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  1. syp_twiz

    MM still sucks

    you know what would help immensly??? 2 tiers in a match. not 6-7-8.. 5-6 or 6-7 you get the idea. i don't care if it takes 5 minutes to start a match. Too many maches i'm in a tier 6 BB, i got another tier 6 BB by me, we head forward from spawn, and there's 2 tier 8 battleships is the first thing we run into. absolutely biased and unfair. Subs need to go still too.
  2. syp_twiz

    MM still sucks

    4 blowouts in a row, bottom tier 3 out of the four. WG you need to do better.
  3. So i reset my harugumo line, and researched each ship and didn't buy it so i can reset again here after the bonus reset in 8 days. My question is, do you only get the 2X for one line when resetting multiple lines? After i did the reset/research, no other lines show 2X now.
  4. i checked, it didn't say.. i've saw it before, but i thought it was when there's around 3 days left before reset.
  5. anyone know the date of the next reset? thanks
  6. syp_twiz

    The fun is gone

    welcome back to WOWS, where everything the players hate gets implemented into the game. Haven't played in a week myself, it's absolutely no fun anymore at all. Perfect example of how to run a game into the ground trying to squeeze every cent from players. Logged in today, and game locks up trying to go to armory, clan screen, or dockyard.
  7. Haven't played in a week. Log in, try to go to dockyard, it loads in, then locks up. had to press power button on PC couldn't get to taskmanager. reloaded. tried to go to clan screen, get the spinning wheel, won't load in, can't escape out, got to task manager and shut down warships... any ideas?
  8. syp_twiz

    What was the winning Musashi bid?

    another disgusting WG money grab. Really haven't played since the auction started, no interest in the game anymore.
  9. syp_twiz

    Is this a Jerry McGuire moment for Flambass?

    pretty much every game mode sucks anymore with all the garbage changes
  10. Garbage.. Utter garbage. Pretty pissed. I was on a break when it was available, didn't even know about it. I knew it was coal/free XP originally. I swear i read somewhere auctions would be mixed bid types.. coal, xp, silver, dubs etc. I gotta say i'm extremely disappointed to see it's dubloons. It's absurd to bid whatever the amount is to get one in dubs. Just seems like another WG money grab. Would have made WAY more sense to just put it in the premium shop and stick a price on it. We all know it's not going for less than 20K dubs, it's pretty much a little over a hundred bucks with transaction fees for 25K dubloons, which i'd assume MOST players who are bidding purchased. I bet some bought more than that and bid it up, since the lowest winning bid is what everyone pays. I don't have 100+ dollars to blow on dubs, to MAYBE win a Musashi. If i don't win? I got 25K dubs i would not have otherwise purchased. If you put Musashi up in premium shop for 77.20 I'd straight up buy it. If a ship was a "free" ship previously, auction it for silver, Fxp. If if you're auctioning a ship that used to be a premium shop ship, by all means auction if for dubs. My plan is to save up extra cash and try my luck on santa crates later this year.
  11. ahh makes sense, thank you much.
  12. friend pointed this out to me today... i've looked at modules, captain skills, the unique upgrade.. i still can't figure out how you get 80km torps with 20k range? anyone know?
  13. syp_twiz

    PSA: Special premium camo after conversion

    i don't understand any of this.. other than it's somehow for WG to make more money or try to pry it out of our wallets. This reminds me of the commander skills change (which still sucks, old way was better) and i have to say it's pretty disappointing. quit over complicating the damn game.
  14. syp_twiz

    2 subs and 2 cvs per team in a match

    had a match last night with FIVE super ships per side. was playing in a division of 3 with clanmates.. after that match no one really wanted to play anymore, so we quit.
  15. absolutely sucking the fun right out of this game. gonna go play something else.