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  1. justdags

    Advice on a new Tier 8 BB

    I have the Bama and she is a solid boat but not much different from the NC.
  2. justdags

    High Tier BBs play?

    I always play aggressively but if ou don't have support you will die fast BBs just can't do it all alone, i try to stay with some cruisers.
  3. justdags

    Premium ship, no show

    give it an hour it could just be an issue with the bank it might have been flagged as potential spam or something.
  4. You have a month left I would recommend putting on your grinding pants (camos and signals) and trying to get as far up the line as you can. a few days before the patch drops see how far you are from the ship. if you feel you are close enough to finish the job do it if not either free exp or not ultimately the choice is yours. I ground out the T8 and ( Russiazn cruiser in a little over a months time although it did cause a bit of a burn out. and I had premium time given to me for having not played in about half a year.
  5. justdags

    CODE 5

    I just had a feeling that this was the moment to check for the code lol.
  6. justdags

    CODE 3

  7. I mean I am a little annoyed about having to regrind the tier 9 ship but I was expecting that to be a possibility, I enjoyed her the first time and rushed the grind so I don't have a problem doing it again, I am happy to get a free special version of the T10. To address the OP war wargaming is not taking anything away from you, they are just not giving you anything you didn't already have. Of course they want you to regrind that way you might spend money to use free xp to do it.
  8. justdags

    Thank you, WoWs

    I feel this is fair :) have fun with the Mass.
  9. justdags

    captan from ship to ship

    Must be the same Nation doesn't need to be from same ship type though.
  10. justdags

    Battleship New York: upgrade module question.

    The range is a great way to learn how to aim farther away
  11. Happens to me from time to time usual in the first game in given session
  12. Would be nice to get a week though, 3 days is just too little time to get over my desire to save money.
  13. The elevator at the parking garage near the aquarium is out of service so if you are parking there and have trouble with stairs keep this in mind.
  14. justdags

    Tachibana and Mikasa?

    Lol I only stopped playing Dunkerque as much when I got my Jean Brate she is a good T6 but will punish an inexperienced player hardly. Warspite is probably the best bet for a T6. At T5 Texas is good Out.Rev's problem is the limited charge damage control (for a new player)
  15. justdags

    Tachibana and Mikasa?

    I would recommend a T6 so you can use it in scenarios the big downside to them is the potential to be in a T8 battle which if you are a good player you can hold your own someone with less experience will struggle.