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  1. I'm not going to get into whether they should exist in game or not. Simply put, they are coming and I'm working on getting ready for it. Just curious what you folks think the best line to counter subs will be. I'm leaning towards USN and German DDs, though that may just be from having more experience if those than other lines.
  2. I haven't looked into the test server (not even sure if its live at the moment), but have read the dev blog article you are talking about. Having 10 minutes worth of dive time in a match seems decent to me, especially considering that most matches only go about 12-15 min. It will be up to the player to manage that resource to maximize its effectiveness. A sub can still fight surfaced, and will still win most if not all concealment fights even then. Similar to a torpedo focused DD with no player controlled deck guns. Pretty much every class has some kind of resource to manage, heals, smoke charges, speed boosts, etc. Managing them well is the mark of a good player. Mismanagement of them is why I'm just a hopelessly average player, lol.
  3. dechion

    Is the Flint worth the coal?

    I wouldn't go with Flint at this point, for the reasons already talked about above. If you are in the market for a tier 7 US CL that does quite well (at least I enjoy it) try looking at USS Boise. More range than Flint or Atlanta, bigger guns (and 15 of them to boot), and a UK style zombie heal. Granted, she can be a little squishy, but the heal helps a lot with that. Pretty sure that she's a gold and/or cash ship, and I know you specified coal. Just figured I'd offer the suggestion.
  4. dechion

    0.10.5 Release date

    Thats a very good point. Honestly I mostly play at tier 8 and below and have all the premiums I want from those tiers. Getting a tier 10 premium for coal is essentially buying a few supercontainers a year from snowflake events. The only one I really enjoy at that tier is Salem.
  5. dechion

    0.10.5 Release date

    I forgot all about having a coupon, as I've been stockpiling coal for the USS Black, whenever it finally comes back. I'm sitting at over 300K coal now, might as well get something before the coupons refresh.
  6. Yeah, I'm likely jumping the gun a bit, but I'm concerned about the effect of changes to the game. In particular the introduction of subs. I'm not threatening to quit, nor am I waving a pitchfork calling for the idea to be scrapped. I'm simply a bit worried that it will cause enough issues in an already niche game to drive some players away. The player base is small enough already without bleeding more. Its already becoming more and more common to see bots in randoms, especially at mid tiers and lower. Not sure if that's lingering fallout from the double CV matches being so prevalent with tier four and to a lesser extent with tier six CVs, or if its simply a far smaller population than it used to be. Hell, I'm looking forward to trying out subs, and have been actively researching their counters. (DD and CL, especially those with hydro) I suppose it will be what it will be, but like they said in more than one old western "I've got a bad feeling about this".
  7. dechion

    Which one?(poll)

    Of the two Minekaze is my favorite, however I wouldn't recommend either one at this point. They can see tier 4, and will see double CV games a significant portion of the time. Since their AA is apparently one guy on the bridge wing with his service pistol that's less than fun for the DD than it is for the CV.
  8. I'm looking at a BB line to grind up, and considering the USN fast BBs. I was a pirate in the recent event and got to play around with the Alabama, and really enjoyed the few games I played in her. Based on what I'm reading Alabama and North Carolina are very similar. Looking at WoWs Numbers NC is also one of the most played ships in the game. Ironically it also has a pretty poor win rate overall. Is NC a good ship? Did I just get a few lucky games in Alabama? Has the meta changed enough to make NC a poor choice to play? (Hence the server wide 48% winrate)
  9. Only managed a pair of pirate matches yesterday. One in Indianapolis and one in Boise. While I did end up sunk in both I definitely wasn't people's first target. Hell, the Boise match I got nearly 200 main battery hits on three BBs that were pushing a flank before they finally decided to sink me.
  10. The way I see it there are several kinds of quitting. A player that changes to another class due to frustration over changes to the game quit to some degree even if they still play. A player that once purchased flags/premium time/premium ships but has now closed their wallet in protest has also quit to a certain degree. A player that once played an hour or two a day who now pops on for the low hanging fruit of that first daily container, then logs out after one match has also quit from a certain point of view. A player that once played competitive modes and/or Randoms but is now a Co-op main has also quit in a manner of speaking. All those players still play the game, however changes to it have changed HOW they play, how much they spend, and how often. Like most things in the world, while there is the black and white answer of "plays or doesn't play", there are also a whole lot of shades of grey in between. As to the original post, I won't be quitting over this. That said, where I fall on the shades of grey scale might move a bit. Time will tell.
  11. dechion

    Mission obsession

    I stopped reading the missions as well a while back. I figure I already have a job with lists of things to do and deadlines to do them, I play pixel boats to get away from that. I just play, and if I get some flags or camos for doing so it's just a bonus. The game got a lot more enjoyable when I stopped worrying about missions and dockyards and all that and just played the ships and tiers I felt like on a given day.
  12. One match today for the login bonus and first daily box. Was tier 6 co-op in my Gallant. Had a Hood go pink pushing the other DD out of his smoke because he wasn't spotting for him, and a Mogami go pink putting a full spread into my side trying to toss some long distance skill at a red BB I was shooting from smoke. I wasn't even moving. At least I was still able to torp the BB since the Mogamis spread didn't do damage. It was quite the $%@#show.
  13. dechion

    Ship picks for operations

    Just curious what you fine folks think of when you consider the best ships for operations. Its been talked about before, but not since the captain skill rework (unless I missed the thread). I'm mostly a CA/CL main with a side order of DD. In general I've been playing whatever appropriate tier ship I'm currently grinding. When I'm not doing that its generally the Russian or USN CL's that I play, and rotate thru them to play continuously as needed. Nothing much changed in that regard, for me at least.
  14. One thing I try to keep in mind about video game content, whether it's in Warships or any other game where digital content and/or currency is bought or earned is that I don't actually own it. None of it, from any company I've done buisness with. I don't actually "own" the Fujin for instance, Wargaming does. Because I gave them like $20 or so a few Halloweens ago I am able to access it to play in the game, but I don't own it. Was she nerfed? Nope. Did significant changes happen to the game that changed how she plays and interacts with other ships? Definitely. Shes now a port queen, coming out for snowflakes on occasion. As another "for instance", I don't actually own the Blyskawica, Wargaming does. Because I gave them like $25 or so a few years ago I am able to access it to play in the game, but I don't own it. Was she nerfed? Nope. Did significant changes happen to the game that changed how she plays and interacts with other ships? Definitely. Shes another snowflake boat. I could keep right on going. Yeah, that might sound like I'm justifying nerfing content I paid for, and maybe I am (to myself at least), but that's how I think about it. Every ship I have bought or earned in some other fashion is just so much data on a server somewhere. One day they will shut those servers down and I'll have nothing to show for the time and money I spent but memories of the fun I had getting blown up by you fine folks. I figure as long as I have that in mind up front I'll rarely be pissed off at nerfs and balance changes. It seems to have worked so far, for me at least.
  15. dechion

    So nerfs to premium ships huh?

    I was thinking about the IS-6 a few weeks ago, and decided to redownload WoT to take mine for a spin. That game has changed so much that the interface is barely understandable, and I have no clue no what the meta is like. I'd damn near have to start from scratch, lol. I just logged out of it and did something else. :p