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  1. dechion

    no Memorial Day event eh?

    I was a bit surprised as well, unless they did something and I missed it.
  2. dechion

    What happened to mah gold?

    I'm sure we will get it sorted out, I'm honestly just puzzled. Not even angry. If I were to make a suggestion about the menu system, I would suggest at the end of the decision tree having an alternative for "something else" or "none of these apply" that would just give the typing box for a message. Then again, I don't know how your support staff department is organized and that may not work. At any rate, thanks for the response. Its appreciated.
  3. dechion

    What happened to mah gold?

    I double checked my port. No now premium ships, no additional premium time. I have not bought any permanent camos, done any captain skill resets, dismounted any equipment, purchased any loot boxes, or bought any consumables. I have a supply of most flags, so I would'nt have been buying them even if I accidentally had it selected to purchase. I always turn that off, got burned once years ago. I'm sitting on several hundred disposable camos of a variety of types, and only rarely do I use premium consumables. Even if I did have things wastefully selected I have played maybe 100 matches since new years, and that's the last time I bought gold. There is a ticket in, but the menu system for submitting one is rather wonky. Reminds me of the phone menus from support at various companies, where none of the selections are really applicable. We shall see how that goes.
  4. I logged in today to a 0 balance on my warships doubloons. I had about 8k, and did not purchase anything. My premium time is right where it should be, and no new ships in my port. Haven't purchased any boxes, flags, skill resets, or camos. Any idea what happened?
  5. dechion

    Six Containers 90 tokens

    Yeah. Similar here. I do like the sequential purchase aspect of the event, and the separate missions to get the permanent camo make it easier to get the ships themselves. Not a fan of the RNG aspect of the coins though. Based on my current drop rate I'll probably be able to get the tier 5 and 6 if I finish everything.
  6. dechion

    DDs Can't Do Anything Against CVs!

    While playing CV might give me a bit of insight, in a general sense, it won't give me the more in depth knowledge you have of the timing and attack patterns of every CV. Thing is, while I enjoyed DD play, and still take them out on occasion, I found that I disliked CV play more than I enjoyed the DD. So, now I am playing cruisers and having fun doing that. Not everyone is going to like everything, and I'd rather not play than sail a CV.
  7. dechion

    DDs Can't Do Anything Against CVs!

    With only a 2 knot speed advantage the Ashashio would be very hard pressed to chase down a Lexington before time expired, unless boxed in by a map edge. Torps from astern will run out of fuel before catching up, unless there is a map edge. Tried to check the minimap in the original post to see if there was any reason not to have turned out, but it's not included in the pic.
  8. dechion

    DDs Can't Do Anything Against CVs!

    Had the Lex turned away you would not have been able to catch them, your torps wouldn't catch them, and you can shell them till you run out of ammo without burning them down compliments of their magical fire resistance. Good on you for the kill, but a bad decision on their part for not turning out.
  9. I'm waiting for the first in depth analysis of why camo paint shouldn't work on subs. That should be entertaining.
  10. Good morning folks. The morning is cold, the coffee is hot, and I can almost see the weekend from here. What are we fighting about today?
  11. Posting the same thing over and over won't make you right, even if you phrase it slightly differently each time.
  12. Lol, fair enough. A few more games in and yep, he's a riot.
  13. Played a few CO OP matches with Jingles this morning. Several times when sounding off about ships being spotted he called out the class as submarine. First time I've used this captain, is that a known issue?
  14. Tried them, not a fan. I'll probably try CAs next, since I don't like BBs either.
  15. I moved from DDs to CLs, which seems to have been a poor choice since the nerf bat is swinging at them now.