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  1. If you are giving your best that is all I can ask of a teammate I would rather have a team of "bad" but good natured peothen a full team of a**hat unicums
  2. Massachusetts

    I have been holding out for the MA. This is one of the last premium ships I have on my will buy regardless listas the first BB I ever got to go on
  3. I have asked for this ship many times as well
  4. Pensacola and Indianapolis ay very much alike the Capt will do well.
  5. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 8th, 2018

    I really like this idea, and it would allow players a chance to use a ship they have not experienced yet as well.
  6. I found 2 Chiss in one thread do I win anything
  7. The Iowa and Montana are great tanks when angled just a bit I have both my Misery and Monty set up as brawlers from the pre-german days and they are still great. Stay with NC a little longer and maybe play some co-op or training rooms but it will come to you.
  8. I would have preferred it to be 6 kills of axis ships not 3 from the 2 major powers
  9. I am actually fairly confident in Cleveland being ok, she has a lot in common with Baltimore and even Des Moines. And hopefully Pepsi and NO will also benefit from not having players that have been learning how to drive ships that are so different from them.
  10. steam and premium shop

    If they are a steam player I can see why they might have expected that to work. However since wargaming has there own premium shop and is slightly known for being a bit money hungry they would never let steam take a portion of their income. Honestly a lot of us were surprised that WOWS even got into the steam store. In the future it would be wise to check with the community of whichever game it is before setting money up in a non-refundable way.
  11. And yet if everyone was playing to be the best the team would probably win Dds should cap and cap fast Cruisers should light fires And BBs should know when to disengage so they can fight better later
  12. was disappointed.....

    I accept gifts if you need to dispose of unwanted doubloons I still don't have an Alabama....
  13. Dear original poster I am going to refuse to call you "OP" as you are not at all OP there are steps you can easily take to avoid getting nuked at the start in your teir 8 premium. Take the teir I skill that let's you know if you are being aimed at if so take evasive action. This will help you with most of your issues. Sadly MM is never going to make it so that every teir 8 game you playing will let you seal club teir 6. The current+/- 2 MM is fine trust me I remember the days of tier 5 tanks fighting tier 9s. Ease stop bellyaching about one of the few mechanics that is perfectly fine.
  14. Japanese CL line?

    Super heavy DDs...... With citidels...... More food for my hungy BB :)
  15. Is this normal?

    OMG you just made my morning I grant you all the upvotes