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  1. LittleWaffleKiller

    Which premium ship has the highest credit bonus?

    i think they're refering to when you could get the missouri for free exp
  2. LittleWaffleKiller

    Ships that felt like a downgrade

    the dallas, izumo, and myogi for me. and maybe the removal of the odd tier cvs
  3. LittleWaffleKiller

    Why do you play WoWS

    at this point i dont know why i keep playing. maybe the amount invested or just keeping n touch with friends, dont know any more.
  4. LittleWaffleKiller

    secondary battery

    cant till at least VII
  5. coming to wows in 2026 :P
  6. LittleWaffleKiller

    In the interest of fairness...

    i miss the old days when tech line ships had the year of refit for researchable hulls
  7. LittleWaffleKiller

    !!! Raptor Got Stuck on a Rock and We Lost !!!

    WG: we've fixed and made the bots better! the bots: :P
  8. LittleWaffleKiller

    Road map lets some of us down.

    i think the main reason why theres no commonwealth is that they would be clones of british tech line ship with minor refits like pan Asian ships. WG dosent really see the need to put time into thinking about what they could add or lose on ships to justify putting them into the game. at least thats my belief :P
  9. should have done something on the British putting victory back out to sea to :P
  10. LittleWaffleKiller

    Old Guard slowing game progress

    i dont think my internet could handle another round of update every day :P
  11. LittleWaffleKiller

    Feedback on ...What you like about WoWs!

    it was fun in beta with the year of refit in modules. miss that feature. kinda lost its fun over the past couple of years, now just playing for daily containers and thats it.
  12. LittleWaffleKiller

    multiple players on a CV

    so world of warplanes but carrier focused
  13. LittleWaffleKiller

    Thoughts on burning steel?

    burn the steel on the perm camo. perfect waste