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  1. What is this Shield?

    It is Distinctive Insignia of the player you are looking at. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-070/
  2. Emblem Question

    It might be too early to ask, but Emblems are said to count the last 100 battles in different categories. My question is when 0.7.0 goes live, will the battles we have already done in the past be counted or will everything start from that patch date? Wondering if some of might get some emblems when the patch goes live, do to all the Tier 8+ battles we might have.
  3. North Cape Collectables

    I think you also can get the crates from the New Years Campaign. (If i remember correctly)
  4. Starting out, I think is is best to use your stats as a benchmark. Try to just improve them. As you improve them, you will be getting better in the game.
  5. I think it is good. This was my first time playing the ship too.
  6. "Magic Torps"

    Some BB's have torps, it could have been torps from one of the BB you were fighting.
  7. It is a visual bug that seems to happen. Exit the game and re-enter and the false missions will go away.
  8. Winter Mystery?

    It is a visual bug that seems to happen. Exit the game and re-enter and the false missions will go away.
  9. Select your ship (press 1) then you can select enemy aircraft to concentrate your AA fire. Not sure about the mini-map ping. (Do not think I have tried to do it before)
  10. Are you trying to do a replay that is not in the game current version? Replay that was done in the current game version can only be loaded. Older version replays will not work. (my guess on the error)
  11. New year message

    I have it in my port. I think it is from the "Filter" mod. There is a "News" check box that comes up with the mod. Unclick the box will get rid of the message.
  12. What can you do ?

    Blacklist only works for chat, not for teams.
  13. The hydro is mainly used to spot enemies in smoke or to spot torps earlier. Edit: or also help to spot ships on the other side of an island.
  14. Public test 6.15

    You have to register for the Public Test Server, the standard server logins will not work. When you register on the PT, you can make the info the same as the standard server if you want. http://pt.worldofwarships.ru/
  15. It was nice to torp a PADD yesterday in my Clemson.