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  1. Drago25x

    reset capt skills on all ships at once?

  2. Drago25x

    bug report

    Do you have mods? I have 4 rows of ships in my port.
  3. Drago25x

    Ships & Fates campaign - is this a joke?

    You can repeat tasks to get those stars again.
  4. Client pre installed to get ready for 12/21 patch, will continue playing on 0.9.11 until then
  5. Can only trained to one ship (like tech tree ship), but can be put into different premium ship classes with skills set for the different classes.
  6. Drago25x

    Is This Considered A Rip Off?

    Were you converting xp off your Colorado with doubloons to free xp? If no, then Elite status really means nothing other than looking fancy.
  7. Drago25x

    Blacklist Question

    Blacklist only means no more chat or messages in game.
  8. Drago25x

    How to get free doubloons

    Super containers can drop doubloons. Some missions (usually during special events) can reward doubloons. There are a few things but nothing quick.
  9. If you like to play closer in and like to secondary build the Grosser Kurfurst, then I would go for that UU. I use it on my GK.
  10. Drago25x

    wth Wargaming

    They did the mission so people that already own the non-black version might also buy the Black version.
  11. Drago25x


    That folder and everything in it (WoWs game) will be erased from your harddrive. Standard when uninstalling.
  12. Drago25x


    Yes, your account is saved on the WG servers, so logging back in will still have all your progress. Just your game settings will need to be redone. (like graphic and sound preferences)
  13. Have you sent in a ticket? I do not have those problems.
  14. Drago25x

    bug for the heracles

    there is a self download patch you can install to fix the issue
  15. Drago25x

    Black Friday mission

    Are you using the Alaska B? Different ship than the normal Alaska in the mission.