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  1. For me it was the pre-buff Furutaka. It was the only ship I have FXP out of. Have not gone back to try it again after the buff.
  2. Elite Captain Experience will only increase when you play a 19 point captain.
  3. Sounds like the Collision Avoidance System since you were near islands. Turn it off in settings and will not have to worry about that again.
  4. The only mod I know of is the one that ONLY shows what consumables your FRIENDLY ships have currently active. That way you know if (for example) that FRIENDLY cruiser next to you has hydro active so you do not have to waste yours.
  5. Ship health does not effect the chance of a citadel. It is just RNG trolling you (and some of your aim) to say here is a citadel that is not needed to take out the enemy ship.
  6. I can not check at the moment, but I think I used Steering Mod instead of concealment and I thought it was fine. I found after the smoke cleared, it helped me to avoid getting hit, but I think it depends on your play style.
  7. There is already an option to not show the Halloween permanent camos. It is in the same place (lower right hand gear icon) as the ARP show/no show options.
  8. RPF points to center of the sector that the enemy ship is in, so at closer range and when they move into a different sector, the indicator will jump a good bit.
  9. currently on the website We're currently investigating an issue with crediting Public Test server rewards. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will keep you updated.
  10. I had no problem playing my RN CLs last night and no different than i usually play. I get in a good range, then smoke up. Only change is i have to watch my new detection range when a BB tries to rush. Even then, I stopped firing my guns to wait until they got a little closer to launch torps.
  11. You can still do that, you just will not be able to fire your main guns. I had to do that last night in a Leander. When BB got close to new detection range in smoke, i stopped firing to wait for him to get closer for torps.
  12. At least it is nice to know your credit union is watching out for you.
  13. Reimbursement was removed when they went to a fixed service cost. The TKer still lost credits and xp due to the damage.