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  1. ScortLX

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Check your firewall. Make sure World of Warships has permissions to access the internet.
  2. It seems in co-op, the bots, even the friendlies are programmed to ram the first enemy ship they get close to. This is not realistic. Can they be reprogrammed to at least TRY to fight an opponent at close range instead of being a torpedo?
  3. ScortLX

    Thanks Warships.....

    THIS is what makes no sense. This player has 372 Co-op battles and 5 Random battles under his belt.
  4. ScortLX

    Thanks Warships.....

    I really don't have a problem with people getting the higher tier ships, as long as they are like you and realize that there is a learning curve with this game.
  5. .....for all the noobs in the high-tier Black ships. I love going into a battle with a tier 9 Jean Bart B on the team captained by a guy with 136 Co-op battles and 0 Randoms under his belt. But hey, more kills for me.
  6. ScortLX

    Stealing kills

    I don't worry about people "stealing" my kill. If I've been hammering away on a target and causing massive amounts of damage, I don't really mind somebody else delivering the kill shot. The stats will have me at the top of the team and he'll be at the bottom. I shoot at any target that is available to me when my guns are loaded. I don't care if he's almost dead. If my guns are ready and pointing in his direction, I'll delete him.
  7. ScortLX

    Premium Ship Review - ARP Yamato

    ARP Yamato for sale? Bad idea, influenced by greed. Offering a Tier 10 researchable ship for sale by adding a fancy paint job? Just played a battle in Co-op with one of these captained by a guy that had 262 battles TOTAL in his profile. Needless to say, he had his butt handed to him by the bots. Terrible decision Warships.
  8. If you have a VPN service, try running it through your VPN. Working for me and even though the ping is a little slower, it doesn't effect my shots in battle.
  9. I have been having the disconnect issue in battle. I fired up my VPN program and ran through it. My disconnects have stopped happening. So, must be something about the routing through my ISP. The VPN has changed the routing just enough to bypass the problem spot. Ping is just a little slower now, but no disconnects. I'm happy.
  10. ScortLX


    Every time they update the game I have to go into my Windows Firewall Control program and edit the permissions for the game. Otherwise, when I launch the game it just sits there at the spinning hamster wheel of "Waiting for authorization". As soon as I edit the permissions it starts to log in. So doublecheck those permissions.
  11. ScortLX

    First game in the Kansas

    Yeah, but 23 knots for a tier 8 BB? Come on warships, buff the speed for this thing. At least let it hit 25 knots.
  12. Should be available in the consumable slot that contains the Fighter/Spotting Aircraft/Radar
  13. ScortLX

    DD's in smoke

    Good, opinions from both sides of the aisle. That makes for a learning experience IF people read and heed the information that's being put out. Smoke can be a valuable tool to the team, or a major drawback. Just depends on how it gets used.
  14. ScortLX

    DD's in smoke

    Please, if you're going to go past a dd that is sitting in smoke, please do so on the side that he isn't shooting at enemy ships with. And please don't act like a bot and just park next to him.
  15. Really? With 7,159 players?