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  1. Sventex

    French subs go faster in reverse

    I suppose that's one way to keep most of the torpedo tubes pointed at the enemy. There's just something about a submarine putting on a condom that makes it look scandalous.
  2. Sventex

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    That would mean you'd only get a Battleship line once every 5 years, given there'd have to wait for the year of the DD line, CA line, CV line and the new Submarine line. Frankly I don't have that long to wait for Italian Battleships, and all those other nations that had them, or all those missing USN Battleships classes.
  3. Sventex

    STOP charging us to play higher tiers

    Just how much was the "Free" Puerto Rico? $236? Whenever a company advertises "free" products to fleece their customers using misleading marketing, they've hit the bottom of the barrel. When a company has to deceive to make their money, it's game over man. Few gaming companies ever reach this low point and it's usually a sign their about to fold.
  4. Sventex

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    The game will be probably be dead before they ever come close. So many real Battleships are missing in favor of Russian phantom Battleships.
  5. Sventex

    Old veteran meets young veteran

    Going to war? Nah, the soldiers still retain their humanity and believe in codes of honor. It's finishing the war that brings about the darkest moments in history. Inter arma enim silent leges.
  6. The German order to start the "Death Ride of the Battlecruisers" at Jutland was "Ran an den feind" which effectively means "‘Charge the enemy. Ram. Ships denoted are to attack without regard to consequences’." That'll keep your nose pointed at the enemy.
  7. Sventex

    USS Arizona 'salvaged' wreckage

    Little reason for a newspaper to print war news when the war was long over. news /n(y)o͞oz/ noun newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.
  8. Sventex

    Next Battleship Line?

    You could probably do the same with Austro-Hungarian Battleships, but has WGing said anything about any upcoming Battleships? Any news?
  9. Sventex

    Next Battleship Line?

    Ironclad Battleships are cool and all, but they wouldn't even make it to tier 1.
  10. The problem is with the meta. Top tier matches involved long range duels, something German Battleships are especially bad at. Your ship would have been more useful at B or C where there would have been more opportunities to isolate enemy ships at close range with terrain since A wasn't in danger.
  11. Sventex

    Next Battleship Line?

    Ah okay, nothing definitive then.
  12. I'm out of the news loop, is there any news on what the next Battleship line will be? And is there any news out there about when it would be released?
  13. Sventex

    WWI-WWII AA Guns and Effectiveness?

    I think this is a bot.
  14. I think this is a bot.
  15. The USSR would have gotten a raw deal with that. There's barely anything in their occupation zone. Completely unlike North Korea which was the most industrialized part of Korea. Add to that, Korea and Russia share a border so they could ship supplies direct, while the main islands of Japan are isolated from Russia.