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  1. I am generally a cruiser main, with a lot of DD sprinkled in. A ship I wanted since before I got into beta was Bismarck. Well, I finally got him yesterday. I'm looking for advice from the forum hive mind on modules to equip and captain skills to choose. Not much written up that apples in this case, as modules just changed and skills are about to. BBs are usually my CO OP stress relief, but I may do some randoms as well once I get comfortable.
  2. I've read the post from WG, just curious if there are any out there that can give some comments on the London. I'm aware that it's not available quite yet, but there are testers out there that have played her. Basically wondering if she will be worth the grind.
  3. dechion

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    Well, I was pure PVP prior to the CV rework, now I'm 90% PVE, and spend less than half the time playing I once did. If they are trying to move me out of PVE they are going about it exactly the wrong way.
  4. dechion

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    One suggestion that I have seen several times is to remove the "mercy rule" from CO OP, to allow the games to play out all the way. That doesn't seem like it would take much, just disabling a victory condition.
  5. dechion

    Captain Voice Problem

    Turning off ARP in the carousel seems to have worked for me, don't even see the anime pictures anymore. Now if I could just get the German Dasha captain to speak English I'd be content with the voiceovers.
  6. Boise (based on the wiki) has a 12% base fire chance. With the current setup I use both skills mentioned, so 12 - 3 + 2 for an 11% fire chance without flags. Proposed setup would be (12 ÷ 2) + 2 for an 8% fire chance, once again without considering flags. So, assuming I keep my same setup it's about a 3% nerf to fire chance. Not the end of the world, but still annoying. I think that a 50% tradeoff is a bit much in a 4 point skill
  7. Sorry, I've got a case of the Mondays. The USN CAs seem to be fun in CO OP and Scenarios, haven't really done much in randoms with them. I'm at New Orleans so far, and already purchased Salem a while ago. They seem fun. I'm probably the most salty about Boise. I just bought her back at Christmas time, and shes kinda built around being a fire starter. Loss of pen will lead to way to many shatters, while loss of fire chance will lead to less damage. Reminded me of the Blys being "balanced" right after I bought her. It really does make me skittish about spending money on ships. With Boise it sounds like I'll get to pick which nerf I want, unless I'm reading it wrong. The extra 4 points of captain skill may be useful, depends how things shake out I suppose.
  8. Translation, a gameplay style that I find fun and engaging. I enjoyed the Blys, gameplay was changed, now I despise it. I only keep it in port to remind myself never again to spend money on a premium ship. I enjoyed IJN destroyers. Between the torpedo detection changes, prevalence of magical radar that sees thru islands, and the nearly permanent spotting that the reworked CVs provide, they are all now port queens. USN destroyers are fun, but the magical radar and permanent spotting means they are now not much more than light cruisers with less health, armor, and gunpower. They do have torps, but flooding was "rebalanced" as well. USN light cruisers are fun (figured I might as well play cruisers after the nerfs to stealth made the DDs less fun), now it appears that their main gimmick, the ability to do damage with fire, is going to take a sizable hit. I'm also slowly working on getting the Bismarck. It's been a goal since I started playing. With the proposed armor changes 15" guns will no longer overmatch same tier cruisers. I'll still finish the grind, but he will never see randoms. USN CAs seem fairly fun, and I'm working on leveling that line as well. Maybe that will become my go to? Maybe another class? Maybe another game? Is that a better explanation?
  9. Seems like every time I find a gameplay style that is fun and engaging WG notices and makes it go away, and it seems mostly to favor BB players. I suppose it doesn't matter that much anymore, as my game time is already way down and I've largely abandoned Randoms anyway.
  10. dechion

    4 Directives 0 Botes

    I've not done directive 4 yet, but that's all that's left. So far no boats, just a few flags and camos. Very exciting stuff to be sure.
  11. dechion

    Anyone else have this happen to them? Lol.

    All that's left for me is the 4th directive. No ships so far and the next thing showing is another batch of $#@#$# signal flags.
  12. Over the past few weeks I've been poking away at the directives for the RN CAs. As of now I have finished the first 3 directives, and likely will finish the last this weekend I was looking at the rewards and considering whether to get a few premium crates for the rewards they have. Looking at the bundles and putting things in perspective for myself, the only things I am really interested in are the permanent camo for the RN CAs. I can grind the ships soon enough if needs be (looking likely as I have yet to pull a single ship from the slot machine). I only considered briefly buying the premium crates, but decided that would be foolish. I could buy the camos outright for a total of 7K doubloons for tier 5-8. That's $28 at the worst conversion rate of "any number of doubloons". I was hoping that the event wouldn't be a complete wash for me, but it has been. Makes me not want to bother with the 4th directive this weekend, but I know I will anyhow. Most of my playtime is weekend mornings, and most things would get completed anyhow just by playing. WG, I offer a suggestion for future events. The open ended nature of the containers available this time was very much a turn off to participating. Yes, the directives are easy, but the randomness of the rewards is quite discouraging. Not only am I not looking forward to completing the missions this weekend, I'm not really even wondering what's coming next. It's not burn out, as I still like to play, but the directives you've been running for a while now have turned me off to that aspect of the game. There have been directives that were very grind intensive, but with good rewards, and directives that were quite easy with little to no reward. I'm just suggesting trying something in between.
  13. dechion

    New steel ship: USS Johnston

    If this were to happen I'd suggest making Jonston more durable. A touch more health and perhaps a heal. Given the pounding she took and kept going it would make sense. Not sure what to trade off over a standard Fletcher though.
  14. dechion

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    And yet it was possible to grind for her last time... Many ships that we have been able to grind for aren't tech tree. Puerto Rico is a recent example.
  15. dechion

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Glad to see the ships available again for those who missed out last time. I was hoping that there would be missions to grind for Takao, but sadly that's not the case. Great event for those without the first 5 though.