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  1. Monarch

    KGV was ok...but since I have the Nelson and wasn't interested in a BB so reliant on HE, I sold it. Monarch is ok...can't say I love it, but unless I get severely uptiered, I don't feel like it's any less effective than an Amagi or Bismarch. Hope WG doesn't hit the Conq too hard with the nerf bat.
  2. Just got my Konig!

    I still have my Konig and the Bayern...I ran the Bayern during the last ranked season with good success...I think... It's the faster reload I relish, smaller caliber be damned. The Konig and Iron Duke are the heavyweight BB's at tier V.
  3. Pretty much this. Although I seem to get punked wayyy to much in my Nelson, I don't tend to keep tier 6 or 7 ships unless they are awesome (Cleveland) or premium.
  4. An odd collection...sadly, I am without a X as well as some of the required ships. At least the duplicate exchange rate is feasible. Thanks for the list!
  5. Issue selling British BB's

    It's fixed now w/ the new patch
  6. looking for help on the Iron Duke

    HE is key...but I wasn't that impressed overall (I would prefer the Texas or Kongo at V) and was happy for the extra port slot and credits once I unlocked the Queen E.
  7. Maybe it's just my personal experience, but I choose the steering prevention module. I use maneuverability at med range, and if I lose the engine with out repair up I pop smoke and steer into a favorable torp angle. I try to stick relatively close to other ships, so when i disappear into the smoke there are other tempting targets.
  8. Won't be keeping the Minekazi now...I used the 10km torps exclusively. Now it's a slightly more maneuverable Isokazi. At least the Mutsaki will have torp upgrades worth getting now.
  9. I think the changes really show the direction of the two DD lines...the US gets shorter range torpedoes while improving smoke, AA, and guns. Makes them more of a support ship, or at least a compliment to others. The Japanese DD's still remain the best option for ambush style torpedo attacks, and are poorer at closer range then their American counterparts. Makes trying other ship lines interesting. I like sitting back @ 8km and firing torps in my Minekazi. But if I decide to try the American line, I need to understand the different playstyle.
  10. Thanks for the details! Looks like the US DD's are more gun oriented, whilst the Japanese DD's will remain dedicated torpedo boats.
  11. Skip last (3rd) hull on Omaha?

    THIS. The only other ship I have that tends to kill aircraft regularly is my Fuso, and only because it has a bullseye painted on it in every match.
  12. I only play my Albany in CO-OP battles for a little free xp...otherwise, I avoid it like the plague. But then again, I got into 3 tier 4 games and said enough is enough.
  13. Albany sucks...good looking or not. I don't really care about how the St. Louis looks, as long as somebody spots hapless DD's for me to gun down. Or you could spring for some camo to spice it up...
  14. this. I remember the kv-1 with the kv-2 turret and 152mm...against tier 3s. As the number of players increases the tiers will smooth out. Right now alot of players have high tier prems (atlanta, ect) which makes higher tier games kinda annoying. I usually have the most fun in the Umikaze or St Louis.
  15. Epic Fail Matchmaker

    For some reason the more players on the server, the worse matchmaking my Kawachi receives....