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  1. you do not need to own the ship to witness it delete people from full health at ridiculas ranges or unspotted behind islands ...
  2. So at what point does a ship get deemed "Broken" With the introduction of the legendary mod The Yamato now has the ability to score 3-4 citadel hits at 20-25+km CONSISTENTLY regardless of ship angle or range? No other ship in the game as the ability to delete people without any counter. DDs have a cooldown on torps and have to deal with radar. Cruisers are damage over time. CVs are getting a full rework because of that exact issue and even they have to send their planes back to reload. The mod is extremely broken in its alpha strike ability from anywhere on the map. There needs to be some form of counter or a balance revisit.
  3. Just a point of note the Pie day camo numbers are all written backwards over the entire camo. they are all either upside down or backwards or both. Just looks kinda silly that way
  4. I am mountain standard time so for us its 5-8 now west coast would be 4-7 which means they start an hour before most people get off work out there.
  5. Just wondering if the start time for clan wars will adjust with daylight savings time? Prior to daylight savings time it started at 6pm (mountain time) now its 5pm mountain time which is when most people are getting off work. west coast people would hardly be able to play any time in CW with it starting at 4pm their time. just wondering if this is taken into effect for the time schedule Romic