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  1. I realize this is only one battle, but I've noticed the Bretange has decent enough AP and accuracy. In this tier 6 match, I was able to sit behind and island and have at it at the enemy team trying to take our cap. Fired 200 AP shells and managed 118412 damage out of it. As a floating gun platform, that's not too shabby. Can't carry a game through, it's too slow.
  2. Warships gets its own anime?!

    I was thinking Shamisen from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
  3. Steven Seagal

    That unperson is useful on a NC or Alabama, because of the high stealth of those Battleships, being able to switch from HE to AP in just 7 seconds becomes very useful.
  4. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    He's searching for a conspiracy, something to explain his pattern of wins and loses. There's isn't a diabolical mastermind that will matchmaker a entire game for just one player with the intend to disrupt that one player's odds. It's paranoia brought on by the Gambler's Fallacy.
  5. First Shots of WW2

    And the Allies referred to themselves as the "United Nations". Obviously this could confuse modern readers, so the name was changed after the fact.
  6. Germany still makes bad ships

    That "PC mad group of do gooders" stopped the Nazis and their Holocaust... You really don't need to defend the Nazis. You really don't...
  7. I'd only be more convinced of that if it wasn't just the USN that deployed them. Militaries tend to get stuck on tradition. The French got overly attached to the tradition of wearing armor for it's cavalry going into WW1. The US Army got overly attached to the M1911 as a sidearm. And the USN got overly attached to it's Iowa Battleships. You can make excuses for these obsolete equipment. After WWI, cavalry ended up fighting massive saber and lance battles so breastplates might have been useful, the M1911 will still be a viable last-ditch defense weapon even now, and the Iowas can still blow things up. Just because these things linger doesn't mean they're aren't far better alternatives, it's nostalgia and tradition that's clouding the judgement. You can still kill a man with a flintlock pistol.
  8. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    The Gambler's Fallacy is the mistaken belief that the chances of something happening with a fixed probability become higher or lower as the process is repeated. People who commit the gambler's fallacy believe that past events affect the probability of something happening in the future.
  9. What's the conspiracy here? That WGing doesn't want people to play World of Warships? That it wants it's players to have longer downtimes?
  10. Not quite. gam·ble ˈɡambəl/ verb gerund or present participle: gambling 1. play games of chance for money
  11. Germany still makes bad ships

    Yes, I already admitted that.
  12. Germany still makes bad ships

    Hitler scrapped the fleet for less (see Battle of the Barents Sea). The Admiral thought the idea of sending out a Battleship to sink convoys in an era of radar and aircraft was absurd, but since he was Fleet Commander, he had to make a go of it.
  13. Germany still makes bad ships

    Admiral Günter Lütjens was Jewish. In Sink the Bismarck!, he's portrayed as a Nazi toady. There's is no relation between the character and the real life Admiral.