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  1. NeoRussia

    Tier X cruisers

    I love Henri the most but sadly the chances that it will not get nerfed are slim
  2. NeoRussia

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    There are no worthless ships in the game, just ships that are too similar to and overshadowed by other ships but the slight differences still set them apart in them being better in very specific circumstances. Perfect example is Duke of York. The loss of DPM is not as big as people make it out to be, you'd be surprised how often you don't actually shoot your guns as soon as they finish loading. The hydroacoustic search and improved AA makes it situationaly better than KGV, but it's still too situational to be worth playing especially when the British have 3 other T7 BBs and they are all top notch despite lacking the versatility that the Duke offers.
  3. NeoRussia

    Million credit club: Cossack

    I have the Missouri but prefer to use Stalingrad since it outputs more damage therefore more credits. Altanta in operations easily trumps both though if you stack all of the bonuses you can make over 2 million easy.
  4. NeoRussia

    Just get rid of carriers

    That advice is not the best. Dealing with a CV is no different than dealing with any other ship that is a threat to you in a DD. You use smoke to get the capture point if you're spotted, you escape if they're after you, never be too far from safety so you can always retreat to if they rush you. You take too big a risk and get caught by their carrier, another DD, or a radar cruiser and you're sunk.
  5. NeoRussia

    Just get rid of carriers

    I had a game today at T10 where there were 4 T10 CVs, and the only ship with DF on our team was a Zao and maybe our Gearing. I told my team that we would not win if the game was drawn out because the CVs would whittle us down to nothing eventually, so we should make a decisive push all sticking together while our DDs focus on staying alive in the epicenter. The DDs did a good job of staying together in smoke, which made the CVs give up on them to make a collaborative effort to try to sink me in my big Russian ship leading the charge towards the enemy. It did not amount to much as I was able to shoot down 40 planes, do 230k damage, while taking only a few torpedoes in return thanks to my team's overlapping AA defenses as we pushed the enemy to the map edge and had them scatter around us as we picked them off one by one for the victory. One of the most enjoyable games I've played in a long time, all thanks to the rework and for the 2 CVs being on the enemy team which did a good job by the way, they were at the top in xp on their team.
  6. NeoRussia

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    Dimma Donskoi is the worst for me ever since they improved the FDG and Izumo. Other than torpedoes, it does not have anything going for it over Chapayev. Ibuki maybe too although I have not played it recently. Mogami is such a beast with its damage output that Ibuki feels like the biggest downgrade when going up a tier in the entire game.
  7. Are you playing the same ship? The bombs do a good job of carpeting the drop reticle. If you line up the reticule to take up most of the enemy ship the bombs will hit most of the enemy ship.
  8. The ellipse being bigger is not entirely a nerf. The DBs hit DDs way too hard sometimes (made rockets only good for setting fires on BBs) and the increased size with a higher payload means a higher chance to get more fires per strike and the planes being significantly more survivable.
  9. Welp, looks like the torpedoes are getting nerfed. Probably still the strongest ones of its tier, but I don't have much experience in other T6 CVs. Get your high damage averages while you can.
  10. Focus on striking BBs with torpedoes only and DBs for fire damage over time, and only target DDs for spotting. You'll more than triple your average and be even more useful for your team.
  11. NeoRussia

    Thank you Wargaming

    It's awfuly hypothetical to say not balancing premiums is "unethical". Ruining the game with imbalance is unethical and anti-consumer for all. What happens when WG inevitably releases a premium ship more OP than Giulio Cesare? Where the hell does my consumer confidence in WG go when I'm forced to buy a premium ship yet again if I want an easy time in ranked with pay to win premiums like Gremyachy, Belfast, and Giulio? I have many premium ships in my port, more than you, and I expect every single ship including tech tree ships to be held to the same standard, just like all players paying and not should be held to the same standard and not just those with deeper wallets. Which is now impossible due to the community holding WG hostage over a single premium ship that will dictate the future of ship balance as a whole, this game's fairness and level of enjoyment that people have. I don't care if you personally don't think you're doing harm and being anti-consumer by wanting ships to stay OP but you are in the same crowd as those that want premium ships to stay OP seal clubbers, you're still equally responsible for this mess. You're keeping the premium pay to win treadmill loop of OP ships in Christmas containers and OP ships flooding ranked in play. Every time I see some thread b$&#%ing about WG's payment model ruining the game they have nobody to blame but themselves. WG are doing a great job of giving the vocal minority exactly what they want, even if it's terrible for the game as a whole.
  12. Is your post satire? The rest of it seems somewhat serious enough to be a believable rant but this part here gives it away.
  13. Hermes and Furious are both wonderful, maybe a bit too strong. Very easy to stack damage over time and almost impossible to avoid torpedo strikes. I had multiple BBs on fire and flooding all game, would have been easily a 100k game in Hermes if the flooding changes didn't go through.
  14. NeoRussia

    DD v CV

    Funny I heard the exact same argument from a DD who ran into the enemy team and was surrounded at close range after being spotted by planes, none of the other DDs had that issue. Learn and adapt.