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  1. axlzero

    Where Would You Ship?

    USS Alabama in Mobile. its a hole park has large fields for doing stuff like playing softball. Can be combines with world of warplanes and world of tanks event has a submarine, USS alabama, tanks, and planes there is good seafood places nearby hotels are plentiful off airport ave and parking is not a problem it has a lot more to offer and is close to the team in Austin
  2. axlzero

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    you hang in there buddy i know what its like to get criticism from people that don't get it all you got to do is look at my post over the tears in ships and tanks haters are gonna hate and im sure you guys are working on it and it takes time just hang in there
  3. im not calling for a nerf of destroyers but battleships at lower tiers need some improvements to their secondaries batteries to deal with them also ive been working on killing DDs as a battleship im getting better at it there is still some annoyance but mostly its in bad teammates and i played DDs a little bit more if you ask me the work just fine as is my only drawback is im a little to aggressive in them
  4. axlzero

    The full FAQ of the CV Rework

    fem were do i send flower with my condolences for the loss of your favorite way to play carriers and the method that basically you wrote the book on and made everything happen for you? i was told deliveries cannot be made to your work
  5. @J30_Reinhardt battleships forwards is something im working on battleships with lots of secondaries and good range 6KM and better. They form a forwards group with cruisers behind or mixed in as support most of the time a destroyer out in front for spotting this works if you can identify and take out enemy destroyers immediately. Cause everyone is moving in a formation AA cover is excellent via mutual cover. As it currently happens you have seen it battleships trying to hit stuff at 20+km away and missing 90% of the shots. Cruisers getting knocked out by enemy battleships and destroyers cause they are too busy trying to cook down battleships on the enemy team. Teams fold too fast what i wanna do is teach players to attack and work together as one strong fist. The battleships on point taking the abuse cruiser providing rapid fire to protect flanks and keep the destroyers away or sink them. While they are saying oh crapto this assault a team of destroyers perform ambush and harassment tactics or harass the other flank. In this game everyone is spread all over teams that form up this striking power dominate but it has flaws. I see a lot of time players turn chicken and run at first contact this causes the fist to fall apart battleships stop at first contact and revert to sniping cause they are afraid to scratch their paint. As long as a team hold together and battleships are in the front leading the way and menacing the enemy to the point were were they got a choice fire on the BBs or die this is very effective.
  6. @Prothall i would rather not nerf destroyers if anything buff lower tier battleship secondaries or the HE shells on primary guns against destroyers or allow destroyers who are already spotted by current mechanics to remain spotted a little longer its freaking annoying when they go unspotted within 10 km and you are right about better tutorials another problem is these younger players are watching streamers play clan wars and they are trying tier 10 tatics at lower tiers and it dont work the guns are not nearly as accurate at long range the ships are too sluggish to do the island armor thing
  7. @J30_Reinhardt points 1,2,3 points taken. Point 4 you don't half to be rude and an entire broadside of AP will not destroy a destroyer if you only have 8 guns most are over pens. At the ranges they become spotted in a battleships forwards tactics you don't get a second chance. The big reason asking for this change is that there is problems with lower tier player base they are not playing their ships right and i half to keep going into carry mode. Something has to be done about destroyers cause now they are even harder to kill at lower tiers for battleships when the cruisers and DDs drop the ball. Hell your an alpha tester test the dam thing you will find i'm right ive come to this from grinding for 2 months at tier 5 and 6
  8. Ive been playing at lower tiers 5,6,7 and lets face it cruisers are not doing their primary jobs hunting down destroyers they are too busy farming fire damage on battleships. Destroyers are being ignored by them and with the AP Nerf on battleships HE shells do not pack enough smack to take them down and the switching between shell types is a problem you fire your AP at them and do nothing switch over to HE for the next volley and then they disappear cause they are too stealthy then you switch back to ap and they reappear and now your ineffective AP is loaded. Your secondaries don't have the range or the potency to sink the destroyers witch for most battleships that is their main purpose. basically cry baby destroyer players have made is so they have an unfair advantage against battleships i propose the following changes to destroyers and battleships for consideration 1. Visible Destroyers if they fire their torpedoes off they are visible from the time of launch. (cause if you can see the ship you can see the people firing the torpedo on the ships.) 2. Once a destroyer has been spotted it remains spotted til it goes into smoke screen or or goes outside of 12 km (to keep the them lit the battleships fire star shells from secondaries) 3. if you close to within 3 km of a smoke screen you can see the ships in it and only you (this way your secondaries can open up) or your secondary batteries open up and rake the smoke screen if they set the ship on fire it automatically spots the ships in the smoke screen 4. Battleship HE is made more effective against destroyers (if you fire an entire broadside of battleship HE against a destroyer and more then 4 of them hit it should destroy the ship and most of the time it isn't) I'm not too sure how dds do at higher tiers play but these changes would help a lot on lower tier battleships especially the ones without spotter planes sonar and radar
  9. you know what i think your absolutely wrong this event was a great thing it got people to come out of there safe spaces. battleships charging taught a bunch of players what i already knew battleships bow forwards charging with secondaries blazing and primary blasting away is a beautiful thing. BB's are a lot tougher bow forwards also it got some cruisers got out from behind the rocks and actually targeted DD's instead of burning down battleships (that's what cruisers are suppose to do). The battles got fast and furious the action got hot and i loved it. Remember this is a game professionals are boring do something fun dang it be a little crazy. Don't be afraid to scratch the paint on your pretty little ships they will be all better when they get back to port. Don't be an uptight snob that looks down on people if you want professional play leave it to clan wars. If you play in public match expect the public to be different adapt and if you don't like the way they play don't bad mouth them give them tips and advice. Be a glass that is half full not half empty and don't ruin the FUN for the rest of us
  10. welcome to the team fem this is a great thing hope to see more things