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  1. Scrapping usually costs nothing because the breakers sell off all the scrap for a profit. Usually breakers have to buy a ship before they scrap it. This is why scrapping wins most of the time.....
  2. How is WoWs better since 9/17/15

    I believe WoWs has reached an equilibrium. Small course changes but for the most part pretty good...
  3. Been there, bad idea recognized, please don't do again.....
  4. Steam Engines in ships 1900s

    Most ships of the era had multiple boilers but they weren't always all lit at the same time for fuel savings. On average in my experience, from dead cold to start up just before you got underway was 12 to 18 hours. Underway with some boilers already lit and system running, maybe a couple of hours. The capt would tell the engineer what speed he was planning on and the engineer would have enough boilers ready. Unexpected big changes in steam demand would take a few hours. Ice breaking takes maximum power so at least a few...
  5. Looking for recognition?! Now I have seen everything. It would have been easier to just mention the dreaded "S" word and really get this train moving....
  6. An Idea for AP!

    The "flooding" bar in Alpha was a serious rage point at times. You could flood and sink sometimes at almost full health. Trust me, you don't want it...
  7. i'm failing in WoWs, big time.

    It sounds like you may be falling into the "Stat Trap" and playing the game for your stats and not for the fun of the game. Once you get too far down that path, it's extremely hard to come back. I get it, we are human and we compare ourselves to others every day. Once it becomes a chore, it's no longer a game....
  8. Missouri Detonation

    By a single torpedo with half health, I'd probably be angry too....
  9. Submarines need to be added to the game.

    Lol, it will just never die...
  10. Guess I should introduce self

    TF 1942 was my favorite ship sim until this game came out...
  11. hello, just found out about forums

    Welcome to the Forums!! Have fun and enjoy yourself!!! ( FINE PRINT: PLEASE DO NOT MENTION THE DREADED "SUB" WORD IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET A PUBLIC LASHING , LOL)
  12. Subs now?

  13. I wish to apologize

    Good for you my friend! Admitting a mistake in a public forum takes a lot of courage....
  14. The most disturbing part for me is the remains of the crews. I've been in modern scrapping yards and anything that is not metal gets dumped into a pile and transported to a landfill. Not the best ending for men that died for their countries....
  15. The number of days between these is getting shorter.....