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  1. I am completely behind the standard hotkey for consumables it would save me so much embarrassment, all repair party is R so I never accidentally hit smoke when I want repair but but hydro instead of heal? Yeah that happens.
  2. I wish that after they vanished if you had a "lock" you gunners don't just throw away the calculation and while blind that shot should still have the range information from when the ship vanished.
  3. How to pronounce Worcester

    "War-chester" that is how I always say it to the extreme annoyance of my wife who's family is from Massachusetts.
  4. Biggest OP thing in the game

    I always try to use the shell wotht he best chance of causing damage to my target if AP is an option I tent to reach for it, however HE can be quite useful at damaging the enemy and at distracting them away from other targets.
  5. I will put my name into the mix although a life of piracy is not quite to my liking. Although truth be told this seems more like privateering and that suits my Nobility just fine.
  6. The Ocean Poll!

    I love the less common maps because it makes a nice change from the usual 3 or 4.
  7. Summer Sale Day 11: KII

    I actually like my kii do fairly well in her, she is often overlooked by the enemy team in favor of other "more dangerous" ships on my team. This gives me a chance to do some decent damage to them and the torps can be a great surprise because unlike the Tirpitz people seem to forget Kii has them.
  8. I also think that I should be able to to block map pings via blacklist, since that is one of the reasons I blacklist someone.
  9. Dasha being added as commander

    I don't have a female Russian captain so sounds good to me
  10. yes Y E S ! ! ! !
  11. New incoming commander

    Oh god that is a scary thought....
  12. USS Mass w/o plane

    Just a graphic glitch I get it sometimes with my German ships
  13. Question about SC I just got?

    Not going to lie I thought he said he got uroboros (from resident evil) in a super container and I got rather confused for what was probably a few to many moments.
  14. No Single Fire Torps on RN DD's?

    I agree it is what I love about Gallant and that I turn thought me how to DD somewhat effectively.
  15. Daily log on bonus

    I don't think I have gotten any of the daily log on bonuses,is anyone else having this issue?