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  1. Flag question

    That sounds like the one from the Halloween event
  2. Cheating

    Only time I ever accused someone of cheating in world of warships was when a battleships shells we're clearly going to cover shoot and suddenly the shells do a 90 degree turn and plunge right into my ship.
  3. Carnival Camo For All

    It will come...... Just give it time
  4. GUI disappears, then hard crash

    I have been getting this a lot recently
  5. Amagi build suggestions

    It does not play like Nagato it requires more care and diligence to show it's really potential and do not give them your broadside
  6. Just wondering about MM

    There is a lot of salt on this at the moment but I feel like MM is fine
  7. Well done, I am sorry that your team wasn't more use to you but on the plus side it makes a fun memory
  8. Torpedo Tips?

    I was convinced that this thread was about tornadoes, I think I have occasional dyslesxia
  9. I can see why it is a pain in test server but I think it is a good thing on live server. I think you also had to get 50 oil for your new clan before you get their benefits, annoying yes but also helps reduce clan jumping.
  10. T8 Premium New Jersey

    Maybe just give me an option to change the name and number on My mighty more;)
  11. 1.) Clan wars to at least include tier 9 it doubles the ships that can be used to make it more interesting plus then I can use my Mighty Mo tier 8 would be nice but that is more likely to hurt a team 3.) Extend the hours of clan wars by 2 start one hour earlier for us on East coast and keep it open one hour later so our west coast friends have time to fight after dinner. 2.) I still want my Massachusetts
  12. Rare container might be better I think super implies ships premium time and gold rare implies that is rare but not holy
  13. I gave Montana, Des Moines, and Yamato every other line is at teir 7 or 8
  14. Russian BB predictions

    I would rather see a Pan-Asian cruiser line at least there might be less napkin designs there.