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  1. justdags

    Feedback on Submarines

    for a gimmick or event only class i think they have potential, for PVP gameplay I think they should NEVER be introduced. Beyond the balancing issues there is the fact that Wargaming PROMISED at several different points that Sub would NOT ever be introduced into the game. I know they are Russian but when you break relatively high profile promises it tends to make people far less likely to give you their money.
  2. was not there when i first logged in and then decided that I was back at day -3 instead of my Doubloon day really war gaming this is why i don't buy things from you anymore.
  3. justdags

    Standardize the consumable keys.

    maybe have them mapped to the numeric keys (1= Repair 2= plane 3=hydro 4= rader 5= heal 6=smoke 7= engine boost ect) in addition to the current non standard ones
  4. justdags


    As an event ship I have no problem with it but I don't think they can work in pvp while being both balenced and fun to play without making the game suck for all other classes. Again there is a lot of potential in scenario games for Subs but keep them out of the main game it will just make the BB campers demand that the DDs camp with them
  5. In the past WoWS has been very helpful and generous in compensation for problems on their end, however unlike a total server failure it is nigh impossible to know what flags , consumables,and camo each user has lost due to this bug. A day of premium as compensation would be nice and maybe a few free anniversary containers but I would not expect more then that. They don't have to give us anything to be honest.
  6. justdags

    15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    I am completely behind the standard hotkey for consumables it would save me so much embarrassment, all repair party is R so I never accidentally hit smoke when I want repair but but hydro instead of heal? Yeah that happens.
  7. justdags

    WOWS' Over Reliance on Disappearing Ships

    I wish that after they vanished if you had a "lock" you gunners don't just throw away the calculation and while blind that shot should still have the range information from when the ship vanished.
  8. justdags

    How to pronounce Worcester

    "War-chester" that is how I always say it to the extreme annoyance of my wife who's family is from Massachusetts.
  9. justdags

    Biggest OP thing in the game

    I always try to use the shell wotht he best chance of causing damage to my target if AP is an option I tent to reach for it, however HE can be quite useful at damaging the enemy and at distracting them away from other targets.
  10. justdags

    The Ocean Poll!

    I love the less common maps because it makes a nice change from the usual 3 or 4.
  11. justdags

    Summer Sale Day 11: KII

    I actually like my kii do fairly well in her, she is often overlooked by the enemy team in favor of other "more dangerous" ships on my team. This gives me a chance to do some decent damage to them and the torps can be a great surprise because unlike the Tirpitz people seem to forget Kii has them.
  12. justdags

    WG, Can We Get an Option to Turn Off Pings?

    I also think that I should be able to to block map pings via blacklist, since that is one of the reasons I blacklist someone.
  13. justdags

    Dasha being added as commander

    I don't have a female Russian captain so sounds good to me
  14. justdags

    should i buy the scharnhorst on sale?

    yes Y E S ! ! ! !
  15. justdags

    New incoming commander

    Oh god that is a scary thought....