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  1. I put him on my Bismarck. The extra torpedo detection will sync well with hydro and the anti-DD secondaries.
  2. Pan-American nation in!

    May the bench memes begin!
  3. I believe the Japanese proverb for ship ramming is "Subtlety is overrated"
  4. You deliberated caused considerable friendly fire and absolutely did wrong. Use your punishment to reform yourself so you don't feel compelled to attack your teammates again.
  5. Blatant Waifuism

    Days of Ruin came out in 2008. Fire Emblem Awakening was around 2012, that seems to be a large enough time gap to have expected a sequel before Fire Emblem took off. Maybe FE broke out earlier then I thought? I only got on board the hype train on Awakening.
  6. Blatant Waifuism

    I had loads of fun with Days of Ruin. Why did the series end there?
  7. France and Italy had very strong naval traditionals dating back for centuries, participating in many famous major battles. Just scanning the history of the Austro-Hungarian, the only “major” battle they fought was against Italy in the Battle of Lissa using ironclads. It’s easy to see why they were passive when it came to their navy. I should stress that having your fleet go down in a pointless show of force and having thousands drown over pride is not a good thing. The Austro-Hungarian fleet shouldn’t have attempted a Operation Ten-Go, just to appease the dreadnought fans.
  8. It's like comparing a Los Pollos Hermanos napkin with a Big Kahuna Burger napkin. They are from different eras, barely related and not real.
  9. We're missing a lot of German Battlecruisers actually.
  10. Lol, I was thinking the exact same thing when I discovered this ship.
  11. That is, if the KM could ever get close to the other Axis fleets. This sounds like a Waterloo situation where Prussians are separated from their allies. On Paper, the RN can smash up the fleets one at a time with overwhelming force.
  12. The Russians managed to strike their colors under intense bombardment at Tsushima.
  13. Greatest Forgotten Commanders

    He's mentioned prominently in this cheap 300 inspired documentary.
  14. Whoever is running these games...beware. I aim high.
  15. Greatest Forgotten Commanders

    The Seleucid Admiral Hannibal Barca, sworn enemy of the Roman Republic. He was more known for crossing the alps with Elephants and crushing the Roman Armies one by one, but his career after his exile has largely been forgotten. At Battle of the Eurymedon, he fought against the Rhodian Fleet.