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  1. NeoRussia

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Khabarovsk does not have "50mm armour everywhere", it has a modestly sized portion of 50mm plating. The ship is also more of a light cruiser for it than a destroyer in terms of how it takes full penetrations from battleships like no tommorow. Note that the historically accurate Le Terrible is a similar design but used a lower HP engine with similar displacement and is just as fast as the Khabarovsk.
  2. NeoRussia

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Do they will be basically slow Furutakas?
  3. NeoRussia

    Worst Played Ships

    CV players are by far the worst at what they do. Apart from that I have yet to see a le terrible that didn't suicide at the start of the game.
  4. NeoRussia

    Increased Damage on Citadel Overpen

    This is only a problem with Roma and Richelieu. Roma's implementation in the game is not very good as she was supposed to be powerful at long range and have semi-AP shells, she has never loaded HE. Instead they make her a close range brawler and give her the worst HE shells of the tier, force her into engagements at close range where her shells are the least effective. Richelieu can actually play at range and sort of has to since the AP overpenetrates almost every cruiser's citadel at tier 8 at close distances. Citadel overpenetration damage should not be increased. That would be too big a nerf to ships like Atlanta which has a DD citadel. Just don't play Roma if you want a good BB experience against cruisers.
  5. NeoRussia

    A Guide to Legendary Modules - Best and Worst

    Must have: Kurfurst, Henri, Shimakaze, Hindenburg Dont use (noob trap): Worcester, Yamato, Republique All of the other ones are situational. I personally would use Montana and Conqueror for sure since you only need to be a bit further back to not have any detriment to concealment. For Zao people would say that it's an upgrade but those are also the crazies who use the range module. I would say the Khabarovsk one is a really strong upgrade but for ranked play I would still prefer to use the concealment module I think. Z52 is hard to place since this DD's role is uncertain, I'm not sure myself if it's worth playing it as a pure torpedo destroyer.
  6. NeoRussia

    25.5km penetration on a Yamato

    I've gotten a few maximum range with spotter hits in clan battles, a lot of them in random battles. It's not hard to fill Kurfursts traveling in a straight line full of citadels with Yamato shells at that kind of range. It was a lot more difficult to land AP shells at maximum range to citadel battleships with Yorck and lot more satisfying, so of course WG needed to ruin that experience with the Yorck "buff".
  7. NeoRussia

    RU DD High Damage

    IFHE is a huge damage boost. That and AFT are the only manditory skills. Do not run CE but run the concealment module, this lets you get close enough to unsuspecting cruisers to wreck their broadsides and ambush when you need to. Always look around for signs of enemy destroyers (usually their smoke screens) and try to run them down when they're not supported, akizukis are your only tough competition but you should still consider taking them on. If you want 100k damage you'll need to always be shooting with plenty of targets to set on fire and get lucky enough to not be return fired, or have the game dragged on for a while with you alive. Torpedoes are unlikely unless you're playing Kiev.
  8. NeoRussia

    Best looking ship in the game?

    None of them come close to looking as good as Richelieu and Jean Bart to me.
  9. NeoRussia

    Aiming at bow-on ships?

    Where you want to aim exactly is just under the turrets and at the base of the superstructure, against all ship types angled like this. This is the center mass for doing full penetration damage, as most shells entering that area will hit through the superstructure or deflect off of the barbettes and into the upper belt, giving you full penetration damage. You might also score some lucky citadels depending on how your shells enter the upper belt, most commonly seems to be against German BBs and IJN CAs.
  10. NeoRussia

    Flint vs Belfast?

    For some reason DD players are drawn to Belfasts's smokes like moths to a flame. If most DD players were smarter then Belfast would be weaker than Flint but it isn't.
  11. NeoRussia

    Moskva vs Kronstadt vs Alaska

    According to WG, Kronshtadt might be too strong. I do agree since almost all T9 cruisers are just the worst experiences in the game while looking at statistics, Kronshtadt is popular and good. If anything WG is likely to release Alaska as a more "balanced" Kronshtadt.
  12. NeoRussia

    Moskva vs Kronstadt vs Alaska

    Alaska was very close to Kronshtadt statistically IRL, so if you played Kronshtadt then you probably know how Alaska will perform and why she won't be in tier X.
  13. NeoRussia

    PSA: West Virginia '41 is a monster!

    Sadly the NA forums will call any US ship underpowered until it is better in every way than every other ship of the same class and has better win rates than exclusive steel bought premiums, so even with how ridiculous WV '41 is you'll still find plenty of naysayers.
  14. NeoRussia

    Does this mean Kitakami will Return?

    The Kuma plays nothing like the Kitakami. Kitakami torpedoes are equally effective against all tiers.
  15. NeoRussia

    Does this mean Kitakami will Return?

    I don't get why people say that you get team kills with Kitakami. It's no different than any other ship with torpedoes, you just don't launch them from behind allies. It's not like you see Zaos launching torpedoes through friendlies and always being pink. Kitakami uptiers better than most other premiums, so yes.