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  1. Sventex

    Where is the footage from?

    Youtube video info cites it's sources: - First Light - Pearl Harbor - Dark Blue World - Bloody Foreigners. The Untold Battle of Britain.
  2. Sventex

    USS Harry Bauer 6 June 1945 Incident

    Apparently the ship was quite smashed up at that point, having taken a torpedo overpenetration through the bow because the torpedo's warhead failed to go off at Iwo Jima. Soon after a kamikaze at Okinawa smashed into the ship at the stern boat deck, slicing through the depth charges. Than the ship was distracted by the need to prepare for Halsey's Typhoon. After the typhoon, the ship was hit by another kamikaze in the superstructure and it was during this attack that one of the other dive bombers managed to get a bomb into the fuel tank.
  3. Sventex

    The "Turretless Iowas" idea.

    Maybe double the role of a command ship? The current command ships the USN are using are barely armed and move at 23kts.
  4. Sventex

    The "Turretless Iowas" idea.

    Since nobody ever built a Guided Missile Battleship, I'd have to assume it's a conceptual dead end.
  5. And Japanese pilots sank the USS Enterprise 3 times too, a very impressive record.
  6. Sventex

    Cheap guided gun rounds

    It was a simulate engagement of Muavenet with the missile fire team and operator not told it was drill, so I see no reason why they can't repeat the steps to fire Sea Sparrows on a surface target.
  7. Sventex

    USS Connecticut Final Investigation Report

    Just how far into restricted waters was she when she made her emergency surfacing action?
  8. Her swiveling torpedo mount could mean she potentially could fire torpedoes in a 360 degree arc while submerged (due to how poorly maneuverable the submarine was).
  9. Learn more about this unique Submarine that vanished into obscurity.
  10. The answer is no. I visited the USS Massachusetts in 2014. I would own the ship merely because I wanted an American brawler and abandoned the ship after this game's skill rework. Taking my max level commander and making him much weaker and raising the cap just meant the WoWs dev was stealing my progression to try and force me to grind more. "Nuts" to that and "nuts" to them. I don't play games to progress backwards and use my wallet to pay my way to victory. I was much happier saving my money for a ship model than wasting it on this honeytrap of a game. Visited the USS Iowa in 2017. Already had the ship but barely played her because of her raised citadel and extremely slow turning radius which made her kind of a joke. It was like sailing on the Titanic, unable to dodge obstacles by turning. In the torpedo soup era, it was bow tanking or death. Visited the USS Midway this February. I didn't touch CVs back when I played this game.
  11. Well if she was, she was doing it without being a commissioned ship yet.
  12. Sventex

    Were planes the only reason BBs went extinct?

    It would be not until 1949 before a second nation even had a nuclear weapon however. The Nuestra Señora de la Santísima Trinidad could not withstand relentless attacks with conventional weapons either, that does not therefore follow that building such a ship was a mistake. HMS Victory would not survive the same punishment either, no ship afloat was unsinkable. And I don't think navies would desire invincible ships doing battle with each other in pointless stalemates. It should also be pointed out that after Japan declared war on the United States, it couldn't sink a single USN Battleship and they did play a pivotal role in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. The advantage of the economics of it all was that an 45,000 ton Midway / Iowa could sink many Baltimores and Gearings without ever receiving damage. That's why the vieille école school of thought never died. This was a feature, not a bug. Vast investments in Battleships prevented battles and wars instead of causing them. Imagine the total casualties if WWI was fought only with destroyers. By having ships that were so terribly difficult to sink, it provided the nation with a powerful level of security and stability. Imagine how less secure the British Isles would have been without Battleships (man-o-wars) in the Napoleonic era. The US does not currently maintain 3,750 expensive nuclear warheads with the intend for every last one of them to be used in battle.