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  1. Drago25x

    Standard account battle credits

    Post a screenshot of your post battle results and the detailed results of the credits to help us see what is going on. If I understand your wording correctly, the post battle results shows credits before any service cost and resupply is taken out. The "Without Premium" credits earned (before costs) can be close to the total after resupply of the "with Premium" credits.
  2. Drago25x

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    They did not remove it, just got unpinned.
  3. Drago25x

    How soon will the Ring captain be available?

    It will probably be months.
  4. If the captain was retrained into the Shchors, then yes, you will have to retrain the captain into the Moskva again. Past ship training is not kept.
  5. Never had a issue on any ship, but just to make sure, but is the captain still being trained into the Daring? Last stand will not work if captain is not fully trained to the ship.
  6. Drago25x

    Getting Back Unspent Doubloons

    Send in a support ticket to see.
  7. One operation per week is free to join without a division. It changes each week. The division option is so groups of people do not have to wait until that operation week come around again.
  8. Drago25x

    Duke of York

    No, if you sell the ship intentionally, you will have to pay doubloons to get it back.
  9. Drago25x

    HMS Daring's Legendary

    The ship is too new, it along with a few other ships do not have a legendary module yet. Give it time and WG will get around to giving the ships the module and mission.
  10. Drago25x

    Frozen in Que

    You did not team kill anyone, that is the standard pink warning for inactivity in the game. It could have been your computer had a hiccup and not the WG servers. I have had those before, but I usually close the program quickly then re-enter to be able to play some of the battle to not get the pink status. Playing the 3 battles in co-op can be done quickly to get rid of the pink.
  11. Are you sure you were on the CV test? There is no progression. You start out with some Tier VI ships to use and a few Tier X ships. The only ships you can research are Tier X CVs.
  12. Drago25x

    questions about halloween operations

    The operation were you can use subs does not start until Oct 31. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/halloween-scary-battles/
  13. Drago25x

    not updating

    Still 2 hours until PT opens. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/public-test-0710/
  14. You can only capture the "trigger" once the countdown reaches zero. There are many at first that you can not capture right away.
  15. Drago25x

    Demounting upgrades

    There is no way to switch for free. You have to sell or spend doubloons to demount a module even if you demounted it before.