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  1. Lol, it will just never die...
  2. TF 1942 was my favorite ship sim until this game came out...
  3. Welcome to the Forums!! Have fun and enjoy yourself!!! ( FINE PRINT: PLEASE DO NOT MENTION THE DREADED "SUB" WORD IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET A PUBLIC LASHING , LOL)
  4. Ugh.....
  5. Good for you my friend! Admitting a mistake in a public forum takes a lot of courage....
  6. The most disturbing part for me is the remains of the crews. I've been in modern scrapping yards and anything that is not metal gets dumped into a pile and transported to a landfill. Not the best ending for men that died for their countries....
  7. The number of days between these is getting shorter.....
  8. I haven't played much in the last few months but it sounds to me like things have changed a bit. Don't like the sound of it since I like to get up close to enemy ships...
  9. I'm going to go way back to when this forum started and ALPHA was over a year away. A good friend of mine named "Triptyx" quoted a phrase that keeps coming to mind when people want changes. It goes along with the saying "You cannot please everybody" "Death by Committee" “Death by Committee”- At a certain point, the level of input begins to conflict with itself and the entire project grinds to a halt when more time is spent trying to make everyone happy than advancing the project.
  10. Words are just words, it's how you use them that makes them good or bad. Come back to the light...........
  11. This is a subject that really makes my blood boil.....
  12. Main gun shop outside Washington D.C. 1930's
  13. Yes they are for man overboard.. Nowadays, they have special life rings that deploy from the bridge wings.
  14. The way they are marked and where they are makes me think they may be "Underwater projection" markers. The props extended beyond the hull on some of those older narrow stern ships and that's about where it would be. It prevented other ships and tugs from coming too close to that area and hitting the props. Some ships had a steel cage welded to the hull to prevent it. It was very common for naval ships to tie up abrest (Side by side) of each other in those days where hitting the props was a possibility. I'm going to find this one out....
  15. Possible hydrophones for sub detection....