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  1. Sventex

    Topside Tuesday - Best Looking Ship

    My Richelieu, modded with the historical camo and equipped with the FNFL Flag.
  2. Sventex

    BB AP v. DD Armor. What’s the big deal?

    At least in my opinion, an BB AP shell does about as much % damage to a DD as a torpedo hit to a BB, but it is so much easier for a BB to land an AP hit on a DD. I do think it's warranted to adjust some damage numbers based on that. With so many ships with capable of stripping concealment from a DD, I do think the meta suggests that certain torpedoboat DDs need to balanced to endure out in the open a bit more. That said, I haven't read up on any changes so for all I know, WGing made the changes into a mad woman's breakfast.
  3. Sventex

    Merged stacks

    Ship identification is somewhat important, as it lead the Japanese at Midway to think the Yorktown had already been sunk before the battle, and that there'd be only 2 USN CV confronting them. And even during the battle, they thought they sunk 2 USN CVs at Midway because they kept misidentifying the USS Yorktown (albeit it was the pilots and submarine optics that did that). If the enemy can't readily identify your ships, it can cause a great deal of confusion. Though I'm not claiming the reason they merged the funnels for that reason, it does seem to have produced a benefit at making the ships silhouettes harder to identify.
  4. Sventex

    Merged stacks

    I maybe talking about my rear end here, but by having all Battleships use one merged smokestack and having a tall pagoda mast, it would make the ships hard to identify through the rangefinders. Only the Kongo Class with her 2 smokestacks would be easily identifiable on the horizon when having to rely on memory. And I guess the Yamatos would just be too big to conceal it's identity.
  5. No, there would have been no merit. With a third atomic bomb in production in the same month as Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and with 3 more a-bombs being readied in September and a further 3 being readied for October, the Japanese would have been holding out for total extermination. More blood spilled...all for nothing by that point. And keep in mind that Operation Downfall was scheduled for November.
  6. No one should strive for a totally "fair" game. Take any philosophy to the extreme and you end up with a nightmare.
  7. Sventex

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Is the US keeps up it's support, they'll just get away with it.
  8. Sometimes you get stuck on the dead end of the matchmaking because of CV, so you get all the BBs and CVs matches. BBs slugfests are fun. The CVs are not.
  9. Maybe I'm missing something, but at 1:01 HMS Vanguard Commissioned: 12 May 1946 Jean Bart Commissioned: 16 January 1949 So that wouldn't make HMS Vanguard the last Battleship ever commissioned.
  10. Sventex

    ARA San Juan has been found

    If the sub still has air in it...
  11. Sventex

    The Derpiest Warships of the Battleship Era

    And what's the excuse for posting that on my Pre-Dreadnought vs WWII Cruiser thread?
  12. Sventex

    The Derpiest Warships of the Battleship Era

    Please don't spam the forums.