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  1. Sventex

    IRL Tirpitz vs Post War Jean Bart

    I've made a topic that closely resembled this one, had a lot of interesting responses in it:
  2. Sventex

    Ark Royal Playtesting Memes & Quick Preview

    Well that's a refreshing change of pace.
  3. Sventex

    Premium ship idea

    Smooth attempt to derail the thread.
  4. Sventex

    Just Watched Star Wars: the Last Jedi on Netflix

    And the Sequel Trilogy could have handled it better then just making Luke want to murder his family members in their sleep like a serial killer. I think you insult most of humanity if that comment. I've certainly never contemplated murdering my family members with a melee weapon while they sleep. In the real world, we'd lock these suicidal psychos up for being inhuman monsters, unfit to live in society. I think almost any other person is a better person than Luke Skywalker now.
  5. But as we all know, that mechanic is not a charity, it's a business. The business has to make money.
  6. I know an Atlanta that wasn't too thrilled about that.
  7. Sventex

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    They aren't that honest:
  8. Sventex

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    I already have.
  9. Sventex

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    I have good news. Lawmakers in the United States are the elected representatives of the people and not faceless bureaucrats. The man introducing legislation against loot boxes is US Senator Josh Hawley, elected by the Americans of Missouri. The will of the people is executed through a process known as a vote, not a poll.
  10. Sventex

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    Oh don't even bother. iduckman is in full support of extreme Laissez-faire. He even opposes the concept of an "investigation'. The only liberty that iDuckman is against is the freedom to murder. That's the only one he will cave in to. I asked him: and he didn't even answer.
  11. Sventex

    Star Wars Episode IX Teaser

    Well, the problem with autocracies is that teach everyone "Might makes right". Everyone begins to believe they can take power for themselves like the Emperor did. Glory from destruction. It is an inherently self-destructive system of chaos. A just rule, guided by just laws, is the true path to Order. True justice is the result of order. Something that cannot be achieved by an autocratic Emperor.
  12. While not entirely ship based, Nadia The Secret of Blue Water draws inspiration from Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and was made by Gainax just before they produced the infamous Neon Genesis Evangelion. I will stress caution however, this is a early 90's anime and it's target demographic is on the younger side. I personally discovered the show a little too late to enjoy it myself but it does have the charm of old hand drawn animation.
  13. Sventex

    Star Wars Episode IX Teaser

    Well, if there's only one authority in the Galaxy, then naturally they'd be training all Imperial citizens. The Empire would be teaching all the children in the Galaxy how to read too. I'm sure that came back to bite them since the Rebellion was literate, but what's the alternative?
  14. And I would never suggest that Star Trek should follow in the footsteps of Pokemon. Cigarettes are popular in China and that's all cigarettes need to be, popular. So what? I don't judge the quality of writing of a show using profitability or popularity as a metric. If there's no ambition, if there's nothing for the story to say, then the show will stand the test of time about as well as a pack of cigarettes.
  15. The blame could be laid with Berman and Braga. The lesson of Star Trek was not that it could not tell a new story ever again. It was that incompetence needs to be root out from the top and the Peter Principle can kill a show. If Star Trek X had a really good script instead of trying to rehash Wrath of Khan...again, the show could still have had life to it. The problem was they kept trying to retell the same stories of the past only they wanted a nobody director who didn't understand Star Trek to make the movie. Problem is that their retelling the same stories now, again! Profitability and quality are not synonymous. The strength of Pokemon lay it it's revolutionary J-RPG game mechanics and not with it's anime, which serves almost purely as advertisements for the games now. I'll praise Pokemon for changing video gaming RPGs for the better, but their laziness and lack of ambition? No. I don't care how profitable it is, it's still a negative thing resulting in poor cultural products. Cigarettes are plenty profitable, but I won't be praising big tobacco for being great Capitalists either. If Cigarette companies want to make a bad profitable anime, rest assured I won't be watching that either.