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  1. Yeah, I suspect that the Pan Asian DD will be able to wolfpack with other DDs pretty well.
  2. On the bright side, I can fire my torps at friendly DDs and watch them soil themselves in panic.
  3. I'm encouraged that the Taiwanese flags are still flying in the pictures LWM posted.
  4. Since no one has bothered, I'll take your doubloons.
  5. What would happen in a head on collision? For one, the sudden deceleration would cause all the boilers (forward facing) to spill their fiery contents all over the boiler room and onto the coal bunkers, causing catastrophic fire. It's unlikely the forward water tight compartments could withstand the force of 52,000 tons of metal smashing into ice, and massive flooding would begin. Even if the forward compartments don't immediately flood, the ship would rapidly begin to incinerate from the raging boiler/coal fire, causing heat damage to the hull and forcing an evacuation, and there aren't enough lifeboats to go around.
  6. Another one of these threads huh?
  7. If the Russian gimmicks end at the dreadnoughts, then I'm fine with it.
  8. At least those ships existed and had their strengths and weaknesses tested.
  9. At least those ships existed and had their strengths and weaknesses tested. You'd have a hard time convincing me that that a Ottoman Tier 9 Battleship should have the best darn radar in the game with you have nothing to go off of. Same with the Russian Battleships. It's all paper and scrap after WWI, and when the Russians did get their hands on a decent Battleship, they couldn't get the turrets to move.
  10. I'm not saying those ships should be ignored. I am pointing out the line the Russian already have 2 Destroyer lines and a Cruiser line, but their Battleships were so minor, they are practically on par with Austria-Hungary, and thus don't need no gimmick if we're going to see ships all the way to tier 10. The fact that they get to exist at all, probably without the very low quality steel they'd have been built with, is "gimmick" enough. Same goes with the Austria-Hungarian Navy, if they get added to the game, they don't need no gimmick either.
  11. The fact is that all completed Russian Battleships were launched before the start of WWI, which effectively puts them on par with Austria-Hungary, a nation that did not survive WWI, and whose Navy is totally absent from this game.
  12. The Russian Battleship gimmick is that they get to exist.
  13. And I'm sure WGing doesn't have to pretend countries don't exist on the NA server. That Chinese "$$$$$" doesn't exist out here.
  14. China pretending to own Taiwan isn't just a problem limited to a video games. That fact that this problem has gotten so bad, that its infecting video games that aren't even developed in China. So yes, I will get my panties in a bunch over China pretending my family heritage doesn't even exist.