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  1. Looks like they changed the way the gun site works so it will take a little while for all the mods to be updated. From Patch Notes: " The gun sight reticule has been switched to utilize new technology, which opens the doorway to future changes in the game. Its visuals now look neater and cleaner. "
  2. Do you have manual AA captain skill? Looks kind of like what happens when you have that skill.
  3. Drago25x

    Friendly ramming?

    The game does not figure out who was at fault. Both ships are always penalized. (small amount of XP and credits)
  4. Drago25x

    Post event Ship XP question

    Even if you do not have the ship in your port, the XP stills goes to the ship, so you would be able to convert it to free XP in the future if you wanted.
  5. Drago25x

    Smoke..some ideas

    This already in the game. No one inside smoke can see any enemies without a friendly ship spotting for them.
  6. Drago25x

    Radio Direction Finder

    RDF does not point directly at the nearest ship. I think it points to the center of the grid box that the nearest ship is in.
  7. Drago25x

    National voiceover removed?

    Might have something to due with the new sound system. There was a note about sounds being disabled for mods, so the standard ones might also be affected.
  8. Drago25x

    Ship filter shenanigans

    Is there a "Reset" "filter" next to the actual filter button that you can push? If it is, was not sure if that would clear your issue. If not, try adding filters to get the "Reset" to show.
  9. Yes it is a consumable on your airplane squad on Tiers VI+. Tier IV does not get the consumable. Fighters patrol the area where your airplane squad is when you activate it.
  10. Replay? Without seeing: Sounds like, fighter active from plane consumable, fighter active from CV and another ship. Squad of torp planes going back to CV (recalled) while a fresh squad of bombers just took off. (Or similar)
  11. Drago25x

    0.8.5 chain reward

    On the PT, yes. On the Live Server, unlikely. WG usually puts in a "dummy" ship to fill the reward spot for testing and then puts in an actual reward ship when it goes live.
  12. You do have to play a Tier 8+ ship to get rentals, so that person did play at least 1 Tier 8+ BB battle to get the Rental Yamato. (even if it was just a bought premium BB)
  13. It is not a guarantee that daily containers will drop a collection item, just a chance. Based on my experience, you are lucky for about a 33% chance on collection drops.
  14. Drago25x

    Excessive wait times in Random

    Where you playing a CV? I know if another CV does not try to battle, you can sit for longer than 5 min.
  15. "Boost" on the planes are used when W or S is pressed. The consumable is only to replenish the boost bar.