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  1. The higher the tier is of the ship the more knowledge of mechanics such as radar, overmatching, citadels, concealment matters. Even more important is that you almost never see the level of organized play in lower tiers that you see in higher. New players should not be able to play against clan stacked divisions. Some free to play games that are similar to wows have a newbie player pool that requires playing a certain amount of games before you can join all of those players.
  2. The real problem with radar is most players are not smart enough to abuse it and those are always the ones on your team if you are lucky enough to even have radar. Also, the Payfast. Radar in T7 being locked to premium ships only is one of the dumbest design decisions.
  3. Both struggle to damage any higher tier cruisers and BBs that the ships always match up against with AP. QE has the obvious advantage over Warspite in firepower due to the HE.
  4. So you are going back on your opinion that forcing newbies to play the game first before buying a high tier premium is asking the game to die? That is literally what you wrote.
  5. Unless you provide some evidence to your ludicrous claim that people buying high tier premiums out of fresh accounts is the only thing keeping wows from dying this post is a whole lot of nothing. OP premiums only being purchasable by players veteran players making newbies quit... You don't think there is another root cause of a somewhat easily fixable problem here?
  6. OH no a multimillion dollar company would lose some meager amount of income, how would they ever pay for the insignificant in comparison server fees without the small amount of players that buy premiums from fresh accounts?
  7. Give all T8 non-premium cruisers repair and Prinz as well. Revert USN BB citadel change. Nerf RN BB HE. Put Kutuzov in T9 where it belongs. Give FDG the same armour, range, accuracy of GK. Nerf all of the premium CVs. Give Iowa/MO option to use the North Carolina shells/guns which I personally prefer a lot more. Balance all the premiums so they are situational as they are meant to be and not just overpowered or straight up upgrades to tech tree ships. Give everyone free captain respecs every time a major change to the game happens. Release Kitakami.
  8. Literally any ship because AA scaling is broken overpowered. Even in an Atago without DF, your AA is strong enough to ward off strike shoukakus as long as you have the captain and the modules. CV players are lucky there are not enough people that hate them enough to spec out captains against them.
  9. Remove RN BBs so it would be possible to push without sinking to a few salvos in other battleships.
  10. Playing any other BB than RN is just not fun anymore. No matter how much you angle these ships always outdamage you even if they park broadside to you. Then at higher tiers I'm supposed to run my Yamato or Missouri against something that burns me down as fast as a Des Moines but has more than double my survivability and goes invisible 11km from me in between salvos, there is no way these ships are anything but objectively overpowered. The power creep hasn't been all that blatant since the introduction of the other two lines before this one, it just shows more on battleships. Maybe it will take the Russian BB line coming out for enough people to realize that its a problem?
  11. The FDG should not be in this game. It still boggles my mind how WG could nerf the Bismarck, enlarge it, then stick it at tier 9 and leave it there just to get people to suffer enough to buy free xp to get through this pos.
  12. The conning tower is not a citadel. You can try it yourself in training room and you'll see you cannot citadel almost all RN BBs. My Yamato can almost reliably citadel KM BBs but never gets citadels on RN. The armour and HP values on RN BBs are just so low that showing a flat side you will take more damage than any other BB since then huge USN citadel buff.
  13. I just want to be able to play at least soviet DDs without randomly getting oneshot even with the detonation flag equipped, is that too much to ask?
  14. Punished means the most ideal way to play not being parking with all of your guns trained on as many targets as possible with little risk involved as it is now with decent enough luck making each AP salvo on you do less than 5k damage. Your idea of "getting good" being aiming slightly higher than the lower belt to marginally increase the damage you do only proves my point on the state of BBs and the people that play them currently.
  15. Balancing using averages is the reason we have so many balance issues in the first place. Check the actual capabilities of the ships and use that as a balance metric. Yamato has the best AP performance against angled ships, and it's highly survivable and accurate when sniping from 18km which is the situation you typically see it in, yet Montana is stronger in almost every other way and has an advantage over every ship class compared to the Yamato. How many players actually play to the advantage of the Montana and wreck face? Very little. A better example of this balance method failing would be the Fletcher, hands down the best T9 DD in the game, yet low winrate compared to the others. Not only does it have better guns and smoke than the IJN equivalent, but also is the best ship for shutting down CVs which are the most game deciding ships while in the right hands having the same torpedo power. Ever wonder why Fletcher winrate is so low? Count how many Fletchers are smart enough to run DF and smoke their team that you've seen, that should give you the answer. I can write paragraphs on why Des Moines has the best winrate farming potential too, although that ship is in an OK place balance wise right now.