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  1. Agreed and the Russians had a vast fleet as well with the best DD ever put onto water........ I am looking forward to the Musashi and will be anxious to see how they balance it against the tiers it may see.
  2. I look at it this way, got mine in a group of Santa crates that I spent $5 USD or around there. I thought that was extremely fortunate as I had not wanted to spend the money on her originally. Now, I will not sell her as that is a deal I doubt will ever be repeated even if she came back into the game for whatever reason.....
  3. ahla

    Thanks Doomlock - great post +1. Roma and her sister were beautiful ships and I look forward to their addition into the game.
  4. Doomlock, you do so well with AHLA that I would like to see the RRoma featured - keep up the good work and CONGRATS on 5k!!!!
  5. I have both and they are good ships. The Atago and can recommend her as she very good guns and can train any IJN Cruiser Captain. The heal is a great benefit as both ships are rather squishy. Torps are even between them. The Mogami is a very fun ship to play and much better after the buff to her guns. She eventually leads to the Zao which is a very fun ship to play. Unfortunately, the Ibuki has to be played first.... my nemesis even though others do well with her. Personally, I would pick up the Atago to help build FXP and at the same timer grind the Mogami. Additionally, I would not play either ship too aggressively as they are not armored enough to be front line battlers
  6. Excellent work - talk about the perfect storm......LOL Too bad it was a loss but you did everything possible to get the win - well done.
  7. Erebthoron - Congrats! +1 Unfortunately, I have a way to go as others have said but nice to know that there is no time frame to complete. Much more relaxed about it.
  8. I do not believe the ship needs a nerf. Yes, I have been set afire by the Conq many times. Is it frustrating, heck yes. To counter, I have been set afire by Des Moines, Zao, Khab just as many times. I have to be judicious in my use of the damage control. Additionally, I have the Conq and am still learning the proper way to play the ship but the balance of the fire ability is that it is very squishy and I need to be careful when turning that shows my broadside even for a short time.
  9. I have used Co-Op battles for two reasons - to learn new ships - my two premium CVs have not left Co-Op yest as I do not want to punish my team mates in a Rndom battle - LOL to remove the pink status While I only have about 300 battles in Co-Op, I have not seen AFK being an issue and never did see an AFK pink ship. The pink ships I have seen in Co-Op have all been active in the battle and trying to get kills.
  10. Excellent pictures - thanks Doom! +1
  11. Congrats - well done and I understand your comment about the feeling, it is sooo true.
  12. All the ships you mention are very good premiums but really depends upon a couple of questions - are you grinding the IJN DD line and want a high point captain - get the Harekaze if you like playing Cruisers and are grinding either the IJN or RU Cruiser line - what play style do you prefer? Atago can be played a little more aggressively though as with any Cruisers, pick your time and protect your broadsides - has both DF, Cat Fighter and Heal great torps good Cruiser Captain trainer Kutuzov - plays more passively - uses smoke to shoot and burn down opponents smoke plus hydro means you can be aware of torps coming toward your smoke laser like guns with good shell velocity good money maker and Cruiser Captain trainer All in all, you really cannot go wrong but if you are also looking for that strong credit maker - Kutuzov would be my choice. Eventually, you might end up with all of them and solve the problem.... Which ever you pick, good luck and have fun with the ship.
  13. The credit is being put into your account to purchase the Musashi when it comes into the game as a tier 10 FXP ship.....
  14. I did donate and have the flag - always appreciate those efforts who send 90 - 100% of the money to the people in need.. My other cause is the Semper Fi Fund because, well, just because..... Maybe there would be a better response if these special flags were able to be mounted. WoWS should look long and hard at allowing ships to carry a second or third flag. This poll shows the forum thoughts on it -
  15. I do not get it - remove a whole class of ships from Clan Battles? This just shows how much emphasis they should be putting on fixing the CVs, their players should be part of the battle line up.. My fear is that they devs will take the WoT method used for arty and make it nearly impossible for a CV to one strike a ship. Wouldn't that be a total over reaction to the CV balancing?