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  1. bat1159man

    What is the worse grind - PR or Benham?

    I was able to grind out the Benham as I play every day anyway and now really enjoy the ship. The PR grind is not too bad through the first two Directives, the third gets very much more difficult and time consuming while when I looked at the 5th, I had to say wth? Even as a player who enjoys grinding out snowflakes and missions, this was too incredible to believe. Now I have to make the decision to drop dubs on the boosts and can I still make it. In summary, the PR grind is much more difficult by a magnitude not by an additive. Without boosts, not possible in my thoughts.....
  2. bat1159man

    Tier 10 Santa Crate rewards... oh dear

    I am not disappointed in the rewards but in the manner of how WoWS has lessened the rewards from the previous year. To me, it would have been better for them to start a little lower and build year over year instead of starting higher and diminishing them. The method they chose appears to say to the player base that you are not as important to us as you were last year. While I do not believe that to be the case, appearances can determine impressions.......
  3. That is great as you did not give me a definite "no".... LOL If it happens, I would hope to see you at the event!
  4. The event will be too much for me to accomplish but will try. The disappointment for me was the booster cost as I had budgeted less so may only attempt the first two. Once I saw the announcement and did the math, knew this would be a chore and not probably attainable. You can still buy the ship outright but the price point is too extravagent for me to even consider.... This being said, the Gorizia will be done AND we are getting a lot of bonuses that do not have to be given out. Sure, a lot of people are not happy with the snowflake event and I definitely understand. Where WoWS suffers is that they made the bar high by the previous event and are now scaling back instead of starting a little lower and building up year over year. Basically, I will take what I can get from the events and enjoy my holidays without stressing over something I cannot control. Good luck to all who attempt and congrats to all who make it. Have a fantastic holiday season.
  5. Great partnership and saving money on fantastic books is a plus. @Femennenly and @Sub_Octavian could this mean a WoWS event at the U505 exhibit in Chicago? It is a one of a kind and should be a feature since subs are on their way at some point. I have been there many times and still like a little boy when I go - so interesting.
  6. bat1159man

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    Great idea for a topic - I am thankful this holiday season to the Lord for putting me on this green earth and providing for me and my family to all my buddies in the Corps, some who now stand watch on the streets of Heaven to War Gaming for putting out a product where I can log on, relax, play battles, division with friends and be successful now and then - swear and drink while doing so.... sometimes.... LOL for my new friends made while playing this game - some of you may be transient as clans change but you all have a place in my memories for those ships of history that I felt would be a great time captaining through battles - Yamato, Iowa, Bismarck, KG V, Nelson, Mogami, Cleveland, Hood, Prinz Eugen, Scharnhorst, Belfast, Atlanta to name a few to World of War Ships for updating the game, adding new ships, creating new scenarios and striving hard to present a fun game where anyone can pick up a ship and blast away to the many CCs who I have learned from over the years - @iChase, @NoZoupForYou, @Hyf1re, @LittleWhiteMouse, flamuu, Flambass, Drachinifel Keep up the good work WoWS! I look forward to playing this game for some time to come.
  7. bat1159man

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    If you play the HSF Graf Spee - use your range and hitting ability of those 11 inch main guns - vary ammo appropriately as the HE shells are very useful. You do not have much armor so continue to vary speed and angle especially when trying to kite away. Your 8km torps have great angles and can assist you in breaking away. Cmndr Thea
  8. Yoshino for the win!!!!
  9. bat1159man

    Full Pumpkin Event Statistics

    As a Pumpkin - had a great time and played as many battles as I could over the weekend - over 70. There were a quite a few battles where there were 2 or three Pumpkins per team at the beginning. Towards the end, I was alone in many battles - it was getting late.... Well done to Fem and the WG staff for setting up a very nice event. Congrats to all those who sunk a Pumpkin - fly your flag proudly!
  10. bat1159man

    Halloween filth isn’t fair

    I did see this a number of times but since our div had not seen them, figured that was what they were doing. I play the Angler and we waited until I had reloaded then went for the portal. I was able to blind torp and get a lot of hits. Even with BB 90% reduction, dot damage and then our BBs punished them when their shields went down. Wasn't easy but they did not get any of our Filth.....
  11. bat1159man

    Overcoming Operations - 28th - 4th

    The Filth recovery is a fun event. The best so far -
  12. bat1159man

    PSA: Genova Doubloon Compensation Started

    Thanks @Femennenly and WG!!!! Got my doubloons and purchased two premium Italian Cruiser container - got the Tier 5 AND 6 missions - guess I should have bought a lotto ticket.....
  13. @Femennenly - you may have a very good tie in for next year's sub entry - the U505 is at the Chicago Science and Industry Museum with a fantastic indoor exhibit - https://www.msichicago.org/explore/whats-here/exhibits/u-505-submarine/
  14. bat1159man

    2 Carrier Battles

    The low tier CVs got a buff recently........ it is called the Viribs Unitis with an AA rating of SEVEN.... LOL easy picking for any CV commander
  15. Still enjoying the Alaska.....