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  1. justdags

    Battleship New York: upgrade module question.

    The range is a great way to learn how to aim farther away
  2. Happens to me from time to time usual in the first game in given session
  3. Would be nice to get a week though, 3 days is just too little time to get over my desire to save money.
  4. The elevator at the parking garage near the aquarium is out of service so if you are parking there and have trouble with stairs keep this in mind.
  5. justdags

    Tachibana and Mikasa?

    Lol I only stopped playing Dunkerque as much when I got my Jean Brate she is a good T6 but will punish an inexperienced player hardly. Warspite is probably the best bet for a T6. At T5 Texas is good Out.Rev's problem is the limited charge damage control (for a new player)
  6. justdags

    Tachibana and Mikasa?

    I would recommend a T6 so you can use it in scenarios the big downside to them is the potential to be in a T8 battle which if you are a good player you can hold your own someone with less experience will struggle.
  7. Going to the USS New Jersey can't wait to see everyone.
  8. justdags

    It took 3.5 hours

    I always aim to do at least 2x the health of my ship in damage to the other team I am a pretty average player but I just try to have fun and be a helpful member of my team.
  9. Not sure if this is allowed here or where else to post this. I am going to be attending the event on New Jersey I am planning on getting there early to beat the line. I will be departing from the Clinton NJ area I can take my minivan if there are any other people going that want to car pool. I have a total of six passenger seats open. Probably going to ask $5-10 to help cover gas (if no carpool happens I will take my more fuel efficient car) I hope to see many of you at the event.
  10. justdags

    Elite Dangerous vs. No Man's Sky

    ED just feels good to play I can sink hours at a shot into it (not recently though as being parent takes upuch gaming time) I would highly recommend it.
  11. I am supposed to be working this day will have to try to get coverage
  12. justdags

    Mercy rule can stay, but here's a fix

    But each team is red to the other team.
  13. justdags

    Lost power during a battle

    Hello everyone I was just in a tier 10 battle in my t8 Edinburgh and my power went out so sorry guys
  14. Make a damage to module ribbon to go with the incapacitated ribbon that way we can see that our "missing" shots did something.
  15. Maybe like a camo trade in for 50% of original price that you can apply to new camo for that ship so they still make something and you the buyer still feel gratified.