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  1. Easy way to fix team kill

    If this was done, how many of those troll players would go out of their way to make sure a friendly torp would hit them and thus making the other person lose HP? Trolls would still mess up other people no matter what you change.
  2. FYI, there is no reward for devastating strike. As for the others, not sure why you did not get the rewards other than what has been already said.
  3. What is the goal of this game?

    To defend your base (or caps) from the big mean red ships.
  4. Kriegsmarine III emblem issue

    Your team has to win for it to count on the emblem. Per both your screenshots, your team lost.
  5. CE is fine where it is. CL and BB can (and do) take skill too. It forces the person to decide what kind of skill layout they want.
  6. Per your screenshots, you are playing in Co-op, you must do the torp hits in Random. Hard to see in the screenshot, but the missions have wording on them that say you are in the wrong battle selection. (or something along that line) Co-op does not work for completing those missions.
  7. Sleeping Giant bug

    Try the repair file function. My guess is you have a bad/corrupt file.
  8. Missing Ship: King George!

    Are you sure you bought it or did you just research it? Your stats show you have not played it yet, so was not sure.
  9. Operation Hermes Bug?

    You can only take in UK, US, and French cruisers. And only French BB.
  10. Not getting rewards from operations

    Only the first victory where you get a new star counts to rewards. Getting the same star again gets you no additional rewards.
  11. What mods do you use and why?

    In battle, I have: Autospy player panels (to be able to match ship type/name to person name and to list torp, radar, and hydo range. To help me to not have to always look it up) Chat mod (to list ship name with person name, easier for me to find a ship than a person's name on the map) I have a few in port mods as well.
  12. Update issue - unable to handle file...

    "update unable to handle" makes me think the file downloaded, but could not install. I would try deleting everything in your "update_data" folder. That will re-download the patch and hopefully fix the bad file.
  13. Hand Drawn Title: Salmon Sub Description: Salmon carrying a torpedo, figured this would be a neat way to get a "sub" into the game In-progress work:
  14. Collections not showing?

    Are you using any mods? I had an issue with not being able to see the collections when I manually just copied some mods over after the patch. Updating the mods fixed my issue.