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  1. I got the Twitch stuff a couple months ago. I unlinked and relinked the account today. I watched earlier and I have also received no new containers.
  2. I have 5 Starts for this round. Can I play more on "normal" and get additional pumpkins? Or is it like the normal Operations and only one time for each star?
  3. Why would this event end at 2 am instead of the "normal" 4 am (7 am eastern)?
  4. Why sin't it 4 am like all the other restarts?
  5. This isn't new. When I received my chat ban last year (June 2017) they were able to quote 4 times I used a "Forbidden" Word in game chat.
  6. WG doesn't want us yelling at all the idiots on the team. So I guess I can just turn chat off now...
  7. NightmareMk9

    SPEND YOUR TOKENS Public Service Announcement

    1 Basilisk Flag made 148,000 credits (with premium) on a lame 100k damage Missouri Loss 148k x 15 = 2,200,000 credits - But I'd need to play 15 Missouri Games
  8. NightmareMk9

    5th free code[giveaway over]

    So WG is going to troll the forums all day with codes that expire in 5 minutes. How/Why am I NOT surprised...
  9. NightmareMk9

    SPEND YOUR TOKENS Public Service Announcement

    Thanks dude for the heads up. Math Say you have 100 Tokens to spend (I have 96): 20 Anniversary Camo = 1,100,000 credits if sold 15 Super Flags = 900,000 credits if sold 100 tokens = 1,500,000 credits So DON"T buy camo or flags to sell
  10. NightmareMk9

    Go Navy Rip Off

    Did everyone get the credits? I had like 110 left over tokens between the 2 groups. I cant tell if I got paid or not
  11. NightmareMk9

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    WG updated the original post with that info. Thanks
  12. NightmareMk9

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    If we buy the ship now, then "earn" it later with the missions; do we get Doubloons for the duplicate?
  13. This isn't WOT, on what planet will I EVER need 56 additional Captains in my Reserves?