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  1. dechion


    The idea that carriers at mid tier aren't having a major impact on gameplay couldn't be more wrong, particularly when most games at that level are double CV (small sample size, but my last 20 tier 5-7 matches have seen 4 with no CV, 7 with 1 CV, and 9 with 2 CV) The spotting alone has made stealth ships much harder to use, and made scouting with destroyers nearly obsolete. Personally i only take DD's out now if missions require it as I've switched to playing cruisers since the rework went live. This change will make it much more likely that I'll play tier 10 as opposed to mid tiers though, so there is that.
  2. Looks like Salem will be going into my port this week, and I'll use my Pensacola captain in her. Next mission: researching how to spec a 10 point USN CA skipper to take up the line.
  3. I've heard good things about Jean Bart, but I'm not really a fan of battleships.
  4. Coincidentally i just started the USN heavy cruiser line as well, with Cybermedes as a new 10 pointer in Pensacola (with space camo, of course). Since I'll have permanent camos for that line from 6-9 by the end of the month i figured, why not. He could easily be my Salem captain as well.
  5. For quite some time I was a DD main, made it as far as Fletcher in the US line, and shes sitting on the XP for Gearing, just haven't spent the credits on her. Anyhow, since the CV rework I've leaned more towards cruiser play. In particular the USN CL line which I have thru Cleveland. Helena at tier 7 is the most fun of that line, in my opinion. Very shortly I'll be sitting on 180,000 coal, which I'd been planning on spending on Salem, but I could just as easily get any other coal ship in the armory. With the event skippers more options open for starting with a 10 point captain of another nation as well. I've never really been a fan of battleships, so I don't plan on getting any of those, which narrows my choices a bit. Just figured I'd ask my fellow captains what experience they have had with Salem and whether you would recommend her or a different coal ship.
  6. Actually I'm back playing DDs again, just takes some getting used to.
  7. I'm a DD main. I'm sure you gathered that from the post title, but it matters in the perspective that this post comes from. When 8.0 hit I became very frustrated with the combination of spotting mechanics and having nearly every game be double CV. Frustrated enough that I stopped playing DD altogether, deciding instead to play the USN CL line as AA boats and as support for those still playing DD. I've noticed while doing this that one of the first reactions of DD players once in a control point is to smoke up. I'm not saying thats a bad thing, I've done it myself many times. Where it becomes an issue is when there is no spotting of the enemy on the other side of that smoke. Instead of helping out the ships that are trying to support the DD it can do the exact opposite. I've been deleted by ships I can't see hiding behind the smoke my own teams DDs have left while trying to support them. Often times those same DDs end up in chat complaining about the lack of support they recieved. I don't know how many times i was that DD that blinded my own team by using my smoke at the wrong time, but I'm sure I've done it. Not because I was intentionality trying to screw my own team, but because I didn't realise how badly it could effect them. As a cruiser player there isn't much I can do other than continue supporting my team as best I can. As a DD player on the other hand, seeing how my smoke effects my support will definitely make me be more aware of how and when I deploy it. Just a few thoughts for my fellow DD players out there.
  8. dechion

    Twitch Container Question

    Ive listened to plenty of streams, usually just the audio while i drive, but still listening and video is playing I'm just unable to watch except at the occasional stop light. Pretty sure i signed up when Fem posted how to link my acct to twitch. Have yet to see a container.
  9. dechion

    Any other Let’s Battle Tour events for 2019?

    I'm very much hoping for something near Orlando.
  10. They solved the problem of too many DD's in the queue. Edit: in case the sarcasm was missed here, I'm not a fan of what this patch has done to DDs.
  11. I've been doing a bit of thinking about the current state of flux that 8.0 has caused and the idea that the PTS didn't provide enough data. I was thinking of why I rarely go on the PTS and it occurred to me that the main reason was that anything I did there was pointless. I know I can get a few flags or camos, and that the data obtained is not pointless from Wargamings standpoint. What I mean is that I generally prefer to use my limited game time to advance my primary account. One thing that would encourage me, and likely others as well, to spend more time testing is to find a way to make it help the grind on that players live account. Perhaps have the XP earned on a given ship transfer to that ship on live? Allow eliete commander XP or maybe free XP to move to the live account? Perhaps instead a 100% XP / 100% free XP / 100% commander XP camo be awarded on the live account for each match played, as a way to recover that time "lost" on testing? At any rate, I believe that there would be a lot more interest in playing on the PTS if the rewards were at least as good as the time players invested in testing. It would be good for the players, and good for WG, at least from my point of view.
  12. So, I'm looking at improving my game. I've made it to Fletcher, and I'm doing ok for the most part. Generally speaking I use HE as my ammo of choice with USN 127 cannon other than occasional shots at broadside cruisers. Just curious how my fellow captains handle swapping ammo. Am I leaving potential damage on the table? When do you use AP?
  13. dechion

    How to Control your Win Rate

    I thought of a lot of ships that I could try this on, sticking with one and working on my game. I've decided on the Fletcher. Thanks for a great write up, and the inspiration to do better.
  14. dechion

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    Awesome post, thanks for the link. I'm thinking I'll be making a few changes myself based on reading it.
  15. dechion

    Intermittent disconnects

    Thank you. I'm almost done with the uninstall/Windows update/defrag/reinstall adventure now. Hopefully it works. I didn't know how to the check and repair, so I kinda used the brute force method.