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  1. Just got this from a random SC
  2. Perhaps they plan to sell ships name/hull number combinations so that you could customize a ship of a class for a personal favorite i.e USS St. Paul or USS New Jersey?
  3. DDG44_Vet

    Stunning Aerial of USS Missouri & Others

    Great photo, thanks for sharing!
  4. DDG44_Vet

    Current warships

    Thank you Justin, that is really cool.
  5. DDG44_Vet

    Monthly Super Container time

    50K FXP, I'm happy!
  6. Not a bad idea. Perhaps use 1989 as a cut off point for Cold War and post Cold War discussions?
  7. Got 1000 dubs, 
  8. DDG44_Vet

    Anyone get a triple Coal drop recently?

    Got one tonight, can't remember the last one it was so long ago
  9. DDG44_Vet

    75K Silver To Play Aegis Op?

    Thanks all, I hadn’t played either one since last night so seeing them both stuck in cooldown mode immediately upon logging in tonight must be a bug. I’ll shutdown and reboot to see if that clears the problem.
  10. After todays update I noticed that both my Repulse and Graf Spee are listed in port as needing orders for $75K silver in order to play in the Aegis operation. Does anyone know why that would happen? Last night I played both of them in Raptor Rescue with no problem
  11. DDG44_Vet

    What did you get in your January SC?

    14 days Premium time
  12. DDG44_Vet

    Getting Stuck on Islands

    This has happened to me several times as well, will screen shot and send into to CS, thanks for the advice @IfYouSeeKhaos
  13. DDG44_Vet

    Email Bonus Codes

    And another: 22NY9-8AH2Z-TT7A3
  14. Thanks to all for the very helpful information and special thanks to @Vader_Sama for your diagram and trigger point explainations. As I recall we did have a DD who raced up north while we were still fighting the CA convoy escorts, he took a lot of salt for leaving us, so that seems like it was the trigger.