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  1. More Ships per battle

    That would make it so I'd be bound to hit somebody with torps.
  2. I bought my last set today as well and managed to pull the Belfast. So I'm a happy camper.
  3. Initial Santa Crate results

    Well I can finally stop buying Santa crates. Managed to finally pull every ship that was available. Finished up with the Belfast today. Now time to go dd hunting.
  4. Free to Grief

    Why would you even waste your time training a captain in a tier 1 battle let alone a tier 1 co op battle. Just seems like a waste of battle time.
  5. I love it. Now Sound of Silence is stuck in my head.
  6. AFK players

    I've been forced to go afk several times. Sometimes real life just gets in the way. Like having a one year old that has radar that tells him the exact second I load into a battle.
  7. Initial Santa Crate results

    I ran into the same thing with that 75 dollar box. I had much better luck with the 48 dollar santas big gift boxes. I pulled a Hood, Perth, Mutsu, Okhotnik, Leningrad, Gallant, De Grasse, Dunkerque, and a Huanghe, as well as enough doubloons to unlock my free exp for the Missouri. That was out of 40 of them. So the rng was with me today.
  8. I just bought one because it looks cool. I'm also weird and enjoy low tier battles.
  9. New Years Crate Contents

    Same thing for me. So far I've pulled 15k in doubloons.
  10. I'm going to hold off on buying anything until I see what comes out of the santa crates.
  11. I must have been lucky. I spent about 100 and managed to get every premium ship that was available.