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  1. HOI4 will teach you the brutal reality of "Wunderwaffe". Having wunderwaffe doesn't win wars. The advantage of rushing development of a wunderwaffe isn't to have the weapon, but to begin mass production as soon as possible and bring up the efficiency rate of the production sooner. Developing a tank that is armored against enemy anti-tank shells is all well and good, but it'll take at least a year until you've built a noteworthy number of them, and by then would they still be immune to the enemies anti-tank shells the year after development? In many ways, the T-34 was one such "Wunderwaffe" in the way it steamrolled the panzers, and the Soviets correctly mass produced it and ignored the future prototypes so that this wonder weapon would be built as efficiently as possible. The reason the T-34 isn't viewed with such wonder as the German "Wunderwaffe" is because they kept building them en mass when they no longer held an advantage against the panzers. But that is the correct way to use a wonder weapon. Since it'll still be highly effective for several years, you can devote devote enough industrial effort for it to effect the grand strategic level. The V2 rockets or Pocket Battleships or StG 44 assault rifles or jet fighters never accomplished that. The V2 killed more people in production then their targets, the Pocket Battleships made almost no difference to the naval landscape and there were never enough StG 44s to go around to give German Infantry the edge. It makes no difference if production of the StG 44 happened in 1942 or 1943. There would never have been enough to go around in the Germany army regardless. True wonder weapons require such a leap in technology that they can remain competitive for many years so it can be produced in such great numbers to actually make a difference.
  2. You forgot, those Germanic ubermensch paratroopers will be equipped with Panzerfaust 3 years before it was put in service to take out British Infantry tanks and they will somehow be far more effective then their kill rate during the Normandy campaign. Oh and apparently the British won't garrison any of their tanks in the port cities, they'll hang back because the Luftwaffe can somehow wipe them out in urban environments. Oh and they can wipe out British tanks without actually damaging the infrastructure of said port that they'll use to unload all their troops and supplies. Or perhaps the argument was that damaging infrastructure of a port doesn't matter in an invasion?
  3. It stems from this thread. He was desperate to prove I was "begging for a Japanese Victory", although some parts of it have been moderated.
  4. I've given up. Umikami has already accused me of being biased in favor of the Japanese despite the fact the IJA murdered some of my family. Going further that this rabbit hole is just going to make things worse.
  5. We Americans call them Limeys but they don't like that I hear.
  6. At the very least Nazi is a political entity, unlike that 3 letter word which is a racial slur. The German equivalent would have been Hun. But we really don't need to use negative racial terms when discussing history. At the very least no one was born a Nazi, so it's less problematic to throw the term around. The Germans choose the Nazis and I'll condemn them for that as much as I please, even if I have a German name. But again, there's no need to get personal with the racial insults. I'm also half Asian and have a right to be offended by those racial slurs too.
  7. Force Z had no air cover. The RN would still have their CVs and even a damaged RAF can provide further air cover for a fleet moving into the Channel. If the Luftwaffe can do everyone as you say, so can the planes of the RN. Do you understand how zigzagging works? You don't need the whole ocean to vary your course and speed. You can zigzag in a damn river... Military ships that zigzagged against U-Boats ALSO had places where they needed to be in BOTH World Wars.
  8. Manufactured by the Dutch Hazemeyer Company, the mount provided an alternative to the QF 2-pounder naval gun, as it was designed so that one set of layers aimed the gun, while a second manually stabilized the platform the gun sat on. The mount was self-contained and stabilized. The Dutch Hazemeyer Company was a subsidiary of the German company Siemens & Halske. The mount gained a reputation for unreliability among many naval officers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hazemeyer_gun_mount
  9. On a zigzagging ship moving at attack speed? I guess miracles can happen once in awhile. But said U-Boats would have to fire every torpedo in the wolfpack in order to even have a remote chance of hitting one target. And what about your Luftwaffe? Bomb accuracy was notoriously inaccurate in WWII and not every bomb hit was fatal either. Even with repeated air strikes and multiple sorties, your precious transports would be targeted and sunk before your Luftwaffe can make any difference.
  10. If the sub is invisible, it serves nearly no defensive role, as any destroyer or cruiser that is zigzagging will just overrun a U-Boat perimeter and small craft can just sail over said perimeter and destroy the transports. Just because these Royal Navy ships are susceptible to air strikes does not mean those ships would suffer major damage or be sunk in an air strike and thus would be able to continue on to their objective of sinking all the German transports, ending the threat of invasion before it starts.
  11. That's my point. You need to analysis military art to learn things military. Zhan didn't make that distinction with Thrawn. I guess cause he thought art collections meant sophistication.
  12. Submerged, they lose they the deck gun, which is just about the only thing that could use to fend off the smaller attack craft. It is totally unrealistic that you can act like the Luftwaffe can solve everything. If the Luftwaffe is trying to sink ships or provide cover for the transports and conducting anti-sub patrols at the same time, then your paratroopers aren't going the proper protection and transport planes are extremely expensive and helpless. Either that or your Luftwaffe bombers aren't going to be protected. If the Luftwaffe try and do everything, they'll spread themselves so thin that even a badly damaged RAF can concentrate their attack planes and wipe out either the paratroop transports, the bombers or destroy the Channel transports.
  13. U-Boat have next to no defensive capability, and would be damaged from simple machine gun fire. Maneuverability in meaningless.
  14. And what, the German transports would someone NOT be a fat, visible, juicy target for RAF bombers?
  15. And how will being maneuverable keep the small RN craft away from the freighters? U-Boats are incredibly slow to begin with.