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  1. That's why prestige systems in most games are optional and not P2W or grind to win like the proposed NTC. A lot of people like it but for those that don't it's optional.
  2. Yes lets complain that NTC gives you something for taking the challenge of replaying your ship lines which is the only good idea from this. What is wrong with the forums? Every time WG pulls something as clowny as this it's like the forums rise up to match it to the same level with the same amount of embarrassment . In CoD all you got was a shiny medal Imagine complaining about that, LOL.
  3. NeoRussia

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    It's just so strange how WG is always out of touch with actual WoWS players on these issues. Maybe the RU server wants an MMO style grind where your stat numbers get exponentially higher for the amount of grind you put in that can be furthered along by paying real money? Most players I know play WoWS to enjoy the game, not to feel satisfaction from progress through some kind of grind treadmill. If those players exist they should not ruin the core experience for everyone else. WG saw this on a similar scale with the CV rework, but unlike the CV rework this is a fix or addition that nobody has asked for and most certainly has no chance of improving the game.
  4. I actually agree with a nerf maybe being a good idea if it applies to random battles and co-op only. For each level of paragon you get a nerf to the ship's abilities, but a bigger payout. level 1 would be lower repair costs, level 2 would be increased xp and credit gain, level 3 would be free premium consumables along with a special camouflage and flag for prestige, or maybe even a reward ship.
  5. As much as I like Korean MMOs, I don't think WoWS should try to become one.
  6. Kitakaze's AA is alright but its not enough for self defense. If you're alone you turn your AA off and hope to not get spotted. If you do get spotted then it's a valuable lesson that you shouldn't sail alone and expect the carrier to be absent minded and not spot you.
  7. CVs are in a good spot. Much better than they ever have been. Surprisingly being uptiered I can make anything happen with any CV, and facing lower tier ships, even DDs can give you trouble if they know what they're doing. The only problem with them currently at least in random battles is if a good CV player wants you sunk he can throw all of his resources at you to make that happen, unless you have friendly air cover, in which case you can still get crippled if the CV player is lucky enough. A good CV player never needs to worry about plane loses when he does this, after learning the basics of managing the survivability of my planes I've never once been deplaned even in ranked where every single enemy ship is AA specialized. Still, this is not as much of a problem as it ever used to be, in 0.8.0 or before the rework, where a fight even against multiple AA ships was in favor of the CV. With the correct application of evasive manuevers and support from teammates the damage output of the CV will always be minimal. Even if the CV player knows what he's doing and you're a helpless DD being hunted by him you can still contribute enough to carry your team to victory if you make the right plays. It's a very important step to making CVs enjoyable to play against and I think we've finally gotten there. I think a lot of people forget the game is not about 1v1 and they expect to face off against a constant barrage of a CV's planes and come out on top so for that reason they still hate CVs and get frustrated playing against them. From a gameplay perspective that's no different from sailing into destroyer territory and expecting to win against the torpedoes.
  8. NeoRussia

    How do you citadel BBs in a Des Moines?

    You can get some plunging fire citadels on some battleships with Moskva and Stalingrad if you equip the range mod on these ships. Not how I normally play but it's fun.
  9. I'd much rather have a slightly raised citadel with a armored citadel roof than a waterline citadel with a roof that gets overmatched, since random citadel hits are pretty common especially through the bow and stern on USN BBs.
  10. NeoRussia

    Kind of disappointed in the Georgia

    Unlike the Massachusetts, those guns actually hit. More shell hits per salvo, and more damage per minute. EASILLY makes up for having 2-3 less guns aimed at the enemy.
  11. If everyone can access them, using the models is not illegal unless it's monetized.
  12. NeoRussia

    Which should I pick USN carriers or IJN carriers?

    Both are equally good, just play both.
  13. Now try it with CVs to see if they have unlimited planes
  14. NeoRussia

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    It rewards good shimakaze players that know how to position their torpedo tubes before firing. Works just fine with even the 8km torpedoes. It's a well designed legendary mod since it's a direct upgrade for those shimakaze players who mastered the ship making playing many games in it that much more rewarding. This is how all legendary mods should be imo, they got it right with almost all of them.
  15. NeoRussia

    Jean Bart : What Richelieu should be.

    Funny I have the opposite experience. Richelieu is really great and accurate for its tier in fact my most accurate BB. French dispersion is really wonky at long ranges so Bourgogne and Jean Bart almost never impress due to the engagement ranges at tier 10. Especially when the ship is designed to be balanced around the reload booster consumable, which almost never pays off. I've won more lottery tickets than I've seen reload booster on BBs actually pay off. It's a really weak gimmick just like the secondaries on these BBs.