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  1. Been trying to check recruitment points in game but since patch it just stays in the THINKING (circle) and never opens. Have already tried check and repair, and tried vanilla game mode but to no avail... Anyone else having same issue?
  2. nikorian

    PR boosters gone?

    Same here, Submitted a ticket, and started taking screen shots of each token earned and each directive/objective done just in case. Most likely just a network issue after server change... But bad PR none the less.... Forgive the PUN
  3. nikorian


    Mine shows reset as well, Port shows correct progress. It is most likely a network issue to the server, Just give it time and it will either correct itself or they will correct it. I strongly doubt that you have actually lost anything...It's just bugged ATM.
  4. nikorian

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    It comes down to a few simple points. Casual players will never be able to get the Puerto Rico. Only Extremely hard core will even stand a chance and even then they will have to use cash or earned dbns to achieve it. A large portion of the WG family in WoWs is co-op or scenarios players who have been told simply they don't matter in this event... The way it is set now will require constant grind in Randoms to even stand a snowballs, or is that snowflakes, chance in hell to get the PR... EA style cash grab is what this is... Shame on WG for joining their ranks...
  5. The Fire Directive "No1" has several directives that are not counting any activity. Here comes the big guns. Unwrap your presents. light the candles. experience comes with age. Unlock your potential One year one win. Exalted leader. Restrictions T5 or higher COOP. Random or ranked. No country limitations shown... Not showing any progress so far from japanese, US, Uk or German ships. Am I missing something?
  6. nikorian

    What ship is this

    It's the Henri IV French T10 Cruiser...
  7. nikorian

    What ship is this

    Ty never looked that high... Either the Henry VI or the future Brennus Thnx once again
  8. nikorian

    What ship is this

    What ship is this off the Game Loading screen? The Cruiser in the middle. No one in clan knows. Sorry for distortion but won't allow widescreen screenshots
  9. nikorian

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    anyone got commander resets working?
  10. As it is now. Clans are being forced to play either Random or Ranked battles to have any chance to win. My Clan is almost entirely CO-OP and OP players so getting past the second steps of 900 Base XP points forces us to play in Random or Ranked battles. This sets up CO OP clans to automatically fail/loose. The original set up we had a fighting chance to compete now we just loose each time... Even a smaller clan can win simply by doing One Random battle with the current setup
  11. Could someone make a Torp warning mod that uses the Minions "Bee Doo" siren from Despicable Me 2 movie?
  12. nikorian

    Update - Bugs Report

    The update seems to be fine on my end...except can not purchase Early release USSR BB even with enough credits showing...No one in clan has been able to purchase them either. Are we missing something???
  13. nikorian

    Update - Bugs Report

    This is a conflict with one of Aslains mods (carousel extended). Had the same information and on screen display and disabled it in the mod installer and it was gone.
  14. I have tried everything to get rid of that Annoying Japanese Yapper (Azur Lane Admiral Hipper). The only change I can make is to change it to German ( Nation) in audio settings. Is there a mod that allows me to change only her since she's on only one German Ship so that she speaks English like every other Commander I have. What makes her even more annoying besides never shutting up is that the Voice over has 2 Japanese female speakers trying to talk over each other at times... Any help would be appreciated
  15. nikorian

    Florins and Crowns