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  1. No, ship, stats, data are stored on the server. Only thing you will have to redo are your settings (graphics, keybinds, sound)
  2. Drago25x

    New Unique Upgrades

    After some searching, found it. With no missions after 2/12/2020, only can get in RB.
  3. Drago25x

    CV Planes Regen

    LittleWhiteMouse has put the max capacity list together before. (Picture from one of her CV reviews)
  4. Just look at the sub only game mode, currently there are mostly only human sub players and mostly bots for the other ship. CV's would only be the only humans with lots of bots. That is one reason why that game mode will not work.
  5. Drago25x

    Bots policy for NA also?

    NA does. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/mod-ern-parts/
  6. Drago25x

    Level for subs

    You can still play for a while longer without dealing with subs. Currently you will only encounter subs in the special sub battle mode. (that you have to select)
  7. I downloaded the file from the website, then double clicked on the file to start the process.
  8. For me, it gave an option to where to install.
  9. Drago25x

    Missing an Upgrade

    They have disabled them on CVs for now. WG said we will be able to put on CVs again at some point.
  10. Drago25x


    While you are technically correct, one plane in a squad is about the same usefulness as being deplaned (except for spotting).
  11. Drago25x

    Research Bureau Questions

    all the XP from the ships goes to the T1 ship of that line.
  12. Drago25x


  13. Drago25x

    Mods missing in game

    click on the arrow next to the play button to make sure you are not loading the game in safe mode
  14. Drago25x

    The secrets of WoWs

    Yes, arming check is separate, after check for ricochet. Good info from iChase video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeepzMO23sk&t=4s