can be sent up in my DDs, I am usually focused by CVs and then radar ships and then CVs again.... a never ending cycle of avoidance which means I avoid the caps like the plague during early games as I mentioned, I do not play CVs but respect the good players and will compliment them when they do well but at the same time, there are many who should be in Coop and learning the basics - I would never pick up a CV and go into Randoms..... I would be nothing but a liability to my team outside of some scouting ability two CVs in a high tier battle is one too many - I know that one is a tier 8 and one a tier 10 but when played well can coordinate strikes and scouting, a real detriment to other classes in my AA Cruisers, I can shoot down planes but cannot avoid strikes, they are minimized but not removed unless sailing in a group which then attracts the walls of skill torp focus..... Answers - h@ll, I don't have any as I believe no matter what is done, either the CVs will be negatively impacted or the other classes will. Not really sure if the new CV game play is the right move and will leave that to the CV mains who can better speak to them.. At any rate, I will continue to do what I can knowing that more passive DD play is how I run them now and my other ships stay in a group to maximize the AA bubble.
  9. bat1159man

    Russian BBs

    I thought maybe I should buy a lotto ticket.... bought the 7 box for 7500 dubs and got all four ship missions. The nice fact is that they all build on the same XP won in each battle so you do not have to do four separate missions.
  10. bat1159man

    Twitch Bits Feedback (Bits N' Ships)

    Sorry to hear that as I have the Twitch containers drop regularly and got one this morning.
  11. @LittleWhiteMouse fantastic review as always +1 - I see your predictions about the angst over getting the Alaska and NOT having read your reviews has come true.... you are quite the prognosticator I did pick her up and will be switching captains from other CAs to see how she performs with slightly captain different skills builds
  12. Fascinating and thanks for sharing. What a harrowing experience for those sailors and to have made it out during that time - WOW, just WOW. Being that the war was going so poorly, their hardiness, determination and steadfast personalities would not easily found in today's environment.
  13. @LittleWhiteMouse fantastic review as always +1 I did pick her up and will be switching captains from other CAs to see how she performs with slightly captain different skills builds
  14. bat1159man

    Alaska or Wait?

    With the UK CVs coming out, was hoping that the Alaska would not be overlooked as I am not a CV player, Thankfully, Alaska drops tomorrow and I have 2.6 million FXP sitting there waiting. Will definitely pick up the Alaska tomorrow as I have plenty of captains to grind to 19 pts on my lower tier CAs / CLs - Buff, DM, Salem, Cleveland all have their 19 pt captains so will be nice to switch some of them in and out to test the ship out.
  15. bat1159man

    What is Your Favorite Sports Team?

    Green Bay Packers St. Louis Cardinals Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Bulls Fighting Illini