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  1. Did you finally give you on the Krispy Kreme doughnut...ship or was that a different Abyss
  2. I would recommend working up the cruiser line as well it pretty fun might use some xp here and there to speed it up but will worth the grind.
  3. And just because a player might only be mediocre doesn't mean they can't be awesome this time the fun is not knowing what the odds are in a game
  4. My WoWS Christmas List

    O want the Massachusetts that is all
  5. I will have to remember that one :)
  6. If in wrong place I am sorry. In my Belfast last night (probably the first time I used her in age but won't be the last) I got accused of hacking an aim bot in a random battle I don't cheat so getting called one by a salty destroyer made my day. Mods I do use are ashlan's only one that effects aiming Is a cross hair visual that makes it easier to read by changing it's colour to a solid yellow instead of white.
  7. This might be to the best bit of advice ever and thank you everyone I never thought of zooming out usually I am the rammer not the rammy. Have a safe weekend and good luck to everyone.
  8. Is there a way to fire all loaded guns even if there are not "aimed" I hate when someone is closing to ramming distance and I can get my guns in the small window of actually able to fire so just like an oh crapbutton.
  9. EXP : Planes vs Ships

    I think that in a CV there should be better XP rewards for downing planes
  10. Very well written JCC45. Was great to see a fun lovingly crafted post. It brought a smile to my 330 am face
  11. Played her as well I only have the 75th anniversary flag but fly it only on ships that were involved in Pear Harbor
  12. The HMS Leander

    Personally I am quite pleased with my Leander it is my favorite little cruiser at teir 6 and (I think I have tried all of them) fragile yes but that adds to the fun of it.
  13. Sorry typo I got a free exp one this morning
  14. Finally got a ex one this morning, myself was quite pleased
  15. just wanted to say thank you to Admiral Othuyeg for creating the transparent layers hopefully this will encourage more people to try their hand in this contest.