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  1. Drago25x

    not updating

    Still 2 hours until PT opens. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/public-test-0710/
  2. You can only capture the "trigger" once the countdown reaches zero. There are many at first that you can not capture right away.
  3. Drago25x

    Demounting upgrades

    There is no way to switch for free. You have to sell or spend doubloons to demount a module even if you demounted it before.
  4. Drago25x

    Make room for newbies in Random

    The level system is setup to ease someone into the game without throwing everything at the in the beginning. After playing some games, they will level up quickly to get everything.
  5. Drago25x

    leave queue

    The leave button works, I have used it many time. You were just unlucky and were put into a battle right away.
  6. Drago25x

    Why am i being reported?

    Karma is currently meaningless so I would not worry about it. Some people will always report if someone does something they do not like.
  7. Drago25x

    XP Formula Needs ALOT of Work

    It looks like you got some xp for mostly capping, but not as much xp for your damage since you did less than 50% of the BB's health.
  8. Drago25x

    Stealing My Gold

    Looks like you ran out of camo you had selected and did not uncheck the auto-resupply with gold.
  9. Drago25x

    minotaurs with 41% hit rate lol

    I have a 41% main battery hit rate after 168 battles.
  10. Drago25x

    Why do ships appear then disappear?

    WoWs Wiki has a lot of info on detection. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Detection
  11. Drago25x

    Most fun way to grind credits?

    Mine is Minotaur with perm camo and some flags. Even in a bad game, will still net 200k. I have had at least 2 games where i got over a million credits.
  12. Drago25x

    USS Salem

    I have seen one in battle. Only conversion is from steel to coal.
  13. Drago25x

    Indianapolis compensation?

    That is the risk you take and there is no guarantee that any premium will become free later on. If nothing else, you paid to play the ship earlier than everyone else and this time, playing the ship got you extra crates with goodies.
  14. Drago25x

    Indianapolis compensation?

    From June Mission Details If you already have Indianapolis in your Port, you’ll receive a commander, a slot and compensation in Credits equal to the ship's cost.
  15. They are, play a game in a T10 ship and you will get the mission for that T10 ship.