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  1. dechion

    WG gouging us on perma camos

    Ironically my favorite camos are the single color ones that are now going for 45K credits/match. Shadow lurker in particular, but several of the blues and greens are also nice in that same category.
  2. dechion

    WG gouging us on perma camos

    The only ships I have multiples on were ships where I earned them thru missions. The only permacamo I ever spent dubs on was for Fletcher, and had the Epoch campaign been available at that time I wouldn't have bought that one either.
  3. dechion

    WG gouging us on perma camos

    One thing to think about is that WG does things by the numbers. If enough people purchase the economic bonus but not the visual(s) then over time they will either: 1) Reduce how many are being produced in order to pay less dev time on something thats not bringing in expected revenue, 2) Decrease the price to get enough volume of sales to overcome the loss of profit on each sale in order to justify the price decrease. 3) Leave things as is based on other internal metrics we don't see. I'm sure they already have had this come up at numerous meetings and such. Businesses that are run by the numbers generally love having meetings. Personally I think the economic bonus costing most of the old cost makes sense, the bonuses were the benefit of having the camo. I do think that charging the old cost for just a visual is a bad move on their part. Myself, I won't be buying any permanent visuals unless its the discounted first one. One last thing as long as I'm chatting about permanent visuals. I think it would be in WGs best interest to sell any of the available single use visuals as a permanent visual. There really aren't any basic permanent visuals that I'd much money on, but there are a few of the single use ones I might actually spend money on to make permanent.
  4. I recall reading about ships going away and being replaced by premium ship containers (great idea) but nothing about any of the camos going away.
  5. Annoyed that I thought I was going to get it, only to find out it was no longer there. Free is a relative term. I spent time earning the currency, and time is valuable. Had I not been under the impression that I could work for it in game I may have just bought it. Then again, I have Boise. Maybe I'll just retire Helena and play her. Hell, now that I think about it I have enough premium ships of my preferred classes to play pretty much any tier I want to. Why bother spending time or money on tech tree ships.
  6. A little notice would have been nice, but it is what it is.
  7. As I said in the first post, I could care less about the visual. What I wanted was the economic bonus.
  8. When looking at the rewards that camo was only one I was interested in, and its no longer available. Had I known that it was going away beforehand, and that I wouldn't be able to purchase it prior to it going away, I wouldn't have wasted my time. I can use those tokens for a few tier 1 bonuses I suppose, but I'm still not at all happy with not being able to buy the camo I wanted. I know I could buy the bonus outright for a couple bucks worth of dubs, but thats not the point. Whether its intentional or not it really hit me as a bait and switch.
  9. I'm glad it mentioned that anywhere in the article advertising the PTS. First, and likely last, time I waste my time on it. Thanks for your input though.
  10. I've been a supporter of this from the start, and I very much like the way its set up. I like being able to choose my bonuses and visual separately from one another. One problem though. I am sitting on about 5700 community tokens. I earned about 3500 more on the PTS, doing what you, WG, asked of me. Testing your product for problems. I have yet to see those tokens I earned, so I was unable to use them to get what I was working towards. The whole purpose of that was to purchase the community token permanent camo for one of my favorite ships. The Helena. A camo that when I was earning the currency you still haven't given me. A camo that at the time I should have been able to buy it had BOTH the cosmetic (couldn't care less) and the economic bonus (the whole point of grinding it). I took a look just now and that camo is no longer available for purchase, and those that are have had their economic benefit stripped off AND THEY ARE STILL THE SAME PRICE. Not only is it no longer available, even if it was its now EFFING WORTHLESS. I did my part, I did what was asked in exchange for a currency I could use to purchase a reward. How about selling me what I should have been able to buy? Had you given me the currency that was promised when I earned it, as opposed to once you made it effectively worthless I'd already have had it.
  11. dechion

    Patch day will be Forum overload.

    Depending on how many are asking about it in game may write up something very brief, with a reference to the article on the main page, and just have it handy to ctrl-v into chat.
  12. dechion

    Invisible subs?

    I was under the impression that hydro didn't spot subs below periscope depth. Honestly they have made so many changes to them since they started shoehorning them into the game that I've lost track. The way I read the dev blog post, coupled with my misconception about hydro, had me thinking they would be completely undetectable once submerged, while still being able to spot for their own team. (Other than enemy subs)
  13. dechion

    Invisible subs?

    I was reading the devblog this morning and noticed this passage. Disabled guaranteed detection for submarines in submerged position Due to the interaction patterns of the submarines, they often accidentally detect each other. This causes them to get caught in an air strike and also forces them to engage in a duel without being able to get out of it safely. Disabling guaranteed detection will make submarine play more comfortably, and in case you want to attack an enemy sub, you will be able to use the Low Frequency Hydrophone. If I am reading this correctly then submarines that are submerged will no longer be able to be detected, even within the 2km assured detection range, by other ships. It did not specify "other submarines" in the post (though that would make sense given the rest of what was posted. Maybe it was lost in translation?) I'm already not a fan of hydro not spotting submerged submarines, despite that being what its was literally invented to do. This will make hunting subs with a depth charge equipped DD or CL far more difficult. Not trying to start an argument, just pointing out that this would not just make sub gameplay more comfortable, but would be a pretty solid buff to sub survivability and a nerf to close quarters ASW ships. Perhaps if the reasons for turning this off were, as stated, subs spotting each other resulting in airstrikes on the area, perhaps either disabling the 2km detection of a submerged sub ONLY BY another submerged sub would get the results they desire without effecting the interaction with surface units? I'm not trying to start any arguments, just pointing out an observation.
  14. I picked up Black mostly because its a premium. With the economy at tier 9, especially post rework, having the service costs be half of what my Fletcher is will come in quite handy. I play mostly co-op, and honestly I put on speed boost instead of the radar for bot hunting and just play it like a slightly slower Fletcher. Since most of my torpedo runs are drive bys at 3km or so I don't really miss the speed on the torps so far. I guess its all in what you want to do with it.
  15. With the few times I've really witnessed players getting nasty towards anyone, if its happening with any consistency perhaps look to the common denominator. In this case it would be your gameplay. Now, I've seen politics pop up more than a few times, especially since the fall of 2020. I don't engage in it, and report it when I see it, but I run into that more often than players berating other players.