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  1. I'd rather play Amagi at tier 9 than the Izumo.
  2. Eww.. I feel bad for anyone who is baited into using the magazine module
  3. Please just go back to how it was before if you're going to remove bots and class limits. I'm sure most people will prefer that to this compromise. It had a good run on the test server but let's put the training room release off until you can fix these issues.
  4. Yes I would love to see a replay of any BB getting crossdropped (lol) and getting devastating striked by it. Even more I want to see your replay showing a Lexington, a ship which can only have one 1 TB squad, cross dropping anything. By game experience you do mean world of warships and not any other game right?
  5. Yamato and Musashi since it's the same hull have the same survivability vs HE. Best torpedo protection in the game and the second highest effective HP. Yes it matters. The torpedo belt guarantees that a Lexington cannot blow your Musashi up in one go, along with all of that HP. Any other BB with the same build will take more damage relative to its health guaranteed from a strike, even though Musashi has the worst AA. You can't rely on DDs to sit in your radar as Missouri unless they are oblivious. It does not "level the field". It exist to wreck clueless players and fend off ambushes. Same goes for Kurfurst secondaries. You will lose to DDs and CVs in every BB, it's not something unique to the Musashi. Having higher AA is not a significant enough strength to change that, no matter what modules or captain skills you bring.
  6. The way that LWM rated Musashi's weaknesses is wrong. Her survivability is the highest in tier fricking 10 for God's sake against AP. Yes you have an exposed citadel but it doesn't matter when only her own shells threaten it even when only slightly angled, something the review does not take into account. Also the AA is not a real weakness since compared to how much other T9 BBs threaten T9 planes, BB AA at this tier is a joke unless you're looking at an AA spec USN BB. Agility is on part with T9 BBs, and the speed is whatever. Nothing you should ever really care about in this ship. Unless you're stuck in a crossfire or are alone against a CV you won't notice any weakness, and If you were another BB in these situations you'd probably be screwed anyway.
  7. Do you want to make close to a million credits a game? Get the Missouri. Do you want to feel overpowered or do you want the best IJN premium? Get the Musashi. Do you want the most fun BB in the game? Nelson. Are you lazy? Waste your free xp away.
  8. The biggest reason to play Musashi is the credit gain for a "free" premium and just how overpowered she is at her tier. If the Kutuzov didn't exist I'd say she is the most overpowered premium ship in the game.
  9. Why I love the Atlanta

    Atlanta is way too strong for her tier but at least she's balanced by a high skill floor required to play her. When played correctly she is very versatile and can come out ahead in almost every situation even when against higher tier ships.
  10. Another player that intentionally teamkilled and then griefed multiple teammates after by suiciding, causing a loss. Of course, he doesn't get pink because of how easy the system is to exploit even though he put an entire salvo into my Conqueror. 20180116_192059_PBSB110-Conqueror_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  11. I'm a 50% Player Forever

    The players who have 70% solo winrate play in a way to keep that winrate which includes playing specific ships in a certain way that lets you carry your team the best. There are many good players with 60% win rates who don't play to pad their stats or only play CV
  12. I find it quite hilarious that the akizuki's biggest weakness is torpedo bombers due to its speed and turning circle. Even if you invest all of your skill points into AA, good luck surviving a strike from a good carrier player.
  13. German BBs are always useless sniping a-holes. Even at high tiers they always sit at the perfect range for my Yamato to blow their citadels wide open. They are the sole reason that my Yamato has as high an average damage as Conqueror.
  14. Cesare changes?

    I always found the October revolution to be superior, now I have a reason to play this.