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  1. Royeaux

    Brazil to scuttle CV

    At some point, wouldn't it be worth the $20 bucks to buy the ship and use her to test out an anti-ship missile?
  2. What's funny is nations usually built Battleships to show their strength, not hide it.
  3. That would probably be a bad idea. Generally in gunnery the sweet spot for getting accurate shots at range is having at least 8 barrels committed to a target at a time. With the 6" triples, they could get a 9 gun broadside with the original Yamato design, downgraded to 6 guns once Yamato got refitted. That would give them decent anti-destroyer, anti-submarine firepower. With just a 6 gun 8" broadside later downgraded to a 4 gun 8" broadside would have made those secondaries ineffective. The 8" guns ironically might have had less of an effective range than the 6" guns if they only had 4 guns to work with to get the range.
  4. Royeaux

    The Sino-Japanese War at Sea 1894 in English

    Yeah I hear the Russians have a ball of a time watching the Hunt for Red October since the spoken Russian in just horrendous in that, with Sean Connery's Russian being the highlight of the comedy.
  5. Saw the film the Sino-Japanese War at Sea 1894 on Youtube with English subtitles. It is a rare film showing a conflict in the Ironclad era. The quality of the subs was questionable, like claiming Captain Hachirota went down with the Cruiser Akagi, when I discovered the Akagi never sank in this battle and would in fact remain in service until 1953, albeit demilitarized in 1912.
  6. Royeaux

    Did Large Guns ever Deform / Sag?

    They say the Japanese Wooden canons from the 1868 Boshin War deformed after every shot so no two shots would hit the same spot,
  7. Potentially you can drydock a ship permanently. Ships like the Vasa and HMS Victory are pretty much drydocked for the duration.
  8. Royeaux

    USS Lexington aircraft recovery

    I wonder if anyone will freak out over the cartoon painted on the aircraft, given the anti-anime rhetoric I've seen on these forums that call it a defacement of something sacred.
  9. The Great War of Archimedes film is available for free on Youtube with ads. Plot: Pre-WWII, the Japanese Navy commissioned the creation of impressive "supership" Yamato, strongly opposed by a top official insisting on more strategic and battle-ready warships. After being ignored without cause, Admiral Yamamoto recruits a math genius to help uncover what he soon suspects is a massive conspiracy.
  10. Before even WWI, recoilless artillery was invented, able to fire without the need to re-aim.
  11. US absolutely did not want to get into a 2-front war. It didn't have the manpower or supplies to prosecute that kind of war for at least 2 years which is why historically we used the Germany First policy in terms of supply priority despite Japan directly seizing US territory. FDR had been fine up until then, having the Britain Empire fight Germany on it's own. It's very possible the US could have waited until Japan was defeated and occupied before declaring war on Germany.
  12. That's why I quoted you asking if it was ever attempted. Also if I remember correct, Dunkerque ran herself aground after she had been plugged with several British 15" shells at Mers-el-Kébir to prevent her sinking.
  13. Perhaps you've heard of a ship called the Yamato and the details of her final mission? Musashi also attempted to beach herself but didn't make it. And I don't know if this counts as "beaching", but the Germans dug Tirpitz into the sand due to her damage to try and prevent her from capsizing. It didn't work.
  14. Don't attach your identity to in-animate objects and concepts and don't look to the past for grievances to adopt. Injuries to your nation, race, sports teams and even family 80 years ago should not be taken as a personal injury to yourself and remain a constant open wound. That's how you can remember the past and journey along a path towards enlightenment.