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  1. Drago25x

    Carriers in PVE

    It also seems to depend on how many bots you have on your team. If you are almost the only person on your team, your bots seems to get taken out faster than the red bots. I have not had any issues when the team is mostly/all players.
  2. Drago25x

    No Reward From Killing Maskarado

    All Prizes Paid Out By: Mar .18 EOD per https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/masque-raid/
  3. Drago25x

    wth - no captains

    You only need to play about 4-5 games to get everything unlocked. Have to unlock if you want to try out the space battle mode and to get the main account reward missions.
  4. Drago25x

    Collection annoyance

    You can trade some duplicates for what you are missing.
  5. Drago25x

    New sound effects gave Cleveland silencers?

    I also noticed that with the Cleveland, trying a repair now to see if that helps.
  6. Drago25x

    Radar is Overpowered

    6 sec spot of only the radaring ship is planned to be in the next patch 0.8.1, before all ships can see the ship
  7. The ships were put in with an agreement with the ARP company, the agreement ran out so those ships will not come back unless another agreement is done.
  8. Drago25x

    Twitch Container Question

    Not sure if it is true, but I heard that if the feed is muted, you will not get any containers.
  9. Drago25x

    Last stand needs to be changed

    Due to the reduction in engine/rudder effectiveness with last stand, taking out engine/rudder can still mean the death of a DD. Has happened to me plenty of times.
  10. Drago25x

    Level X Ships?

    For the PTS, play a game with T8 ship, research T9 ship (only 4000 xp), play T9 ship, research T10 ship, play T10 ship, then should have enough xp to convert to free xp to straight research the other T10 ship you want. That is what I did.
  11. Drago25x

    Charging for Remounting AA Mods

    When they were de-mounted, you got a full refund of credits.
  12. Drago25x

    3 CVs per team

    Just blame the CV that waited 5 min for a battle. When I play a CV, I back out after 2-2.5 min so I will not cause that issue.
  13. Drago25x

    Turning Off AA?

    Are you selecting a sector? Selecting a sector with AA off will turn the AA on.
  14. Drago25x

    No credit for running flags

    Because your Free XP is so high, looks like the flags worked. You have to hover over the free XP to see all the bonuses.