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  1. Gross

    How I build It: United States

    Put me in the hate column! A good CV player can really dominate in this beast and make it miserable for the reds.
  2. Seriously OP and I won't waste my time playing this game until they get nerfed. Can't kill the planes and getting torped by 16 torps in the fastest BB in the game in one attack is just stupid. In one game saw one take out a Des Moines and then a Moskva in about 3 minutes. I've put up with a lot of crap in this game but this is hard to take. Looking for a new game to spend my time and money on.
  3. Gross

    Research Bureau New Ships?

    Where does one find these hints? Thx!
  4. Gross

    Research Bureau New Ships?

    Looking for confirmation that Wargaming has plans for more research ships?Anyone?
  5. Gross

    Research Bureau New Ships?

    Well they must be keeping the info on future Research Bureau ships close to their chests as I haven't found or heard of anything at this point.
  6. Are there any rumblings of new research bureau ships on the horizon? I got the Ohio and Colbert. I don't need any enhanced goodies as I have all those worth getting.Sitting on a lot of research points but not going to bother resetting any more lines unless I see something I want.
  7. Gross

    Mogador Get

    Well just did another 7 so 15 so far and no joy!
  8. Gross

    Mogador Get

    Dropped 9000 so far and no Mogador. Not sure if it will be worth it. Not really a fan of the lower tier French DDs.
  9. Gross

    Absolute WORST super-container opening?

    I have very low expectations these days for the so called Super Containers. Not a lot of Super!! Heavy on the lame!
  10. Gross

    Opening 21 Super Containers Video!

    I opened 16. Bunch of flags, 1000 gold, 50,000 free xp. Not too exciting! I like modules!