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  1. Best Tier 8 for ranked

    All of the OP premiums of course, there are quite a few now. I will be playing Mogami and Monarch though, just because I can. Check out my stream when ranked goes live.
  2. Monarch. Easily my favorite T8 BB. I was pleasantly surprised that all of the negative assertions made about this ship were wrong. With how good the T8 BBs are I did not expect this ship to be on par. Richelieu as well. Many were claiming that the guns on this ship are disappointing, but after playing this ship I liked the guns on it a lot. Previously the NC guns were my favorite but when I got this ship I found its penetration and reliability better than any other T8 BB.
  3. 100k average and I got to Rank 1 in it. The only thing bad about the Monarch is the people playing it. The KGV is overpowered so even when played well the Monarch can look worse in comparison where its in a tier where there are very powerful BBs that out-perform tier 9s, but its still competitive even against all of the other T8 BBs.
  4. Ranked season = tier X! yay!

    All of the T10 ships are viable, except the BBs. My Yamato will teach all the others why she still reigns supreme.
  5. I've had this happen just a week ago. A ship sinks before the points change. I lost as soon as the last ship on the enemy team was sunk and the score counted to 1000 just after.
  6. "Justified" nerfs to a ship that's already hard countered by any ship that can aim.
  7. I can never get wins in this but it is fun.
  8. DD's torpedos

    If you think this is bad then you've never what a 3-man Conqueror division can do to enemy battleships.
  9. Missouri has average accuracy but its bad penetration makes bad dispersion seem worse than it really is. Even on slightly angled targets a shell going too low will shatter, a shell going too high will bounce. It's not unusual to get games where you land a decent amount of shell hits and still come out with less than 70k damage in this ship.
  10. If they drop the concealment of the torpedoes to be slightly lower than Shimakaze 20km or they remove the torpedo reload booster I'd say this ship sounds pretty balanced as it is. It makes BBs have to think and has a unique playstyle so I'd say its pretty healthy for the game and not as cancerous as people claim it is, and this is coming from a BB player.
  11. Thank you for all of your hard work, both to Mouse and the applicants.
  12. Blyskawica feels... outclassed.

    Leningrad is just one of those OP premiums, where Blyskawica is not.
  13. Azure Lane collab?

    It would be nice to have Sandy as another Atlanta, she's #1 after all.
  14. Azure Lane collab?

    I would love Metalblood camos for Eugen and Hipper. Seems like the easiest to implement and fitting seeing as they are getting a buff.