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  1. I picked up Black mostly because its a premium. With the economy at tier 9, especially post rework, having the service costs be half of what my Fletcher is will come in quite handy. I play mostly co-op, and honestly I put on speed boost instead of the radar for bot hunting and just play it like a slightly slower Fletcher. Since most of my torpedo runs are drive bys at 3km or so I don't really miss the speed on the torps so far. I guess its all in what you want to do with it.
  2. With the few times I've really witnessed players getting nasty towards anyone, if its happening with any consistency perhaps look to the common denominator. In this case it would be your gameplay. Now, I've seen politics pop up more than a few times, especially since the fall of 2020. I don't engage in it, and report it when I see it, but I run into that more often than players berating other players.
  3. I think that's the most politely worded "please uninstall" that I've ever read. Well done.
  4. There is a big difference between calling out targets and potential strats in chat vs straight up being nasty to someone. I've been questioned on my tactics a few times, usually by folks who already yolo'd their ships away and are now counting on the team to bail their stats out. I generally don't answer because I'm still busy trying to win the match and don't need the distraction of an argument with some rando. Never had anyone get nasty with me, but I've seen it and reported it. Nowadays I mostly hang out in co-op, and find it's much more laid back there. Hell, I'm good with teammates that don't play well. Leaves more bots for me to sink. I know that watching someone else do something you think won't be effective is difficult, but I generally give the benefit of the doubt that they have a plan of some sort. Might not be a good one, but they have a plan. Worst case is I take a loss and move on. I play warships to relax. If I wanted to be angry I'd just watch the news.
  5. I've been playing on the PTS for the first time since community tokens became a thing, and noticed this morning that the ones I am earning via missions over there don't seem to be finding their way to my main account. Is it normal for them to take a while? Perhaps at the end of the PTS for this patch? Do I need to put in a ticket?
  6. dechion

    Do we have to pay to win?

    Streaks like that were one of several reasons I switched to co-op. Now a bad game is one where I don't get to kill quite as many bots.
  7. I agree. I also suspect that tier 1/2 bonuses will be more common than their current equivalent. Thats not based on anything in particular, more of a gut feeling.
  8. I looked at that too. There are a few paint schemes I like well enough to keep, as for the rest... Credits are always nice to have.
  9. One thing I noticed on the PTS was that it appears the bonuses you select auto populate for the next match. The combat flags i have had to manually put on for each match. Neither one had a auto/nope button that I saw. In the camo section is all credits now, no doubloon camos that I saw. It does have an auto/nope slider. It defaults to nope. I may have missed the buttons for bonuses or combat flags, or they may not be there, but thats what I noticed playing on PTS over the weekend.
  10. I watched a bit of anime when I was younger, I'm talking Stsr Blazers, Robotech, that kind of thing. Haven't watched them in years. Actually was going to buy one or both to watch with my kids/grandkids but they want serious money for shows that are 35-40 years old. As for the Navy aspect of things, I was a sailor back in my younger days, and my family has served (mostly Navy) for generations. This game let's me play around with the kind of ships my dad and grandpa were on. I don't mind the collaborations for the most part. My only issue with them is that some ships become unavailable to the general playerbase when those collaborations aren't live. I would like a Harekaze. Sorry, I picked the wrong time to not be online. Can't have one. Wanted a premium Cleveland for a long time. There are currently six premium USN tier 8 cruisers. The five that are normally available are all heavies. The only option for a Cleveland clone was AL Montpelier. Yes I grabbed it while I could, but what if I wasn't watching the store ads while on vacation (just in case). I'd have missed out again and likely been permanently SOL. While I like the collaborations overall, I'm not a fan of locking unique ships behind very narrow time gates. Some of the camos look ridiculous, but thats being addressed soon. I can keep the bonuses and ditch the brightly colored paint job.
  11. dechion

    Coal and Economic Separation

    Its been stated that the end result for players is supposed to be the same availability of bonuses. There are apparently a few edge cases of min-maxing where that won't be the case, but for the most part everything should feel very similar. My guess is that the current rewards throughout the game will be as near to a straight conversion as possible. I was able to check on the PTS some of the rewards, such as the tier 9 Epoch perma camo that is the end of the epochs campaign changes to both a perma visual and perma economic bonus as the reward. That seems a pretty straight conversion to me. Better really, as I can assign them to two different ships is I choose to. However, I was not able to check the armory as it doesn't appear to be active on the PTS. I'm sure @Ahskance will let us know later this morning.
  12. dechion

    CV BADLY needs ASW

    If it was done the way I suggested then using depth charge equipped torpedo planes against a BB was a foolish choice.
  13. dechion

    CV BADLY needs ASW

    In WW 2 the torpedo planes from CVs were sometimes fitted with depth charges instead for ASW patrols. How about giving CV players the option of having their torpedo planes outfitted with torps or depth charges. This would be something decided before the match and last its duration, kind of like some ships choosing between DFAA and Hydro at load out. (For example) prior to the match. Would make for the same kind of "interesting choices" other classes have with regards to their loadout.
  14. My limiting factor is dragon flags. Sadly I can't just buy a few.