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  1. just no. NO. STOP IT already. WG will go after every single aspect of this game and change it, till they've alienated EVERY single player in one way or the other. The game sucks bad enough as it is... how's it work at the brainstorming sessions at WG? person A "i got a bad idea" person B "tell me what it is, and i bet i can make it worse"
  2. syp_twiz

    Survey of 10.3

    has WG figured out the players view them as clown shoes?
  3. syp_twiz

    thanks for the GRIEF WG

    thanks for all the insults, you can all kiss my [edited].
  4. syp_twiz

    thanks for the GRIEF WG

    why would i be joking.. it's march, not april. Look at that stupid destroyer that looks like a snake.. it's hard to tell what's real and what isn't with the stupidity WG puts out. so done with it.
  5. syp_twiz

    PSA: Early April Fools By WG (Free Camos)

    yeah.. april fools joke in March.. i bought dubloons to purchase it and now i had to submit tickets to get my money back. WG sucks.
  6. So i see the story for the habbakukk or whatever it's called vid... so it's only a little over 10K dubloons.. so i buy 10K dubloons and click it and it's an April fools joke in MARCH.. and i have to submit two tickets to get my money back. Thanks alot WG you suck in so many ways.
  7. how about the commander skill fiasco and how many players left lol
  8. syp_twiz

    Make them Listen

    i'm not spending anything till they fix the commander skill fiasco.. the ruined secondaries, etc.
  9. syp_twiz

    New Ship Annouced! - Constellation Battlecruiser

    they need to just stop with the money grabs and fix the (##(&#(%$_%_ game.
  10. i cut my playtime down by 90% or more.. my clanmates are hardly on anymore.. i would think the playtime across the board was cut severely. Personally, i hope it's hurting WG's wallet.. it's the ONLY thing that promotes positive change around here. Commander skill rework = epic failure.
  11. just do what i did.. cut your play time by 90% and go play a non WG game. Wg has really ruined the game with 10.0 and my clan discord server is almost constantly empty now, no one really wants to play the game anymore as it it.
  12. syp_twiz

    Cant wait for deadeye to be removed.

    good to see you're still an A-hole.
  13. syp_twiz

    Cant wait for deadeye to be removed.

    oh, was there an official announcement?
  14. syp_twiz

    Cant wait for deadeye to be removed.

    not gonna happen WG could care less about what the players think. They haven't said a peep about the commander skills change at all.
  15. syp_twiz

    Game fun is 6-years low.

    the absolute silence from WG is what amazes me. The commander skill update ruined the game for MOST players, but they say nothing. ever.