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  1. i play izmail exceptionally well, so your arguments about lack of skill are laughable.. the problem is, if you're in an izmail, you can be hit at ANY ANGLE from a tier 8 battleship, and get 10-15K knocked off your hit points at any angle, and it's completely unfair.
  2. or MAYBE it's because tier 6 is the most balanced tier in the game in my opinion...
  3. thanks for the few supportive replies.. the rest of you are laughable
  4. i didn't lose a thing... anyone shows dissent in ANY form on here, you get "GIT GUD" every single time. i was on crash zone alpha earlier, started in the southwest, and headed straight for the nearest island at full speed... and by the time i got there, i was down to 4K health, without being able to fire a single round. The ONLY thing i could have done to prevent it is sail to the edge of the map and go north, and not help at all... tier 6 vs tier 8 is completely unfair, and nothing will change my mind.
  5. ahh the GIT GUD trolls i knew would appear..
  6. I am so tired of playing Tier 6 and fighting Tier 8's round after round after round.. it's absolutely unfair in every way. You cannot compete against a mass or tirp, and tier 8 carriers absolutely demolish you. I don't mind fighting against tier 7's at all.. i don't even bother playing tier 8 anymore, because you are constantly outmatched by tier 10's. Do a survey and ask players if tier 6 and tier 8's shouldn't be in the same match, you'll get a resounding yes. this 3 tiers of ships in a round is absolutely ruining it. I'm not spending another dime of my money on this farce. There's enough players to break it down to two.. 6-7, 7-8, 8-9, etc. why unbalance the game this much on a constant basis??
  7. So i got chat banned the other day.. did i deserve it? sure.. so did the other guy, i just didn't turn him in. 24 hours, no big deal. Today i log in, i'm chat banned AGAIN! and i know 100% i did nothing wrong yesterday... not sure i even typed in game other than to say something related to strategy .. i got a feeling the guy who got me banned somehow got me banned again for the first infraction.. so hows that work??
  8. THis. right here. I just got lucky and ran my enterprise and was top tier...
  9. actually, no it wouldn't. Because the tier nine can do it in less than 30 seconds. tier 5 would take alot more time to kill you almost bow on... I haven't even got into how unbalanced some of the same type and tier ships are.. gearing vs shima.. Shima stands little to no chance in a fight between those two.
  10. so what is it when 3 DD's on your team are hiding behind islands, while the enemy is capping all 3 at once.. and you're in a yamato...
  11. yeah the spread IS the problem. Your team is going to play how they want regardless of how they SHOULD play a given scenario. And someone mentions working up the tree.. i have finished 9 of the trees already. i have 10 different tier X to play and it's no different in any of them.
  12. if the game was more balanced, honestly, i'd spend more money. i like different ships.. i rarely buy premiums anymore, but i like earning them, or getting one out of a crate. I enjoy the collections, so i buy crates to get complete collections. I buy dubloons and convert my elite XP once in a while.. i pay for a premium subscription.. i don't buy ANY of it to "get gud" I honestly enjoy the history of the ships (except all the fantasy ones that never actually existed, can do without those) and looking at what they did historically.
  13. "T7 only sees T5-T8 and only sees T6 & T8 CVs. This is the first true +2/-2 tier." that is not correct. i've been in a 7 with a tier 9 this morning already.
  14. apparrently they DO need to make it balanced, if it isn't much better in a month or two, i'll stop playing for a year again. The game is TOO Frustrating to play right now. no one wants to play DD's cause CV's. no one wants to play CV's, tier X AA is too much, it goes on and on and on. If they made a mode called "random balanced" where you used stock ships and no captain skills, i'd play nothing but that. The current model, it does NOT MATTER how good you are, you will get screwed to tears in high tier. I'm going to start recording my matches and throw it up on youtube to PROVE how crap this game has become. may start a "WG Sucks" channel so it's easy to find.
  15. they need a BALANCED game.. hence all the CV nonsense they will rework it till the player base leaves. I won't even play my carriers except the tier 4's and i have them all except saipan. if you're a tier 8 carrier in a tier 10 match, you're a spotter and nothing more.