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  1. WhatIsTheOdds

    How do you like your Ohio so far?

    Ohio is like an early access to future Montana buffs once WG hopefully realize that the Montana needs some help. Recent announced change of a slight repair increase is not enough to make Ohio not a straight upgrade.
  2. WhatIsTheOdds

    If 1 v. 1 Ranked is done again, which tier?

    Tier 10 The good is that the hated ships Kremlin and Smolensk and T10 CVs are not very strong in 1v1. Kleber's counter, the Khabarovsk might also see a lot of action finally. The bad is that there is a pretty severe advantage to having legendary modules. GK would dominate and in 1v1 the module would be a direct upgrade.
  3. WhatIsTheOdds

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    It let me practice driving by citadeling BBs. The French BB players don't realize that they are quite vulnerable to citadels when giving broadside, especially when turning. Bismack and Tirpitz also still have that German citadel weakness when angled diagonally. And yes Eugen is very vulnerable to having its engine broken, even by CV rockets and 203mm guns. Perhaps even German secondaries can do it since they have similar penetration but I've never witnessed it happen as every Eugen I faced sunk too quickly.
  4. WhatIsTheOdds

    Indomitable Review - Impotent

    Gaishu deserves CC status.
  5. WhatIsTheOdds

    What 1 vs 1 Ranked shows about CV's

    Thosee winrates make no sense to me at all. I don't see how Tirpitz would be so high and GZ so low unless most people have no clue what they are doing in 1v1.
  6. WhatIsTheOdds

    What 1 vs 1 Ranked shows about CV's

    The cap point and CV performance seems to be in close balance. Although I came out with a 92% winrate in the end, almost every game in my Graf Zeppelin ended with 20-30 seconds (down to the last squad strike) for the enemy to win, or them almost being able to sink me especially since I've most of the time had to drive into the cap. So entirely possible for them to win with good play.
  7. WhatIsTheOdds

    I ranked out in my Roma

    Amagi would be the best pick for a free BB, the armour scheme and guns easily defeat the German BBs. The premium version, the Kii, also has the small benefit of very powerful torpedoes and secondaries that can penetrate 32mm with IFHE, but the trade off in armour might not be worth it.
  8. WhatIsTheOdds

    Your opinion about 1x1 ranked

    The caps forcing you to brawl completely destroys 1v1 gameplay of most ships. I'm certain that they're made this way just so CVs could be put into the mode so that class continues to ruin everything. Maps like Greece should not exist. A BB hides behind an island and you lose in 2 minutes since your ship cannot survive being 1km from the BB.
  9. WhatIsTheOdds

    Rank Sprint VERY FUN EXCEPT ----

    My Massachusetts and Amagi haven't even come close to losing to a Tirpitz, and I only have a 10 point captain in Amagi. Le Terrible and Edinburgh also stand a decent chance vs Tirpitz, depending on the map.
  10. WhatIsTheOdds

    New Ranked Season was awesome, until...

    If you're having trouble with CVs, try any fast cruiser, Kidd, Le Fantasque, Kiev, or Massachusetts. Played correctly they should stand a very good chance. I've watched myself and some of the best CV players lose to these ships. Some maps are an easy win vs CVs too. Sea of Fortune or Greece, where it's easy to capture the point and hard for the CV to hide. Its not impossible for a ship like a Bismack to win either. If they cap and stay alive it can be quite difficult to finish them off in time.
  11. WhatIsTheOdds

    So its pay to win in terms of BB for this 1v1

    I haven't even come close to losing to a Tirpitz in my Massachusetts. By the time that they are close enough to land torpedoes, they're low enough in health that it doesn't matter. Amagis and NCs have been more difficult opponents. German guns don't have the best damage output.
  12. Kremlin has a terrible damage output and accuracy, so you should beat him in a prolonged head-on fight at range, or you can flank and hit his broadside. Although it's better to just ignore him and go for easier targets. As long as you're not in a bad spot and close to them, Soviet BBs are not hard to ignore.
  13. WhatIsTheOdds

    Kurfurst buffed sipersion

    Recently got the Ohio and it's the same . Expect any BB that is not the Thunderer, Yamato, Georgia, Vanguard, or Warspite to troll you regularly with dispersion. Consistent guns are required to brawl which is why GK still gets an F for me. Charge in, shoot a salvo at a broadside BB at close range, if it does nothing then you lose. Can't have that. Get the Georgia instead.
  14. WhatIsTheOdds

    When a CV attacks, what should I do?

    Even the fastest planes take around 30 seconds for their attack run to finish and their torpedoes to hit you, so it should be plenty dodgeable. If you shoot down 2 squads, a CV won't have another of those until the very end of the game. Against attack planes as a DD, your best bet is to make the CV lose these planes by utilizing air cover. Most rocket strikes need 3-3.5km for the rocket reticule to be small, but most DDs have an air detection range of around 2.5-3km. if you turn your AA off, you can juke rockets using concealment. Just make sure that there is nothing else spotting you when rockets are coming.
  15. WhatIsTheOdds

    Yoshino vs Puerto Rico

    PR is a medium range fighter like the Des Moines and the Yoshino is good long range. PR might be less accurate, but when you're closer the damage is comparable and the HE on PR is also similar in performance, even though the AP is the best for cruiser killing already. PR also has a very good armour scheme against cruisers, 38mm mid deck. The thick lower belt and water line citadel also makes it pretty strong against BB AP at short to medium range. The best part of the Yoshino are the torpedoes, they will catch even veteran players all of the time as they are near impossible to predict when launched at really long distances.