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  1. I've been here since the beginning. I've seen a lot of things come and go and changes without number. In the beginning it was torpedoes. They just sucked!! But there range was limited so DD's had to get close, but DD's were almost undetectable until they were right on top of you. Then, CV's came along and gave them longer ranges but at least you could see them coming. Then WG adds gimmick ships with ridiculous numbers of torps and long ranges. Then it was DD's that could take lots of hits and burn a BB to death with HE spam. Now we have invincible subs, and they are invincible. They only become a target when they attack. They can just spam torps from anywhere and get hits without much trouble. Many of the ALPHA players I know stopped playing when HE spam started. Now, since subs have come in after years of saying they wouldn't, the others are on the way out... Does anyone see a pattern here? All the way back to the beginning, the devs have been doing one thing, pushing the BB's back out of the battle area. Does anyone have to ask why BB's stay at the back of the map right now? BB's are just cannon fodder, a pool of hit points for the DD's, subs , and cruisers with long range HE spam guns and torps. Do I think subs have ruined this game? Yes, completely. I don't think subs are going to bring the numbers they hope.
  2. Sampsonite

    Torpedoes are Too Powerful

    I will agree with you on this. Torps have been an issue since they released this game. You just kinda learned how to deal with them. The fact that they keep increasing the strength of the vessels that can deliver them just makes it so much worse. Now that they have added super stealth subs with super speed homing torps, it has become practically unplayable in a BB unless you stay beyond 20km. Then you get the "Maybe you should join the battle" messages from your teammates.
  3. Years ago I stopped playing due to frustration. After a few months, I came back sporadically and found that no matter what, the game is so much more enjoyable when you aren't trying to get anything out of it. Right now I've got over 700K free xp with nothing planned to buy.
  4. First off I'll say, your post is one of the most constructive and well thought out ones I've seen in a long time (And I've been here since the beginning) I hope that other players don't just take it as the rant of a new player. You bring up good points and I KNOW, contrary to popular belief, WG staffers do read all these posts and in many cases, Use them to make changes. Thank you for taking the time...
  5. Sampsonite

    1/200 Scale Yamato Build

    That's a lot for a model but looks like the quality is there so have fun...
  6. Sampsonite

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    Have we come full circle with DD's.......again?
  7. Sampsonite

    Earthquake just a short time ago.

    WOW! Be safe!
  8. This is going to be a disaster if they add them. DD's are usually the first spotted and the first ones shot at. If you kill the other teams DD's and you have a sub, guess what, you now have an invincible undetectable vessel. I'm going to wait and see how they will overcome THAT...
  9. Sampsonite

    Stop the fire blight

    Fire damage has one purpose, to allow the smallest ship in the game the ability to sink the largest ship. How it is being used in-game is another story. I feel your pain, nothing more frustrating than burning down after your enemy stops shooting...