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  1. Sure. 2 Super-Battleships were actually build in real life. Let's see them in action!
  2. How many cruisers have armor that can ignore battleship AP? This isn't a new concept.
  3. They all have different history. My gripe would be that I wish I could trade in my Alabama for a different SoDak, like perhaps the actual South Dakota. Personally I think owning all of them is excessive, but getting to pick your favorite SoDak class to sail would be a fun idea.
  4. All Battleships already have HE which ignore armor, so...
  5. There aren't that many Battleships in the game. Just getting one more is a reason for celebration.
  6. It's fun to get the chance to do a fleet battle every so often.
  7. If Admiral Saruron needed a fleet, the Fuso would be his flagship.
  8. I think the Fuso makes for a better Halloween ship. It is a large ship, covered in guns and has a spooky dark tower overlooking all.
  9. I was someone disturbed when I confronted a Test Graf Zep with my Benson and 95% of my shells shattered/bounched. Both HE and AP were having almost no effect, which was somewhat distressing.
  10. I used this weekend to fast track my way out of the Queen Elizabeth.
  11. I used this exp bonus weekend to blaze past the QE to finally get the KGV. Getting 14k exp per match has been pretty sweet.
  12. Sympathy is more akin to pity, so it'd be more like caring but not understanding.
  13. And do you know the difference between sympathy and empathy?
  14. The raw HE damage is just too ridiculous in my opinion. I was scoring way more damage in my Iron Duke in the first dozen battles then I ever managed in a Kongo after 200 battles.
  15. NOOOOOOOO! Whenever I see that map on my Yamato I want to rage quit!