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  1. USS Salem

    I have seen one in battle. Only conversion is from steel to coal.
  2. Indianapolis compensation?

    That is the risk you take and there is no guarantee that any premium will become free later on. If nothing else, you paid to play the ship earlier than everyone else and this time, playing the ship got you extra crates with goodies.
  3. Indianapolis compensation?

    From June Mission Details If you already have Indianapolis in your Port, you’ll receive a commander, a slot and compensation in Credits equal to the ship's cost.
  4. They are, play a game in a T10 ship and you will get the mission for that T10 ship.
  5. Indy Marathon pt. 17

    Also make sure you are looking at the team score screen to make sure you are above 1750 base xp. Have had some people confused already when not looking at the correct value on the XP screen.
  6. Get Rid of KARMA

    Yes, karma is meaningless, so why worry over it...
  7. A Really Stupid Question

    When you press TAB, there is a Division button near the top. Click on that then click on the plus symbol in an existing or a new division.
  8. Asenal flow

    When I bought a Tier X ship, I got some kind of confirmation, but the button wording was in Russian.
  9. From June Missions notes: Please note, that these combat missions will become available after a single battle on VIIIndianapolis and remain accessible until July 25th.
  10. Minotaur glitch?

    Do you need a US cruiser or carrier? I cannot open the game now to check, but some of those missions require a US ship.
  11. Did you register for PT 0.7.5 Part 1 or earlier? You only have to register once and not every time another Public Test period comes around.
  12. If they are not playing WoWs, does not mean they are not playing another WG game and are using their name.
  13. Participation Award

    lol Maybe instead of "You clicked Start", it should say "You clicked Battle".
  14. Most likely the enemy team went down to 0 points. That would make you win.
  15. Per the Public Test Notes, you can get the Cleveland from the New Orleans until 0.7.6