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  1. I hope so are decide fix that . team damage became a toxic . to easy to be in penality . or to play game as free to advance . i feel like pay real cash if you want grows by tier . but same if you paid to grows the mechanic of team damage still toxic so money lose same time to be banned . that is my point view . is like 1 week i am banned for each team damage for torpido hit target but 2 miss it and my team got it in face fare aways
  2. Smooky_Le_chien_husky

    Team Kill Penalty???

    same for me . my team get kill by my torpido ar lefted behind when 2 get it my target but my friend be far aways he got torpido in face . the game call me teamkillers im in orange mods now
  3. is that a new patch will do ? the friend team damage will off ??? is that do I said a big yes 10x10
  4. I can said turn it friend damage off for each mods of battle . so the team if got torpido or fire shoot will do nothing to your team game can be more fun no damage of team . team damage became a toxic mechanics right now . on world of tanks i enjoy it more seem team damage are off . world of warship i like the game of battle ship but team damage are rage me more i get more penalty just cause i try kill a enemies and is my team get hit by 2 torpido left . if not that is when i fire enemies . i am orange now and the thing is i did not hunt my team to shoot it . need a big change
  5. Smooky_Le_chien_husky

    Team Damage/Penalty needs a rework

    Well is just annoying cause you work hard to aim or when you shoot torpido . your team pass front and get it by what you did shoot . you not want shoot your team you have kinda like rush in the combat and dying for like 3 minute cause full enemies aims all on you end of the match your dead . I plays as team but if my team troll and pass what i shoot that system team dmg are idiot that my point . I did got 10 player troling me yestersdays for get it by my torpido . i did quite the game i get rage
  6. Smooky_Le_chien_husky

    Team Damage/Penalty needs a rework

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, I am pretty certain at this point most of you have received some sort of team damage whether its unintentional/accidental or intentional. And I am sure it is very frustrating to get team damaged Now i cant not play in other version of game . and i am not a team killer or team damage or ram other boat or blocking shoot . if world of tank can turn off team damage you can do it just do please