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  1. Admittedly I've only ever been on the USS Constitution, but the stove does appear to be made of metal.
  2. The ship would be at risk of fire anyway since the entire crew would require lighting at night. And the captain would need firelight anyway when reading the charts at night. And the crew would require meals cooked in a stove. Fire was always present on these ships. I don’t think the stern windows were a safety feature.
  3. Sventex

    25.5km penetration on a Yamato

    It's an old video. But the guy stealth fires a Yamato at 36.7km, destroys an Izumo with a citadel hit.
  4. Sventex

    What ships seem like downgrades?

    It's Iowa's lousy stock grind. In my first battle, I thought I disconnected because the rudder wasn't responding. Turns out working as intended. Turning was supposed to take half a century.
  5. /joking I'm sure the FBI will be very impressed when they see it.
  6. Your the most entertaining troll I've seen in awhile. Bravo. I love it when trolls are defeated, smells like victory.
  7. Prove it. Show me the links too.
  8. “A total of 5,478 low-IQ men died while in the service, most of them in combat. Their fatality rate was three times as high as that of other GIs. An estimated 20,270 were wounded, and some were permanently disabled (including an estimated 500 amputees).” https://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/monographs/MG265/images/webG1318.pdf http://www.historynet.com/mcnamaras-folly-lowering-standards-fill-ranks.htm
  9. Hurray! Now steelers_rule_2018 keep quiet now, but he probably won't. (just let it go, there's no point in jumping through his hoops)
  10. /sarcasm Wow, this guy sounds legit. I guess if _RC1138 doesn't do what this random person on the internet said to do, we're all going to face the consequences!
  11. But insulting the Viet Cong is okay? Have you no decency sir?
  12. And the US sent boys to die in the jungle, some with an IQ of 40 that had no chance to survive due to McNamara's Folly. Sheeps to the slaughter. Democracy. What's your point?