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  1. If the conqueror knew how to aim he would have put maximum fires on the GK and taken him down in less than a couple of minutes. Also reminds me to put being able to knock out all the AA on a battleship in 1 or 2 salvos to the long list of complete [edited] features of this ship.
  2. Zao was nerfed way too much. It can't stand toe to toe with many other T10 ships, while the Hindenburg and Henri make better HE spammers. Still fun to play if you can abuse the speed and concealment.
  3. Conqueror being able to hit a bow on Yamato for more than a citadel's worth of damage with multiple fires on top of that is really dumb, then the high upper belt and low profile means you can hardly damage it with BB AP in return. If this was everything about the ship that made it good then I would say it would be balanced, but then you also give it the best concealment, good AA, AP that wrecks cruisers.... It's way too much. Even in an environment like clan wars where there are no CVs and tons of HE spam with only 1 BB you expect it to not be used yet its still good and the top clans decide to run it despite it being out of its element here.
  4. Please bring back classic Islands of Ice!!!!!
  5. It is a good thing T5 premiums uptier just fine, conveniently. Almost as if it was preordained by some great power.
  6. Almost every tier 5 BB eats full penetrations, she's not unique in this regard, but her lower belt is great.
  7. I'm talking about the relevant C hull Benson
  8. Looks like a tier 8.5 ship. I would still prefer the Fletcher over this but this ship is T8. I don't value the Benson's torpedoes so this ship seems like a clear upgrade to me. Having both repair and smoke and DF is way too much for a ship that already has more firepower than the Benson.
  9. There is no way this ship is balanced for a tier 5. It is way ahead of every other tier 5 in almost every regard. Wargaming learned nothing from Kutuzov and Belfast I see.
  10. Interesting how people are having trouble with the Moskva that is the weakest ship in T10 in a straight up gunfight, a Des Moines could probably take on two of em without a problem. The only real strength the Moskva has is its tankyness lets it establish better firing angles. Des Moines has the concealment to get in range, Moskva is spotted from across the map. Des Moines can abuse islands, Moskva cannot. If you are ever having problems with range in a Des Moines you are not playing it well.
  11. If you cannot focus the Khabarovsk you deserve to lose.
  12. The only counter to the Conqueror is another Conqueror.
  13. Ignore these pitiable WG drones defending a retarded mechanic. They are weak, fragile beings who have to turn to insults to cover up their denial.
  14. Congrats you pointed out the only somewhat balanced ship in the line and it lacks the incredible fire chance of the rest of the overpowered line. Good to see our STs really showing what type of mindset let WG release RN BBs as obviously broken as they are.