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  1. I suspect the problem is the WoWs format. Why is a clusterduck of axis and allies ships defending/attack a harbor? It's completely detached from reality. At the very least, the Dunkirk scenario has history attached to it.
  2. Well, they've added the operations game mode, so it's clear their working on that problem. Admittedly I'm bored of the game and not playing it at the moment, but that's because I'm mostly interested in BBs and the only content we've gotten in months was the Hood, which didn't exactly reinvent the wheel, and grinding other lines past tier 7 means getting into unengaging bottom tier 10 games, credit sink battles, and passive gameplay. I thought about earning a Fletcher, but wow, getting a half dozen consecutive tier 10 games in a stock Benson convinced me otherwise.
  3. I predict a future balance change wont cause World of Warships to shut down. The whole idea is very silly.
  4. I suspect the Battleship game models will be a valuable asset in of itself, given how many documentaries have to use cardboard blobs to depict ships, and there is no competition for these models, so I suspect the game will have a long life, even if the player base dies. Given the game's monopoly, outside forces would be able to provide the funds to at least keep the servers running.
  5. Sure, Patton could be referring to that, but given he's reading this book the night before the battle in the movie:
  6. I prefer my Richelieu mod camo.
  7. Yes I like that quote. It's pragmatic, realistic, and almost to the day, predicted the outcome of the war. It's not something dumb like "Rommel you magnificent [redacted], I READ your book!" - Movie Patton, speaking of a book Rommel never wrote during a battle Patton actually didn't win.
  8. Sure. The special snowflake tanks are premium tanks, which makes sense. Problem here is that KGV is being made a premium, and the special snowflake design is being put in the tree in it's place. The mind reels. Imagine if the Thunderbolt tank took the place of the Easy Eight Sherman? Lol wut?
  9. /sarcasm On an undergunned ship?? Noo! How can that be? I think the mistake people are making is thinking a ship that is lacking in firepower must somehow match the firepower of it's rivals. That's not how war works.
  10. How could you tell it had 14" guns?
  11. Put AP shells into their hull. They'll take massive damage.
  12. In my opinion, the strength of the Yamato lays in her alpha strike, catching an unsuspecting ship and vaporizing it. That's really hard to do in the Ocean map where everybody can see everything.
  13. Death to the Ocean map. When ever I get stuck on this map in my Yamato I start screaming. I'm the only target cause I'm spotted from the moon and everyone always priorities the Yamato, and I can only ever back up, bow-on to remain effective cause I can't take cover. This map disgusts me, it's an effect an auto-resolve map with no tactics or player interaction involved. The worst thing is, everyone says the Ocean map is the perfect map for the Yamato...ugk
  14. Well, there was no time a KGV went 1-1 with a Bismarck, but when PoW was fighting it out with Bismarck, she did very very poorly. When KGV fought Bismarck, there's nothing notable about her hits on Bismarck, it was Rodney that was scoring the double kills on her turrets with those 16" shells. Still, if KGV and Bismarck fought alone on the high seas, I think Bismarck would have came ahead. She was bigger, and KGV's turret problems didn't go away after the Denmark Strait. Her good armor and low caliber guns evokes the Scharnhorst as well.